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Here is the list of all the sources we curate content from:


Coffeezilla YouTube Channel

I have been following Coffee for a while now, if you have to ask if he is the most detailed and dependable source out there, the answer is Yes.

I believe he is the BEST YouTube channel out there for uncovering the truth that is not found in any other media.

He dives deep and doesn’t hold back.

His description on his YouTube channel is…

I uncover scams, fraudsters and fake gurus that are preying on desperate people with deceptive advertising. If you have to ask… it’s probably too good to be true.


Follow Coffeezilla

Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer YouTube Channel

As seen on Coffeezilla is the cover photo on Scott’s YouTube cover.

Another great channel on a mission to expose the dark side of the internet.

His YouTube description reads…

Whatever video I make, the goal is to help people live better lives and avoid scams.


Follow Scott Shafer

Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman YouTube Channel

Lex Fridman is another great channel to follow.

Unlike the other 2 channels above which focus on the detective side of the internet, Lex Fridman focuses on interviewing individuals with influences.

What I like about Lex Fridman is the way he conduct the interviews.

It’s very professional and he doesn’t take sides, which makes his content unbiased.

Lex Fridman’s YouTube description reads…

Lex Fridman Podcast and other videos.


Yea I know, not much there but it is what it is.

Follow Lex Fridman


SunnyV2 YouTube Channel

I am sure you have seen “National Geography” videos before.

A series of documentary videos that goes in-depth on a particular topic and its history.

Well, SunnyV2 is the same but on the internet.

He digs dive deep into each topic he covers, and of course, he does it in a documentary style.

His YouTube description reads…

Hit subscribe on your way in brother. Thank you for that. Appreciate you.


Haha… that’s very creative of him, right?

So if you like the way the tell the story on each topic why not just subscribe?

Follow SunnyV2

Internet Anarchist

Internet Anarchist YouTube Channel

This channel blows up the YouTube algorithm!

This channel started back in 2021 and his channel has attracted many subscribers like me in a short time.

Most probably because the content itself is HIGH Par Quality.

He covers topics that aren’t covered by mainstream media which is uncovering the truth about what we see on the internet.

Very similar to SunnyV2 I am not sure if they are related but yes the content is worth your time.

Internet Anarchist’s YouTube description reads…

Uncovering the internet, one video at a time.


Follow Internet Anarchist

I wish I could pull more content with this automation tool but unfortunately the sources are limited at this time.

We hope to expand the list in the near future so keep an eye out!

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