Cutting the Lex Fridman cake with Joe Rogan and Michael Malice

What's in the box man what's in the box So Alfred Hitchcock yeah great film Director love Alfred Hitchcock made this Comment about the difference between Surprise and suspense right yes so Surprise is a bomb goes off there's five Seconds of surprise people are like okay What happened suspense is when the Audience knows something that the Characters don't so you have Cary Grant Drinking tea with his girlfriend and There's a bomb under the table and for 10 minutes they're just perfectly calm And there's a bomb So you are a lot nicer to your audience Than I am which is probably why you're a Lot more popular than I am so can we Wait like a five minutes before we show Us in the Box sure we can wait an hour I Don't give a [ __ ] okay we have a fun Surprise we got all day so I'm at home [ __ ] around on Twitter as I want to Do and I get a like when the verified Tab meant something and I'm like okay Who is this Broad and I look and that Wasn't the word I use mind you but I'm Being nice and I looked and it's this Girl Natalie's side surf she and her Husband they live in Austin they make These super realistic cakes So I said to them I'm gonna be on Rogan We became good friends we just went to Miami together whole crew of us me Blair White also

Um and I'm like make me a cake of your Favorite Russian podcaster so I hope That they got my cheekbones right oh boy Here we go Oh God damn it hmm Turn towards me It's pretty goddamn good That's pretty good that is Lex in a [ __ ] that's perfect I think it's got Too much emotion in the eyes the lips Are a little pursed though it makes up For that he might be in the middle of Like saying something important about Dostoevsky does this does this look as Insane on camera as it looks in person It's really good dude holy crap yeah That's really good so what we're looking At here for the people that are just Listening is a [ __ ] amazing bust uh Lex Friedman that's actually uh a cake Yeah so they did that Meme that Everything is cake it's them well They're really talented man because That's so good but how does it feel to Be number two if best at best what do You mean their favorite Russian Podcaster like at best you're number two Now I feel like right now that's number One I feel like like uh and then Constantine's probably number two oh Constantine's got to be he's great those Guys are great I feel like uh that Rodney Dangerfield line my wife tells me I'm number one but treats me like I'm

Number two okay let's should I cut it Are we ready let's cut it later come on More suspense okay damn she did a good Job yeah it's excellent I don't even Want to cut it I want to let it rot It's I don't want to ruin it yeah it's Creepy looking it's like a sand castle That you can eat you know it's just Temporary The white pill by Michael Ballas is it Available in audio form as well yes sir Did you do the narration of course I did Of course you did I knew it I couldn't Wouldn't you want I like it when the Book is read by the author I love it I Hate it when an actor reads someone and Then you could tell they don't really Give a [ __ ] especially if you know the Author's voice like their literal voice Exactly you were Jordan or something Like that you can't yes thanks Lex yeah We'll cut into Lex later it seems rude To cut into them on there yeah I guess Creating God I fantasized about this this guy just Figured out a new thing yeah I feel like A modern-day Natalie side serve I don't Even think of it Hi everybody my name is Lex Friedman I'm Not a robot I'm a real boy made out of Modeling chocolate and buttercream hope You enjoy the show

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