Exposing a $500,000,000 Scam

I uncovered a 500 million dollar Ponzi Scheme and by the end of this three-part Series we will expose offshore money Fraud and confront the man behind it all Yeah I get arrested and then what I win Because they're dead But before we do that let's start at the Beginning after my Logan Paul Investigation I was bored and I'd been Drinking a little too much that's it Coffee I'm cutting you off you've had Way too much why yes However the truth was I just needed a New case [Music] I woke up hungover with a text about Something called traitor's domain I hadn't heard of it this person told me That a lot of people and celebrities had Their money locked up in it and they Were hoping it wasn't all gone I decided It was the perfect case to get back in The game It's time to investigate Traders domain All right back in the 10 million dollar Studio I've got their website pulled up Here and it says they're gonna maximize Your financial potential and claim that In three years they made returns of 473 000 percent according to their website They do this by being a Forex broker Which is fine but what's strange is that They're an offshore company which means Technically they can't serve U.S

Investors if they wanted to because They're located in Saint Vincent which Is unregulated uh but if that's the case How did our friend here even get Involved and what he told me was this Quote Brandon is who brought me into the Fund these are the sponsors but of Course that begs the question who is Brandon Sims and what is a sponsor well We're gonna go to the conspiracy board Because I can tell it's going to get Complicated to see what we're working With so far we have an investor going Into Traders domain through Brandon Sims But where does the money go oh well I Asked and what he told me was this it Didn't go offshore at all to trader's Domain it went to a company called CCAP Holdings LLC in the United States we'll Add that as well Now if that wasn't weird enough in Addition Brandon wanted to hide what the Money was even for that was invested He's told our investor this don't put Investment in memo just put services for You Now this is where things get weird Because it turns out CCAP Holdings isn't Owned by Brandon Sims at all it's also Not owned by Traders domain it's owned By a man named tin Tran now when you Look up who tin Tran is he's basically a Ghost there's essentially only one Article about him about him running a

Weed growing operation which he was Arrested for so what exactly is going on Here well to find out I got a couple Calls with two TV celebrities who said They put money in Traders domain and Lost it as well and hopefully they can Help us figure this out my name is Faith Morgan I lost 950 000 in Traders domain Hi my name is Jamil damji I invested a Million dollars into Traders domain I Have never taken a withdrawal out and I've lost all million dollars and I Wanted to ask how these two got involved With Trader's domain so I come to learn Of this opportunity this investment Opportunity at a mastermind in Miami Florida I was invited there by Pete Vargas who is on Grant cardone's team Pete Vargas came to me and said hey I've Got this thing that I'm making really Good money on and you and Jamil should Get involved and this is where we meet The individual by the name of Holton Bugs they showed me their accounts and They're like look at this we're pulling Money in every single month look at this Look at this look at this he gets into This incredible story of millions of Dollars of profits that he's been able To make in the world of day trading and Shows us some accounts some of these Accounts had phenomenal like just Mind-bending balances in it one of them Was over 80 million dollars there was

Another account that he showed us that Had over 650 million dollars he had said That someone had offered him 650 million Dollars to buy his trading bot Apparently this bot was the you know Incredible Tech technology that was Making these fantastic returns and the Bot never had a losing day but he's Showing us the software it's not just Screenshots it's like actual software That I've never seen before and it's Called Trader's domain I make a decision That I would invest initially five Hundred thousand dollars I talked to Holton and his team and they send me Wire instructions and on those wire Instructions I am implicitly and very Specifically told you know how to send The wire who to send the wire to what to Write in the memo now what I found Interesting about this is despite this Being a new sponsor Look at who they're sending money to Once again CCAP Holdings through Holton Bugs this time we'll put him on the Board as well from what I can tell Online he's a small time MLM promoter my Goal was to share with them how to Properly use the Lamborghini look at the Purpose of the wire that was sent again Once again it says services not Investment which is exactly what Brandon Sims instructed his clients to do as Well and this is where I was confused

Because the more people I talked to the More felt like everyone kind of had the Same story take another sponsor I found For Trader's domain which I found from Our First Source once again Mike Sims Now he claims Trader's domain was his Hedge fund I've invested in was your Hedge fund correct yes correct it's so Crazy I don't I'm just learning what it Is only because we started talking about It I didn't understand it yeah but I Trusted it only because I trusted your Company and I trusted all the other People that invested all my friends and It was like a little fear of loss like Yo y'all not gonna get this bro so it's Fun I'm up 60 which is in what is it Maybe a two months But no no losing months now this all Sounds great and according to leaked Texts from Mike's assistant we find out That these investment accounts people Are putting in look identical to the Ones on Trader's domain so it doesn't Take a genius to figure out Mike Sims is Putting some people's money into Traders Domain and it looks like he's claiming It's his hedge fund but how could that Be if Holton bug says it's his trading Bots and still yet another sponsor for Traders domain called goldbridge said They were following a Master Trader this Is goldbridge we've said that Um our protocol mirrors uh the results

Of a Master Trader and to this day we Haven't had a red day this is real stuff We're not using New Capital uh you know To pay off the old investor like there's There's no Ponzi ah yes nothing says It's not a Ponzi scheme like saying hey Guys this is not a Ponzi scheme now of Course I went ahead and put everyone on The board here but the more people I Talk to just the more confusing it got Like who's running this thing and what Is it is Trader's domain a hedge fund is It Forex is it a bot what's going on Seems like not even the investors know He said like it's a bot uh that they're Using to trade um gold very credible Wall Street Trader done this for a long Time and experienced uh Trader who had Built a large Network made a lot of Money for people that um I knew and Personally trusted it really feels like The more sponsors that I find the more Confusing it's getting and the details Even when they seem to line up always Slightly varied for example if you put In your money with Alex Santi of Centurion Capital they said they were Going to use an expert advisor trading Bot which might sound similar to algo Capital another sponsor who said they Were using a trading bot as well but With the twist I thought yeah basically They described it as a bot that was Configured with settings they had it

Down where they would win like almost All the time and there was a Master Trader overseeing the bots so this time There's another Master Trader involved I Mean try trying to find the truth feels Like I'm trying to grab smoke or Something every time I thought I Understood what was going on I'd hear a New story I even found one about nfts They said they were investing in nfts But really the money was just getting Siphoned off to trader's domain and part Of the reason I'm going through all These examples with you is to show you The absolute insanity of this Everybody's feeding money into the same Place all under different reasons with Different stories but they did have one Thing in common you see everybody was Making lots of money and getting very Rich with Traders domain at least at First when I meet dozens of people all Of whom have been in this platform for Over a year all of whom are saying that They've pulled out more than their Principal those people have unbelievable Stories of like yeah I've made this much Money I've done this much I've pulled This out and not just stories but like Hey yeah here's my bank account I got a Wired two months ago so my brother Started with 10 grand and with that 10 Grand bro he's made way over a hundred Thousand dollars but bro all the way up

To that last October he's been able to Cash out no problem and he's quadruple Made so much of it made profit and this Is the reason people were throwing their Money into Traders domain they saw their Friends and family getting paid out Legitimately but Like all good things that came to an end Over time payments started to get Delayed and people started noticing Something odd the only time he noticed That it started slowing down was in October where they started talking about The 20 days but it took them more than 20 days and so what ends up happening is One day we're looking at our phones and All of a sudden we're losing and we're Not just losing a little bit our Accounts are on drawdown like 50 percent And then Pace calls me he's like ah this Is where the this is where the rug gets Pulled out from underneath us man I Always I felt like something was wrong And I feel like this is where the road's Gonna get pulled out from underneath us It felt like that day I was getting I Was feeling sick I'm like man I damn it We got scammed and then all of a sudden Everything magically got erased And they said oh the server is refreshed We had to refresh the servers like that Somehow changed all the trades they said No it's the aggregator the way the Aggregator communicates from the

Platform to metatrader5 the data gets Scrambled and then it gets screwed up For the whole day and then by the end of The day I actually made money he just Changed the trades he just changed the Exit you know dollar amount that he that He took On that trade now this was alarming Trades can't change after the fact Losses don't just magically become Profits that's impossible And people were confused why were their Withdrawals getting delayed if they were Still making money and that's when People started to panic withdrawal they Wanted their money out and this is when Things went from bad to worse because Payments stopped coming altogether and The cftc issued a red list for Trader's Domain for quote accepting funds from U.S customers which as we said is Illegal and a few months later as I'm Investigating this an official Investigation is announced as well quote Cftc charges several people and Companies in an 145 million dollar Ponzi Scheme and in that report they named Somebody we know tin Tran the owner of CCAP Holdings according to this document Tin Tran quote operated a fraudulent Scheme from approximately April 2020 to The present he directly accepted at Least 144 million dollars from Approximately 913 pool participants not

Only that we also also see another Familiar face Mike Sims or Michael Shannon Sims who is also mentioned as One of the promoters so I guess at this Point you're probably wondering well hey Look I guess they caught him right case Closed and that's what I thought too but Just as I was ready to give this whole Case up I started to hear a different Name that changed everything something Happened in November or October and People just stopped getting money back Nobody's communicating with us nothing's Happening everybody that's involved Keeps telling us that we're in Ungrateful and that we're asking too Many questions and I told you I told Jamil in like first week of January I Said we got scammed man these guys must Be running a Ponzi scheme or something's Going on when I started doing my own Researches about who the company what The company is well the owner behind the Team behind it the audit team behind it And that's when I find out there's this One guy named dead who's making all the Trades and he's running this Ponzi Scheme we now learn of this Savant that Is the man behind Traders domain and so This is the first time I ever hear the Name Ted safranco and I'm like who the Freak is Ted who's Ted [Music] Coffeezilla I don't think he's ever

Dealt with someone my size before and Nobody knows anything about his family Because they don't have the resources I Have Took me weeks to go through all the Documents But eventually Patterns started to emerge Hi everyone my name is Ted I've been Working for many years now almost 15 Years I wanted to have a lifestyle Change I wanted to get into something Different I mean this is sociopathic Behavior right this is what a real Sociopath does give me a break I take a Flight to the UK right now and just show Up and curb stomp their heads I win Because they're dead Thank you

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