Did Kanye West Get Cloned?

Has Kanye West being cloned there have Been various people coming out claiming That Kanye West may have been cloned and What seems to be obviously ridiculous Claims may have more substance to them Than you would expect hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Putting on our tinfoil hats to look into The evidence for and against EA formerly Known as Kanye West being cloned it's The 3rd of October 2022 and Kanye West Caused public outrage on social media by Wearing a t-shirt stating White lives Matter whilst already looking down the Barrel of canceled culture's gun yay Would post a tweet that would change Everything for him I'm a bit sleepy Tonight but when I wake up I'm going Defcon 3 on Jewish people the funny Thing is I can't be anti-semitic because Black people are actually Jew also you Guys have toyed with me and tried to Blackball anyone who opposes your agenda Defcon being a state of Defense yay was Announcing they'd be putting his defense Up against Jewish people in the music Industry obviously this tweet would be Met by widespread outrage following the Controversial tweet Jay would have his JPMorgan Chase bank account locked and Would simultaneously be suspended from Both Twitter and Instagram yay would Respond to the situation on the 12th of

October stating quote if you call Somebody out for bad business that means You're being anti-semitic I feel happy To have crossed the line of that idea so We can openly speak about things like Getting canceled by a bank throughout The following weeks yay would become Banned and blacklisted from almost all Businesses and Brands you once Associated with including his billion Dollar partnership with Adidas on the 21st of October 2022 a clip would Surface of ex-disney actor Orlando Brown Stating that there are two Kanye's a Small Kanye and a tall Kanye you guys Actually realize like like how there's a Taller Kanye and a smaller Kanye they're Fighting for who's going to be Kanye They're fighting for who's gonna be Kanye dude right in front of you and It's like yo bro leave my [ __ ] brother Alone so it's just like a Nutty Professor type of situation yes stupid Bro you see Kanye six feet tall and then You see them small you better catch Catch the small give him a hug man Because he's been through a lot of [ __ ] To be in everybody he was just trying to Eat that day Finally got his [ __ ] back and that's The real Kanye Eating no security that's Kanye whilst Many you saw it ruled it out as being Absurd or for attention this clip is an

Important clip to remember for later in This video six days later on the 27th of October Elon Musk would finally take Ownership of Twitter and within just two Days he would unban Kanye West things Would take a dark turn when on the 4th Of November yay would share a screenshot Of an ominous and threatening message That he received from his ex-personal Trainer Harley pasnak with the message Reading I'm going to help you one of a Couple ways first you and I sit down and Have a loving and open conversation but Don't use cuss words and everything that Is discussed is based in fact and not Some crazy stuff that dumb friend of Yours told you or you saw in a tweet Second option Ivy institutionalized Again where they medicate the crap out Of you and you go back to Zombieland Forever play dates with the kids just Won't be the same whilst the message on A surface level already seems quite Disturbing there is an even more dark Backstory behind it Harley past neck is A Hollywood personal trainer who has Worked with several celebrities who have Unfortunately died from overdoses or Publicly had mental breakdowns people Like Mac Miller Amy Winehouse and Allen Page just to name a few in the past Holly worked in the military where he'd Conduct research on experimental drugs That's right okay so working for the

Military I wasn't governed by the same Laws that the typical person was so I Could look at the impact of certain Drugs that are not that are not everyday Let's go back to 2016. Kanye gone a Random mid performance stating that Society was being lied to by the music Industry and big Tech following it up by Studying it was risking his career in Life by talking about it to everyone My life my public well standing at risk When I talk to y'all like this this is a Moment in the nature following this yay Would go to Holly past next house where He would be detained and hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center this morning new Details are emerging about Kanye West's Alleged mental state as he was rushed to The hospital heard on this Fire Department dispatch call obtained by TMZ Rescue 41 psychiatric emergency the 9-1-1 call came in around 1 20 p.m on Monday after West was reportedly acting Erratically paramedics in the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to the Hollywood home of his personal trainer Where according to TMZ officials spoke With West for 90 minutes before Following protocol for a psychiatric Patient restraining him and taking him To UCLA Medical Center for an evaluation And it was here where Kanye West would Be supposedly diagnosed with bipolar Disorder and turned into a quote zombie

With these haunting photos being Released showing a shallow exhausted Looking yay following the Hospitalization yay was working on one Called turbo Graphics 16. a retro video Game themed album where he would record A draft for a song called UCLA where During the song he'll recall his Experience in the institution with a Song quoting Dremel Jay take your meds Yay take your meds yay take your meds Jay you need some NyQuil during November Of 2022 yeah I would start announcing His run for presidency in 2024 working With Nick Fuentes one of the most cringe And hated people on the internet the Debacle would be so unreal and lead People to believe there was something More Sinister happening behind the Scenes such as yay being manipulated or Worse that it was not even yay to begin With these rumors would be further Fueled on the 2nd of December 2022 when Yay would post his cryptic tweet yay 24 Love everyone hashtag Love Speech whilst Many assumed the symbol was a swastika With the Star of David around it the Symbol was actually directly from a UFO Religion named realism but what is Realism well let me introduce you to our Channel friend Tov who has come on to Explain it realism was founded in the 1970s by a man named Claude vorelon or As he likes to be called Rel this unique

Religion is based on the idea that life On Earth was created by a group of Extraterrestrial beings who visited our Planet a long time ago but who are these Extraterrestrial beings well the Raelians refer to them as below him they Believe that the Elohim are still Watching over us and guiding us to a Better future according to realism the Elohim are responsible for many of the Miracles and unexplained events that Happen in the world but how does that Relate to the video well that would be Because one of the most fascinating Aspects of realism is its support for Human cloning yeah human cloning Raelians believe that cloning can help Us achieve eternal life by creating a New almost identical body for our Consciousness to inhabit to create a Form of eternal life and Kanye posting This symbol seems incredibly suspicious Especially considering what would happen Next on the 7th of December Kanye would Release a song to Instagram with the Caption sensory overload And the Bible said I can't have any more Sex till marriage [Music] Within hours Instagram would delete the Posts and once again suspend yay from Posting and this is when things would Change this is when yay would officially Disappear well that's what everyone

Thought entering 2023 images would Surface of yay and his new fiance Bianca Sensory where people would begin Noticing that yay was dramatically Taller than Bianca and with Bianca's Height being allegedly five foot nine And yay's height being allegedly five Foot eight who's beginning to seem like Orlando Brown's theory of the tulier and Short yay was coming into fruition this Was up until it was corrected that Bianca's height was actually closer to Five foot four revealing why yateau was Over her so this leaves us with one Question did Kanye West get cloned well It's highly unlikely and most of the Theories being made for him being cloned Are relatively easy to disprove with a Little more research if you enjoyed the Video make sure you hit subscribe as I Post this type of content every single Week and if you really liked the video That I have a Discord server Linked In The description that you can join and Chat to me I I really want to thank you All for 146k subscribers it means a lot To me do you think this time last year I Had only zero subscribers is completely Insane this all happened so fast and I'm Really excited to see what we can Accomplish together thank you

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