Dan Bilzerian Has Officially Failed (Good Riddance)

Nothing feels better than winning when People are patiently waiting to see you Fail Dan you've lost a million followers In the last 12 months seing your stock Price plummet so low you had to take it Off the stock exchange and now spend the Rest of your time copying Andrew Tate Yeah we're going to start a website Called the sigma Society while rambling About politics on Twitter this is Basically the definition of failure and Here's exactly how it happened denarian Took his company ignite public at a Price of $250 per share back in January 2019 19 a time in which his career was Going perfectly his Instagram was Gaining 400,000 followers per month he Was living in a 65 million mansion and Most importantly everybody believed that His lifestyle was real that would be Until July 2020 18 months after ignite Started when danfire ignites a vice President who then sued damble zerion For unfair dismissal in the process Completely exposing his phony business Model for starters the lawsuit explained That dameran hadn't actually paid $65 Million for his Mansion but the property Was rather rented for 2.4 million per Year on top of this it was shown that Buaran paid for the travel expenses of The rotating cast of models that Permanently accompany buaran wherever he Goes despite Dan consistently stating

That the girls were there voluntarily do You pay these girls to come no okay so That's the big misconception I'm Addressing that on my app however the Craziest part of the lawsuit outlined Dan's strange expenses including 75,000 On a Paintball Field 40,000 on a rock Climbing wall 60,000 on a Star Wars gun Set 31,000 on pool Renovations 50,000 on A bed frame 15,000 on a pingpong table And 88,000 on a vault just to name a few It was also stated that some business Expenses charged to ignite were for Household items groceries and luxury Yacht rentals with a different former Employee stating ignite pays for Everything models events Yachts Dan Would just have it wrapped with the Ignite logo and all of a sudden it was An ignite expense and he would send them The bill pool's trampolines the employee Added his personal events that had Nothing to do with the business Dan Responded by stating some journalist Said ignite was funding my life I've been going hard for 10 years and Being famous for going hard for seven I Started ignite 2 years ago raised around 100 Mil and I own the majority of the Company suck my dick although his Arrogant response failed to dismiss Anything especially the company's Atrocious Financial reports danid spent A total of $69 million during a night's

First year in business which was offset By only 9.7 million in sales given the Previously mentioned lawsuit explained How terribly this money was spent ignite Stock price plummeted by almost 90% from $2.50 to a low of 28 in October 2020 as The media began to report on Dan's Losses he'd respond by stating Uber is Worth 80 billion it has never had a Profitable month since it started and it Lost over 5 billion in one quarter last Year however ignite's Financial losses Weren't even the the worst part ignite Only had an audience because of Dan's Extravagant life which as a result of The lawsuit had been exposed as rented His lifestyle was once mysterious and Intriguing but it lost its Edge as soon As people realized it was just another Business on top of this the whole Mega Rich guy on Instagram shtick was cool in 2014 but by 2020 everybody knew it was Complete baloney which began to reflect In dance Instagram statistics in May 2020 Dan almost completely stopped Posting to Instagram and by the end of The year he'd begun to lose followers in The meantime the media speculated that He'd soon fall for bankruptcy to which Dan clapped back by tweeting a skeleton With the caption or the dumbass Journalist patiently waiting for ignite To go bankrupt Dan was right ignite Wasn't filing for bankruptcy but that

Didn't mean that things were going well After losing 69 million in 2019 ignite Lost a further 19.7 million in 2020 During which the media released another Strange detail Dan Ban's Dad was Supposed L running ignite from behind The scenes now this was a problem for One main reason Paul buaran was a Convicted felon who was legally Prohibited from participating in Publicly traded companies he'd spent a Year in jail for fraud in the '90s Leading Dan to pretend that they weren't That close I talked to him um probably Four or five times a year however According to one article Paul Bill Zarin Has taken a less shadowy role within the Company sending thousands of emails Between himself and other top Executives At ignite this was only speculation at The time but if Paul was in fact running The company he was starting to do Something right despite losing 19.7 Million in 2020 ignite actually recorded A profit in their final quarter leading Down to tweet ignite announces a Profitable fourth quarter I guess the Press and the dumb YouTubers were wrong Shocking the reason for which being Explained in a Forbes article for one Ignite cut costs slashing a promotional Budget by nearly 75% pandemics meant Fewer parties and for ignite that meant A chance of profit profit as economic

Conditions improved in early 2021 the Price of Dan's stock began to recover Rapidly quadrupling from 28 cents per Share in October 2020 to a13 only one Year later in the process ignite Increased its revenue from 16.9 million In 2020 to 78.8 million in 2021 at which Point Dan made the claim that he wanted To sell the company 2 billion would be Nice cuz then I get over a billion However the chance of achieving this Kind of money began to unlikely as the Value of Dan's company began to fall off A cliff the recovery made by Dan in 2021 Was completely reversed throughout 2022 Owed in part to one particular incident The SEC is suing ignite Brand's LTD for Failing to produce documents as it Attempts to pursue an accounting fraud Investigation according to the sa case Sa staff of uncovered information Indicating that respondents may have Filed public financial statements that Include false or misleading Representations regarding revenues Earned and recognized in the company's Fiscal year ending December 1st 2020 on Top of potentially falsifying their Revenue the suit also revealed that Ignite was under criminal investigation For something unrelated as a result the Stock was headed toward a new record low However Dan was able to fix this problem By removing ignite from the stock

Exchange altogether he provided no Explanation for the company's removal However just 2 months later media Publication MJ bis daily somehow manag To interview Dan Ban's dad who said he Is now serving as an unpaid advisor to His son's company and was speaking on Behalf of ignite because Dan was Unavailable to comment it State there is No reason to have a public company Unless you intend to raise capital from Public markets before going on the state Though ignite was publicly traded about 90% of the company shares are owned by Dan and Friends Dan likely thought that As a public figure he should have a Public company although this structure Provided no real benefit and instead Delivered unwanted attention from Governing bodies and the media despite This it was reported in March 2023 that Den was still refusing to cooperate with Governing bodies and while ignites Privatization means its income is no Longer public it doesn't really seem as Though business has improved Dan Recently bragged on ignite's Instagram By stating bestselling Vapes in South America although the very top comment Was bro I love you but I never seen Anyone smoking that ignite's Twitter Page gets about 30 likes per post the Company's official Tik Tok page has Under four ,000 followers while dambl

Aran's personal social media isn't Looking so healthy either his main Instagram page is losing 100,000 Followers per month OD in part to his Complete inactivity only uploading every Once in a blue moon when he does post All of the most popular comments state So sad you have to pay for having ladies Around you haha LOL such a sad life and I don't know why I still follow this Dude in January 2021 Bill Zarin was Asked Dan why are you barely active over Instagram recently to which you'd Respond with cuz I just finished the 25th edit of my book it's finally done Yet Dan failed to return to Instagram After the book's release however only a Couple of months ago on the skinny Confidential podcast Dan gave an updated Explanation for why he'd quit everything I just don't care like I feel like Social media is like a video game I beat Like 8 years ago and I'm like Everybody's playing the same game I'm Like tired of playing it like I look at Social media like a cancer like to me I Think it's the worst thing to be Happening to society so I just like just Cringe to perpetuate that problem Dan Saab is quite resentful over his social Media career and is perhaps sick of Being hated however I can't imagine his Next venture will make that any better After seemingly spending a bit too much

Time with Andrew Tate damble Zarin is Working on his own alpha male course and Website called Sigma Society the thing I'm working on right now is a site where It's basically going to like teach guys Kind of like what's that yeah Sigma yeah It's going to like teach guys how to be Guys you know I feel like this Generation has kind of like lost that And while such a venture would surely Find an audience it feels like a last Ditch unoriginal money grab which is Almost always a sign of having nothing Left to offer

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