Dean Graziosi Fined MILLIONS For Promoting A Scam…

One of the internet's most successful Get rich quick gurus just got slapped With a 1.2 million dollar fine for Promoting a scammy business to his Audience that individual is of course Dean graziosi who has been promoting get Rich and self-help schemes since 2002 When he launched his first product motor Millions Dean has mastered the get rich Quick market and launched countless Courses and seminars that often range From thousands to hundreds of thousands Of dollars to attend he's also good Friends with fellow self-help Guru Tony Robbins who has gone out of his way to Promote Dean and let the world know what An amazing guy he thinks Dean is hi it's Tony Robbins listen uh you're receiving This little video message for me because We have a mutual friend and Dean Graziosi Dean is just an extraordinary Person we've been basically learning From each other I've become a student of Deans and a passionate one sadly Dean's Lifestyle of promoting some of the Scummiest companies in the world has Finally caught up to him in 2019 the FDC Filed a lawsuit against a utah-based Company known as nudge LLC that had Raked in over 400 million dollars Promoting a terrible real estate Investment course that promoted some of The worst real estate practices to its Customers Dean graziosi along with other

Celebrities like Scott Yancey star of Flipping Vegas who was well respected in The housing and flipping community at The time would entice people to sign up For a free webinar where they would Teach them the basics of house flipping These free seminars provided Kindergarten level knowledge of house Flipping and if you wanted the real Details the seminar would direct you to A three-day in-person event that would Take place in major cities Across America every month and would cost Hundreds of dollars to attend the Upsells didn't stop there because these In-person events would then direct those Who attended to apply for a direct Mentorship program run by nudge LLC that Cost ten thousand dollars to attend at These events nudge would sell distressed Properties to those who attended the Events in many cases the properties Nudge was offering were abandoned and Dilapidated homes that no longer met Living standards nudge made the claim These were excellent properties to flip And we charge insane fees of up to 10 of The loan amounts to individuals who Attended these events the fees nudge Charge to sell these homes and the crack House quality properties they sold to Individuals were worth far below the Price they were offloading them to Clients the default rate on the loans of

People who bought these properties was Over 20 percent Which is far higher than Anything in the normal house flipping Market with the worst default rate being Only 11 percent in 2010 at the top of The real estate crash in the last Recession now it's important to note That Dean graziosi did not own nudge LLC He was just a paid celebrity endorser That got affiliate commissions for Everyone who attend nudge events or Bought homes from nudge at their Seminars Dean was also the go-to guy for Nudge in helping them convince other Celebrities to run events for nudge like Scott Yancey and Josh Altman it's a big Deal that the FTC went after Dean Personally as it's a clear sign they Felt Dean knew what he was promoting was A sketchy business Dean stopped Promoting nudge publicly in 2013 due the Negative feedback he was receiving from Those who attended no defense but Continued to work behind the scenes with The company to draw in other celebrity Endorsements he would also later return To being a public endorser of the nudge Events in 2017 as the money this scheme Made him was just too good to pass up in 2020 the FTC decided to add both Dean Graziosi and Scott Yancey to their nudge LLC court case as they felt these fake Gurus knew they were promoting a scummy Company and profited off The Misfortune

Of those who attended these events Shortly after that was announced a young Man named Stephen who I have to say is The spitting image of coffeezilla if he Added a dress shirt and suspenders they Would look almost identical Steven made A video calling out Dean for getting Sued by the FDC for promoting this Scummy company Dean didn't like this and Made a response video where he claims Steven was altering the facts and making Up claims for clicks to his video let's Talk about him addressing us now there Was this Instagram story that he made That I was pretty sure was talking about Us when someone Alters the facts and Talks it's brutal you guys feel the Same way DM me if you feel the same way And yeah of course that was about us it Was at least the same day as my video But ultimately what am I what am I Misrepresenting I I read off a court Case I mean I was just reading the FTC I Could have done that just straight up I Was trying to make it entertaining as Well but ultimately that was the Substance of the argument was hey you've Got an Your hands buddy unfortunately for Dean That video will now live in infamy as he Has now agreed to settle with the FTC For a total of 1.2 million dollars for His part in the nudge seminars well it's A lot of money for most people it's only

A fraction of the 10 million dollars Dean earned from affiliate payments Promoting nudge according to the lawsuit Now both Dean graziosi and Scott Yancey The two biggest celebrities attached to Nudge received a bunch of backlash Promoting this company both Dean Scott Made every attempt to cover up their Connection to the scam with Dean Releasing a video titled online gurus Exposed where he tries to play the good Guy and help people avoid scams all the While avoiding talking about his Connection to nudge Scott Yancey in 2021 Did the same thing with his video titled Scott Yancey responds to scams where he Tells people to avoid scams in the real Estate market but never mentions his own Scandal hey Scott Yancey here you may Know me from my hit TV show Flipping Vegas or maybe you've even seen some of The commercials advertising the free Real estate events that I have I just Gotta tell you something I'm really Really pissed off and disturbed about Some things that are going on there are So many scams around the real estate Business that video got such a backlash He removed it and privated his entire YouTube channel since the lawsuit was Settled Scott had to pay a total of 450 000 for his promotion of nudge now the Company nudge who ran this program and Its creators per the FTC settlement have

Agreed to pay back 15 million dollars to Those who lost money and more Importantly have been banned from ever Selling money making opportunities again This is great news but unfortunately for Humanity this Clause Banning selling Money making courses does not apply to Dean graziosi Dean currently has many Get rich programs still available across The internet and has recently partnered With esteem actor Matthew McConaughey Known for his iconic roles in surfer Dude and his oscar-worthy portrayal of Himself in the Lincoln car commercials Matthew and Dean teamed up to launch a New self-help seminar titled The Art of Living which caught lost five hundred Dollars and gets you access to Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins Mastermind Group for three months if you do so why Matthew McConaughey wants the stench of Dean graziosi to silly his masterful Film career that includes fool's gold And The Wedding Planner is beyond me However it shows the poll that Dean Graciosi has that he can convince the Hollywood actors that make millions of Dollars a year making movies to sell a Self-help seminar Matthew would not be Creating this program that will Undoubtedly tarnish his Hollywood name Unless he knew he could rake in millions Of dollars doing so now I think it's Great that the FTC is starting to crack

Down on these celebrities who endorse These scummy products but it's something They should have been doing for years Now the FTC on their website says the Settlements group graziosi and Yancey Are the fdc's first monetary settlements With celebrity endorsers unfortunately The amount they ended up charging Dean For his connection to the nudge company Is only a small amount compared to what He made promoting his project on top of His many other programs still operating And his new seminar with Matthew McConaughey I'm sure Dean will make all That money back in no time hopefully This is just the tip of the iceberg and The FTC continues to watch Dean graziosi Tony Robbins and other self-help gurus To catch them if they ever promote such A shady company in the future

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