100 Million Stock Scheme EXPOSED!

The Securities and Exchange Commission Just filed charges against eight social Media influencers in an alleged 100 Million stock manipulation scheme and I Believe this is just the start of the Government's attack against fraud in the Social media world over the past few Years as the stock market was on a Massive bull climb and then when it went Insane with the money printing of 2020 These social media influencers who knew Nothing about the stock market all Looked like experts randomly picking Stocks to buy when the entire Market was Going up and a monkey could have Randomly picked a winning stock now that The bull markets have dried up these con Men are exposed for the grifters they Have always been and millions Potentially billions have been lost on Their terrible stock advice they Influencers that were charged were Alleged to have run a pump and dump Through Twitter Discord and various Podcasts these individuals would Collectively buy into a stock and then Promote it to their audience and sell Their shares as the price went up while Their fans would hold the bags as it Eventually crashed back down the Influencers named in the charges by the SEC are pair very Matlock known on Twitter as PJ Matlock Edward Constantine Known as Mr Zach Morris who up until a

Few weeks ago was using the likeness of The character from Saved by the Bell as His profile picture which I'm sure the Company that owns the rights to that Show loves having that connected to a Pump and dub now Thomas cooperman known As oh hey Tommy Gary deal known as Notorious alerts Mitchell Hennessey Known as Hugh hen Stefan havret known as Lad back and John ruskinski known as Ultra calls Daniel Knight known as dip Deity was also charged with aiding and Betting for helping to promote the pump And dump on his podcast that he Co-hosted now these guys use the age-old Scammer tactics of showing themselves in Front of Lambos and living extravagant Lifestyles their target market is mostly 20-something young men who see these Flashy fake Lifestyles believe it to be True and want to live it as well take a Look at this trailer of one of the Scammers oh hey Tommy used to promote His lifestyle my name is Tommy I am from Tel Aviv Israel now I live in Beverly Hills California last year I Turned three thousand dollars into four Million dollars we used to be broke I am A stock Trader and I'm also the number 61 DJ on the planet I moved into this big ass house with my Best friend Gary to film a bunch of dumb [ __ ] for YouTube so y'all could laugh What's up guys my name is Gary I moved

Here from Nashville Tennessee I started Trading stocks around four or five years Ago and I had 500 to my name Um it was a rough day and I lost around 340 Grand on the day and now I've made Over 10 million dollars in the stock Market let's see what these goons do With this [ __ ] it's been a whirlwind out Here I was recently engaged and now I'm Not and California Life's a little bit Crazy guys Thank you Tommy the guy featured in that video has Since deleted his entire Twitter page And wants to cover all his tracks but Sadly for Tommy if the SEC already filed Charges against you I guarantee you they Already saved all the information you Tried to delete now Tommy claims in the Video he turned 3K into 4 million Dollars and I actually do believe that He did that but it's not because he's an Expert stock Trader it's because he Scammed thousands of people into buying His pump and dub stock picks what's even Funnier is that many of these guys Twitter page bios say not Financial Advice don't buy sell off my tweets ever And they somehow think that this Protects them from giving terrible Financial advice as you can see it Doesn't work many of the largest stock Channels on YouTube use the same warning Saying that they are not giving

Financial advice but as we've seen time And again putting disclaimer it's not Financial advice and then actually Giving people Financial advice does not Protect you in any way the the SEC is Looking to throw the book at these guys To be an example to other grifters on Social media who give horrible Investment advice these eight Individuals collectively face decades in Prison and their lives will undoubtedly Be ruined if they lose this case now as I said I do feel this is just the start Of the Crackdown on this unaccredited Financial advice giving on social media We know others have been investigated as Well last year Jeremy from Financial Education was investigated by a Government agency for investing schemes As well hey there guys I hope you're Doing good so uh I need to come clean on Something so I saw some people in the Chat today kind of like on me a little Bit like oh Jeremy's being lazy he's not In the Discord chat that much and things Like that without even kind of knowing Um you know what's going on so a very Serious organization let's just put it That way which I can't really speak on The matter because it's a legal Situation looked into Um you know our program and was trying To figure out am I financially advising You guys telling you to buy certain

Stocks sell these stocks buy these Stocks things like that and um you know I don't know if a short seller try to You know set me up or try to take me Down or whatever the situation was uh But needless to say that happened uh so It's a legal matter I had to get lawyers Involved in everything if they try to Say I'm a financial advisor something I'm not a financial advisor right and I Never tell you guys go buy this stock go Sell that stock and things like that but Um there's that going on and so you know To those that you know speak very Negatively on my name recently like you Gotta you gotta understand like Sometimes there's stuff going on that You know you don't see just over a month Ago FTX collapsed which was the most Heavily promoted crypto platform on YouTube everyone from Graham Stefan to Andre Dick had to apologize for Promoting it and they then took down Their YouTube channel Millennial money Which almost every video was sponsored By FTX all of these guys in the Finn Influencer world try and present their Videos as they are experts in the crypto Stocks or day trading when in reality None of them are licensed or qualified To be talking about this stuff in the Next few years as this space continues To grow it's inevitable that more Scrutiny will be shown to these people

Who know nothing about the stock market Yet make millions flapping their gums About any financial company that throws Money at them anyone in this space is in Very serious hot water going forward

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