BitBoy Crypto Goes On The ATTACK!

Bit boy crypto is not taking his lawsuit Lightly and is fighting back against the Lawyers who filed the claim a video Which I'll show in a moment shows bitboy AKA Ben Armstrong incredibly ticked off After being served to appear in a court After the lawyers in the case filed Paperwork claiming bitboy was harassing Them and their entire Law Firm now this Entire debacle started around a month Ago when bitboy was included in a Lawsuit with nine other YouTube creators For being paid to promote the FTX Platform to Their audience bitboy has Repeatedly said that he was never paid To promote FTX and has been on an Absolute rage to take down this Law Firm Since the case became public over the Past few weeks every creator with the Exception of one has now been served Paperwork showing that they have been Sued this is a requirement when you sue Someone that a process server must Deliver the lawsuit directly to the Person so that they can make no claims They don't know that they are actually Being sued earlier this week Big Boy Crypto had his lawsuit delivered to him And the video that was released during That delivery is quite a spectacle You I receive this paperwork I love it I'm going to bury you I I don't think

You understand how misled in the Situation you are and how wrong you're Going to find out and you're going to Pay bud That clip surfaced a few days ago on the Law firm's YouTube channel as an Unlisted video and is being used to show In their opinion that Ben Armstrong is Harassing them the law firm has filed Paperwork with the courts showing Continued attempts by both Ben and his Supporters to in their opinion harass And discredit their work Ben has Released dozens of tweets calling out The lawyers who are suing him making Claims he would get their license Removed retweeting memes of him chasing Around the lawyer and even going so far As to tell his audience to leave a Review of the law firm to tank their Rankings because they are as he says Ambulance Chasers despite other lawyers Telling big boy he needs to be careful And this could very easily be seen as Harassment bitboy decided to carry on And eventually started sending emails to The law firm with one reading hey mother Effer guess you do know who I am You are such an unbelievably dumb mother Ever that you were leading a lawsuit Against me when I never even promoted FTX expect a countersuit hey Steven you didn't tell me that your boy Here is suing me he's a toxic ambulance

Chasing cancer thank you Ben Armstrong After that even more emails started to Flood into the law firm from either Ben Or some of his supporters with a very Threatening language one of them stated You're choosing war with an anonymous Community while you yourself are not Only a couple Bitcoins get you and your Family shot please be careful these People are dangerous and you have Provoked them another email States You're EFT filing frivolous lawsuits Prepare for hell you were humiliated Today lol now believe it or not the Harassment didn't stop there as the law Firm has provided proof of dozens of Threatening voicemails being left as Well as hundreds of unanswered calls From unknown numbers being placed to Their office number within just a few Hours bitboy crypto has continued to Play Down what he has done claiming it's No big deal but I think he Underestimated just exactly what he is Doing as someone who is not a lawyer This is just my opinion but from all the Evidence Law Firm has presented I think There could be an actual case of Harassment against bitboy or even Potentially cyber stalking claims now Again I'm in no way a lawyer so I could Be wrong but I think any normal person Can see that the continued calls tweets And emails Ben has made to the office

Make him look very bad and definitely Don't paint him as the victim in this Situation now unfortunately for bit boy The situation has gone from bad to worse As he has now been included in another Class action lawsuit this one against The binance crypto platform as well as Bitboy crypto and Graham Stefan for Promoting the BNB token which the law Firm claims is an unregistered security This case unlike the FTX one seems to Have a lot more Merit to it and Obviously bitboy is not happy having his Name on yet another billion dollar Lawsuit it's unfortunate that bit boy Has gone this route and has apparently Not learned any compassion or Understanding from his past trials just Three months ago bitboy had his home Swatted and had SWAT officers Point guns At him after they had believed he had Murdered his children I walk out I walk right here on my back concrete Pad and right about the time I get here All of a sudden the seven SWAT team Members bust through and it's very Surreal because I had heard the Walkie-talkies on the other side I knew They were close but they busted in Through the gate and they came in guns Drawn like seven AR-15s pointed right at Me and they are on me in a second and The first thing I hear is hands up hands Up hands up hands up and then they said

Does he even have a job And the second they said that I realized Oh we've been swatted so I said you know Actually he has a job he's a YouTuber He's got a lot of followers and not Everyone likes him and so I think our Home's been swatted after going through A horrible experience like that you Would think he would not want to subject Others to anything else like that yet he Continues to attack the law firm that Sued him as well as the individual Lawyers in the case while this is Clearly different than a full swatting Attempt I would think that he would Understand just how detrimental this Constant attack can be against someone's Mental health and would stop doing this But he doesn't seem to want to go down That route now how these billion dollar Cases play out for bit boy Graham Stefan And the rest of the influencers I really Don't know but at least the other Influencers appear to be handling this Like adults and through the court of law Instead of resorting to Petty online Attacks like bit boy crypto who seems to Be operating with the mentality of a Five-year-old

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