Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other Off Camera

Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters couldn't Stand each other Jamie and I don't get Along very well that's not a secret We've help while Drake and Josh weren't Exactly buddies either we made this Thing that people really love but maybe We weren't that close however let's Begin by talking about Leonardo Dicaprio And Claire D who ironically played the Inseparable lovers Romeo and Juliet Prior to filming the movie the actors Had spoken very highly of one another Claire Dan is the most fantastic young Actress I've ever come across however in His early days Leo would always pull Elaborate pranks on his co-stars which Was appreciated by some people on set But despised by others like Claire Danes He tried to pull multiple pranks on Dan's when the cameras weren't rolling And the young actor wasn't having it It's rumored that the young actress Found Leo a little immature for the very Same reason DiCaprio found Dan to be Uptight and overly serious and as a Result According to some sources the Pair barely spoke to one another when Not filming scenes together roughly one Year later D was offered but turned down The lead female role in Titanic with Some speculating that she was simply Uninterested in doing another film with DiCaprio despite this the two have Always talked highly of one another in

Public the dude is a genius he's been a Genius for decades now which wasn't the Path taken by Kevin Smith After figuring Out that Bruce Willis was a complete and Utter dick the T had agreed to Collaborate on a 2010 movie called Copout and two years prior in 2008 Kevin Smith praised Bruce Willis for being his Favorite actor and biggest inspiration However as the two began working Together Kevin Smith realized he should Have never met his hero despite Smith Being the film's director Willis refused To take any Direction with Smith later Stating I was going at it like Bruce do It like this I was directing Bruce the Way I direct everybody else and Bruce Was like I've been acting like Bruce Willis for 25 years do you really think There's anything you're going to tell me That I don't know at a later point During filming Bruce Willis threatened To punch Kevin Smith after which Willis Had to be separately photoshopped into The movies posters as he refused to turn Up to the photo shoots on top of this Willis failed to attend the party Celebrating the movie's completion where Kevin Smith made a toast stating I want To thank everyone who worked on the film Except for Bruce Willis in a 2013 Interviewer Willis clapped back by Stating poor Kevin he's just a wher you Know we had some personal issues about

How we approached work I don't have an Answer for him I'm never going to call Him out and lay him out in public Sometimes you just don't get along Although this is isn't the end of the Story after Willis was recently Diagnosed with a fasia Kevin Smith took To Twitter writing long before any of The copout stuff I was a big Bruce Willis fan so this is really Heartbreaking to read he loved to act And sing and the loss of that has to be Devastating for him I feel like an [ __ ] for my Petty complaints from 2010 so sorry to BW and his family which Is a much nicer ending compared to that Of Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gear The two met whilst filming a movie Called The Lords of Flatbush West alone Instantly disliked Gear's demeanor Stating we never hit it off he would Strut around in his oversized motorcycle Jacket like he was the baddest KN at the Round table although the real argument Came when the two were eating lunch Together Stallone stated I was eating a Hot dog and he climbs in with a half a Chicken covered in mustard with grease Nearly dripping out of the aluminium Wrapper I said that thing is going to Drip all over the place he said don't Worry about it which was followed by Richard Gear spilling grease all over Stallone's pants as a result Stallone

Quote elbow him in the side of the head After which the director chose to Replace Richard Gear with a different Actor alog together despite this taking Place more than 50 years ago stalonea Stated to this day he seriously dislikes Me which is an ending also shared by Ariana Grande and Janette MCC after Their one and only season of Sam and Cat When the show came to an end in 2014 Ariana Grande made an extensive Heartfelt twit longer thanking everybody Involved in the production except for The other main co-star Janette mcer this Implies that the two weren't as close as The show suggested which was confirmed At a later date when Janette stated the Following she would have to miss work Because she'd be she was being pulled in All directions so she's got to do radio Shows she's got to do the Billboard Awards the Grammys she's performing with At the Grammys and I'm like acting on The show with a box because they decided That like for that week she her Character needs to be trapped in a box So she can go perform at the gram as a Result of this Janette would write Ariana misses work in pursuit of her Music career while I act with the box I'm pissed about it and I'm pissed at Her jealous of her before expressing Further jealousy in her Memoir by Attacking Ariana's upbringing Ariana

Grew up in boa rone Florida an Incredibly wealthy idealic town with a Healthy mom who could buy her whatever She wanted whenever she wanted Gucci Bags fancy vacations and Chanel outfits Janette's hatred toward Ariana always Felt pretty pathetic however the feud Between Will Smith and Janet Hubert Reached a whole new level of petty Jealousy Jenna played Will Smith's Auntie in Belair and took an instant Disliking to Will Smith as he felt it Was unfair he'd been given a TV show at The age of 22 Will Smith later stated I Can straight up say that Janet Hubert Wanted the show to be the an viiv of Belair show she said once I've been in The business for 10 years and this Snotty-nosed Punk comes along and gets a Show to her I'm the Antichrist while Alfonso riro who played Colton also Noted Janet was painful to work with There were days when we were all on set And she would literally go off on people And they got to a point by the time the Second season came around where well Like this is unacceptable as someone who Was seen as difficult Janet was offered Significantly less money to appear in The fourth season encouraging her to Quit which is exactly what she'd do However this only increased her Resentment toward Will as she'd State There will never be a reunion as I will

Never do anything with an a-hole like Will Smith he is still an egomaniac and Has not grown up this constant reunion Thing will never ever happen in my Lifetime unless there is an apology Which he doesn't know the word despite Stating that there wouldn't be a fresh Prince reunion it did eventually happen In November 2020 where more than 30 Years later Janet was still convinced That will had ruined her life stating I Hated what you did I just hated what you Did you took my career away of 30 Something years as Will Smith's comment About her being difficult made it hard For Janet to land work afterwards at the End of their talk the two made up an Apologized although Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey had no interest in doing so They'd appear alongside one another in Season 12 of American Idol where their Almost polar opposite personalities Began to clash immediately are you Country Country and I kind of feel like We're what I'm making comments I'm Trying to help her as we're trying to Help her as opposed to just talk about Her of course You in a notable instance the two had This argument mid show where nobody said Every moment oh excuse me that the music Will cut me off if I can I make May I express this to her as a singer I

Just feel like what maybe trying to be Expressed is just sing from your heart The entire time and your notes will Continue to shine regardless of the dirt That gets splattered around you after Which Nikki threatened Mariah with Violence multiple people heard Nikki say If I had a gun I would shoot That leading Mariah to State the Following it felt like an unsafe work Environment I'm not going to take any Chances so yeah I did hire more Security In response to Mari car's claims Nikki Responded by tweeting hey y'all let's Just say Nikki said something about a Gun people will believe it because she's A black rapper L Mayo I'll then hit up Barbara and milk it implying that Mariah Had made the story up Nikki then made Another tweet reading I guess it hurts To have the producers tell you to your Face that Nikki is the best judge we've Had since Simon or poor you keep them Lies coming implying that Mariah was Also simply not as good at judging for Obvious reasons both judges quit the Show after only one season after which Mariah Carey stated this that was the Worst experience of my life I would Never want to be involved with it again With Drake Bell and Josh peek holding a Similar opinion about returning to their Most famous show while it seemed the two Had a great time filming Drake and Josh

Drake would take to Twitter in 2017 Writing when you're not invited to the Wedding the message is clear true colors Have come out today message is loud and Clear ties are officially cut I'll miss You brother which is followed by Drake Flaming Josh fire text for the very same Reason I'm getting married night and I See these text messages from him like Cursing me out coming for me I'm like on The night of my wedding W the incident Was a sad moment for fans of the show However 2 months later that makeup Apologize and even post a 12 million View video together implying that the Joo was on good terms that would be Until 2021 when Drake found himself in a bunch Of legal trouble after which Josh made The claim that they were never really Friends are you guys like not friends Not really no we made this thing that People really love but maybe we weren't That close so you guys were never close During the like when you were filming Drake and Josh you were just kind of Co-stars obviously there were times Where we were closer than not but when Inevitably the show ended I mean we're Just totally different kids these Statements have since been criticized Given that spent a large amount of time Together outside of the show with one of These critics being Drake Bell himself

Who'd give numerous examples of them Hanging out together that's what bugged Me about it he's like we weren't friends We didn't hang out your Christmas party The party that I made he came all the Way to Riverside to support me Josh is Clearly trying to distance himself from Drake's sketchy legal situation given Josh is still actively booking movie Roles in an industry where reputation is Everything there are obviously mixed Reports about whether or not they liked Each other as co-stars although it seems Obvious that they're now no longer on Speaking terms and neither are the two Main hosts from Mythbusters Adam Savage And Jamie heinerman hosted the show for More than 12 years after which an Article was published reading The MythBusters always had an amazing secret Weapon they can't stand each other the Article referenced an interview from Entertainment Weekly in which Jamie Stated we like to point out we've known Each other for 25 years and never once Sat down to have a dinner alone together We sort of managed to tolerate each Other I think it's probably safe to say That continuing our onscreen Relationship in front of the camera is Probably not happening to back this up Adam stated this no I don't think Jamie And I will continue to work together on Other project Jamie and I don't get

Along very well that's not a secret We've held with him claiming it's not a Secret they've held as it was mentioned While the show was still running we are Not friends we tend to drive each other Baddy uh we have never in the 21 years We've known each other had dinner alone Together our very different Personalities means that we spend a lot Of time in sort of conflict periodically They're behind the scenes animosity Spilled Out onto the camera what kind of Seconds were you counting there I'm 2 4 5 six 7 8 9 10 what kind of seconds are Those who counts like that so it's Surprised that Adam would also State This there's a lot of fighting on camera We got really mad at each other like Really significantly vitriolically angry We drive each other nuts every day we Get frustrated with each other on a Daily basis however the reason they're So proud of their awful friendship is Because it's also their key to success The friction between Jamie and I has an Integrity to it and a chemistry to it we Have respect for each other we also Drive each other absolutely bad we're Not afraid to say something that will Hurt the other's feelings because we Don't care SA says we consider it a Point of Pride that the right idea Always wins it doesn't matter whose it Is it's a working relationship based

Purely on respect and mutual gain with Their unconventional approach resulting In unconventional success as one of the Most popular shows in TV history

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