Coffeezilla’s Biggest Critic Returns…

So one of the original CCU villains and By that I'm referring to the coffee Zilla Cinematic Universe uh one of the Original villains known as Billie Jean Has since returned with a new scheme to Scam people out of even more money now If you're unfamiliar with Billie Jean I'm going to give it a little dive into The actual history of him and coffee Zilla and then we're going to go over His new scam that he's trying to con People into giving him money about now Billie Jean and coffeezilla they go way Back he's one of the OG villains he's Not like he was never like a Thanos Lover level level threat in the coffee's Little Cinematic Universe but he was one Of the early uh villains of coffee Zilla Coffee Zilla back when he was doing his Fake Guru series calling out all these Different guys I believe he briefly Mentioned uh Billie Jean in one of his Videos he never did a video dedicated to Him but Billie Jean didn't like the fact That coffee was calling out all of these Gurus or fake gurus however you want to Call them he said that Billie Jean said That a lot of these gurus had a lot to Offer and what coffeezilla was doing was Very negative and he shouldn't be doing This Billie Jean you know was trash and Coffee Zilla all over your social media And I won't even say a lot of things Billie Jean was actually saying about

Coffee's Lily because they were quite Bad but this all eventually led to a Actual debate that the two of them had They had a debate on coffee Low's Channel kavila hasn't done live streams In years but years and years ago when he Was a much smaller Channel he did live Streams and one of the first ones he did Was with Billie Jean it was a debate Between the two of them now the debate Uh went South quickly because Billie Jean decided he wanted to act like a Five-year-old and he would constantly Interrupt coffee Zoo he would talk over Him and he eventually called him a bunch Of unfortunate names as well that he Shouldn't be saying and the debate was Just completely it was a complete train Wreck Well look at the dates you posted this [ __ ] this is the third line we just Started Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey we Got we got we got to come to a research We've got to come to a recess Wait hold on me to read it for you does Anybody know this [ __ ] boy in response To the videos you made about me you Jesus Christ Billy calm down for a Second and watch a [ __ ] you have it Watch a single one of my videos you Haven't watched a single one of my Videos Now following that debate their channels Had drastically different outcomes

Obviously uh Billie Jean even his own Audience was like Billy you should not Have acted like that in that debate uh That did not go well for you so this is The debate that was on coffee Solo's Channel you can see it I'll have a link To it uh it was a little less than three Years ago at this point and at the time I think coffee Zilla it was a very small Smaller he was a very small Channel I Think he only had about 200 000 Subscribers at the time of that debate And since then obviously his channel has Blown up he's at almost 3 million Subscribers at this point uh Billie Jean On the other hand if you actually go to His channel you can see there's only one Video as of right now he's actually Unlisted all of the videos I actually Came here about a month ago and I was Searching through his videos were still Up you have to use way back machine if You want to see his old list of videos That he had right here and he actually Had another debate with coffeezilla it's Unlisted I'll have a link if you want to Check that out as well but this was a Audio Only debate that he had with Coffeezilla that took place after the Initial debate on Billie Jean's Channel But as you can see right now there's Only one video because Billie Jean has Decided to go away from the actual Marketing he has a marketing background

And he actually has worked with some Large legitimate companies but he was Selling you know a marketing course Trying to teach other people about Marketing And now Billie Jean has decided he's Going to be uh you know the AI Guru Right he's going to sell you the course About getting into Ai and how AI is Going to change your life it's the only Video that's currently up here uh and he Says he has a upcoming event that you Can actually be a part of and this is The event if you click over to it it's a 194 dollar AI marketing crash course now A couple things I want to say about this Uh obviously you know it's not like a 2 000 or 5 000 course it was not like Completely [ __ ] people but the Information that he teaches in this Course is very entry level that you Could find in a YouTube video for free Anywhere across the internet and I think It's incredible that a lot of these Gurus and we'll go over this in just a Second they basically just jump from Whatever is currently hot right so years Ago you had Amazon FBA and Shopify Drop Shipping those were two courses that a Lot of gurus would sell for like five Thousand dollars very hot back in the Day back in 2017 2018 and then Eventually swept sweeped over to Cryptocurrency as cryptocurrency got hot

They had I'll teach you how to build Your own cryptocurrency I'll teach you How to make a million dollars in Cryptocurrency and then you know during The pandemic when the stock market blew Up there were stock market courses all Of these guys just go to whatever the Next thing that is hot and as of right Now ai especially chat gbt is what Everyone is talking about so Billie Jean Like much of the other guys and I'll Show you more examples in just a second Have decided you know what I gotta jump On this craze I gotta be the AI expert So this is of course 194 dollars you Fill out he gives you very basic Information about what is going on in The AI scene again you can find all this Stuff for free and what's really Interesting I see he shows a bunch of uh Other people he actually says that he's Not an AI expert uh he says I'm not an AI expert but I'm bringing on actual AI Experts and if you scroll down it says One of the people it's going to come on Has the fifth largest IQ in the world And has been working in AI since the 1980s I don't know if I necessarily Believe that I don't know how do you Qualify you're the fifth highest IQ in The world but this is basically his Course to try and you know jump on the AI bandwagon now if you actually you Know go through YouTube you can see

Hundreds of other videos on other people Telling you how you can get rich off of AI right this is the new scheme that all Of these gurus are trying to pump out AI It's the greatest thing right same thing On Twitter this guy says you can run Build a 100K your business with AI Without employees here's 10 AI tools you Need to start to use to succeed in 2023 Now I guarantee you No one has done this right no one is Running a 100 000 a year business purely Off of AI uh without any employees now I've actually tried AI I've tried chat Gbt I actually tried to have chat gbt Write me an actual script for a video For one of my videos and it was horrible It was like the worst thing I have ever Read in my life now obviously you know AI is going to get better uh with time And I'm sure someday that'll be that'll Be something you could use but as of Right now it just really isn't that Great now one thing I actually have to Use is something called mid-journey Which allows you to create your own AI Art and you have to know how to write a Prompt to tell the AI exactly what you Want and some of those pictures that it Can create are truly amazing but you Don't need anyone you don't need to be Paying someone uh you know two hundred Dollars to learn how to very easily Create art on mid-journey that's

Something anyone can do and I I just Think it's crazy that all of these gurus And you're going to see many more of This just to start you're going to see All of these gurus start pumping out These how to be an AI expert how to make Millions of dollars a year with AI and The thing is like all of these guys if They're doing the same thing no one's Going to be getting rich off of AI if They're all teaching the same exact Thing because they're all going to have Hundreds or thousands of students Learning the same material and they're All going to have ai Bots just working Against each other and no one will Really succeed But I do think it's crazy that uh you Know someone who initially went on Coffee Zilla and got completely trashed Everyone agrees that coffee Zilla won That debate with Billie Jean and you Know his his channel did nothing for Years he has 81 000 subscribers back Then almost three years ago he had 75 000 subscribers so his channel has Basically not grown at all in three Years but now he's back with his new uh His new AI tool where he goes to this Basically Ted Talk rip-off uh and you Know talks about how it guys you got it You gotta check out my video gotta check Out my course on AI uh it'll make you Really rich but there you go that's the

Uh the update on Billie Jean the Original fake Guru one of the original Villains of the coffee Zilla Cinematic Universe he's now back with his new AI Course and I'd love to know your Thoughts below uh would you actually Give this guy 200 to learn about AI Techniques from him in his own words He's not an AI expert but would you be Willing to pay for that information or Do you think this is a complete scam let Me know Down Below in the comments

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