Actors Who Went Broke In The Stupidest Ways

Johnny Depp was spending 360 Grand a Year on wine bottles while Nicholas Cage's bankruptcy included nine Rolls-royces and his own private island However there are few active Bankruptcies Stranger Than Kim bingers Who thought it was smart to pay $20 Million for an entire country Town Brusson Georgia had only two shops and 500 local residents one of which Describing the town by stating breading Chicken is about the most exciting thing We do around here which made the reason For Kim's purchase even more stupid she Planned on turning the town into a Hollywood tourist attraction by building A major film and recording studio with The added bonus of a theme park homes And shopping centers at a time when Brasleton economic conditions were so Atrocious another local resident stated If we talk about the economy everybody Gets depressed given the real Hollywood Was on the other side of the country It's no surprise that the project failed Forcing Kim to resell the town for 4.3 Million locking in a 15.7 a million loss And the alienation of her entire family Who'd also bought into the project the Stress from the town's failure then Caused Kim to pull out of a movie she Was starring in prompting The Producers To successfully sue her for 8.9 million Which Kim couldn't pay you had to

Declare bankruptcy you made everything And then lost everything lost everything Every single thing but at least Kim Bessinger still had her Freedom as Wesley Snipes bankruptcy was so brutal It also put him in prison he earned over $50 million from a range of different Roles although despite purchasing an Aston Martin Vanquish as well as Mansions in both Florida and New Jersey Wesley refused to Lodge a single tax Return over a 7-year period and was Therefore ordered to pay the IRS 23.5 Million wisley tried to wiggle his way Out of paying by making the strange Claim that he was a non-resident alien Of the United States despite being born There he knew he had to pay the taxes he Was just trying to find ways to avoid Them although things got a whole lot Weirder when Snipes declared he had no Taxable US income making the IRS form 1040 absolutely the wrong form for me to File he also claimed taxes withheld with Stolen funds whilst adding the IRS to Saes people to terrorize enslave rape or Pillage taxpayers although confronting The IRS was a very stupid strategy as Wesley was immediately charged with six Counts of willfully failing to fight Federal income tax returns for which he Was given a federal prison sentence Wesley Snipes gets 3 years behind bars In 2018 5 years after being released

From prison Wesley snip still hadn't Paid a dollar toward his tax bill and Would try to settle the $23.5 million Debt by instead offering the IRS $842,000 which they understandably Rejected Wesley then tried arguing Economic hardship but the court said no To that too instead dropping his tax Bill to 9.5 million which it seems he Hasn't paid either avoiding a tax bill For 15 years might almost make him a Genius however when Heidi Montag blew Through $10 million there was Zero Intelligence anywhere reality television Was the source of her wealth appearing In the Hills big brother and I'm a Celebrity get me out of here although When these types of shows completely Disappeared Heidi instead began Recording music spending $2 million on Her very first album she'd State I put Every dollar I have into this I've spent Over 1 million almost 2 million on this Album It's cost as much or more than a Britney Spears Al album because I wanted It to be that quality the songs will Make an impact in pop history it sold Only 1,000 copies in case losing $2 Million on a worthless album wasn't bad Enough she'd talk about her Daily Life By stating every time we'd got out to Eat we'd order $4,000 bottles of wine Heidi was going to the mall and dropping $ 20 to $30,000 a day we thought we were

Jay-Z and Beyonce Heidi's outrageous Spending was justified because we heard That the planet was going to end in 2012 We thought we have to spend this money Before the asteroid hits although the Peak of her stupidity was still yet to Come with the money running low Heidi Faked a divorce with her husband who Explained the split was designed to Create fresh interest in his wife for a Potential British TV project divorcing Was the only way to keep Heidi's career Going although this failed to do Anything Heidi Montag had to lose every Penny before finally learning her lesson We live too in the moment people say Live in the moment well we did you know We didn't really think about our futures All of which could have easily been Learned by researching Nicholas Cage National Treasure had brought his net Worth to 150 million prompting him to Spend 25 million on a waterfront primary Residence although Nick also felt the Need to buy a holiday home he therefore Spend a further $15 million on a rad Island Countryside Mansion also picking Up an $8.5 million apartment for his Weekends away in Las Vegas but what About his weekends in the Bahamas well For that he dropped $3 million on his Own Private Island but this didn't do Anything for his trips to Europe for Which he spent a further 12.3 million on

Two medieval castles where he'd spent Huge sums on enormous Gatsby style Parties by 2007 Nicholas Cage had bought 15 different houses where he Keepers 26 Different Vehicles including four Yachts Nine rolls-royces and a nearly $3 Million vintage Bugatti although this Wasn't as old as his $276,000 dinosaur skull kept next to a Bookshelf holding $150,000 Superman comic throughout the Hous has lived $150,000 pet octopus and $80,000 Two-headed snake and a pair of albino King cobras that set him back 150 Grand To add a cherry on top of the cake Nick Purchased his own extravagant grave site For a price of 40,000 finally concluding His crazy spending spree just months Before the global financial crisis the Real estate market crashed and I Couldn't get out in time at around the Same time he began receiving fewer high Paying roles and with six different Loans on his Belair Mansion plus Mortgages on every other property Nicholas Cage was headed toward Bankruptcy by 2009 he owed a further 6.2 Million in unpaid taxes forcing him to Sell almost everything most of which at A loss his $15 million Rhode Island Mansion resold for 9.5 million while his $276,000 dinosaur skull was taken by the Government after they discovered it was

Originally stolen when the molian Government said that they needed it back I gave it to him but I never got my Money back Nick launched a $20 million Lawsuit against his former manager Stating cage discovered that he is now Forced to sell major assets and Investments at a significant loss in his Face with huge tax liabilities although His manager clap back by claiming he Advised cage against buying a Gulf Stream jet against buying and owning a Flotilla of Yachts against buying and Owning a squadron of rolls-royces and Against buying millions of dollars in Jewelry and art the also was eventually Dismissed as ridiculous forcing Nick to Take on lowquality acting roles purely To avoid bankruptcy it may not have been Blue Chip but it was still work when Asked how much has money driven your Work choices Nick stated there are times When it's more of a factor than not Before adding I had this pride thing Where I wanted to work my way through Anything which Nicholas Cage has since Done quite successfully unlike Randy Quaid who gave up Hollywood to chase Conspiracy bankruptcy and all round Insanity I'm Back by appearing in Independence Day Brokeback Mountain in every National Lampoon movie Randy Quaid became a Multi-millionaire I have earned

Approximately $40 million throughout my Career however despite winning a Golden Globe and being nominated for an Oscar Randy's career came to a screeching halt Halfway through 2009 why well it began After he and his wife were arrested for Trying to use a fake car to pay a $10,000 hotel bill after which both Refused to appear in court after the Case eventually settled Randy and his Wife were once again arrested this time For squatting inside a vacant house that Previously owned however things only got Weirder from here Randy and his wife Began to claim they were being chased by A group called star whackers who were Trying to kill Hollywood celebrities how Many people do you know personally who Have died suddenly and mysteriously in The past 5 years while also claiming the Group was somehow controlling their Finances if things keep going the way They are and we don't do something about It to expose these people my wife and I Will be out on the street and we will we Will be we'll have nothing to eat okay That's how bad it is as a solution Randy Fled to Canada where it begin to upload His conspiracies to YouTube A Day of Reckoning is nine wake up after which he Was arrested for a third time whilst Trying to snake back into America the Oscar nomin actor and his wife in jail This morning after being arrested at the

Canadian border in Vermont exactly where Randy's 40 million went isn't entirely Clear however Kelly Rutherford has been Extremely open about how she spent her Fortune on lawyers after gaining International stardom for appearing in Gossip Girl Kelly had two kids with a German man who wasn't a US citizen the Couple divorced in 2009 and began to Argue about custody with a judge ruling The kid should live with their father in Europe as he wasn't permitted to return To America because he can't come into The US the children have to be in Now France yes the situation was so strange And unique Kelly spent every penny she Had trying to regain custody it's cost You what about $2.5 million already cost Me everything I've ever made my Everything and as a result she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Midway through the Court case having assets worth only 24,000 compared to liabilities totaling 2 million on top of this Kelly owed more Than 350,000 in back taxes 25,000 in aex Charges and had a monthly income of just Under $1,300 although despite spending in Everything she'd ever earned her efforts Failed to impact the Court's final Choice Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford Stunned and fighting back tears after Losing a bitter custody battle today in New York Supreme Court Kelly's spending

Was out of complete necessity whereas Johnny dep spending 650 million was Nothing but complete stupidity in 2012 He was listed as the world's highest Paid actor by the Guinness Book of Records although despite earning $900 Million over a 13-year period perod he Spent the money so poorly Conan O'Brien Joked that he must have gotten Financial Advice from Nicholas Cage similar to Cage Depp purchased 14 different Properties including his own Bahamian Private Island multiple Countryside Mansions and a $60 million Village in France although it was Johnny Deb's Day-to-day expenses that might have been Even crazier a 2017 lawsuit revealed he Was burning $2 million a month on 200,000 for a private jet 150,000 on Security firm himself and his family 300,000 on staff including 40 full-time Employees and 30,000 on wine which was Confirmed during his trial with Amber Herd however Johnny Depp's craziest Purchase was when he spent $3 million on His friend Hunter S Thompson's Funeral By firing his ashes out of a rocket like Cannon just like Nicholas Cage Johnny Depp tried to sue his management company TMG although they'd respond with their Own lawsuit stating Depp chose time and Again to ignore TMG and all of his other Advisers Deb TR has no one but himself To blame for his Current financial and

Personal circumstances

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