All 14 Challenges That BeardMeatsFood Couldn’t Beat

Of the 590 aiding challenges posted to His channel the inmates food has failed Only 14. so from the earliest to the Most recent we're going to go over each Rare example where the restaurant beat Him beginning with the undefeated Yorkshire pudding Burger which was the First challenge uploaded to his channel Which beard couldn't finish when Adam Attempted the challenge back in February 2015 he'd been uploading YouTube videos For only two weeks and as a result the Production is fairly basic however he Didn't need multiple angles in a 4k Camera to show just how difficult this Challenge was as highlighted in the Description the challenge featured a 40 Ounce Burger topped with mozzarella Chicken beef brisket and gravy Accompanied by a pint of shake and a Pound of thick cut fries although over The top of some extra loud music Adam Explained that the most difficult part Of the challenge was the 25 minute time Limit which simply wasn't enough to Finish the fries marking the first ever Defeat on the beard Meats Food Channel I Just couldn't eat quickly enough and I Think that's one thing I'm gonna have to Improve on if I'm gonna take the next Level so and while you might be thinking That beard fell because he was new to Professional eating this couldn't have Been further from the truth even at the

Beginning of his channel back in 2015 He'd explained that he was the UK's best Professional edar and only one month After he failed the Yorkshire Burger Challenge he'd beat a giant non-bred Challenge that was so difficult you won An oversized holiday just for finishing The meal they showed that beard mates Food was a pro even in the beginning Although he still wasn't good enough to Beat the 1.2 meter hot dog challenge at Huckleberry's Diner attempted only one Month after the previous failure the Video is still fairly basic although Beard's able to get a clear shot of the Four foot monstrosity which the Restaurant gave him an hour to finish Only 11 minutes into the challenge beard Is down to the bread and it seems as Though he's going to beat it but he's Then handed another hot dog of equal Size showing that he was really only Halfway things became even worse after Beard explained that the chef Accidentally used a heavy baguette Instead of a light hot dog bun and for This reason it took Adam more than half An now adjust to eat the bread by the 52 Minute mark it looked like he was going To finish although with one minute Remaining there were still two bites Left to which his mouth was saying yes But his stomach was saying no the beard Simply couldn't swallow the final part

Of the meal but while this hot dog Failure had come down to a matter of two Mouthfuls his next defeat was Significantly more pronounced when he'd Take on the 10-pound cheesecake Challenge approximately nine months Later undertaking at the very same Restaurant where he'd failed the four Foot hot dog challenge beard began by Showing that the 10-pound cheesecake was Bigger than his head although it also Explained that it was a two-man Challenge so he had a person by the name Of John who was there to help him finish It the only problem was the rule stated That they couldn't both be eating at the Same time so the other guy went first And tapped out after eating only one of The cake six slices this meant that Adam Was left with over 80 percent of the Cake to finish on his own which you do While explaining that the cheesecake was So dense he had to throw it up after Attempting the challenge the beard had To admit defeat with around one and a Half slices remaining although he Probably gets a pass given it was a Two-man job however the only excuse for The next challenge he'd fail was that it Was simply stupidly difficult it began The video by explaining that he tried The challenge in the past I tried this About a year ago probably a little bit More it's basically seven pounds of

Barbecue food and while seven pounds of Barbecue food sounds like a pretty Delicious meal the difficulty of this Challenge can only be recognized by Reading the list of items involved 12 Chicken wings full rack of ribs sausages Six slices of beef brisket two pounds of Fries coleslaw four bread buns three Pots of beans one pot of jalapenos five Strips of pork crackling and mounds of Pulled pork made even more difficult by The explanation that almost all Ingredients seem to have doubled in size Compared to my last attempt and though I'm sure it wasn't intentional this meal Is far heavier than seven pounds the Beard was able to get through an Impressive amount of food however he Eventually succumbed to the sheer amount Of meat but in case seven pounds of Barbecue food wasn't already hard enough And only one month later he'd upload a New video where trying to beat a Challenge that was so difficult the Restaurant had to downsize the meal Afterwards as they realized nobody would Ever beat it titled the 11 pound chicken And waffles challenge Adam began by Stating that this was going to be his Hardest challenge ever I'm gonna be Taking on probably my toughest challenge Yet this eating challenge is called No Clocking chance before going on to Explain that he needed to eat four

Louisiana chickens four deep fried Chickens eight waffles onions onion Rings corn and three pounds of cheesy Fries however it seemed the beard was Being humble as he didn't mention the Bacon on the sides as well as the Pickles which covered everything beard Then expressed concern over the 40 Minute time limit this is a 40 minute Time limit which down there makes it Impossible for all but about three People in the entire universe as well as The dryness of the waffles and by the 30 Minute Mark Adams stated that he knew he Couldn't finish he'd throw in the towel With a minute remaining I don't care who You are hit nobody in that amount of Food in a minute which was followed by a Sentence in the description reading the Challenge has since been downsized to Encourage participation although it's Seen this defeat would actually lead to A string of successes as the beard Wouldn't upload another failure for over 15 months until he was eventually undone By The Undefeated meat mountain located At tavasoli's Bar and Grill Adam Described the meat Mountain as one of The most difficult eating challenges I've seen for a long time which was Supported by the scorecard on the wall Behind him showing that there were eight Failures and not a single winner if There was one man for the job it was

Going to be beard Meats food however He'd need to get through a nine pound Garbage plate of fries hash browns Mozzarella Dippers bacon pulled pork Burger patties chorizo garlic mayo and Sweet chili sauce accompanied by a pint Of Kinder Bueno milkshake all of which Has to be finished within 20 minutes This is a crazy amount of food for 20 Minutes I'm not really surprised that Nobody had done it before wearing a T-shirt which stated count blessings not Calories the beard began to smash his Meal interrupting himself only when Asking for more water by the 15 minute Mark he stated that the meal felt like a Bottomless pit of food and by the 19 Minute Mark Adam accepted that he didn't Have enough time he'd gone to make this Slightly arrogant yet incredibly factual Statement that well there's not many Restaurants that do eating challenges Manage to beat me which is supported by Him not failing a single restaurant Challenge over the next two years However when he'd come up against the Incredibly unique bangers and mash Challenge the Beard's 24-month winning Streak would finally come to an end Describe below the video as ludicrously Difficult Adam was shocked by what the Challenge involved Which became even worse after the server Told him the amount of time he had to do

It in you've got to finish it all in is It one hour 20 minutes Oh my Lord I should have just done the Little bug this could be the first Restaurant challenge I failed in it's Been 84 years it was obvious that Adam Was uncomforted from the get-goer made Even worse after its start and Discovered eight sausage was too hot to Eat Adam's confidence continued to drop After realizing that he also had to eat A whole cauliflower afterwards and while He did give it a red hot shot beard was Eventually defeated by the time limit Although not before the restaurant Offered him a free t-shirt for his Efforts anyway Feel like I should give you a t-shirt However there was no T-shirt being Offered by low slow and dough where as The beard had no chance of beating their Burrito challenge the chef came out to Personally explain the magnitude of the Meal it's just over a foot long weighs About two two and a half kilos before The owner talked about how many people Had beaten it has anyone finished it yet I've seen a few people have attempted it And failed miserably everyone's failed Everyone's so far this was undefeated Adam then explained that the meal was Much larger in real life than it looked

In the photos which turned out to be way Bigger than the pictures in the king Leading to the suspicion that the Restaurant had packed it on as they knew Who he was this is one of the reasons I Try not to announce that I'm turning up Somewhere in advance yeah the chef piled It on here I mean I don't mind that you Know it's got um this was tough going Brita demolished the entire burrito Within two or three minutes however the Halloumi was almost impossible to get Down in the 17 minutes remaining without Him describing the challenge as I just Had a bad day at the office Suppose it happens in all careers after Being unable to finish the churros his State that he planned on returning is Definitely doable so I'll be back which You do five months later getting revenge On the challenge with 45 seconds left on The clock however 45 seconds was still Favorable in comparison to the zero Seconds he had left when attempting the Breakfast club's 50 item fry up eggs Bacon beans mushrooms the list went on And on 50 different breakfast pieces Including a full bowl of potatoes which Counted as only one item it's really no Wonder why Adam described the breakfast As so massive light actually bends Around it however the primary concern Might have been the time limit you get What 30 minutes to finish that's gonna

Be tough as Adam began to eight it was Obvious that he was doubting his own Ability you could probably see it in in My face that I'm not quite a Self-confident with his lack of Confidence becoming a self-fulfilling Prophecy as he began to chat with the Other people in the restaurant about how He got into professional eating after Passing the 13 minute Mark Adam Acknowledged his lack of speed in the First half I don't think I took it quite Seriously enough from from the start I Think I was pretty slow at the game I'm 15 minutes in how have I got all this All this food left I think the Breakfast Club is gonna defeat me and by the 23 Minute Mark he'd accepted that there was No way he was eating the potatoes I Don't think I'm gonna finish this now in 30 minutes I think I'm defeated there's No way I can do this in three minutes in Spite of the failure The Breakfast Club Were nice enough to offer him a t-shirt But it was lucky that the next place He'd be defeated also offered funerals As Fletcher's Olympic calzone damn near Killed him but you described the Challenge as a Calamity from the get-go As after realizing that the food was Piping hot he had to Aid the crust Around the outside while waiting for the Middle to cool down when it was finally Cool enough to eat Adam quickly tied

From the sheer quantity of pepperoni Ending the challenge somewhat Anti-climactically by stating I can't Face any more pepperoni that's always Man I can't do the Pepperell he's just Destroyed my sky cost on the test Anymore I'll take I'll take the loss However at least beard was able to leave The restaurant in a calm State as the Next challenge he'd fail looked so Different from the pictures that he'd Almost get into an argument with the Restaurant the online photo showed a Small pot of chips one scoop of ice Cream and a relatively small Burger However the portion served a beard Featured a literal colander of chips Eight scoops of ice cream and a tower Burger causing a bit of a scuffle Between him and the restaurant The other problem Adam faced was that The timer started as soon as the food Hit the table and since it's been the First six minutes arguing introducing And taking pictures for the thumbnail he Was left with less than 24 minutes to Eat the actual meal if I win this it's Gonna be a miracle man because I don't Know how long I've been going this come On man as is obvious In that clip Adam Wasn't in the best State of Mind from The get-go almost like he wanted to lose Just to prove to the restaurant that the Portion size was unbeatable I think I've

Got about 10 minutes left maybe if that What a flicking con as the challenge Continued Adam stated that he'd never Been this angry during a meal this is About as grumpy as you'll ever see me But you know with good reason which is Followed by him accepting defeat with Around 4 minutes remaining I'm done I'm Just waiting for the guy to come over Now however while Adam gets somewhat of A pass for this defeat the only Justification for his next failure was That it was probably the largest most Difficult challenge ever posted to his Channel located at Connor's Cafe in Wigston the channel going by the name of The loser sandwich had been attempted by Over 50 people without a single success And after it came out onto the table There was no question as to why the Monstrous sandwich featured a full Baguette half a dozen eggs half a loaf Of bread as well as fries beans Mushrooms and chorizo thankfully the Meal was incredibly well priced should Adam be defeated 12 quid Every day for breakfast although on top Of the 12 pound cost Bale challenges Also required a 10 pound donation to Charity which was a pretty cool idea by The restaurant it wasn't long before Adam's least favorite food was getting In the way of the challenge As was the owner in a pretty funny way

By the 21 minute Mark Adam was praying For a second wind of motivation although With four minutes remaining he'd accept That it wasn't happening Yeah congratulations it's not often Unbeaten however while the loss of Sandwich looked almost impossible from The start his next value was the Opposite the 10-pound Pancake Challenge Looked fairly straightforward yet it Turned out to be unbelievably difficult The video began with the explanation That in over 14 years it had almost Never been beaten only three people have Done it so far right yes made even more Difficult by questions and photos from Countless friendly fans in addition to This a comment on the video stated those Pancakes look way bigger slash thicker Than in the other videos I've seen from This same challenge showing that he Might have gotten unlucky in terms of Pancake size despite this the beard gave It his best shot although it took only 6 Minutes and 33 seconds before Adam was Confident he wouldn't finish he'd spend The next 19 minutes slowly devouring as Much as he could however the time limit Was no issue on this this one as they Throw in the towel with over 35 minutes Left on the clock showing that there was Simply too much food I had an hour but I've only got like 30 minutes left I Don't even think I'm gonna get close to

This one and while every defeat so far Came from either time constraints or Portion sizes it'd be the 4 million Scoville spicy noodle challenge which Presented a brand new problem the meal Was just too damn hot I read on the Internet that this is the spiciest Roman Challenge in America the manager Explained that over 300 people had Attempted the bowl without success 300 Attempts and nobody's finished I'm not The man for this assignment with the Challenge being so wild that Adam had to Sign a waiver just to eat the meal the Three pound bowl of ramen had to be Finished in under 8 minutes although Impossibly his least confident State Ever Adam said it wasn't happening after Only 19 seconds despite this the beard Made a pretty solid attempt with the Restaurant saying it was one of the best Efforts so far Yet this would also Mark his 14th and Most recent restaurant defeat out of the 590 Challengers attempted on his channel

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