Celebrities Who Gave Up Fame To Work A Normal Job

From Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka to The shermanator from American Pie these Are celebrities who work normal jobs now Beginning with Hayden Christensen who Gave up his Fame as a Hollywood actor to Return to the world of manual labor After appearing in the third Star Wars Movie back in 2005 Christensen explained That he felt he hadn't really earned his Fame stating I guess I felt like I had This great thing in Star Wars that Provided all these opportunities and Gave me a career but it all kind of felt A little too handed to me also adding That he liked the idea of deliberately Sabotaging his Fame just so he could Start from scratch you can't take years Off and not have it affect your career He admitted but I don't know in a weird Sort of destructive way there was Something appealing about that to me for This reason Christensen decided to Purchase a farm just outside of Toronto Canada so we could get into the world of Agriculture stating I'm trying to figure It out it's all new to me but I would Eventually like it to be a fully Operational farm with livestock and Different crops I've got a tractor and An excavator and I'm learning to use all The construction equipment right now There's an apple orchard that I want to Extend and I've started the small Vegetable garden and I want to turn a

Hayfield into lavender which also led to His own line of country clothing through A company called RW and Co Christensen Has since been spotted a numerous Farmers markets and maintains that the Farm is going well how's things going Man However while Hayden Christensen is Still kind of working for himself Stephen Anthony Lawrence has since found A different type of employment since he Played beans in Even Stevens after the Show came to an end in 2003 Lauren Struggled to land any further 10 roles As he went bald only one year later at The age of 14 stating in a vice Interview I mean it sucks but you come To terms with it during the same Interview Lawrence explained that both Of his parents were then diagnosed with Cancer making it even more difficult for Him to return to acting having stated You're being a caregiver you've got to Be there to change diapers and you can't Do that when you're on auditions that's Physically impossible it just wouldn't Work after both of his parents Tragically passed away Lawrence returned To the workforce as a part-time actor Alongside another interesting job Santa's Little Helper at the Sun Valley Shopping Center fans have been flocking To them all to get their own selfie with Beans and he seems to be having a good

Time with it if Instagram captions are To be believed he's making dreams come True which is certainly more than that More Santa can say beans explained in The vice interview that he took the role To honor his father stating dad was Really into Christmas he was a big Clark Griswold guy so this was kind of my way To feel close to him during the holidays And do something cool for people however It was Danny Lloyd from The Shining who Decided that the world of media just Wasn't for him apart from two other Minor appearances The Shining became Dany's only major role on the big screen And considering he was only six years Old at the time he'd returned to school Like any other person I'm glad I was in The Shining it just wasn't something That panned out and I decided to go back To being a regular kid in school I Worked at the local Walmart I also Worked on a hog farm driving a tractor And working with the Hogs a Hollywood Life probably wouldn't have been for me Anyway in a different interview Dany Explained that he used these farm jobs To pay his way through University which Ultimately led to the full-time job he Works now biology teaching at a high School Lloyd learned fast that being the Kid from The Shining was not a fact he Needed to share with pupils looking for Chings in his own Authority it was

Disruptive in class so that's when I Began to really play it down where the Kids waggling their fingers hissing Redrum he laughs good-naturedly yes very Occasionally but enough for me to know I Had to downplay it as a teacher you're Supposed to be in control which has got To be an Outlook shared by Carrie Henn Who also ditched Hollywood to work in Education after playing the character Newt in the 1986 classic aliens hen Decided not to pursue full-time acting And instead continued with her schooling For this reason she fell out of the Public Spotlight for over 30 years Returning in a 2016 Comic-Con interview With Kevin James to state that she'd Rather found traditional employment I Always wanted to be a teacher so I went To school to be a teacher tell them what You do I teach fourth grade yet it was Vanilla Ice whose career change was Significantly more surprising he found Massive success in 1990 with the now Infamous song Ice Ice Baby yet his music Career had almost no longevity with many Considering Vanilla Ice to be a one hit Wonder with his music career in the Dumps vanilla has tried his hand at Motocross racing and even professional Jet skiing which worked reasonably well Given he peaked as the world's number Six ranked sit-down jet ski racer Competing nearly every weekend and

Earning a Kawasaki sponsorship at the Same time Vanilla Ice began to go down a Dark path of drug addiction leading to His disappearance from the spotlight However in 2010 the name would reappear In a show about houses called the Vanilla Ice Project he'd become a Renovator the show ran for over nine Years displaying countless different Construction projects yet this wasn't The only normal job that Vanilla Ice Wound up doing in 2013 an article was Published to the website Joe reading He's transformed himself from rapper to Lighting salesman we guess when the Lights go out on a wrapping career you Have to find a way to turn them on again But by selling lights and lighting Designs really Mr ice currently works For Capital Lighting in Florida and has Designed what he calls Vanilla Ice Lighting a line of chandeliers and wall Sconces check out this advert for Lighting starring Ice himself and yes he Actually says la slight's baby however It was Peter Ostrom from Willy Wonka who Decided that instead of living in a Chocolate factory he'd rather look after Animals shortly after appearing in the Film The austrum Family purchased a Horse sparking what would become a Lifelong interest in farm animals after Finishing High School Ostrom worked in An equestrian center in Pennsylvania

Which was followed by his college Graduation with a Veterinary degree Having been inspired by the vet who Looked after the family horse I can Remember the veterinarian coming out and Taking care of the horses and it made a Huge impression on me this person really Enjoyed what he did for a living my Father was a lawyer and I really didn't Have a clue what he did all day but I Knew exactly what the veterinarian did Someone making a living from something He enjoyed so much really sparked my Interest ashram was so entrenched in the Idea of becoming a vet that he never Returned to Hollywood his one and only Acting role Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory having stated acting Was fine but I wanted something more Steady and the key is to find something That you love doing and that's what my Profession has given me yet although He's not the only celebrity on this list To dedicate his life to the medical Field as Jennifer Stone from the Wizards Of Waverly Place followed a similar Pathway only one year after the show Came to an end in 2012. stone was Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with her Experience in the hospital inspiring her To join the medical field wanted to make Sure that nobody ever had to experience That when they were going through Uncertainty I know it's a drop in the

Bucket but it was something I could do While maintaining minor acting roles on The side Stone began to volunteer at a Burbank Medical Center and by 2019 she'd Become a fully qualified nurse stating I Just see so much more of humanity than I Ever saw before nursing I've seen parts Of humanity that I don't know if I would Have ever seen without it it's a Beautiful thing and it's heartbreaking And it's a great reminder to be thankful For the things that you do have since Becoming a registered nurse it seems Jennifer Stone is pretty much retired From acting however this hasn't stopped Her from being recognized by some of her Patients and I had a lot of patients That are like why are you here like But whatever happened to the shermanator From American Pie well according to IMDb Real name Chris Owen continued to land Role after role following the iconic Performance yet on the 28th of September 2012 a post was made to Reddit reading At a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica The shermanator was my radar Approximately one year later additional Photos were sent to the radar website With asunder stating it was kind of Funny watching the sherminator serve at A sushi restaurant it was also sort of Sad to see how quickly and easily an Actor can fall from Fame no one in the Restaurant even seemed to recognize him

When interviewed by The Daily News three Years later Owen stated life doesn't Always go the way you planned I love Acting and this job lets me stay in the Fight I get recognized a lot he says I Walk up to the table and see the look in Their eyes people get excited and it Feels good I like connecting with people For that brief moment in time although In December 2018 it seemed crisson Recognized that he'd need a long-term Career path as he he'd make a post to His Instagram stating that he joined a Property company called compass with his Following post showing that he'd become A real estate agent but while Chris Owen Took these positions out of necessity it Was Susan Boyle who got a day job just So she could return to being a normal Person despite having a net worth of Over 40 million dollars Susan has often Been commended for living an extremely Humble life having raised over 42 Million pounds for charity whilst Continuing to live in her childhood home However Susan Boyle's desire for Normality was best highlighted in an Article from June 2014 titled Millionaire Susan Boyle applies for a Six pound an hour cashier job in her Local bookmakers with the article Reading the 52 year old singer is Reported to have applied for a minimum Wage six pound an hour cashier's job

After spotting a job advert in the Window of her local bookmakers Ladbrokes Upon reading the advert on Thursday Afternoon Susan entered the premises and Spent around five minutes talking to the Shop's Deputy Manager David core 28 About the role Susan Boyle walked into The shop and inquired about the job Advertised in our window we were all in Shock obviously she doesn't need the Money yet so I think she saw it as a way Of getting her out of her house and Taking her mind off things with the Article also implying that it'd be a Good way for her to reintegrate with the Local community interestingly it seems Boyle didn't end up getting the job However Kevin Jonas was a little more Lucky when the Jonas Brothers took a Hiatus back in 2013 two other brothers Pursued their own solo projects yet the Third brother Kevin decided to leave Music altogether and walk a slightly Different path he dive into the world of Construction creating a property Development business called Jonas Werner And would also become the co-ceo of a Social media business called the Blue Market company but while you could still Consider this far from a normal job it's Time to talk about Nikki Blonsky who's Perhaps one of the greatest examples of Giving up Fame to go back to a regular Life blonsky's first ever acting role

Was in Hairspray the movie so it was Kind of funny that only four years later She'd get her cosmetology license before Landing a job as a hair stylist in her Hometown Superstar is happy to announce Our newest employee our cosmetologist Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray which is Followed by a tweet to Nikki blonsky's Twitter confirming her new part-time Position it's Trump working at Superstar Salon as a makeup artist and I'm proud To be working in helping pay bills but I'll never lose sight of my dreams just Because I'm part-time working doesn't Mean I'm going to give up on my dreams And don't give up on yours I might book Something big soon keep positive and Apparently she made the right decision By doing this given the customer Feedback I was so surprised today when I Showed up at Superstar to get my makeup Done and it turned out to be Nikki Blonsky applying it she did a great job And I really look like a superstar

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