Dave Ramsey Unmasked: Lawsuits And Intimidation

Dave Ramsey is the financial Guru who Teaches others how to escape financial Debt and live a life free of credit Cards and unnecessary expenses now while The basic fundamentals of financial Living he teaches are fine what goes on Behind the scenes of Dave Ramsey's Company are quite shocking Dave was just Recently hit with a 150 million dollar Lawsuit from former listeners of his Radio program after they felt they were Defrauded by a company he promoted Davis Also had a lawsuit brought against him For allegedly firing a pregnant employee Because she was not married and the most Shocking of all is the fact that Dave Has been known to pull out a loaded Firearm at company meetings to Intimidate employees who gossip about Him now all of this is a lot to unpack And for long time listeners of Dave Ramsey's radio show and YouTube channel Which draws in millions of viewers every Month it may be a hard pill to swallow But as we go over it I'll provide the Documentation of Dave's long history of Apparently overstepping his bounds as an Employer and leading many of his Employees to eventually speak out Against him after witnessing multiple Unhinged business practices by Dave and His team before we get into the lawsuit Let's talk about how Dave Ramsey got his Start back in the 1980s he was flipping

Homes with short-term loans from a local Bank the bank he was working with was Eventually bought by a larger Bank who Felt Dave was way over leveraged the Bank worried they would lose the money They loaned him told Dave he had to pay 1.2 million dollars in loans in 90 days Dave unable to do So eventually had to File for bankruptcy in September of 1988. so September 22nd of 1988 we met With a bankruptcy attorney that night we Signed bankruptcy papers I'll never forget that Following this Dave lived a very frugal Life and eventually was able to pay off All of his debts eventually he began Helping other people escape debt which Led to his successful business as a Radio host and YouTuber teaching people To escape their debts and live within Their financial means now the first Issue I have with Dave is the fact that Dave like many gurus are misleading on How to get to the path of wealth while Dave teaches others to follow his seven Baby steps to Financial Freedom these Weren't the steps that made Dave Massively wealthy what made Millions for Dave was yelling at people on the radio For terrible financial decisions Dave is An influencer and Matt has made him Insanely wealthy not his seven baby Steps to Financial Freedom you called up Wanting Our advice on stuff when you'd

Already don't take our advice which is Also illogical so I don't know why our Advice on real estate works when it Doesn't work on the other stuff so pay Your stupid student loan off get a Roommate and move to a rural community But you're probably not going to do any Of those the millions Dave has made from Yelling at people seems to have gone to His head and it's led him into this Company into legal hot water on many Occasions over the years just recently a Lawsuit was filed against Dave seeking 150 million dollars because Dave has for Years been promoting a company known as Timeshare exit team to help his Listeners get out of unwanted time Shares sadly this company was operating A shady business itself and was Eventually sued and forced to pay 2.6 Million dollars to its defrauded Customers the company would claim they Have a 100 money back guarantee but did Not always honor that claim according to The lawsuit individuals who tried to Hire timeshare exit team were charged Thousands of dollars for services and Then many times told to negotiate with Their timeshare provider on their own Without the help of the company Dave Ramsey received thousands of letters From customers saying that they were Unhappy with the company but continued To promote them despite that and only

Stopped promoting the company after Timeshare exit team stopped paying him The lawsuit goes on to claim that Dave Was paid at 30 million dollars for his Promotion of the company over the years And when the company eventually was Exposed for its deceptive business Practices instead of admitting faults Dave doubled down and lashed out to Anyone who felt time-share exit company Had done anything wrong Mr Ramsey Mr Ramsey why are you endorsing timeshare Exit team I'll answer your question why Did I endorse Tom share exit team Because they were doing the right thing And getting people out of timeshares After companies had screwed them now What's really interesting is that if the Lawsuit is accurate and Dave really was Being paid to promote timeshare exit Team he may be an additional hot water With YouTube I found multiple clips on Dave's YouTube channel where he talks About the company and tells people to Sign up with them but nowhere in the Clipper video description does it say That the video includes a paid promotion On YouTube it's against the terms of Service to promote a product in your Videos without disclosing this is an ad So if this lawsuit is accurate Dave has A lot of explaining to do in the courts And to YouTube as well I have looked at Numerous ways over the years of doing

The show to get people out of time Shares and I never could find anything Until I found this company called Timeshare exit team About three years ago we started Endorsing them and I've had so much fun Pissing off the timeshare people Dave Ramsey's lawsuit trouble doesn't end There as the company has been hit with Multiple lawsuits from former employees Who were fired from the company over the Years for ridiculous reasons one former Employee Caitlin O'Connor filed a Lawsuit against Dave and his team in 2021 claiming when she was fired it Violated the Family Medical Leave Act And discriminated against her because of Her sex according to Caitlyn she was Fired while working at Dave's company Because the company found out she was Pregnant and Caitlyn was not married at The time now this is a tricky situation For Dave's company on one hand the Company has a morality Clause it makes Employees follow and Dave can legally Fire people for things that aren't Discriminatory like no sex before Marriage however firing a pregnant woman Would be a form of discrimination and That is against the law Caitlyn's claim In the lawsuit is that the only reason She was fired was because it was Apparent she was pregnant so there was No way to hide the fact that she was

Having sex out of wedlock the lawsuit Also claims that other male employees of The company can have sex without being Married but are not fired because there Is no way to show they are doing this Since they don't have to worry about Getting pregnant Dave and his team know They can't fire a pregnant woman just For being pregnant outside of marriage So their argument is to acknowledge that They did fire her but has nothing to do With her pregnancy and she was fired for Violating the company's righteous living Policy Dave's company goes on to admit They have fired eight employees in the Past five years for engaging in Premarital sex this case is currently Still ongoing with the last update in February of this year but in my opinion I think this will be a hard case for Dave's team to win since it's going to Be difficult to prove they knew she was Having premarital sex without the Pregnancy coming into play since Caitlyn Reported that her pregnancy was the main Reason for her bosses knowing about her Breaking the company's policies legal Troubles for Dave and his company don't End there because a former employee Named Julie stamps also sued the company When Julie started working for the Company she was married to a man but a Few years later she came out as a Lesbian and got a divorce Julie went to

Her supervisors at the company and told Them she would be coming out as a Lesbian and was told she needed to stay In the closet or leave the company Julie Ultimately felt she was forced out of The company for her orientation and Later sued Ramsay Solutions the company Denied any wrongdoing but shortly after Agreed to settle with Julie and paid her Seventy six thousand dollars to end the Lawsuit now I saved the wildest claim Against Dave Ramsey for last in 2014 the News site The Daily Beast posed an Attack piece on Dave that made many wild Accusations with one of them being that Dave once pulled a loaded pistol out of A gift bag to teach us a lesson about Gossip at the time of that article that Was from an anonymous source and wasn't Able to be confirmed but that all Changed several years later in 2019. Dave Ramsey decided to sue a YouTuber by The name of meet Kevin after Kevin had Made several videos critical of Dave's Real estate teachings Kevin had Apparently had some association with Dave company in the past and Dave felt It was inappropriate for Kevin to now Make these negative videos about him After Dave sued Kevin's lawyers had a 20-year employee of Dave sit down for a Deposition which is an Underoath Questioning session lawyers use to learn Facts about a case from parties involved

Kevin's lawyer Daniel Horowitz asked the Employee if Dave had ever pulled a gun Out of a bag to try and teach a lesson About gossip Dave's lawyer initially Objected to the question but then Allowed the employee to answer and he Confirmed that Dave had indeed done that In the past now I want you to understand Just how insane that is whatever job you Have whether that being in office or McDonald's if you go into work and your Boss pulls out a loaded gun because They're pissed that people are gossiping About him that person is unhinged and You should quit your job immediately no One should ever have to be subjected to The whims of a Remy lunatic like that And honestly anyone who does that should Never have a position of authority ever Again in my opinion to end the video I Do want to say that there are hundreds Of thousands of people who feel that Dave Ramsey Financial teachings have Improved their lives and I'm not here to Say that when it comes to credit card or Debt consolidation Dave doesn't know What he's talking about but I think it's Very clear that over the years as Dave Has gotten more and more wealthy pimping His Frugal Living methods to millions That this power has gone to his head and Led him and his company to make many Questionable if not downright illegal Decisions in the past few years

Hopefully with the multitude of lawsuits Dave said to face recently he can change His ways and make this company a place That employees won't be worried about a Loaded gun being pulled on them or being Fired because Dave feels they are not Holy enough to be graced by his presence

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