Exposing a $500,000,000 Scam Gets Dangerous

Today we're uncovering a 500 million Dollar Ponzi scheme called Trader's Domain in part one we exposed a web of Scammers we found an ongoing government Investigation but as I spoke to victims I realized there was someone behind the Curtains controlling it all And that's when I find out there's this One guy named dead who's making all the Trades and he's running this Ponzi Scheme we now learn of this Savant that Is The Man Behind Traders domain and so This is the first time I ever hear the Name Ted safranco and I'm like who the Freak is Ted who's Ted that is the Multi-million dollar question and I Decided the best place to look for Answers was starting with the victims Welcome to part two my understanding of Who Ted sofranco was at the time I Invested was an experienced uh Trader He's a Master Trader with relationships Like this all over the world and he was Internationally known and respected very Credible Wall Street Trader I know That's bad to you know judge a book I Was covered like judge a book off of Their cover but you know you just look Like you know like a normal guy like a Wall Street Trader you know he like he Didn't seem like the type of guy that Would mess you over But looking into his real past Everything showed the opposite he didn't

Work on Wall Street he got to start in 2016 when he was the student of a 23 Year old get rich quick Guru on Instagram named Nino koroff we know this Because of a testimonial he filmed hi Everyone my name is Ted I've been Working around right now with Nino for Probably about six months really what I Did is for 2016 what I tried to do is I Really wanted to set myself up nice Being a little bit older I've been Working for many years now almost 15 Years I wanted to have a lifestyle Change I wanted to get into something Different to give myself a better Opportunity in life and literally I went Through social media I found you know on Instagram I saw a laughed actually Because I saw him with his Lambo and all His fun stuff and me being as old as I Am now I mean you know 37 years old 36 Years old I couldn't really fathom how Somebody was doing what they were doing At such a young age wow the answer of Course to Ted's question is is that nino Was scamming people with get rich quick Courses and Ted soon figured this out he Started his own grift called the Forex Family course which eventually led to The launch of his very own Forex Brokerage called Trader's domain Ted Said that it would be non-manipulated as Opposed to most of the scammy brokerages Of the time and with his business

Partner David negus they opened their Doors in 2018. I found this out because I talked to the roommate at the time who Witnessed everything so my name is Jonathan sametta I was roommates with David negus at the start of 2018 pretty Much for the whole duration of the year And I witnessed the Inception of Traders Domain from the beginning it was Basically a run out of the spare bedroom Of our house that's right we have an Eyewitness who saw the beginning of this And what he told me is that Trader's Domain was originally selling themselves As one of the good guys Forex has a lot Of In the industry I'm sure a lot of people Are aware of that and there's a lot of Brokers that have bad reputations you Know with doing Shady dealings Ted and Dave started this operation under the Premise of the good guy in honesty and Being for the little guy sort of thing Someone you could trust which everybody Bought the Ted did have a a good Reputation in the community the way they Did this was they described themselves As an a book brokerage which I didn't Really understand at the time but Basically means they were one of the Legitimate ones can you just explain Really briefly what the difference Between a buck and bbook are so a book Your orders are direct to the market and

B book basically the broker takes the Opposite side of your trade so when you Lose money they win because most most Traders lose so a lot of a lot of a lot Of work to just go people because they Make money off the trailer they're not You're not your mark your orders aren't Actually going to the market it's just The broker basically Shannon you okay to Summarize what he said real quick Because it's important Forex Brokers Which are a book it just means that your Trades are real be booking is when the Trades are kept in-house and things can Be faked they can be messed with and This is why Ted said that his brokerage Was able he couldn't scam you and he Claimed this repeatedly but the question Is is that true with stories of changing Trades I wasn't so sure and then all of A sudden Everything magically got erased and they Said oh the server is refreshed we had To refresh the servers like that somehow Changed all the trades right and not Only were the stories Shady when I asked The roommate about it he told me about a Very strange conversation he overheard I Was in my room one day and I overheard a Conversation and I thought I caught Something about B booking switching People from a book to bbook and so I Asked Dave about it and he blatantly Said to me he's like he's like yeah he's

Like if people are going to be losing we Might as well be both we're just leaving Money on the table it was kind of a Shock to me because that's you know kind Of went against everything that they had Sort of built this platform on so I just Didn't didn't really know how to take That but I just took it for what it was Wow if this is true this means their Whole story is fake Claiming this is a pretty huge Accusation and I didn't want to do it on The word of just one person because it Would mean that everything was built on Lies and fraud so I wanted more proof so To do this I set up a Discord channel to Investigate Trader's domain and invited All the victims to come share with me What they had found and soon many of Them started sharing evidence including A document which they said would prove That they were be booking these people Showed me an invoice from a platform Called B2 broker addressed to Traders Domain FX which had a very important Line item quote minimum monthly payment For the use of B book service why would Trader's domain need to pay for a B book Service if they were a book now of Course we also need to talk about who is B to broker they call themselves a white Label solution for brokerages and Exchanges which simply means they sell a Brokerage product that you can slap your

Name on and it appears that this is Exactly what tetsufranco did which means That the back end of Trader's domain and What Ted is even selling is just a Rebranded product so we'll put feed a Broker on the board over here because They're going to be key to understanding This whole scam because as I found more Of these invoices I realized beta broker May have helped facilitate this whole Thing all apparently for the low low Price of a thousand dollars a month for This fee now what these several invoices Do is not only corroborate the story The Roommate was telling us about be booking It means that the trades and the crazy Returns are all likely fake it was all a Fraud based on a software Ted himself Never even built and of course now the Question is okay if the trades are fake Where did the money go because the Investment money was very much real even If the trades were fake we know for a Fact that over a hundred million dollars Was invested based on the cftc's Estimate but based on what I have I Think it's significantly more either way We're talking about an extremely large Amount of cash so it had to go somewhere I mean we know from our first episode That a lot of it went to this company Called CCAP Holdings but what happened After that as I began to ask myself this Question I was contacted by an anonymous

Source who found out that I was Investigating as I said I had made it Public at that point and they told me They had a friend who might know Something more something that could Quote show B book activities money Laundering and fake invoices they asked If I was interested of course I was and When this friend got in touch they Claimed to have literally 2 000 plus Files and documents on Trader's domain I Was a little skeptical at first but when The files showed up even I was surprised [Music] It took me weeks to go through all the Documents But eventually The pattern started to emerge [Music] The more I pulled on the threads the More I realized This was all connected All right I think I get it I think I Understand how Traders domain took in Money if you look at our old Understanding of the company we had the Basics but we're missing several things Okay it starts with the sponsors they Were micro celebrities or influential People who were paid very well to bring In investors money and the more you Brought in the more you were paid which Was actually explained to me by a Sponsor who had 10 million dollars

Underneath him so you've got 10 million Under you that's locked up how many does The guy above you have he won't even Tell me but Millions he was getting like Probably half a million a month just in Payouts a lot I was doing well out there I was getting paid about 20 30 000 a Month all right so these sponsors would Get a cut of the money that they brought In which meant that they went out and Flexed on social media to bring in more Clients some bragged about Yachts some Invited people to to DM them for 10 Percent monthly Roi deals either way Once the victims were on the hook they Would be instructed to go one of two Payment routes the first option was Cash They would wire money to a us-based bank Like CCAP Holdings with a generic memo That said services and definitely not Forex or Investments because that would Trigger red flags and once word went out That the wire had been sent before the Money even got their Traders domain Would immediately credit them on the Back end with fake money which we know From interviews I did he would credit my Account with them ever having any money Before I ever gave them money you know What I mean so the numbers were there Before you ever got before I ever paid For anything so that day I get a Trader's domain confirmation and it Shows up in my Trader's domain half a

Million dollars sitting in my account The next day Chase calls me and they go Home we just want to verify this as you And I'm like oh you haven't released the Wire oh oh my God so they had accredited Your account before the money had ever Hit yeah before the money had ever hit All right but if the money on Trader's Domain was fake where did the real money Go well I believe they had a money Laundering operation to get the money Offshore this is based on a series of Invoices I was given showing money being Sent from onshore Banks head to Franco David negus 10 Tran controlled like say Capital and then they would send that to Offshore companies shell companies which Were very suspicious for example we Found invoices sending a hundred Thousand dollars to a company called Safe seal technology Why in another one they sent a million Dollars to discover tour plus now this One in particular had a website and if You go to discover tourplus.com they Claim to be a travel agency but there's Nothing to actually buy I tried booking My own vacation which I desperately need At this point because I'm way too deep In this investigation but none of the Links would let me book so this website Appears to just be a front for funneling Millions of dollars offshore besides who Even pays a million dollars to a travel

Agency if you're a Forex Investment Company especially does that multiple Times of course the alternate Explanation is that the reason you might Send money from a shell company in the U.S to an offshore shell company is to Launder that money because then you can Now declare that million dollars the Travel agency took in the result of a Bustling business instead of fraud Now that's my theory but we have dozens Of these invoices which seem to confirm It and you might expect that this was The main way Trader's domain moved large Chunks of cash but you'd be wrong Because in 2023 laundering money through Banks is like communicating with smoke Signals instead of text messages no the Real way to launder money has changed Today it's crypto so this brings us to Option two of how to move money crypto Is the main way Trader's domain moved Money it was perfect for them and it was The main way they circumvented Regulation recall at the beginning of This show I told you that offshore Companies couldn't solicit U.S investors But Traders domain told people that up Front they said quote Trader's domain Does not solicit U.S clients however They would claim underneath that quote Just a note we have crypto accounts Available which is sort of like saying Hey we don't let in U.S clients through

The front door but just a note we have a Back door because when you went to their Website to sign up I kid you not as Country of origin you could select your Country as the country of crypto which Unsurprisingly some people actually did Uh one of the early things that felt Weird to me is that you couldn't Register as a US citizen on his website Side it was crypto you had to go and has A crypto user I can still show you on my Account where I'm listed as a crypto User and not a US citizen that is Clearly a But the reason it matters is not that They circumvented regulation people do That all the time it's the scale this Was all happening on this wasn't a few Dollars this is hundreds of millions I Mean a single one of their payment Processors in crypto complained in a Recent lawsuit that the founder believed That quote the Trader's domain is Clearly a Ponzi scheme they have moved Over 50 million dollars in Cryptocurrency and U.S currency directly To the Trader's domain systems not only That a different payment processor also Had their transaction data with Traders Domain leaked to us with the help of a Blockchain intelligence company called Crystal blockchain we traced even more Money that had come in according to them Roughly 450 million went into Traders

Domain and that combined with the 50 Million from that other crypto payment Processor is where we arrive to our 500 Million dollar estimate now bear in mind This is just crypto this is not talk Talking about Fiat here and this is real Money that went in not fake Ponzi games And at this point in the investigation I'm feeling pretty confident we have two Really big things the first is that the Scale of this thing is huge probably Bigger than even the government believes It is but I also feel extremely Confident we have proof of Fraud and the Only thing left to do is confront the Man behind it all Ted safranco And this is also the thing that I've Been putting off doing the whole time to Be honest because the entire Investigation as I spoke to people I was Warned not to reach out because Ted was Well known for going after anyone who Went after his brokerage he allegedly Said things like quote you want to come After my brokerage you have a death wish In messages and I am going to put a Bounty on your head There were a lot more of these and of Course he also famously threatened People on video I take a flight to the UK right now and just show up and curb Stomp their heads yeah I get arrested so What I win because they're dead so yeah The guy is kind of a psycho so I was

Very nervous about doing this and so I Decided to go to the bar and get me a Little bit of liquid courage Come on coffee you've been sitting here For two hours are you gonna do it or not Give me give me this one more shot okay And then I'll do it Here goes nothing Come on Ted I bet you he's not even gonna answer The come on To an automatic voice message I knew it and that settles that You want another drink I guess so You humans are such odd creatures you Were nervous about calling yet you seem Upset he didn't answer I was concerned I Mean but once I was committed I I don't Know it just feels a little Anti-climactic I guess maybe it's for The best not everything has a Hollywood Ending You do the best you can and sometimes You have to enjoy a consolation prize What's that how about a drink with a Friend wait I thought you couldn't drink Take the shot coffee all right I've been watching you high I just closed my eyes I've known for a while [Music] My dear if you keep pulling that bread [Music]

Uh hello Before we continue obviously I've spoken To my Council we we know about your YouTube channel now we reviewed it I Mean there's really nothing of substance On there to be honest I think it's more Of a glorified click bait Channel I'm in Chats right now on telegram he's still In there actively saying that he's Trading you can think anything you want You can turn around and say that I am That is such a chicken response from a Total coward no accountability at all Nobody knows anything about his wife Because they don't have the resources That I have my resources can find out Every little thing about you You will see the amount of Destruction I Leave [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you

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