Awful TikTok Family Is Making Millions By Lying About Height

This is the extremely tall family of Tick tock star Marie Tamara their Heights are seven foot five seven foot Nine six foot three seven foot ten and Seven foot flat only these numbers are a Complete and utter lie none of them are Actually this tall and everybody has Begun to notice it let me show you how Murray began on social media by Detailing her life as a very tall woman She posted a video such as this one Talking about the struggles of finding Dresses which fit before concluding with A self-confident message showing that She was comfortable in her own skin in Other videos Marie joked about dancing With the short King because he's the Only one at the club not intimidated by Her height so exactly how tall was she Well considering she could hold her feet Above doorways and refrigerators it Seems she was close to seven feet However she'd reveal in a different Video that she was actually six foot one Marie then restated that she was six Foot one in a different Tick Tock video Where however only one day after Claiming this she'd post a new video in Which it appeared she'd grown another Inch wait you're six foot two now did You grow where yet the likelihood that She'd had some unexpected overnight Growth spurt was low given she was Already 27 at the time of posting the

Video what seemed more likely was that Murray's height was being embellished to Make her situation seem more interesting With the sudden change instantly Reducing how much the audience trusted Her what is your actual height each of Your tick tocks seemed to say something Different yet Marie stood strong with Her previous claim in an article reading I'm six foot two and dating is almost Impossible I'm tired of being called a Man some clarity was then provided when Marie introduced her even taller six Foot five mother to the videos although What Marie failed to disclose was that Her mother is a little more famous than The audience might have realized in a Previous video it had been mentioned That the mum was a former professional Basketball player and therefore by Googling her name Christine Tamara it's Not difficult to find a bunch of public Information there's an article from April 2016 explaining that she played University basketball in 1981 which Exposed another lie that the mother was A WNBA player considering the WNBA Wasn't even founded until 15 years later In 1996. although in possibly the first True Todd and Murray tomorrow's channel The article confirmed that the mother Was in fact six foot five yet it'd be Pretty dumb to lie about this Considering its public record what Marie

Failed to realize is that there are also Public sporting records confirming her Height but we'll get to that later with The videos between Marie and her mother Going viral the rest of the family was Then introduced as the tallest family on Tick Tock where Marie established her Brother Shane at six foot nine her Second brother Troy at six foot ten and Her father Mike at six foot three yeah Well that's assuming they were all Telling the truth the video the family Exploded gaining over 4 million views Incentivizing them to continue making Content they do a bunch of unique videos Like showing their shoe sizes and Talking about their weight at Birth yet It was there how tall are the kids and The things we make look small videos Which perform the best gaining over 20 Million views each the family then made A dedicated Instagram called team Tamara Before Murray Shane and even the mother Began doing paid content with Marie Stating in a WFAN interview that she Made more than six figures in her very First month this was Then followed by a New York Post article two months later Reading Tamara says she now rakes in an Average of a hundred and eighty nine Thousand dollars per month and once Banged 295 000 in a single 30-day period This gave the family a very strong Incentive to not only keep going but to

Perhaps embellish their height even Further although since they'd already Posted multiple videos each claiming That Marie was the shortest at six foot Two and Troy was the tallest at six foot Ten it felt as though the truth had Finally been established until all of a Sudden Marie had grown another inch and Was now six foot three dude I swear I Can't with this stuff at first you're 6-1 then 6-2 and now you're six three Come on now one two six two a couple of Weeks ago can we get a six foot three Measurement to prove although the family Was offering no such video instead Marie Continued to claim that she was now six Foot three with the trend so far already Hinting at what was about to happen Instead Marie skips seven whole inches To make the claim that she was now six Foot ten at which point the audience Simply didn't know what was true six two Or six three or six ten what six ten six Three what's the real high OMG bro you Change your height in every video first Six three then six two now six ten yet The backlash against her lies seemed to Have no impact on her follow account and If anything continuing to lie only Boosted the family's presence further Three months after claiming that she'd Magically gone from six two to six ten Marie and the family had their best Month ever gaining over 400 000 Tick

Tock followers and it was only after her Unexplained six foot ten growth spur That Marie began to see any growth over On YouTube on top of this Marie would Post a tick tock stating that the family Was now making eight hundred thousand Dollars per month leading her to buy 245 000 Aston Martin although she then state That she was apparently too big to fit Inside it which was a shame given she in The family as unbelief believable as it Might sound we're about to get even Taller on the 14th of April 2023 Marie Tamara uploaded a tick tock now claiming To be seven foot tall bro she started at 6-1 now she's seven feet bro however in Order to make it believable look she'd Also need to scale up everybody else in The family so her brother Troy became Seven foot seven her other brother Shane Became seven foot five while the mother Became seven foot two the only person Whose height hadn't changed was the dad Who stayed put at six foot three yet This was only a plot to get more views But we'll explain that in just a second In the meantime Marie gained over 50 Million views on one single Tick Tock Stating I'm not that tall when I'm with My mom in which the mother's height had Been embellished yet again from seven Foot two to seven foot five in the next Video the mother had grown another inch To seven foot six yet at this point

Someone in the comments pointed out a Fatal flaw in the family story nah That's crazy because the Guinness World Record holder for the tallest woman is 215 centimeters and it's a a very good Point at a height of 229 centimeters or Seven foot six Marie Tamara's Mum would Be the second tallest woman currently Alive the second tallest woman in American history and the 11th tallest Woman ever recorded yet she's nowhere to Be seen on Wikipedia's list of tallest People on top of this if Marie Tamara Herself was really seven foot she should Also be on this list right next to seven Foot Organa sem Genova although again She's suspiciously nowhere to be seen When called out for the light in a Comment reading bro you are not seven Foot you are six foot two Marie Responded by pulling out a tape measure To some arbitrary length before holding It up against her shoulder and claiming That it was six foot too long she'd then Doubled down in the comments section by Stating if I was 6'2 would I be able to Grab the fan so easily yet she'd then Get destroyed in the replies by someone Who simply wrote I'm 6'2 and have no Problem doing it the only evidence Marie Had to prove that she was actually seven Foot was that she stood about a head Taller than her dad however even this Was a lie as Marie had sent simply

Gotten sneakier with her camera angles In videos such as this one where the Brothers had grown yet again to seven Foot nine and seven foot ten the dad is Standing at the back while the bottom of The frame is cut off at the feet where It's obvious Marie is wearing heels and Is possibly even standing on something When your ankles are mid-calf on the Person next to you hmm the only time a Race showed herself standing on flat Ground was in the videos where her Father isn't present although as Highlighted by this comment reading She's standing in front of the door and The camera is low it's an illusion to Make them taller there are even more Tricks at play here for example in this Video Marie claimed that she couldn't Fit inside a shower yet her ankles are Almost as high as the on off Tab while In this video it's obvious that she's Simply standing on the edge of the bath And she's not the only person in the Family using this trick over on Shane's Personal Instagram his seven foot five Inch height places him head and Shoulders above a door frame yet the Camera cuts off well above his knees and This isn't even the worst part in a Pinned post Shane has his basketball Stats list tested in which it confirms That he's 2 meters and six centimeters Or six foot nine inches and he's not the

Only person in the family to have their Sporting records online Troy apparently The tallest in the family seems as Though he's just going with the flow of The family's Antics however that's not To say his displayed height is accurate In a George Mason University basketball Profile Troy's height is listed not as Seven foot ten but rather as six foot Eight while other basketball websites List his height at six foot nine meaning That he's not only the same height as The other brother but he's at least one Foot one in shorter than what's being Shown on Tick Tock meanwhile Shane's Apparent height of seven foot nine is a Foot taller than his actual height while The mother's tech talk height of seven Foot five is also a full foot taller Than her actual height but what about Maria The Mastermind of the whole Operation whose social media presence is So untruthful she even lies about what Kind of men she's into just to make more Money stating that she's attracted to Five foot nine short Kings while Simultaneously claiming that dating at My height is almost impossible as it is Extremely difficult to find a guy taller Than me well according to an old Cross-country running profile she's not Seven foot not six foot ten not six foot Three or even six foot two she's rather Six feet and one inch tall as was stated

In her first few videos the only person Whose height hasn't been lied about at Any point is the dads at six foot three Yet again this was only done to make the Others seem taller but I guess posting a Real family photo like this one without Manipulated camera angles just wouldn't Receive the same kind of exposure Despite this the family continued to Claim that they're a group of seven foot Tall Giants earning millions of views And dollars by doing so while irritating The entire world in the process

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