Cardone Twins Are In Serious Legal Trouble…

So the Cardone twins are in some very Legal hot water because of a business That one of them runs that's allegedly Defrauding customers it's now been sued By both the FTC and the State of Florida Now if you don't know I've talked about Grant Cardone many times on this channel Before he is a cult member he's in the Church of Scientology if you're unaware Of that and he's also probably one of The most successful scammers of all time Right he he runs this whole real estate Empire has a bunch of courses and and You know meetups you can go to it cost a Ton of money and he alleges also that he Is a billionaire now every time I bring Up the fact that he says he's a Billionaire people leave comments saying He's not actually a billionaire whether He is or not I don't really know but he Is insanely wealthy he has many private Jets many very expensive cars he likes To flaunt all over his social media to Try and convince more people to give him More money to sign up for his courses uh Listen to him speak all of this whatever He is if he's a billionaire or not he is Incredibly wealthy now a lot of people Don't know that Grant Cardone actually Has an identical twin brother known as Gary Cardone right Gary Cardone is very wealthy in himself Is nowhere near the level of Grant Cardone but he's also a

Multi-millionaire as well and one of the Companies that he runs is called Chargebacks 9-1-1 now this company which We'll take a look at on the filing in Just a second they've been sued like I Said and they have been allegedly Um defrauding customers what they Basically do the whole premise and I'll Show the documents in a second the whole Premise is that they will actually fight For companies uh when customers issue Chargebacks on a different credit card Or debit card fees that they don't they Don't actually want appearing on their Card this company chargebacks 9-1-1 will Defend those companies and try and make Sure that those those actual charges are Charged to the customers so there's many Different reasons why a individual will Want to charge back one of the most Common reasons which we'll go into is That a company will offer like a free Deal or a free subscription like I Actually just signed up for a company And we'll go into the name of the Company but they'll give you like one Month free of their service and all you Have to do is give them your credit card Information so that once the one month Is up they can then charge you right and Many of these companies do this with the Premise of knowing that a good portion Of people who sign up will either forget To cancel their service before the end

Of the month or they just won't be able To figure out how to cancel their Service many of these companies will Make it incredibly difficult to make it Super easy to sign up for you to give Them your credit card information but They will make it incredibly difficult To try and find out how to actually Cancel their plan right so then a month Rolls by and then you eventually get Charged even though you didn't want to Get charged right and you may issue a Chargeback you may call up your credit Card company see I don't want to you Know be charged by this company I just Wanted their free deal I do not want Their service but I can't find out how To cancel please dispute this charge This company chargebacks 9-1-1 We'll work on behalf of the actual Merchant that is trying to you know scam You or being very misleading as to the Sign up process and they will make sure That that charge stays on your record so That this company makes money from you To me personally that sounds incredibly Scummy uh sounds like a terrible thing To do but apparently it's quite Profitable because this company charged Backs 9-1-1 has made a ton of money uh You know helping these companies Continue to get these fraudulent claims They've been doing this for many years And it's made Gary Cardone as well as

His ex-wife who's also in the lawsuit It's made both of them extremely wealthy In this business now there's other Issues we're going to go into I'll go Ahead and bring up the FTC document Right now but that's basically the just Of what they're doing they're trying to Prevent chargeback claims from you know Individuals to an actual companies Because one thing how this works is if a Company gets more than one percent of All of their online uh purchases from Customers more the one percent in Chargebacks credit card company will Actually pull the merchant accounts of These websites that will no longer allow Them to actually allow customers to buy Products directly from the website now You can go to another Merchant you can Set up another merchant account but the Process of doing that is incredibly it's Time consuming and there are a bunch of Fees involved so the the actual company Does not want to get their merchant Accounts pulled so that's why chargeback 911 is so important to these scammy Companies so they can stay in business Okay so this is their website right here Chargebacks911. it's a very basic Website uh I I honestly can't believe That this website is doing like tens of Millions of dollars a year because it's A very basic website but apparently it Is and this is the actual FTC lawsuit

Right here it's a very brief I'll read Over it quickly FTC Florida attorney General Sue chargebacks 9-1-1 for Thwarting consumers who are trying to Reverse disputed credit card charges Complaint charges that chargeback Mitigation company use misleading screen Screenshots bogus transactions on behalf Of scammers the Federal Trade Commission And the State of Florida have filed suit Against chargebacks 9-1-1 for unfairly Thwarting consumers who are trying to Dispute credit card charges through the Charge back process and complaint filed In federal court the FDC and Florida Charge that since at least 2016 the Chargeback mitigation company and its Owners Gary Cardone and his ex-wife Monica Eaton Cardone have used multiple Unfair techniques to prevent consumers From successfully winning charge-backed Disputes chargebacks 911 help scammers Stay in business and defeat chargeback Attempts by consumers hit with Fraudulent charges said Samuel Levine Director of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection the FDC will continue to take Aggressive action against those who Undermine consumers ability to exercise Their rights the chargeback process is a Key protection for consumers who wish to Contest unwanted fraudulent or incorrect Credit card charges when a consumer sees A charge they did not authorize or for

Which the promised goods or services Didn't arrive they can dispute the Charge with their credit card company The company then contacts the Merchant's Credit card company for information and Determines whether to reverse the charge According to the complaint chargebacks 9-1-1 has regularly sent screenshots on Behalf of their clients to credit card Companies that supposedly show the Consumers that agreed to dispute its Charges often recurring monthly Subscription charges like I mentioned Earlier that's one of the main fees These companies these fraudulent Companies get you to sign up with a free Offer you just have to give their credit Card and then they bill you a month Later because most people forget to Cancel the complaint notes that in many Instances these screenshots have not Actually been from the website where Consumers made the disputed purchases And that the company ignored clear Warning signs the website screenshots Were misleading plate also charges that Chargebacks 9-1-1 use a system called Value-added promotions which allowed the Company's clients to run numerous small Dollar transactions via pre-bay debit Cards by doing so clients could raise Their total number of transactions Lowering the percentage of their charges That were disputed by consumers the

Percent to chargebacks a company faces Places a role in the level of scrutiny a Company receives from credit card Companies a high percentage will likely Lead to more scrutiny so like I Mentioned earlier if a company is Receiving more than one percent in Chargeback claims there's a very real Chance that the credit card company will Actually pull their merchant account and No longer allow them to receive funds on The website so what this is alleging and Again this is just alleging they are Saying that this company charge back one One chargeback 9-1-1 is basically Allowing these companies they're all They're offering to purchase very small Purchases like one or two dollars from Prepaid cards to increase the the level Of accepted charges on the credit card Account right so if you have like one Percent in chargebacks and then this Company 911 Purchases on your website that could That could cause your chargeback total To go to 0.9 percent that which would be Under the limit so that's they're Alleging that this is the very Fraudulent behavior that this company is Doing in the complaint the FTC and Florida note that chargebacks 9-1-1 Serve numerous companies that the FDC Has sued for deceiving consumers Including Apex Capital F9 advertising

And ah media the complaint knows that Chargeback's 9-1-1 disputed tens of Thousands of chargebacks on behalf of These fraudulent companies there were Many instances according to the Complaint where chargebacks 911 Submitted screenshots of websites on Behalf of Apex Capital and ah media were The name of the product on the site in The screenshot did not even match the Brand name of the product of for the Disputed purchase according to the Complaint chargebacks 9-1-1 regularly Overlooked other suspicious behavior From their clients including when Clients use a large number of different Merchant accounts to process charges the FTC and Florida alleged chargebacks 9-1-1 Gary Cardone and Monica Eaton Cardone are violating both the FTC Act And the Florida unfair and deceptive Trade Practices Act and are asking the Court to stop the defendant's illegal Activities and other other monetary Relief including compensation for Consumers and civil penalties so this is A very serious case and this could Potentially I I don't know this could Potentially land uh some people in jail If everything in this case uh were to be Were to turn out true as to what they Are actually saying now how this leads To Grant Cardone Grant Cardone has also Used his brother Gary cardone's

Um website chargeback91 to help his Company uh stay below the actual Chargeback amount of one percent and he Actually had his brother Gary on his Channel uh several years ago I think it Was about seven years ago where Gary Talked about chargebacks 9-1-1 and what They do for companies so Gary what is a Chargeback Chargeback is when a consumer buys Something online typically online They then call their Bank up and they See their online banking statement and They don't understand the charge let's Say it's from XYZ retailer or e-tailer Okay because you can't do this inside of A store when you show up to a store Itself Um and maybe the wife sees that you know You went to a club or you went to you Bought a membership program or a gym and She doesn't understand the charge she Calls up her bank and she says hey this Doesn't me I didn't buy this so even Though I bought it I bought it I agreed To buy it I made maybe even used the Product already oh yeah most often and My wife sees it 60 days later 90 days Later I've already consumed it yep and She's like that that's not our charge That's right okay so I'll have a link to This full video if you want to check This out but basically they're trying to Or Gary's trying to make the idea that

Oh you know these are completely they're Not fraudulent purchases at all people Made these purchases and then they feel Bad or forgot that they made them so Then they they they issue chargebacks And that's not the allegation that the FTC is making right the FTC is making That these guys are you know helping Scammers blatantly helping scammers uh With subscriptions that you know are Being charged with people not knowing They're actually going to be charged and They're actually offering like a bunch Of tiny purchases to these companies to Make the company be under the the one Percent limit of chargebacks right this Is not what this guy Gary is alluding to In this video guys we're just we're just Trying to help against people who are You know just issuing chargebacks when They shouldn't be doing so this is a Very very big deal uh Gary definitely is In serious hot water Now Grant his Company has apparently done business With chargebacks 9-1-1 I don't know how Much trouble he will actually be in from This situation Um but if this actual lawsuit goes Through uh Gary and his ex-wife uh could Be Very very in very very big trouble but I'd love to know your comments below What do you think about this uh this Company that they're running chargebacks

9-1-1 excuse me uh do you think they are A fraudulent company Or do you think that the FTC and Florida Is going after them when they really Shouldn't be I'd love to hear your Comments below uh let me know

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