Crypto’s Biggest Scammer Is Now GUILTY! Sam Bankman-Fried Guilty!

So Sam bankman freed commonly known as SPF among his crew was just convicted Last night on all seven charges related To the collapse of FTX that happened Almost exactly one year ago in November 2022 if you don't know uh there was I Think the second largest cryptocurrency Platform at the time and they were doing A lot of improper things co-mingling Funds with their other company Alam a Lot of stuff went down uh wire fraud Charges moneya laundering charges he got Con convicted on all seven charges and Currently is facing 115 years maximum Behind bars now he hasn't been sentenced We don't know how long he's going to Spend at this moment but I can pretty Much guarantee he's not going to get the 115 years unfortunately because this Isn't considered a violent it's not a Violent crime he just stole a bunch of Money from people which is obviously a Terrible thing uh but because it's not a Violent crime I can I I'd put money down Saying that he's not going to get the Full 115 years behind bars for this Crime so Sam was convicted by a jury Last night and it only took about 4 Hours so I think that you know shows Some process that they pretty much knew At least most of them seemed to know Right away that they felt he was guilty And probably the only thing they were Deciding on is if he was going to be

Guilty on all seven charges uh and Ultimately they did decide that now like I said the uh actual sentencing on how Much time he's going to spend in jail Will not happen until March 28th of next Year uh and I I I posted about this last Night I made Community post on my page And people were like you know why why Isn't he already being decided how much Time he's going to spend in jail at this Point and obviously there needs to be a A due process I know most people would Just be like hey throw away the key put Them in jail throw away the key uh and I I don't not disagree with that but there Has to be due process involved in Sentencing someone because if it's not Done properly right if the if the case Wasn't held properly or if the uh actual Sentencing on how long he spends isn't Done properly then there's a very good Chance that Sam's lawyer uh could get an Appeal and he could get another case so You have to do everything the correct Way the jury convicted him and then Later the judge is going to look at all The evidence look at everything that Played out and the judge will decide uh How long Sam bankman free uh should be Behind bars now like I said won't be the 115 years because it's not considered a Violent crime but I I don't think I Actually did a community poll uh where I Asked people before this case

Finished what people thought how long he Was going to be in jail or if he was Going to get off without he was going to Be found not guilty and most people Thought he was going to get a slap on The wrist just going to be a few years Uh and then he'll get to go free I Actually disagree with that like I said Not the full 115 years but I actually Think he's going to get 25 to 35 years That's just my guesstimate I'm not a Lawyer obviously uh but I do think he's Going to get decades and decades Behind Bars uh even though he has a lot of Connections to a a lot of politicians He's he's donated a lot of money but I Think that the the government and the People in charge want to make an example Of Sam Bank mcreed throughout the course Of 2023 we've actually seen a ton of Cryptocurrency cases uh happen and it Seems like the uh a lot of a lot of Crackdown on a lot of the corruption That has been involved in cryptocurrency Is really starting to change as opposed To what it was in the past if you don't Know my first channel I covered Cryptocurrency way back in 2017 and the Biggest Scandal back then was bitconnect Which I covered I actually made a video On this channel covering where we are Now and the actual creator of bitconnect Is still missing he went he went into Hiding he was never convicted and I

Think there was only one person involved In bitconnect uh who actually spent some Serious time in jail related to that and That was the biggest scam in Cryptocurrency for many years right now Obviously FTX is massively uh larger Than that was but it it's it's nice to See that at least in this case it looks Like he's going to spend probably a Significant amount of time in prison now What I found really interesting in this Case is after Sam bakman freed was found Guilty his lawyer actually did a press Conference and said that SPF uh doesn't Admit to any guilt uh he's innocent and He's going to try and get an appeal in The case right and I think that's pretty Nuts even after he is convicted his Lawyer like nope innocent didn't do Anything wrong Sam doesn't admit to Anything now I don't actually think at This time it doesn't look like Sam would Probably get an appeal uh he would only Be given an appeal if one of two Scenarios either something was done Improper in the case um involves Evidence or one of the the jurors or Something like that or if new evidence Comes to light that shows uh that Sam Bakan freed is not as guilty as they've Led to believe those could be uh Situations where he could possibly get An appeal but as of right now it doesn't Look like he's going to get an appeal

Now ultimately this is very good news Sam bakman freed actually faces another Trial down the road uh I think uh Different federal charges related to This so he could face even more than 115 Years that's pretty crazy to believe but Like I said I I do think that they're Going to try and make an example of him Uh safe Moon if you don't know the Creators of safe moon is another Cryptocurrency project that turned out To be a scam uh they recently got Arrested as well the founders of that so I definitely think the the government The people in charge want to make an Example of these crimes these scams that Have been involved in cryptocurrency for Many years now like I said I was Involved in cryptocurrency back in 2017 And this has been going on since then Right so five plus years that scams like This have happened and it seems like now 2023 has really been the change that a Lot of these these cases are going Forward but let me know in the comments Below what do you think about Sam again My prediction is just 25 35 years behind Uh Behind Bars that's just my estimate We'll see in March if I'm right but let Me know down below if you think he's Going to get the full 115 years or if He's just going to get a slap on the Wrist or somewhere in between uh let me Know what you think about this recent


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