Cardone QUITS Company After FRAUD Allegations

So Gary Cardone who some people have Alleged is a clone of Grant Cardone but He claims just to be the identical twin Brother you can believe uh whatever you Want in that case but Gary Cardone was The CEO of a company known as Chargebacks911 and after the FTC sued The company he has now stepped down he's No longer the CEO he's leaving the Company he's making his ex-wife his Ex-wife is now in charge of the company Uh and he's going to go off and do some Other things he's probably going to get Into crypto which I'll show you he's a Big fan of crypto Um he's also you know a Scientologist He's an occult both of them Gary and Grant are both scientologists cult Members uh and she has stepped down After the FTC sued his company uh Alleging that they are doing very Fraudulent Behavior now I talked about His company chargebacks 9-1-1 uh in the Last video a week ago and that video now Has over 300 000 views so thank you Everyone who watched that and initially Everyone seemed to be on the same page It said you know what I was going over In the FTC actual lawsuit that I showed The complaint um what they were doing What the chargebacks 911 was allegedly Doing uh was very scummy Behavior Everyone seemed to be on the same page About that now as that video went kind

Of semi-viral uh people started to come Out of the Woodworks and defend both Gary Cardone and chargebacks 9-1-1 and Say you know what they're doing they're It's not scammy right chargebacks are a Serious issue and I agree right Legitimate companies can have Chargebacks so chargebacks is when an Individual say you you know um a company Charges your credit card you don't Remember uh making that purchase or it Or it was too much money over what you Initially agreed to you can actually go To your credit card and dispute that Claim and charge the company back so They actually don't make any money from You now that happens quite a bit that's Um a known issue and a lot of times These these companies which I'll show You are very scammy which is a lot of a Lot of reasons why these chargebacks Happen now some people actually abuse That system uh and you know do charge Backs when they shouldn't be doing that And I agree that's an issue right now The people who are defending Gary and Gary and his company themselves say that They're trying to help companies against These fraudulent chargebacks but that's Not what the FTC is saying that's not The allegations they make against them They're saying his company is very Scammy so we're going to take a look at The actual uh press release that the

Company charged backs 911 released Saying that Gary Cardone is stepping Down as CEO and then we're actually Going to take a look at one of the Comments someone left on my channel Defending Gary and chargebacks 9-1-1 and I'm going to give even more proof uh Just to how scummy this company is this This company has worked with several Fraudulent companies that have all been Sued and all settled with the FTC and Have to pay I believe about 300 million Dollars in restitution uh to the FDC for Scamming customers like they agreed Right they rolled over they said yeah we Scam people uh here's the money back We're sorry FTC and chargebacks 9-1-1 Was working with all these companies Trying to keep them in business even Though they've now admitted they're They're fraudulent so I I really don't Understand why people would defend Chargebacks 9-1-1 uh and uh Grant Cardone's clone sorry identical twin Brother Gary I really don't know why People would defend these guys uh but Yeah people apparently are so let's take A closer look okay so here is the actual Press release uh straight from Chargebacks 9-1-1 says Monica Eaton Assumes CEO title at chargebacks 9-1-1 We're not going to read the whole thing Just the relevant information right here At the top uh it says Tampa Bay Florida

And it's it says chargeback's 9-1-1 and It's sister brand fi911 the global Leader in chargeback management Technology announced today the former Transition of Monica Eaton uh in the FTC Lawsuit her name is Monica Eden Cardone She's the ex-wife of Gary Cardone I Believe they're now divorced Monica Eating to assume title as its chief Executive officer CEO Gary Cardone who Was held the title of CEO for the last 10 years will depart the management team And retire from the business to pursue Other strategic Investments as a Platform provider chargebacks 911 and Fi-911 Powers many of the world's Largest financial institutions and in Her role as CEO Eaton will continue Steering and executing the company's Global vision and strategy right so That's what it is it's basically just You know saying it doesn't say anything About the actual lawsuit uh that they're Being sued by the FTC but it's showing You that this is the lady right here the Ex-wife of Gary Cardone she has decided To take over the CEO role and Gary is Leaving the company now if you actually Go to his Twitter page uh you can see Gary post pretty much every day about Bitcoin uh and about various different Cryptocurrencies so my assumption is He's probably gonna do something about Crypto uh probably going to get into

Some big cryptocurrency coin I don't I Don't know what he's going to do but He's leaving the company that he started That he was the CEO for over 10 years uh To do other things and it's very Interesting that this happens right After the FTC sues them for being a Scammy company now like I said uh Several people have come out in defense Uh left Comics this is one of them right Here and I blocked out the name everyone Can leave comments I don't want to put This person on blast but we're going to Go over their actual comment and I'll Respond to it so it says because no this Is in response to the uh video I made Initially about chargebacks91 being a Scam so he says because no legitimate Business ever gets a fraudulent Chargeback right as someone who knows Dozens of small business owners Chargeback scams customers scamming Businesses are insanely common and can Cause massive harm to small businesses It's common for nearly every major Business to have a department devoted Towards fighting these false chargebacks Ridiculous to spread this ignorant Negativity because of some Bad actors With legitimate space scams exist on Both sides FYI now I do partially agree With this chargebacks are an issue that Companies have to deal with now myself I've talked about this in previous

Videos I've been a top-rated seller on EBay for over 10 years right I also have A Shopify store now over the course of My 10 years on eBay and my Shopify store I think I've had a total of maybe five Or six chargebacks over the thousands of Items that I have sold in that 10 years Right and I don't get many chargebacks Because I'm not scamming my customers Which is what these companies are doing That chargebacks 9-1-1 is working with Right now occasionally there are people Who do try and game the system right They'll buy an item and then they'll Initial they'll they'll initiate a Chargeback so they don't have to pay for The item how that works though is that An individual cannot do this repeatedly Right a credit card company will let Them do it you know once twice maybe Three times but if they see a pattern of An individual initiating uh chargebacks Over and over and over again against Online purchases they will eventually Shut that credit card of that individual Down So an individual person cannot do this Over and over and people know this so They're not going to initiate Chargebacks willy-nilly unless they Unless they're a known scammer or if They feel a company is actually scamming Them right most legitimate companies are Going to have a very low amount of

Actual chargebacks now the companies That um that chargebacks 911 is working With this is the actual uh document that We covered last time this is the the Press release by the FTC we're not going To go over the whole thing we're just Going to go down here now I want to talk About chargebacks 9-1-1 they were saying In this in this lawsuit the FTC was Saying that they were doing fraudulent Behavior of basically initiating Thousands of you know one dollar Purchases on these three scammy Companies which we're going to take a Closer look at to lower their chargeback Amount because if your chargeback amount Goes too high if you get too many Chargebacks your credit card your Merchant accounts will get shut down so They were doing very fraudulent Behavior This isn't something that a normal Company does this is fraudulent Behavior Now the three companies that chargebacks 911 was working with Apex Capital and I'll pull up all of their um they they All have FTC lawsuits as well I'll pull Up all three of them Apex Capital F9 advertising and ah media Have all been sued by the FDC and Basically all of these lawsuits I won't Read all of them Um they're all basically the same claim That these companies what they would do Is they would offer online they would

Offer a free item or in many cases uh You you get a free item from the company And all you have to do is pay for Shipping and handling so you give your Credit card number to these online Companies say you're buying a beauty Product a beauty cream and they'll give You your first beauty cream free you Just got to pay 4.99 for shipping and Handling right now what these companies Would do which is incredibly scummy is In the very fine print that no one is Reading it says that by initiating the Shipping charge you are agreeing to be Part of their Subscription Service uh Indefinitely you agreed to pay ninety Dollars a month to get this item that They're giving you the first one for Free you get you get it indefinitely for Just ninety dollars a subscription Service every month so what will happen Is a month later When the subscription service kicks in People will be like what the hell is This I did not agree to this 90 Subscription a month and then they will Issue a charge back with their credit Card company that is why these companies Get so many chargeback claims because They're scammers now all three of these Companies have all admitted to Wrongdoing and they all have Collectively paid I think about 300 Million dollars 250 300 million dollars

To the FTC for being known scammers now What happened was the FTC After seeing all these scammy companies They all had one connection they were All connected to charge backs 9-1-1 this Was the company That was allowing all these fraudulent Companies to stay in business and not Have their merchant accounts shut down As I talked about I'm not going to go Over all this because I talked about This in the other video this company Like I said they're issuing a bunch of The you know one dollar purchases They're also filing uh false claims with The credit card companies saying that These company saying that these Customers were agreeing to these Subscription Services when that simply Wasn't the case people thought they were Getting free items Um but they were actually you know being Scammed into subscription services this Is not a legitimate company so I don't Agree with this comment as all now like I said there are occasionally legitimate Chargeback claims that need to be fought But these three companies that uh Chargebacks was working with are Confirmed scams this isn't alleged they Have agreed to pay back millions of Dollars for scamming people and Chargebacks 9-1-1 was the company that Was making this all possible right so I

Disagree with 100 who people are Defending uh the clone of Gary or the Grand Cardone sorry not the Clone the Twin the identical twin brother of Grant Cardone Gary Cardone uh and his scammy Company chargebacks 9-1-1 and I do find It very odd that immediately after his Company gets sued for being a scam whoa Guys I'm gonna step back as the CEO I'm Gonna let my uh my ex-wife uh I'm gonna Let her take over the company I just uh I'm gonna get out of here uh and start Uh pumping Bitcoin on on my Twitter Account right there uh so I do think That's um I do think that actual criminal charges Uh could potentially be filed against Gary Cardone uh and possibly other Management staff at chargebacks 9-1-1 This is just a civil case as of right Now but I do think that criminal charges Could follow again that's just my Opinion uh but what are what are in this Allegations that I have linked below I'll have linked uh you can check this Out yourself Um are extremely serious this is not This is not a company that you know was Doing something they should be doing uh This company was was was acting Incredibly inappropriate if what they Are saying in this lawsuit that the FTC Brought against them is true but I'd Love to know down below what do you

Think about this whole development about Gary Cardone stepping down and allowing His ex-wife to uh now run his company do You think it's just coincidence or is it Because his company uh is being sued for Being an alleged scam by the FTC

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