Adin Ross Is Attacking My Channel…

Aiden Ross is attacking my channel he Has recently filed several false claims On my content and has even gone as far As to brag about court stealing eight Thousand dollars from me hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Covering a topic that hits close to home We'll be finally discussing and Revealing the truth about the Aiden Ross Controversy that I'm involved in and by The end of this video you'll have a full Understanding of the situation including My conversations and interactions with Aiden in the past the story of the Aiden Ross verse into Anarchist situation Began on the 7th of March 2023 when I Would publish a video titled how Aiden Ross is destroying his career throughout The video I discussed Aiden's band from Twitch and his questionable streams on Kik where he would make his audience do Black mirror-esque challenges such as Peeing on family members eating dog Feces and crashing family members cars The video would be coupled with a viral Tweet that I'd published days earlier Garnering over 5.5 million views and Over 16 thousand likes the Tweet read Aiden Ross just hosted a sadistic Torture stream on Kik I'm not joking During today's stream Aiden would bring On viewers to enact shocking dares and Commands for money the stream started by

Making a guy loser's job at a stadium by Walking onto the court but things would Only escalate from here next Aiden Almost made a viewer pee on his sister While she was sleeping but after getting A text from a higher up at kick they Resorted to pouring out a mixture of Alcohol sauce water and powder all over Her as well as smashing her TV with a Baseball bats but it gets worse next Viewer who came on ate encouraged to pee On his sleeping brother and film it on Stream he ended up peeing in a cup and Tried to lure his brother to the camera Who was allegedly a Hassan fan but the Viewers internet cut out quote blue Balling Aiden it goes on next viewer Came on to stream and was to pick up his Own dog's fecal matter and eat it after Aiden found the viewer had a sleeping Girlfriend in the house he then asked The viewer to put the poop on his Sleeping girlfriend friend this tweet Would lead to a damn exchange between Myself and Aiden where he would double Down on just about everything I tried Taking the approach of pushing him to a More positive direction but evidently I Did not succeed imma keep doing it every Day it's gonna keep getting more extreme When I start giving out hundreds of Thousands I expect you to post that too You have the greatest opportunity to Spread love and this ain't it I hope in

The future you can reflect and learn From this you had such a good shot at Being a good role model for your Audience I'm not a role model never was Shame a lot of young men look up to you And want to be just like you even if he Didn't try ending up like this you Should at least try and acknowledge it As a product of your success you end up Taking a turn in the next part by Pulling the whole Matrix thing but even If this were true it still wouldn't Really excuse or give him a free pass to Do whatever he wants without Consequences good young men will see the Real in me that I'm real and not being Silenced or a puppet you think all these Other creators are real the stuff they Do behind closed doors is way way worse They'll never show it on camera I share Everything I do off camera on camera Always will bro you don't need to be a Puppet being real isn't about paying Brokeys to pepper spray themselves when He started working out and sharing Progress that was good something Productive and beneficial for not only You but your audience surely you want to Bring good to others who follow and look Up to you so many better ways to find Your dopamine the interaction between Aiden and myself would seemingly end Here but the piece would be short-lived As just two weeks later on the 19th of

March I would publish a video titled Sneakers horrible response to penguin Zero a 10 minute video documenting the Controversy between sneaker and Charlie The video would feature a short clip of Aiden Ross interviewing sneaker on Stream the clip was heavily edited and Transformed more than enough to be Safely protected under fair use when Uploading the video there were no Copyright issues found I'm generally Pretty good at avoiding copyright issues As I use license footage and background Music that I personally pay for out of My own pocket however this time Something odd happened after publishing The video to my channel I would receive A copyright claim YouTube had alerted me That all the revenue generated from the Video would be paid out to Aiden and That I could no longer monetize the Video this was a horrible situation to Be in considering the video I created Was protected under fair use and it also Gained over 1.5 million views and Generated over eight thousand dollars The claim was under an agency named Thumb media affiliate which is a company Based out of Portugal that works for Aiden Ross and Aisha's speed the company Is known for filing false claims on Smaller creators and has been called out Several times in the past I personally Believe the company exists to try and

Relieve Aiden Ross and I show speed from Any legal liability in the case that They get sued for their false claims on Other channels as filing a copyright Claim is effectively starting legal Action and Aiden Ross could easily be Sued by someone with the right resources Which in this case is not me this leads Us to the 23rd of April when I would Publish a tweet raising Awareness on the Situation with the Tweet reading I just Lost eight thousand dollars from Aiden Ross false claiming my video about the Penguin zero vs Nico situation [ __ ] you Aiden Ross the Tweet would receive a ton Of support from the online community as My situation was essentially a textbook Example of a massive Creator abusing the System to bully a smaller Creator a true David vs Goliath situation following the Tweet a news article will be made Covering the situation headlining YouTuber discloses losing eight thousand Dollars in Revenue after Aiden Ross Allegedly falsely claimed their video The topic would also be covered by Scarce who would raise awareness on my Situation fast forward to the 30th of April 2023 and a shockingly evil clip Would surface a clip featuring Aiden Ross bragging about falsely claiming my Video and literally admitting to the Crime on stream W chat by the way this is um Hassan's

Head moderator chat put it up in the Chat we stole eight thousand dollars From him W He needed that yes Foreign Yes W yes oh yes this video would lead Me to post a tweet that would completely Explode gaining over 7 million views Overnight the Tweet read Aiden Ross Celebrating his false claims on my Content YouTube needs to do something to Stop people like this from abusing the System to bully smaller creators he also Claims I am Hassan's head moderator I Have no idea where he got that from the Clip would spark anger in the YouTube Community as abusing the copyright System distill and Bully from other Creators is highly frowned upon and not Only against YouTube's guidelines but Completely illegal and something you can Be sued for fortunately for Aiden he is Worth tens of millions of dollars and Could likely drain any other Creator and Legal fears well that was up until today When a sanabi would come across my tweet On stream and state that he would pay For anyone's legal fees for suing Aiden And that he might possibly have plans Himself on suing Aiden as his son has Also been a victim for Aiden's false Copyright claims with my 20 we Completely explode and gaining over 17 000 views in a matter of hours it would

Garner the attention of some big Creators in the space who would say this Man YouTube really needs to step in and Sort this false claim stuff out Aiden is The biggest piece of [ __ ] on this Platform this dude is in my head mode I Don't know them he falls striked me as Well for a video I was in and here you Are dumb enough to celebrate false Copyright striking people Aiden Ross Hitting new levels of stupidity I never Knew it reachable Aiden Ross is worth so Much money he'll never have to work Another day in his life here he is Celebrating one of his false copyright Claims that stole eight thousand dollars From a YouTuber a fraction of his size This is disgusting abuse of YouTube's Broken copyright system and needs to Have consequences there should be a zero Tolerance policy for copyright abuse on YouTube it should be an insta ban for Abusing a broken system to financially [ __ ] creators I love how bullying got Me a community strike for calling Someone an idiot but this [ __ ] flies Under the radar Hassan would even react To the situation on stream stating Anyway Um speaking of uh online uh this is Internet Anarchist who uh is addressed In a tweet that uh you know he got a False copy strike which is really by the Way

Um I I from Aiden Ross which I got as Well for the record it was a false copy Strike of a video that I'm in it I'm in Which is it's insane here's Aiden Ross Celebrating the fall strike Huh W chat by the way this is um Hassan's Head moderator chat put it up I don't Know who this person is I've never met This person this person is not my head Moderator Aiden Ross somehow manages to be dumber And dumber every single day it blows my Mind how he has become even stupider Than before he's like reaching new Levels I don't know how doing that I Don't even have I don't have a head mod That's not a thing for the chat we stole Eight thousand dollars from him W He needed that yes Yes [Music] Yes W yes oh yes He reached he reached negative into like The long time ago several commentary YouTubers have also been raising Awareness for the horrible situation Such as Optimus sensitive society and by Surf however this story isn't all bad as On the bright side I was able to work With YouTube to reclaim my money and Take back what Aiden was attempting to And celebrating stealing from me the Money turned out to be held in an escrow

Which I was able to fight legally to Have returned whilst it's great that I Was able to reclaim my earnings the fact This can happen in the first place with Zero consequences is insane and Aiden Alongside other Bad actors will only Continue to do this to smaller creators Who may not be able to raise as much Awareness as I was able to to stay Updated on the situation follow me on Twitter at internet and Arc as I will Continue sharing any news relating to The situation or others going through Something similar also remember to Subscribe if you haven't already thank You

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