Established Titles Scam Fooled Coffeezilla…

Almost a full month since my initial Established titles video went viral and It amazes me that we are still Discovering every week new Shady Information related to this company and Their sister brand kamikutto knives now Before I show you even more damning Revelations I want to show you that even Intelligent people were fooled by this Scam as coffee Zilla admitted in a Recent clip that when he saw these Sponsored videos even he thought from The ad reads they were selling actual Plots of land that made you Lords and Ladies are you going to cover the Established titles controversy Stephen Yo okay here's a question established Titles I thought was a little bit of a Softballer I don't know what do you Think what do you think it was a bad one Uh it all depends on what like what your Initial thought of what established Titles was if you thought it was a Actual when I first heard about it I Thought it was an actual loophole I mean Call me stupid I did not think it was a Gag gift I thought they actually bought A little plot of land in Scotland for You and you actually so to be let me Start this preface this by saying I Don't know much about it but I had heard Some of the ads before Scott Schaefer Did his big video about it Um and it blew up everywhere went

Everywhere Um but I thought hey they're promising Lords and Ladies like I'd actually get a Legal title and I think it was I think It was the tenor of the ads that I Personally saw was that they implied That yeah that is a scam because you Don't actually get that you don't Actually it's not legally I know valid Now coffee is not a dumb guy and I'm Sure if he had done some research on Established titles he would have quickly Realized the disconnect from the ad Reads they would want you to believe and What they actually sell you but what he Said was very important if the sponsored Video he saw and he doesn't name which Ones but it was clear to him that it was Designed to convince people this was a Legal loophole and not just a gag gift Many YouTubers who were sponsored by Them have since said everyone knew it Was a gag gift and just for fun and that Clearly isn't if true if the number one Investigator on YouTube believed this Was real from the ads he saw now from There I want to go over the insane Amount of money established titles was Throwing at creators since my video went Viral many creators who were sponsored Have decided to share what they were Offered by the company the largest I Heard so far was from Isaac Butterfield An Australian comedian who admitted

Established titles offered him a hundred Thousand dollars for a two-month period Sponsorship but just two weeks ago Scott Schaefer a YouTuber out of America put Out a video claiming that they are a Scam and he called out a lot of the Creators who were actually promoting Established titles and I was one of them I signed a deal with established titles And I don't know if I'm going to get in Trouble for revealing this for a Two-month period that was worth well Over a hundred thousand dollars so Thanks Scott Now I want you to understand just how Insane that is the only reason Established scams would offer Isaac 100K For two months is if they believed they Would make all that money back from People who signed up from watching his Videos with this type of product that Has almost no cost of goods most of Their money goes into marketing and can Often reach up to 50 percent so using That they were expecting to make 200k at Least just off those who signed up from Isaac alone now Isaac was not the Exception to the rule many other Creators were making the same if not More from their deals and it's clear Established titles was spending millions Of dollars a month on marketing all this Leads up to potentially hundreds of Millions in profit for the company keep

In mind this was the perfect grief they Have almost no expenses since the land Was bought a couple years ago all they Have to do is send you a PDF file or a Printed copy if you offer the higher Tier package it's almost a pure profit Sale for them after marketing cost I'll Have a link below to Isaac's video he Interviewed me in the video and he was Also going to interview established Child's founder Katarina yep but she Decided to back out at the last second Which in my opinion was a wise decision Because after her interview with Paige Christie she ended up just making her Company look worse by admitting the ad Read they gave to creators was confusing And needed to be redone when you read it One way and when the Creator says it in A different way it translates completely Differently that's a really good point Um thank you so much for bringing that Up I think we'll have to like rephrase That or look at what we're saying and Try to make it clearer now since my Video exposing the company many other YouTubers have been investigating them As well and I wanted to make sure the Information they found gets the credit They deserve the Mad Catster discovered That the land established titles is Selling is actually owned by the parent Company Galton voice a which is an even More confusing because you're paying

Established titles but another company Owns the land they claim to sell you Then you go to the ownership information And surprise it's owned by Galton Boise Limited which is the company that Katarina Yip and William Wolfram are Both involved in so now now we have our Answer Galton Boise limited is the owner Of the land and because like I said I Couldn't find any such legal Corporation Called established titles established Titles doesn't even own the land they're Pretending to sell you so not only are You not buying a piece of land but the People selling you the piece of land Don't have any right to sell it to you And in actuality the title holder is Galton voicy they're the ones who have The legal right to sell the land even Though they're not really selling it so You should be buying the land from golf And Boise not from established titles so And like I said it could be a DBA name I Don't know but I can't find anything That indicates to me other than what's On the internet I can't find any legal References that show me that established Titles is a real company now from there Let's let's talk about their fishy Sister company kamikoto knives now in The video I did about them I mentioned Their supposed address in Tokyo has Changed a few times and I was skeptical If they actually maintained an office in

Tokyo what I didn't mention is that I Was planning on going on vacation early Next year to Tokyo and was planning on Actually trying to visit the office to See if they were really there however it Seems I no longer need to do that as Another YouTuber based in Tokyo decided To visit the address they have listed on Their website and as a surprise to no One they don't actually have an office There then getting off the elevator I Was confronted by a list of seventh Floor tenants Looked at it and hmm let's see uh open Office uh spice a TBS Sparkle hmm No kamikoto showroom that's strange Well at this point I walked around the Entire seventh floor of the Daiwa Akasaka building it wasn't that large And found that there are only two Companies housed there One is a TV production company named TBS Sparkle and the other is a graphic Production company which I think is most Likely affiliated with TBS Sparkles some Way And that company is named spice group Has nothing to do with spices I went through the trouble of going up To each door on the seventh floor of the Daiwa akasaka building and found nothing Absolutely nothing Vaguely resembling the kamikoto showroom So there you have it

Now you know exactly what I found when I Visited the head office of kamikoto Knives in Tokyo I found nothing now all the videos I Mentioned will be listed below for you To check out and I'm very proud that People have continued to help uncover Just how scummy these companies run by Gallatin voice a seem to be I've since Reached out to kamikoto no knives by Email asking why they are not at the Location list on their website and so Far have not received a response since My video I've received over 100 emails And DMS from people who were thinking About buying products from established Titles or kamikoto knives and now we're Not and thanking me for helping them Realize that these companies what these Companies truly are it really does mean A lot to me that I was able to help a Lot of people not get scammed now my Hope would be that this would be the end But sadly there are hundreds of other Companies just like this preying on People all over social media and what I've done so far is just a small dent in A very very large problem

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