Established Titles Has Returned To YouTube….

So established titles apparently has a Lot in common with herpes and that both Of them are forever there's no cure I Can't really do much about them once you Get them they're there now they may go Away for a while but eventually they're Going to show back up and when you least Expect them and they're going to ruin Your day and that's exactly what has Happened with established titles as Established titles is now back uh Running sponsorships on YouTube creators Channels all over YouTube now I will say There's a lot less creators obviously Promoting it now than there was in 2022 Before I expose them uh Back Then There Were hundreds potentially thousands of Large channels uh pretty much any Channel not all all channels but a lot a Large percentage of channels with over 500k Subs many million plus channels Were promoting this company all over YouTube and then when I put out my video A lot of them stopped but you know Established tiles tried to push back Said this is fake news you know what You're talking about Scott and then I Put out a second and third video and Legal eagle also put out an excellent Excellent video and we showed uh that They are you know they were running ads On Facebook that they were lying to People saying that you could legally Become a Lord and Lady now after I put

That second video out they immediately Pulled all those ads off of Facebook uh And then they decided to tell creators That they're no longer going to be Sponsoring creators through the end of The year 2022 so they stopped for December but apparently they're back in 2023 they wanna they wanna give it Another go and I actually didn't think This would happen I thought possibly Established titles could exist you know Trying to run ads on Facebook and Instagram I really didn't think that Like Two months two and a half months later Uh they would again try and sponsor a Bunch of channels on YouTube I really Didn't think that would happen now like I said there's there's not a lot of Creators who are currently running Sponsorship for them before it was Hundreds as far as I know I've found six A total channel six with over a million Subscribers that are currently running Sponsorships for established titles and I'm not gonna make another list a lot of People had a problem with that oh you Made a list calling out all these Creators at this point everyone knows It's a scam so if these large creators Uh want to you know be sponsored by Established titles they're they're Perfectly they can do that if they want But basically they're choosing their

Integrity over the bag of money that Established tiles is trying to throw at Them and they're like you know what my Integrity I'm gonna Chuck that right out The window I want that bag of cash uh Give me that uh that blood Money Established titles so you know it's up To every Creator if they want to decide To continue to work with this company I Think it's going to hurt your brand in The long run but you you can certainly Do that so in this video I want to show You that established titles has Apparently learned absolutely nothing From you know being called out as a scam Basically they just hid the evidence That they were running Those ads saying You legally become a Lord and Lady and They made some minor modifications to Their website to try and make it appear Other oh yeah it's all just a joke guys But what they are telling people what They're telling creators uh to say on YouTube is still very misleading now We're going to look at one Creator Paul Joseph Watson and I'm not really trying To put this Creator on blast or any Creators who are still running uh ads or Sponsorships for this company they can Do whatever they want this is more to Show you the ad read that he's going to Read in this new video and what I want To go over with the ad read is that if You don't know with ad reads all of

These creators when they do an ad read They have to show this to the company Before they put it live in their video So established titles has approved every Single word that this guy said says in The ad read that he goes for established Titles uh in his latest video right so They're saying yeah everything you said Completely legal go ahead go and say all Of it and they're still peddling uh False information so I wanna I wanna Bring up some things with this ad read Lord Watson it just sounds right doesn't It sounds like it was meant to be Established titles is an entertaining Novelty gift that helps preserve the Natural Woodlands of scholar all right So one thing I want to point out is that All the creators uh that are still Running sponsorships make out make to Point out that it is a fun novelty gift Right and that was not something that Most creators were saying that uh in Their sponsored reads before all of this Story broke that's something you will Always see now fun novelty gift right And you know that's one step in the Right direction but I still think that's Very misleading as to what it actually Is because they don't go over the fact That you you're not actually getting any Land you don't get a lord or lady title All of that's fake basically they're Just like hey okay give us 50 bucks

We'll give you a PDF that means nothing And then we'll use a dollar of your Money to plant a tree so let's keep Going and press and stand out from the Rest by using Lord or lady on your Credit card dating profile or plane Ticket okay so right there they say that You can change uh your name on your Credit card to Lord or lady now there's Another Creator uh Pleasant green he Actually did a video about this two Months ago he actually interviewed me as Well I'll have a link below to that Video but I want to play a clip from This video where he actually decided to Listen to established titles advice Saying that he could change his name to Lord or lady on his credit card and he Actually went to his bank and tried to Get Lord put on his credit card and Let's see what happened so I guess I Really don't own this little plot of Land but I still can call myself a lord Can't I and can't I change my documents And put Lord on my credit card and Impress everyone you put on your credit Card your Costco membership airplane Tickets well there's one way to find out So the next day I drive to the bank with Said legal document in hand and I Marched in to get the recognition and The respect that I deserved I told them That I was a landowner in Scotland and That I had a document that labeled me as

Such and then I needed that reflected on My credit card and they told me to take A seat so I waited and eventually they Came back to deliver the devastating News Good so not a title but a name and so if It is going to become part of your name As on your ID then once your ID is Updated your older new ideas legal name Change for us and so we would update the Account to match the ideas apparently The Only Name that I could put on my Credit cards is my legal name and if I Want Lord on my credit card I'm going to Have to legally change my name to Lord They weren't convinced by my document so I leave disappointed this is no way to Treat a Scottish Lord okay so right There you can see that if you go to your Bank and try and get Lord and Lady on Your credit card they're gonna tell you You can't do that like unless that is Your legal name which these you know Pieces of paper or the PDF that they Send you has no legality to it Whatsoever so you can't actually do that Again they're misleading people into Believing something that is untrue now They're telling YouTubers to spread These lies to people so I I don't know Why they continue to Peddle this trash That is completely untrue but let's keep Going and if you fed up with a boring Formulaic Gifts of flowers chocolates

This also makes a great last minute Valentine's Day surprise we're currently Running a Valentine's Day special sale With up to 80 off okay so right there That's another lie they are continuing To sell uh to Consumers online is hey We're running right now we are running a Valentine's Day sale with 80 off now if You look at my old video or if you use Wayback machine you'll see that back in December back in November actually they Had an 80 sale Black Friday sale right And what this company does is they Continue to use whatever the current Whatever the next uh Us holiday is Because this company like I said they're Based in Hong Kong but they primarily Are reaching out to us-based customers So it seems like they go off of U.S Based holidays so whatever the next Holiday is there is always an 80 off Sale you can look back at the history of Their channel of the history of their Website with Wayback machine and you'll See there's always an 80 off sale now Depending on where you are that's Actually illegal people in some parts of The world so I actually pulled this up From a law firm looking into the FDC Guidelines and it says perpetually Advertising something as a sale item Qualifies as fraudulent marketing so They're doing fraudulent marketing Saying their items are on sale and

They're telling creators on YouTube to Lie and say guys there's a Valentine's Day sale and I don't know what the next Holiday is that they're going to promote President's Day Sale whatever there's Always an 80 off sale and the eighty Percent off is what the actual price uh That they're trying to sell these Products at year round right that's Deceptive marketing now from what I've Been able to find out Um the FDC generally doesn't prosecute Stuff like this because there's a lot of Companies that do it it's not legal to Do but a lot of companies are apparently Doing this so from the actual like Federal government they probably won't Go after established titles but what They are setting themselves up for is This is fraudulent marketing uh and Potentially there could be class action Loss suits that people could file Against them for claiming that there's a Sale year round when there clearly is Not this is the actual price you're Misleading people into believing they're Getting a great deal when they are not Getting a great deal at all because That's the actual price so finally I Want to say on their website established Titles it says at the top of the page Most hilarious gift of 2023. now that Had didn't exist before my video so Clearly they're trying to make it appear

Oh guys this was always it's just a Novelty gift you should know that right And that was not there uh before my Videos now at this point like I said Um there's not many creators that are Currently promoting established titles I Think it would be very detrimental to Your brand to work with this company That is now they're known scammers uh You know my videos show that they were Lying to people saying you legally Become a Lord and Lady when that's not True at all Why would anyone want to work this Company I don't know and hopefully most Will not continue to work with the Company but like I said there are a few Not going to make a list these creators Can do what they want if they want to Throw out their integrity for the Massive amount of money established Child is throwing at them and it is a Massive amount I've gone over this Before these million plus channel uh Will can get often over a hundred Thousand dollars a month from Established titles uh to run ads for Their company so it's a massive bag of Cash and their integrity they're like Yeah I don't want this anymore I'm Throwing it out the window uh that's a Choice every creator has to make for Themselves But I am quite shocked to be honest with

You uh that just you know two two and a Half months later established titles is Trying to make another run uh at being a Big sponsor on YouTube hopefully this Will not catch on uh hopefully it's just Going to be a niche product and I will Say that most of these channels that are Are running uh ads for running Sponsorships for established titles if You actually look through the comments Pretty much all of them will all of them Have you know dozens if not hundreds of Comments of people like why are you Working with established titles they're A scam now some of the creators are Taking different approaches some of them Are actually deleting comments because I've been there and I've seen those Comments a day or two ago and now they No longer exist even though they had Like hundreds of upvotes and other Creators are running these like bot Responses basically comparing it like oh It's no different than you know buying a Star which is not true at all it's Completely completely different Situation established titles misled People into actually believing you own Land uh you get a real title none of That is the same as you know a stupid Star product that they sold 20 years ago So these creators are are well aware of What actually established titles is But you know sometimes the money is just

Too enticing uh and you got to get that You got to get that bag of cash but I'd Love to know your opinions what do you Think about established titles returning To YouTube are you okay with it uh they Have made some minor changes but they're Still misleading people and lying about What their product is they're not Running a sale it's always that price uh So let me know below what you think About established titles in 2023

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