10 Biggest YouTubers Who Are Permanently Banned (& Why)

We're going to list these 10 permanently Banned channels from smallest to largest Explaining what they did beginning with The most unlikable channel in YouTube History called it's Owen you might Recognize the channel from his Notoriously terrible intros like this Video And subscribe right now of this Spider AC your ear whilst you're asleep Tonight always placed after Shameless Clickbait like Charlie demilio is dying Today on top of this on relentlessly Click baited fake Mr Beast scenarios However after technoblade's passing on The 30th June 2022 it's Owen took his scumbaggery to a Point of no return he uploaded a video Titled Mr Beast final goodby to Technoblade with the introduction Stating this this is Mr BEAST's final Goodbye to technoblade and at the last Time playing Minecraft together although The video showed nothing more than Technoblade playing Minecraft and a Completely fabricated Mr Beast tweet the Video received over 800,000 views in Under 24 hours yet with a top comment Reading the amount of disrespect this Guy has is unlike anything I've ever Seen before complete and utter shame he Was about to face some serious backlash Just awful garbage I have more respect For stains in a gas station Ural Than I do for Owen YouTubers click

Baiting technoblades death for views has Made me lose all faith in humanity it's Just so messed up which is followed by Another tweet from Owen himself at Team YouTube my YouTube channel with 3.5 Million Subs just got terminated please Help me get it back I'm so depressed Right now I don't know what to do after YouTube then responded I went doubled Down by stating I never received any Community guidelines strikes so I didn't Know what I was doing was violating the Guidelines if I received just one strike That would have been enough for me to Realize what I did was wrong please give Me another chance I'm so depressed right Now it's my only income Owen then made Another two tweets displaying how Desperately he wanted his account back Although team YouTube concluded their Thread by stating update we've reviewed Your account and confirmed that your Channel was correctly suspended due to EXP licit content note that you will not Be able to access or create any other YouTube accounts although while Everybody was happy to witness Owen's Ban Steve will Do's termination was a Bit more controversial Steve had always Been on YouTube's radar for his Unconventional style of content eating Challenges prank videos and beginning in 2021 sponsored gambling uploads for Which he was being paid more than a

Million dollar a month it's therefore no Surprised that Steve lent into this type Of content even picking up a sponsorship From stake until he made one simple Error undoing everything that he'd Worked for YouTube has an extremely Strange rule where you're allowed to say The name of any gambling website but you Can't show the URL of the website with The dotom included well in June 2022 Steve uploaded a gambling video like any Other although the URL had been left in As his editor forgot to blur it despite Steve having no strikes on any of his Channels YouTube made the choice to Permanently delete all of them I'm Allowed to say I'm playing the website But they would go to deleting my entire Main Channel because on my second Channel it wasn't fully blurred after Which stve said this they called me the Day of deletion and it was a girl she Seemed pretty stoked I was getting Deleted and I was like seemed happy and I was like I was with me and my editor And like we're like bro like she's happy As a result the nek boys were warned About filming with him they basically Said like your Channel's going to be Deleted if Steve's in your videos which Might be harsher treatment than that Given to Leafy between 2013 and 2016 Le Built a reputation for uploading edgy Content which flowed well with YouTube

Zeitgeist at the time however between 2017 and 20120 leafy went on Hiatus Before returning with a pretty Controversial approach he'd uploaded a Video titled content nuke Pokemon man in Which you'd offer pretty reasonable Criticism 80% of Pokémon man streams is Just her watching videos adding actually Nothing to what she's watching Whatsoever however he'd then go on to Upload 12 different videos click baiting Pokémon in the tit tit and thumbnail While talking about unrelated topics in The video itself such as finance and Investing of his last 15 videos 12 of Them were on Pokemon man having 12 Videos all insulting Poké man in the Title and thumbnail that's viewed as Harassment by YouTube despite having no PRI strikes on his channel leafy woke up To a permanent ban for creating content Designed to harass bully or threaten he Take a Twitter stating morning at Team YouTube my channel was suspended Yesterday curious if there's anything I Could do to get it reinstated or if There's any statement on this you could Give on this however despite his tweet Leafy seemed pretty unconcerned about Having his channel deleted if I am going To be banned like so be it the website Is what else is there need like there's Nothing else needed to be said Pokémon Took to Twitter stating I know I'm going

To get asked this so I'd like to clarify I had nothing to do with leafy's ban Before adding don't want my silence to Leave room for assumptions leafy's ban Was bound to happen eventually however Someone whose termination was a little More surprising was that of kab Lami he Again 100 million Tik Tok followers in Less than 5 months and with YouTube Launching their own shorts program kby Started posting across the two platforms His notoriously funny skits exploded on YouTube as they had on Tik Tok giving Him over 800 million views and 2 million Subscribers during his very first month On the platform This Was Then followed By another 800 million views in the next Month and after only 4 months of Uploading to YouTube kabil Lami had Racked up 2.4 billion views and 5.2 Million subscribers he was then banned Permanently why well you see this wasn't Actually kby Lamy it was an impersonator Who was simply reposting his content to YouTube he'd gained 2.4 billion views Before YouTube ever realized and this Wasn't the only account doing it only 5 Days beforehand YouTube had banned Another kab Lami impersonator with 4.84 Million subscribers after which YouTube Found a third impersonator who' gained Over a 100 million views in a matter of Days before they were also banned as as A result kab began uploading content to

His own official Channel which remains Very much active unlike jstation his Termination began with a video titled my Girlfriend Alexia died Rest in paradise In which he'd stay The Following last Night we lost Alexia to a drug driver Guys she was on the way to pick up Something for our video we were making On our second Channel dream team she got It guys as mentioned J station's Girlfriend had apparently died in a car Crash prompting him to upload another Video visiting the spot where it Supposedly happened it's okay man Everything's going to be okay however Only 3 Days Later jstation began using His girlfriend's death to gain extra Engagement as you guys know my Girlfriend Alexia just passed away in a Tragic accident guys we're doing the Ouija board Challenge on my dead Girlfriend let's smash the like button Right now guys one like equals one Prayer for Alexia guys rest in peace Prompting some ordinary gamers to Investigate if she'd even died at all no No I don't have anything by that name on The system Nobody by that name Specifically has suffered any form of Death right no as a result of the video Alexia came forward confirming that she Hadn't actually died Jay faked my death I felt sick to my stomach from the Minute that he posted it before going on

To add that the couple had since broken Up like the times he was mean to me it's Just like he was so mean and I just Don't know why despite having posted Years worth of unsavory content it Seemed faking his girlfriend death was a Step too far as YouTube would Permanently delete J station's channel On the 12th of March 2021 J station Responded by stating I didn't even do Anything wrong and I made videos all Year getting no controversy however when These delusions failed to bring back his Channel he concluded I'm going to sue Them crazy anyways I'm done nothing I Can do now which is the same conclusion Drawn by Seven Super Girls the channel Began in 2008 and featured seven girls For the seven days of the week that Upload everything from skits today in The lives amassing over 5.6 billion Views by 2018 when the channel took a Pretty dark turn the channel was owned By a 55-year-old named Ian riet who on The 17th of August 2018 was accused of Acting inappropriately with one of the Seven Supergirls roughly 7 months later Aan pleaded guilty to the incident and Wasn't only sentenced to 3 months in Prison but was also legally banned from Working on YouTube as a result Seven Supergirls was terminated on the 12th of March 2019 at the time being the most Subscribed Channel ever to receive a

Permanent ban that would be until 9 Months later when YouTube's scummiest Copycat was banned for stealing content The Indonesian Channel named Kal saana Had gained over 13 million subscribers By employing a highly unethical strategy That essentially find already successful Videos spoken in English before copying The thumbnail in its entirety adding Their own Watermark and uploading it to Indonesian YouTube where the original Creator had no no way of finding it However all of this changed in November 2019 when British YouTuber JT posted his Own upload titled YouTuber with 12 Million Subs steals my video this Channel had the audacity to steal my Thumbnail put an emoji on it and then Put their watermark on it they put their Watermark on my thumbnail and claimed it As theirs this YouTuber has stolen my Thumbnail stolen all the information From my video they literally watched my Video and took everything they took the Screenshots they gave me no credit for My own M this guy has literally just Ripped me off completely okay JT then Highlighted another crazy fact this guy Is the biggest YouTuber in Indonesia and He's stealing my stuff he steals from People so much okay that he's got in his Description for copyright matters please Contact us at this email he did this Because he knows he's stealing content

Leading the Indonesian media to talk About K's unethical practices a YouTube Account from an Indonesian with more Than 12 million subscribers has been Accused of stealing other people's Content with the article attached ing a Side by-side comparison of some of the Videos they'd stolen having been exposed By his own country Ken wrote an apology On Twitter translating to we from the Entire extended family of Kalen Shana Apologized to the YouTube channel JT for Using ideas thumbnails and video Prototyping without permission before Posting a second tweet reading thank you For all your Corrections hopefully the Things that have happened will truly Become a lesson for us to not make any Mistake in the future however it was Already too late JT and two other YouTubers who had their videos stolen Chose to simultaneously copyright strike Kenar J terminating the channel on the Grounds of multiple third-party claims Of copyright infringement regarding Material the user posted he was a fraud He deserved it you steal content you pay The price that's just how it is although Indonesia wasn't the only country to Lose their most subscribed Channel as Turkey's biggest was also banned at Around the same time the channel began With two kids in their father Muhammed Focusing on children's content before

They'd find themselves involved in Elsagate elate was the nickname for a 2016 genre of content where YouTubers Took kid-friendly characters like Spider-Man and Elsa and mix them with Very unsavory themes inappropriate Videos have infiltrated YouTube kids Often showing popular children's Characters in violent and even sexual Scenarios the motive behind the videos Was pretty damn obvious here's one from 1 month ago 117 million views although With so many people watching parents Began to talk about it there is a Terrifying new trend in middle schoolers That I need to tell you about prompting Advertisers to pull their ads from the Site we are shocked and appalled to see That our adverts have appeared alongside Such exploitive and inappropriate Content said of marburg's person in a Statement we've taken the decision to Immediately suspend all our online Advertising on YouTube and Google Globally therefore forcing YouTube to Take a stance against these sketchy Videos only 4 days after Mars and Adidas Pulled their ads YouTube you removed Over 150,000 elsagate videos turned off Comments on more than 625,000 videos and Terminated more than 270 accounts one of Which being turkey's biggest Channel With over 15 million Subs although no Termination is Stranger Than That of

Minaj paraha the channel was included Amongst hundreds of banned multi-million Subscriber Indian shorts channels who All employed the exact same strategy They'd find Western videos that had been Successful in English cut them down into Shorts and provide a Hindi voice voice Over essentially re-uploading other People's content with their language Being the only difference in an article Discussing these channels one owner Stated I would pick any video and do a Voice over I realized that if we do Voiceovers in a short story then we're Bound to get views so I just stuck to That although this wasn't the end of the Article over the past few months he Claims eight such fact channels have Been banned the rate at which YouTube Grew their channels it's also taking Them away at the same rate many of these Fact channels add voiceovers to content Belonging to other creators and that It's important for creators to only Upload videos that they have made or are Authorized to use the biggest of these Channels Minaj paraha was able to gain 20 million subscribers in just over a Year before YouTube also smashed it with The banhammer however even then Super JoJo Nursery rymes was banned with even More Super JoJo caught copying Coco Melon this Reddit post referenced to Cartoon Brew article reading super JoJo

Shamelessly free rides on Coco melon Success by closely cop and exploiting Every possible element of the Coco melon Channel sometimes even frame by frame Which was displayed in the previously Mentioned Reddit post where user Billy Disney showed just how badly the copying Really was as a result in August 2021 Coco melon launched a lawsuit against Super JoJo claiming that the defendant Has built its super JoJo Youtube Business by blatantly copying Coco melon One month after this a new article is Published reading YouTube terminates Coco melon rival super JoJo Channel with 22 million subscribers citing that they Had received multiple third-party claims Of copyright infringement super JoJo's Ban lasted for 2 months before the Channel was then restored however this Wasn't the end of the story The Channel's growth took a nose dive Following their return to YouTube and in July 2023 a jury has decided that baby Bus committed copyright infringement With its animated series super Jojo and As a result they were ordered to pay Coco melon 23.5 million in that very Same month super JoJo wiped their Channel clean deleting everything down To their profile picture so while the Channel is still technically active Super JoJo could easily be considered The largest YouTube channel that's

Permanently banned

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