BILLION Dollar FTX Lawsuit Just Got WAY WORSE! 💰

It's been almost a week since the Bombshell Court filing listing nine Social media influencers and a billion Dollar class action lawsuit became Public since that initial filing quite a Few things have happened with some of The influencers making claims in their Defense and the lawyer in the case Giving a statement about why this case Was filed as well now first let's start By going over the influencers that Haven't released a response yet honestly This is probably the smartest thing to Do and is most likely what a lawyer Would tell them to do in this case However some influencers seem to be Taking it more serious than others Graham Stefan who always post on Mondays Didn't have an upload for this Monday at The time of filming this video hasn't Released any videos since the lawsuit With his name was dropped if you're Someone who has followed Graham's Channel you know just how big a deal This is for him to miss a Monday upload Considering how consistent he always is From there let's take a look at the two Influencers who have responded meet Kevin and bitboy crypto AKA Ben Armstrong now bit boy is in a very Unique situation compared to the others Because bitboy never actually was Sponsor by FTX he called the company out Months before his collapse and

Rightfully so is now livid that his name Is included in this lawsuit this was Undoubtedly a mistake by the law firm to Include him in this case after the news Broke of the lawsuit Ben went on a Tirade on Twitter calling the lawyer who Filed the case a bunch of names leaving A negative review on the law firm's Review page and attempting to get the Lawyer's license to practice law revoked All of this eventually led to bit boy Releasing a video where he stated he Would counter sue the law firm for Defaming his name my name is Ben I'm Being sued that's correct I'm being sued For one Billion dollars in a class action Lawsuit I mean it's so much easier for Them to leave me off the lawsuit and oh It would have been far better it would Have been far better lawyers to do your Due diligence to find out that I never Promote FTX instead of putting me on There yeah same done with everybody else And the judge would throw it probably Throw it out because it's frivolous Um but here's the thing about a Frivolous lawsuit Now that it has been put out there oh Mr And Mrs law firms behind all this Now it's been put out there now you Can't take it back now You have in fact Defamed my name with 100 percent

Provably false Allegations So you guys are in the lawyer in game Well guess what better lawyer up because Uh your friend old cousin bitboy is Gonna be coming riding into town On on a horse a legal horse With a whip ready to whip y'all into Shape get my money you better have my Money in my opinion I'm a bit conflicted Here because it's clear bitboy was never Paid to promote FTX and having his name Dragged through the mud for something he Didn't do is wrong but on the flip side Bit boy has come across as bit of a Bully in the past including his lawsuit Against a tozy last year because he Didn't like what was said about him Bitboy most likely would have buried a Tozy in legal fees if Channel like moist Critical and coffeezilla didn't bring Awareness to the case and get bit boy to Back down so ultimately I hope he's able To get this case resolved but it's hard For me to feel bad for him going through This situation considering what he's Done in the past now let's take a look At meet Kevin's response now meet Kevin As we all know loves attention whether It's good or bad so of course he Relished in it he gave an interview for Coffee zilla's Channel talked to a few Reporters as well and launched a video On his channel titled being sued where

He basically passed the blame on to the Consumers saying ultimately it's your Decision what you invest in and he Doesn't feel accountable for what what Happened Kevin took it a step farther And started replying to comments in the Video making jokes about how this case Would cost him next to nothing to win as Someone who has researched Kevin I can Honestly say he is most likely the Richest of every influencer that was Sued and he has what's known as media Liability insurance having this protects Him for things he says on the channel Meaning that the lawyers fees around This case will be paid by his insurance Company and if he were to lose the case They pay that out as well up to a Certain amount so ultimately the actual Financial loss to Kevin will most likely Be very minimal however Kevin should Understand that many of his own Followers lost large amounts of their Money investing in FDX and to appear so Cavalier About It by cracking jokes in The comment section come across really Cold-hearted finally let's take a look At the lawyer Adam Moskowitz now this Guy seems to like attention as Adam and His clients launched the initial lawsuit Against the celebrities who endorse FTX In November and he went on a media tour To talk about the case on any any Channel that would have him since the

Launch of this new case the media Coverage hasn't been nearly as large but Adam did give a statement to BuzzFeed Where he said influencers are paid just Like all other promoters and thus must Be held accountable they are paid so Much because they play an important role Today with social media in making Financial decisions it's important to Note that both meet Kevin and bookboy Crypto have both called Adam and his Law Firm ambulance Chasers the type of law Firm that just goes after any Scandal to Get attention and there may be some Truth to that based on their case History since the filing of the case There have been arguments all over YouTube as to the Merit of the case with Some claiming that these influencers Don't hold any responsibility as they Didn't know FTX was a scam and others Making the claim that FTX platform they Were pimping acted as security and they Could be in very hot water Kim Kardashian had to pay over a million Dollar fine last year after not properly Disclosing how much he was paid to Promote a cryptocurrency if the feds can Get a charge to stick against Kim Kardashian a it's very possible this Case could stick against these Influencers as well finally I want to Say that from my research it's very Clear that at least bitboy crypto never

Was paid to promote FTX the law firm Adding him to this list was a very Serious blow to the legitimacy of the Case as a whole as someone who isn't a Lawyer I don't know if that potentially Puts the whole case in Jeopardy of being Thrown out or if he can be removed in The case against the rest will continue But whatever happens this case has Captivated the YouTube world and I'm Sure many will be eager to see how this All plays out

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