80% Of “Pimp My Ride” Was Fake. Here’s The Evidence

You're at a house it's not my house it's A staged house and the contestants Houses weren't the only thing Pimp My Ride light about the reactions were Staged and retaken multiple times Certain upgrades were taken off as soon As the cameras cut it's for a boat he Goes it's a GPS for waterways it will Not work in your car and disappointingly Even exhibit himself had no real Interest in cars soccer moms coming up To me telling me about their husband and Every car that he had since the 60s and I was like stop talking to me about this I know as much as you do asked if the Show was fake a former contestant Replied with a single word correct which Isn't surprising as the show even lied About who the contestants were for Example in season 2 episode 10 Brooke Was introduced as a 22-year-old film Lover working hard to go to grad school Which had been fabricated by The Producers as she was actually a 25-year-old cocktail waitress planning To move back to New York the reason for This as explained by Jake from season 3 Was because pin my ride only picked People in their early 20s there was a Strict age limit of 20 2 years old Confirming that the show was lying about Contestants details before filming had Even started in the first 30 seconds of Each episode exhibit emphasizes that

Each contestant doesn't know they're About to get picked he has no idea I'm About to pimp his ride yet this was Strange as the contestant always Answerer the door always had a Microphone on them and even had their Windows blacked out as if they didn't Want cameras seeing inside well it turns Out Brooke the supposed 22-year-old film Lover had been pre-selected by a friend To appear on the show and as a result She'd State when exhibit showed up at my House to tell me I'd been chosen not a Surprise what was a surprise was when The producers made me react and react And then react again to exhibit showing Up finally coercing me into doing a Cartwheel and she wasn't the only Contestant who'd had this experience and They post you on how to say it and what To say and everything like that the show Didn't have an actual script but they Did steer the dialogue in a direction That they wanted if I said something They likeed they would have me repeat it Over and over on camera this had been Commented by Seth who appeared in season 5 who was also well aware that exhibit Was coming to his house stating they Told me I was in the running for my own Episode but it was between me and two Other people when I was sitting in the House waiting for a knock at the door They said that it was either going to be

Exhibit or a producer telling me I Didn't win thinking back on it that was All [ __ ] but it did make the Surprise genuine which was the same Experience as Aon from season 4 episode 2 she was one of three contestants one Of them would be chosen someone came and Knocked at the door if it was exhibit They won contestant was at least Somewhat aware that they'd be getting a Knock on the door because well the homes They were in were actually owned by Pimp My Ride A Huffington Post article Clarified these houses were often times Not the contestants homes instead each Dwelling had been rented by MTV for Example when Jake from season 3 was Asked did the film crew show up and Stage the whole surprise as part of the Episode he'd respond by stating it Wasn't my house it was a place owned by One of the crew members similarly Seth From season 5 stated the house was Rented from Craigslist because I lived In an AP apartment and they need a house With a big open driveway for filming Which is certainly reasonable although Sometimes the house was part of the Person's story in season 2 for example Eric's Car had supposedly been beat up In the rough streets of Compton in Compton a no street lights in compt However judging from a quick look at Google Maps it seems the episode was

Filmed in a much nicer neighborhood so If Eric's story was inconsistent and Brook's story from earlier was downright Fabricated then who else's stories were Exaggerated for the sake of the show Well it seems pretty much all of them in Season 3 Jake's Buick had been bought From his grandma who smoked and as a Result the show threw an extra few dozen Cigarette butts in the car to make her Just look like a totally disgusting Person on top of this the show Interviewed J's girlfriend toward the Start of the episode yet MTV apparently Questioned me having a girlfriend and Suggested I dump her because it was Better for my desperate dude with a [ __ ] Car image a producer later responded by Stating why would we want a kid to break Up with his girlfriend how would that Have helped the show so while Jak's Claim about his his girlfriend was Somewhat questionable the cigarette Story was confirmed by Seth who had a Similar experience I know I'm fat but They went the extra mile to make me look Extra fat by telling the world that I Kept candy all over my seat and floor Just in case I got hungry however it Seems the fakest story was Jans in Season 6 his front bumper had supposedly Fallen off in a car crash here is a Result of a three car pile of right here Although according to a 2010 tweet my

Friend Justin was on Pimp My Ride On TV He said his ravall was involved in a Three car crash no it wasn't dude beat His car up with a bat the same USIC then Clarified what he told me was that MTV Suggested to him that he and his friend Should do more damage to the car which Was confirmed by Justin himself who' add Yes they removed my front bumper used Aircraft remover and enhanced the dent On the side of my car whilst introducing The episode Justin stated one of my Crazy excursions actually threw nail Polish on my hood although when he was Asked why are all your ex-girlfriend so Angry Justin revealed it was just Something I made up while Aaron from Season 4 was also encouraged to make her Car look bad they asked to leave trash In the car we went to In-N-Out and so They told me to leave it in the cup Holder so I did it seems the only real Part of the show's intro was exhibit's Improvised dialogue cuz it wasn't Scripted I could say whatever I want to Say and when exhibit drove the car to The shop exhibit did actually take the Cars and drive them away with the Exception of a few that were too broken Down and then they made it look like he Did although this segment created even More problems most people believe that Pmar takes the car and gives it back in Like a week or something that's what I

Thought was going to happen too but in Actuality they took my car for roughly 7 Months being a massive inconvenience for Some of the shows contestants and they Make it look like they're moving really Really fast but in reality they weren't When asked for the 5 months they had Your car did they Supply you with a Replacement car Justin from season 6 Replied no they gave me $2,000 to rent a Car but I was 19 at the time I rented a Car for a month and it cost me $11,000 Forcing Justin to find his own transport For the remaining 4 months Seth from Season 5 had a similar experience being Forced to go to a really small Shady Company off the freeway by LAX because They were the only ones willing to rent To me because of my age it sucked having That rental car because they wouldn't Take payments over the phone so once a Month I had to drive all the way from West coina to LAX just for them to swipe My card although the rental situation Was better for other contestants they Had my car for about 6 months in that Time I had the rental car for 6 months As well with Jake from season 3 adding They gave me a really nice Mitsubishi Laner to drive for the time they had the Buick in the meantime the crew began to Plan how the rides were going to be Pimped although according to a former Production staer this was also somewhat

Staged the boardroom scenes with the WCC Crew took a long time to shoot they Often had to be fed line by line some of Those guys never really got used to Being on TV some of the lines in the Shop probably seem rehearsed because Producers would come up with them and Feed them to the WCC guys although Excluding this the mechanics were fairly Innocent the segment where they pimped The car was almost impossible to fake They really did put [ __ ] in the vehicles And change everything out but when Contestants were shown what their new Car looked like P my right employeed Even more staging finally came the day For the big reveal they filmed my Reaction to the car at least 10 times Before I'd even seen it and when I did Holy hell poor Betsy looked like Barbie's dream car from hell it was Pimped in the nines and hideous this had Been written by Brooke who gave a much Different reaction during her episode Beautiful Perfect Color exactly while Every other contestant also filmed their Reveal multiple different times we had To take a lot of takes over and over and Over and over and over and over again Justin stated they had to keep retaking My reaction Seth stated I even had to do The reveal of the car like three times However Jake's reaction anecdote was the Strangest of them all his first real

Reaction to the car was just quite Amazement where he said this is good They immediately yelled redo and then Things got a bit weirder I remember this Very clearly big Dane very big dude he Like puts his arm around my shoulder Kind of walks me around the shop for Like 10 minutes and he's like listen we Put a lot of work into this we expect You to be a little more enthusiastic Although it would have been hard to Conjure enthusiasm for a car that barely Worked as Jake would later write the Problem with the show is they don't fix Any of the mechanical issues and my car Was a piece of [ __ ] what they did was Make my piece of [ __ ] sound Exceptionally awesome which is great Just not great enough to drive on roads The Huff Post article expanded on this By stating the car needed a muffler and So fakeing exhaust pipe was inore to Make it seem as if that's what the car Was supposed to sound like even though It was just a lack of a muffler while Exhibit brought up a much more dangerous Incident there was an instance where one Of the cars wasn't fixed correctly and Long story short this kid was driving This vehicle that was supposed to be Like damn near brand new and the Steering wheel came off when he was Driving it it's therefore no surprise That the production staff has said I can

Say that the cars often weren't fully Ready when we shot the reveal some I'm Had to stay in the shop another week or So to get finished before the kids got Them back back especially if they had Mechanical issues and it was Seth and His candy bars who seemed to fit this Category pimar doubled down on his Supposedly crappy diet by installing a Cotton candy machine in the boot of the Car which didn't even work as the cotton Candy machine didn't have a protective Hood that fit so if I tried turning it On it would get candy strands everywhere Very messy so I never used it again After the shoot Seth also never used the LED lights installed in the seats as They would get really hot if left on While he also had to remove the gowing Doors because the Pistons used to lift Them kept them from putting seat belts In the back which was highly dangerous To add a cherry on top of the cake he Had to Fork out a further $1,700 for a Brand new engine then adding after that I drove it for a month before someone Hit me and totaled it however at the end To Justin's Rav 4 was even more brutal After 5 years of taking his pimped out Ride to car shows Justin's Rav 4 caught On fire whilst driving as a result of Faulty wires it was later confirmed that This had nothing to do with the show and At least Justin's was the same one he

First sent in as when tavish uploaded a Video titled I bought an abandoned pit My ride minivan he'd make a shocking Discovery the show originally introduced The minivan as a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager however tavish discovered the Car was now a 1999 Dodge Caravan showing That after they wrecked the original Minivan the show sneakily pimped a Completely different car as a result Exhibit has been the brunt of most of The show's backlash I was the face of The show you know what I'm saying so People associate me with what happened To the car which feels pretty unfair Given every contestant has said he's an Awesome guy in fact exhibit only did Pimp My Ride for the following reason I Actually did P my ride because I thought They was going to play my music videos However it instead seemed to have the Opposite effect the show was taking away My credibility of what I've already done It was taking so much time I wasn't able To tour I wasn't able to record alums oh Damn I definitely didn't know I you know I was there filming filming filming Filming which is even more depressing Given he was barely paid for it but at That particular time you wasn't really Happy with the pay off Nah and as a result it's no surprise That Pimp My Ride is unlikely to make a Comeback when are we going to get a Pimp

My Ride no no there'll be no more Pimp My Ride

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