Child Celebrities Who Have Terrible Lives Now

This video will cover six child stars Who had a terrible life after Fame and We're going to begin by talking about Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker In Star Wars The Phantom Menace joke was Chosen to play Anakin from 3 000 Potential candidates and would perform So well in the billion dollar movie that He won the best performance in a feature Film for an actor under the age of 10. While this might have implied that Jake Had a promising film career ahead of him He'd appear in only one more movie after Star Wars before announcing his acting Retirement at the age of 12 explaining That he was bullied heavily as a result Of the role my entire school life was Really a living hell and I had to do up To 60 interviews a day other children Were really mean to me they would make The sound of the lightsaber every time They saw me with this kind of harassment Even continuing into Jake's high school And college experience you know how they Can be in high school they're so Charming and intelligent college has Been similar they wouldn't let it go in Other interviews Jake had been warned About the common path taken by child Celebrities child stars have had a bit Of a reputation that they turned to you Know life of drugs so May the force be With you oh well thank you yeah this Advice seemed to have no impact as his

Life began to go downhill beginning in 2015. Jake Lloyd has schizophrenia Stopped taking his medication and Attacked his mother Indianapolis police Were called to the home of Lloyd's Mother Lisa she said the 26 year old Showed up and yelled at her saying she Ruined his life Floyd allegedly knocked Her down when she wouldn't let him in The house and stomped her three or four Times causing bruises and abrasions he Was gone by the time the police showed Up and she didn't press charges only Three months later Jake Lloyd found Himself in a high-speed police chase After which he'd be arrested for Reckless driving driving without a License and resisting arrest resulting In 10 months jail time in a psychiatric Facility two years after this Jake's 26 Year old sister Madison died Unexpectedly in her sleep prompting the Mother to release a statement regarding Jake's well-being Jake is being Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia But unfortunately he also has a a Symptom called anosignosia which causes A lack of insight into his illness this Only adds to the struggle he faces which Has been very difficult after the tragic Loss of his younger sister Madison he Has moved closer to his family and we Are all working hard to help him with This he is still a kind and caring

Person and we hope to have him back to His fun and entertaining self as soon as Possible Jake will continue to make Progress with the love and support you Continue to show which is promising when Compared to the life of Edward Furlong After playing John Connor in The Terminator 2 Furlong began to mess with Drugs stating Hollywood F me up man lots Of money and lots of free Coke will turn Anybody into a cokehead with this Addiction resulting in his first arrest For driving Under the Influence without A license for a long-attended rehab as a Result of the incident and was able to Stay sober for a number of years however By 2009 at the age of 32 it was back in The news for punching his girlfriend Whilst on drugs three years later Furlong was arrested again this time for Domestic abuse against his new Girlfriend and resulting in a further Six months in prison where he'd pick up A meth addiction although this story Actually has somewhat of a happy ending In July 2022 Furlong announced that he Had gotten his teeth fixed was taking Better care of himself and had been Sober for over four years I'm much Happier now man I mean it feels so good To uh at least be doing the best he can Although this kind of happy ending has Been unavailable to Drake Bell whose Life has only gotten worse every single

Year since he starred in Drake and Josh In 2014 approximately seven years after The show came to an end Drake Bell Announced that he was filing for Bankruptcy causing a foreclosure on his Two million dollar mansion one year Later in 2015 he bejailed for four days As a result of driving Under the Influence however the real drama didn't Begin until mid-2020 when his Ex-girlfriend would upload a video on Tick Tock making some pretty severe Accusations imagine the worst type of Verbal abuse you could ever imagine and That was what I got it then turned into Physical hitting throwing everything at The Pinnacle of it he drug me down the Stairs of our house in Los Feliz my face Hit every step on the way down Drake Bell would defend himself by stating I Never abused my ex-girlfriend or did so Many of the other things Melissa falsely Claimed on her Tick Tock video Unfortunately we both called each other Terrible names as often happens when Couples are breaking up but that is it Although this response most certainly Didn't put an end to the drama as there Was even bigger trouble just around the Corner an article titled Drake Bell's Alleged victim accuses him of grooming Explained that he was embroiled in a Legal battle for engaging in a Relationship with a 15 year old girl

Back in 2017. things became even worse When footage of the trial was uploaded To YouTube pretty count two Disseminating matter harmful to Juveniles first degree misdemeanor Guilty let the record reflect defendant Has flood guilty the court accepts that Plea and while he would plead guilty to Child endangerment Drake Bell then take To his Instagram to insinuate that he Hadn't done anything wrong don't believe The media if this planes were remotely True my situation would be very Different I would not be here at home With my wife and my son despite Finishing by stating that he was at home With his wife this relationship would Last only one more year as in January 2023 on top of everything that had Already happened Drake Bell announced That he was also getting a divorce Considering he's acted in only two Productions since 2020 it's safe to say That Drake Bell's reputation is pretty Much finished although he's not the only Nickelodeon actor with a spot in this Video where as the life of Amanda Bynes Has descended into an even worse version Of Hell despite having one of the most Famous faces throughout the 2000s Amanda Bynes would announce her retirement from Acting in 2010 stating that being an Actress isn't as fun as it may seem if I Don't love something anymore I stop

Doing it I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it I know 24 is a Young age to retire but you heard it Here first she'd gone to state that the Retirement was because I literally Couldn't stand my appearance in Easy A And I didn't like my performance I was Absolutely convinced that I needed to Stop acting after seeing it however this Is where things began to go downhill Rapidly in 2012 two years after retiring She was charged with driving under the Influence and hit and run on two Separate occasions two years after this She'd be charged with driving Under the Influence again with her court Appearance displaying a significant Physical decline from just two years Prior in the process Amanda would take To Twitter to call Michelle and Barack Obama ugly before stating that she and Her parents were no longer speaking Which accompanied some absolutely wild Accusations about her father including The statement that he had put a Microchip in her brain after she'd also Set fire to a driveway Amanda was put in A mental hospital after which her Parents were given legal ownership over Her five million estate as Amanda has Been spending large amounts of her Savings it is being reported that she's Recently made extensive purchases as Gifts from jewelry stores such as

Cartier for strangers Amanda Bynes was Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Would attempt to get get a wife back on Track by enrolling in fashion School However she was kicked out only 10 Months later for showing up high and Arguing with her classmates in 2018 People assumed that she was back to her Normal self as Amanda showed up in Magazines looking like this however Within a year she'd gotten face tattoos And checked into Alcoholics Anonymous Where she'd meet her new boyfriend who According to Amanda had just as many Problems as her in October 2022 she'd Make another attempt at fixing her life By enrolling in cosmetic school yet only Five months later in March 2023 she was Sent to a mental hospital once again as She was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles without any clothes on then There was Orlando Brown whose role as Eddie Thomas on that so raven ended with An equally terrible life after the show Came to an end in 2007 Orlando began to Focus on music during which his life was Kept fairly private until he'd enter News headlines approximately nine years Later between February and March 2016 Brown was arrested on two separate Occasions on charges of domestic Violence obstruction of justice drug Possession with the intent to sell and Possession of Contraband in jail in

February 2016 Copps claimed he struck His then girlfriend in the parking lot Of a police station and was found by Officers to be in possession of Methamphetamine Orlando was given a Notice to appear in court yet it instead Flee to Las Vegas where he was caught by Bounty hunters you left California it's A felony when you flee What are you doing here then brother you Got a warrant for your arrest after Which things only became worse a video Was released of Orlando being kicked out Of a friend's house after lasting only a Week in rehab which is followed by his Appearance on the Dr Phil show during Which he'd stayed that he'd been sober For four years despite clearly being Under the influence on the show I'm four Years sober for a reason I just never Got out of rehab I just got out of a ER I'm not doing no more time away from my Kids other than I need to as a result of This episode Orlando would return to Rehab and get clean before discussing His experience on the no jumper podcast I had two-year binge of something that I Should have never ever indulged in meth Yes those situations mandate they will Never happen again based off of the fact That where I'm trying to go and while he Did his statement by stating that those Situations will never happen again Orlando was back in the news

Approximately seven months later in December 2022 after threatening a family Member with a hammer he's currently Undertaking a psychiatric assessment to Say if he's eligible for pleading Insanity yet the most tragic story of Child Fame without a doubt comes from Judy Garland who played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz at the age of 16. Whilst filming the movie she was Prescribed amphetamines to keep up with The production's grueling schedule as Well as barbiturates to help her sleep When the day was finally over the studio Also required Judy to stay incredibly Thin feeding her nothing but soup and Lettuce leaves whilst on set which he'd Explained led to a poor self-image by The time the Wizard of Oz was finished She was being prescribed amphetamines From four different doctors to keep her Weight down and her mood up although This lifestyle began to catch up to her Drugs getting up late coming in late to Work and it turned into a nightmare for Everybody concerned she'd be fired from Three different movies for intoxication And was constantly in the news for being Completely broke her kid stated that the Family couldn't even afford food at Times which accompanied angry slowed Messages about being paid for work Okay I wanted These weren't delusions she was broke

When she recorded this and not movie Starred down to my last Rolls-Royce Broke homeless broke no money to buy Food broke by the time Judy Garland was In her 40s she looked about 15 years Older had been divorced five different Times and was performing in a New York Bar for a hundred dollars per night While Judy Garland maintained that she Had never done anything wrong in her Entire life the only mistake I ever did The only harm I ever did was sing Over The Rainbow she would die of an overdose At the age of 47 on the exact same drug That she was prescribed during The Wizard of Oz with her estate being worth A measly forty thousand dollars

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