Celebrities Who Unexpectedly Turned Their Lives Around

Out of every celebrity we'll cover in This video there are few who have fixed Their life like Robert Downey Jr between 1996 and 2001 he was arrested on six Separate occasions for some crazy Different reasons by this point he'd Already been a famous actor for roughly 10 years although this didn't stop a Judge from giving him 3 years in prison Upon release he managed to land a single TV show role which he was then fired From after police arrested him again This time for walking around La Under The Influence with without any shoes on Given this also resulted in Robert Downey Jr's divorce it's no surprise He'd state it was my lowest point in Terms of addictions at that stage I Didn't care whether or not I ever acted Again although thankfully this didn't Happen it appear on Oprah stating and I Said you know what I don't think I can Continue doing this and I reached out For help and I and I ran with it it's Not that difficult to overcome these Seemingly ghastly uh problems what's Hard is to decide although with his Reputation in the dumps the only role he Could land was in an Elton John music Video and when he did return to the big Screen a full 2 years later producers Withheld 40% of Robert Downey Jr's Income to ensure he wouldn't relapse Midway through filming only 7 years

After being released from prison Robert Downey Jr was cast as Tony Stark in Iron Man which grossed almost $600 million at The box office and paved his way for Another seven Marvel movies although Samuel L Jackson's turnaround might be Even cooler he'd met his alcoholic Father only two times in his life and Having grown up in a broken home it's no Surprise that Samuel L Jackson became an Alcoholic himself in his early 20s he Was booted from two plays on Broadway For his substance abuse problems and by His early 40s he was still an unknown Actor with no money and a heroin problem Samel Jackson finally attended rehab at The age of 43 and amazingly only one Week after doing so he' star in a movie Called jungle fever which just so Happened to be his major breakout role Once I got clean everything kind of Changed the correlation between my Career changing and me getting straight Is very clear in just a couple of years After getting clean samel Jackson Starred in Jurassic Park Star Wars and Pul fiction which then turned into Another six Tarantino movies and his Role in every single Avengers film Despite finding no success until the age Of 43 samel Jackson has gross more than Any other actor in human history with Robert Downey Jr being right behind him In rank number two this is good evidence

That success is proportionate to Struggle which is a point often talked About by Oprah Winfrey she was born to a Single teenage mom who was living off Welfare on a farm in Mississippi and as A result she was primarily raised by her Grandmother who dressed Oprah in stitch Together potato sacks and whipped her For raisin as Petty as playing with the Family's drinking water you get whipped Then they'd be annoyed that you were Still sulking about it you better wipe That frown off your face it's therefore No surprise that Oprah had run away from Home at the age of 13 although this Would lead to her first job as a Part-time news reporter which she was Then fired from shortly thereafter I Only came to co-host a talk show because I had failed at news with nowhere else To go Oprah joined one of Chicago's Lowest rated TV shows which then became The city's highest rated talk show less Than 2 months later thanks to her Presence her contribution was so Important the show was not only named After her but would also become the most Popular talk show in American history Only 2 years later in 2003 at the age of 49 Oprah ranked as one of the world's 500 richest people also becoming the First black billionaire in human history And while that's a Redemption almost Impossible to top Fergie might come

Close despite graduating from high School as a straight A student Fergie Began using crystal meth every day at The age of 26 causing her to drop down To 90 or 40 kilos stating the drugs Thing it was a hell of a lot of fun Until it wasn't given she experienced Psychosis dementia and even Hallucinations on daily basis I started Getting really paranoid I went one day Into this church and I thought that the FBI and the SWAT teams were outside of The church although this episode in the Church also happened to be her turning Point and I said if I go out there in The FBI and the SWAT team is not out There then it's the drugs and I'm Stopping so obviously I went outside of The church and there was no SWAT team Did you keep your promise I kept my Promise that was it that was it Fergie Kicked her meth addiction in 2002 where Just months before leing the blackeyed Peas where she'd find unbelievable Success with where is the love only one Year later Fergie has since had a child Built a net worth of 45 million and is Almost 22 years clean but while Fergie Had to WAN herself off only one drug Drew Barrymore had to do so with many Despite coming from an extremely famous Hollywood family and Landing one of the Lead roles in at at the age of seven Drew Barrymore was an alcoholic by age

11 a drug addict by age 12 put in a Mental institution at age 13 and was Legally divorced from her parents by her 14th birthday she was therefore Blacklisted from Hollywood at age 15 was Cleaning toilets to make ends meet at 16 And by her 27th birthday she'd been Married and divorced twice addiction had Always been a major family problem Almost all of her ancestors were Alcoholics and would even lead to her Doing a nude Playboy shoot in 1995 which Would actually become a significant Turning Point Steven Spielberg just so Happened to be her Godfather and would Send drew barimore a blet for her 20th Birthday attaching a letter with the Message cover yourself up also including The original Playboy images which were Altered to make her look fully clothed From here she made the choice to return To Hollywood appearing in minor roles Until her Casting in The Wedding Singer Roughly 3 years later this then turned Into 51st dates in Charlie's Angels Making her one of the world's most Well-known actresses just like Lindsay Lohan although for a slightly different Reason The Parent Trap gave her Worldwide Fame at the age of only 12 and And by her 20th birthday she'd acted in Over 30 Productions however it' be During one of these movies called Georgia rule that a letter was leaked

Implying that Lindsay's life was Spiraling out of control it read dear Lindsay you have frequently failed to Arrive on time to the set today you did Not show for work all day I'm now told You don't plan to come to work tomorrow Because you are not feeling well we are Well aware that your ongoing all night Heavy partying is the real reason for Your so-called exhaustion we refuse to Accept bogus excuses for your behavior Today actions on Georgia rule have been Discourteous irresponsible and Unprofessional you have acted like a Spoiled child and in doing so have Alienated many of your co-workers and Endangered the quality of this picture Moreover your actions have resulted in Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Damage we will not tolerate these Actions any further the producer who Sent this letter later stated she came To work every day after that however Lindsay's personal problems were only Getting started just months after the Letter went public Lindsay checked Herself into rehab for the first time Although this didn't seem to make much Difference as she was then arrested for Driving Under the Influence over the Following 6 years Lindsay was arrested a Total of six different times while she'd State it is clear to me that my life has Become completely unmanageable because

I'm addicted to alcohol and drugs as a Result she'd lose contact with her Family and attend court ordered rehab a Total of six times while almost every Movie she was cast in during this period Was a complete and utter flop but as the Negativity began to stack up so did Lindsay's desire to get sober was it Over a period of time or all of a sudden That maybe I do have a problem over a Period of time and in 2014 she chose to Document the process in an eight-part Series with Oprah my main objective is You know to maintain my SP and have you Been sober since we last met yeah the Show was given awful reviews however Lindsay Lohan was finally back on the Straight and narrow she'd moved to Dubai That very same year because there's a Certain calmness that I find in Dubai There's no Paparazzi No cameras that's a Big deal for me not to mention the Strict culture has helped her to stay Sober you don't see people going to Electric stores and drinking and that Kind of thing you can go out and have Fun but it's a different kind of fun That you have Lindsay has since fixed The relationship with her parents gotten Married had a child and even returned to The big screen but while Lindsay's dark Period could have likely been avoided Liam n's was tragically thrown upon him Having found success with every type of

Movie you can think of Liam n and his Family had seemingly the perfect life However on the 18th of March 2009 all of This changed unexpectedly Liam n's wife Natasha Richardson was taking a beginner Skate class in Canada when she fell and Hit her head the fall wasn't bad enough For her to ask for medical attention so She'd simply return to her hotel room And tell Nan she'd taken a tumble in the Snow well it turns out her brain had Been bleeding the entire time and After Experiencing a splitting headache she Was rushed to the hospital and Pronounced dead shortly thereafter Nan's Final words to his wife were sweetie You're not coming back from this you've Banged your head it's I don't know if You can hear me but that's this is What's going G down while one of their Sons stated it was so sudden when it's Unexpected and it's just a complete frak Accident it really sort of messes with Your mind whether you believe in fate or Not she was a terrific terrific mother Nissa never remarried after the incident However he and his son played the two Main roles in a movie called maid in Italy the synopsis of which being almost Identical to what they'd gone through in Real life Liam niss notably states in The movie disappointment is an absolute Certainty everyone lets everyone down at Some point how you can back from that

That's romance with this Redemption only Being rivaled by McAuley culen after Starring in Home Alone at the age of Only 10 moli culen became the world's Most famous child star he continued to Appear in movies for another four years Before choosing to retire at the age of 14 so he could live a normal life [ __ ] Was described by co-star Joe peshi as Being a really sweet kid and even at his Age very professional he brings an Incredibly mature perspective to Everything he does in spite of being Very young however as Caan became an Adult he'd go through many periods of Turbulence for starters McCoy Caan's Success ruined the relationship he had With his father everything that he tried To do in his life like I excelled at Like before before I was 10 years old Well his earnings of 23.5 million before His 15th birthday also caused his Parents divorce in that very same year But as the money pours in the Cen family Falls apart in the process mccol began To experiment I wanted to like drink 40s And you know get laid and smoke pot like That's what I wanted to do and that's What I did and in 2004 he was arrested And briefly jailed for possession of Weed the Home Alone star 24 was given Onee deferred sentences on each of the Charges in order to pay $540 in fees After which the Tabloid press took this

Photo and accused mcau of taking even Harder drugs he'd respond by stating no I was not pounding six grand of heroin Every month or whatever although at the Same time he would talk about drugs by Stating I do love them they're like old Friends but sometimes you outgrow your Friends and it's therefore no surprise That culen has since gotten sober I Wouldn't be the person I am today if I Hadn't had drugs in my life at some Point or another I had some Illuminating Experiences but it's also effing stupid So besides the occasional muscle relaxer No I don't do drugs recreationally You're remarkably normal oh Thanks I know people always struck at How normal I am I'm like just like wow Really I think my my reputation made Through the Maze of being a famous child Yeah McCoy culen recently had a baby and Is these days usually only in the press For positive reasons

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