Exposing Scams on Joe Rogan

By now a lot of you know my secret since The photos have been leaking online yes I am terribly short in real life now Throw your Stones if you must in the Comment section but your words will not Hurt me because I am a small Target now Of course the real secret is obviously That I went on Joe Rogan did about a Three-hour podcast and I didn't want to Say anything when we were setting it up A couple months ago because the whole Time I'm thinking there's been an error You know this guy has to have famous People to talk to or important people Maybe but sure enough It happened and uh yeah I just wanted to Take a moment to highlight my three Favorite moments from The Experience Starting with the Logan Paul and crypto Zoo Um part we gotta talk about so obviously Most people know that Logan Paul Promised to refund the victims but the Behind the scenes information which I Haven't talked about is that he hasn't Actually paid anyone yet he hasn't even Said a word to his community since January when he got in trouble and it's Just been really frustrating to watch Because frankly I'm tired of talking About Logan but many of these people are Helplessly waiting and begging for Logan To respond to them and they've been Getting nothing so I followed up with

Logan privately twice about the lack of Refunds uh and heard nothing I got left On red so I finally decided to make it Public enjoy you told everyone it was Going to make the money and then you Never delivered anything so my story was Basically Showing that showing the victims of the Scheme and in response he's like well I'm going to sue you for that he said He's going to see you yeah he said I'll See you in court And then the backlash against him was so Severe that he releases a video saying Thank you coffeezilla for showing at the World what happened and I appreciate it I responded out of anger but I'm gonna Make things right I'm gonna fix the game To what it was supposed to be and I'm Gonna pay back 1.7 million dollars I'm committing 1.7 Million to anyone who bought an nft can Get a refund now there's a bit of an Issue with that so that's nice I Actually think it's great that that Happened but uh there's two issues with It number one which is that The nfts were only half a small part of The sale they actually weren't even half They were because people bought these Tokens so the people who bought tokens Get nothing he's offering you know this Refund on the the nfts the other problem Is he hasn't refunded the nfts it's been

Like over a month since he's done this So he said he's going to do it and then The Discord put like he's posting in This little chat room with the investors After he said he was going to do it he's Posted nothing there's no way to get a Refund right now so I keep asking him Like Hey where's you promised 1.7 Million to these investors they're all Waiting like it's been over uh I think It's almost been two months now and There's nothing so it's like you know he Says that he's refunding people which Sounds great for PR and then it's just Like radio silence so my experience Because I've talked to Logan and that's Why I know he didn't respond to me Because I I texted him I said Hey Where's this money he left me on red but I've talked to him and when I talk to Him there's just sort of this feeling of He's like I just don't want to think About this like I don't want to be you Know he wants to focus on Prime which is Successful he doesn't want to be Bothered with the victims of the scheme That he ultimately thought of in the First place is it possible that he's Just Gathering the money or working out A way to do it legally where it it makes Sense it's it's very frustrating because You know at at every turn it's just sort Of like uh you know it is I want to say It's possible we just don't know and

It's just sort of like When you promise people re refunds like The longer you wait you know the less People are actually going to take that Refund if Walmart says hey bring in Bring in this skull I'll give you a Refund and you're like all right when Can I bring it in and then I'll respond To you for two months They know that you're less likely to Actually take the refund so I don't know If he's doing it because he wants less People to get the refund he probably is Busy but my thought is A transgression of this magnitude where You're playing with people's money and Livelihoods you cannot take it lightly And that's one of the things is these Influencers got into this crypto space I Don't think they fully appreciated They're now dealing with financial Investments and it's not a joke it's not Like a brand deal where you know if uh Nordvpn isn't as great as they said it Was you know it's all cool right it's Now it's your company and you promise People you're gonna make the money and Now you haven't said anything for over a Year then you say you're going to refund Them and you don't say anything for two Months that's a that's an issue so That's my favorite segment from the show I just think it's so important to hold These people accountable and the second

Moment I wanted to talk about was uh Talking about Ai and deep fake scams Which is something I'm concerned about But I haven't gotten the chance to talk About too much just recently one went Viral using Joe Rogan and I wanted to Get his response to it after I had done Some research here's a clip of the deep Fake scam and his reaction to it and the AI stuff's scary because ultimately You'll get the AI deep faking you into You know yeah there's one of me it was One of me and Andrew huberman selling Some supplement that's not real right Yeah Alpha I don't know if the Supplement's real but I know that the Commercial's certainly not real I mean Andrew Look alphagrid's only been out For two months but if you go to Amazon And you search testosterone booster for Men Amazon already has it at the top of The search ranking yeah they they deep Faked you and I think it went viral on Twitter for a bit yeah what everybody Knew was a deep fake luckily and it Wasn't quite good enough yeah and then You know we tried to figure out who's Doing it and you just run into a bunch Of shells it's like very difficult I'll Tell you offline who's doing it okay I Know I looked into it because I was Curious I was curious and uh you know That same person I put out a lot of ads About like Kim Kardashian had they had

Deep fake of Kim okay so I'm gonna share Pete's secret for his feedee they had One of you saying that like so they have One of you saying like this product's Great you know go buy it and then There's another one where you were Complaining that Andrew Tate launched it And you thought you were sort of like Andrew Tate's going after my brand so Andrew Tate made this competing product To Alpha Brain he called it Alpha Brian And it's a coffee with some nootropic And test boosting ingredients in there Hey I'm not sure if that was a slight at Me for some of the past comments I had Made like masculinity yeah I will say I'm impressed with the formula I respect what he's doing and all around I mean I guess just hats off Although I wish he wasn't competing with Me it was kind of this hilarious thing Where they were playing both sides it's Like it's Joe Rogan's it's also Joe Rogan Tate like hates that it's out There because it's so good then it's Like Kim Kardashian loves it they had Every celebrity was like basically Endorsing this thing all through Ai and It's just the Testament of our times Like Celebrities are the new sort of Authorities For better and often For Worse Um but like but people use that as

Currency now and like with AI you can Just like fake a lot of that stuff Um that's what I'm worried about is the Volley I feel like this is the very First volley in a war on reality this is A weird experience showing the person Who was used in the fake ad like the Fake ad but something I actually forgot To mention in the show which I think Makes it 10 times worse is that the Person who sells this Alpha grind Product or the and uses these AI scams Uh goes by the name of Genius CEO and he Sells a course on selling on Amazon so It's not just Preposterous that he uses It to sell the product itself he then Brags about it online where these Products are getting sold by AI scams And then he sells a course I guess on How to do the same thing let me tell you A story of how I made 300K in two months And yes there is some artificial Intelligence in this story very strange I forgot to mention it and I just wanted To correct that and I I also want to say This technology is only gonna get more Creepy so yeah the future it's not great Now the final part of the show I wanted To highlight is a Celsius rant which if You haven't seen that video you can go Check it out right now but it's just Also a rant about scams in general and It really sums up a lot of my thinking Lately uh just the problem of these

Scams being under prosecuted criminally And um yeah I I hope you enjoy I watched The Celsius video that you put out Recently and I watched it today and I Was like this is so valuable because I'm Seeing all these people because you you Showed those people that did get scammed And the people that get [ __ ] over by This guy who created this thing and you Know they have a voice now and you can You you can also like let all these Other [ __ ] that are trying to Do something like that know that coffee Zilla's out there and he's going to find You and he's gonna put you on blast and People are gonna know and it's gonna be More difficult for the next person and Again it's not the wealthy investors That will sue it's these people that put In two thousand dollars and it's the Only two thousand dollars they had That's that's where it's so valuable and And I know that you feel that way and it Comes through in your video and I think That's why it's appealing that's why It's working I I really discovered early on that Nobody cares about the numbers the Numbers are like the headline or Whatever but ultimately you can't make a Like this stuff doesn't matter until you Get people involved yeah until you hear The victims talk they're the heartbeat Of everything because until you hear

That like what's a billion dollar it's Impossible to know yeah and it's not and Then and then you watch the guy and You're like this who would fall for this You know like it's easy to get cynical If you just see the numbers and the guy Who defrauded people yeah the second you Humanize it and you show a person and All of a sudden you see someone with all The same problems and you can just tell You can see it in their eyes and they're Just wrecked by this guy who who they Believe who truly they believed it it's Like the biggest betrayal you trusted Somebody with everything and then they Stab you in the back like this uh Alex Machinski CEO of Celsius his whole thing Was banks are evil which is not Crazy I mean it's like you know you can Understand why a lot of people resonated With that they're like and it wasn't Even evil yeah yeah sorry I was going to Correct that he said like they're greedy Yeah and that's true like it's like and He's not yeah yeah he goes like banks Are not your friends true statement Alex And then this interviewers like but Alex Is your friend and he's like yeah he's Like you basically you can take the same Ride as me eight percent eight percent a Year I'll just give it to you you know We're we're giving we're doing the same Thing as the banks we're loaning out Your money but we're gonna pass on 80 of

The revenue back to you instead of the Banks which they take all your money Right Um so people bought into that they said That sounds great like a new hey the Internet changed everything you know we Think crypto is going to change Everything why not have a bank that Instead instead of serving as Shareholders it serves its customers it Kind of like there's something that Makes sense there it's really compelling And then come to find out Celsius was Never making money they said they were Paying out you know you with uh with Their profits they were paying out you With new deposits like new people were Coming in and they were paying you out And so it was this giant Ponzi scheme Where they set the rewards because they Knew if it's high enough people are just Going to flock to them and so but they Had this compelling explanation for why Like it kind of made it kind of made a Little bit of sense and then they when It finally goes wrong He just get he just walks away I mean Yeah he's getting sued civilly but Where's the criminal action he's going To go to jail probably not And it's like that is so messed up that Is such a that itself is a crime I I Think it's so sick that we allow we Throw the book at people who will rob a

Store with a gun right still ten Thousand bucks People who still millions billions of Dollars often get away with it Because it's just done a little Differently there's not the drama of the Gun and somebody's and even if no one Just gets shot there's it's just hey It's just he pushed a few pencils around He got you to sign a few shitty but That's just as sick and twisted but it's Just done in a way that socially is Slightly more acceptable and get they Get away with it way more often but I Would contend that these people are Literally financially murdering people After Celsius people committed Because of lit I mean literally it's a Fact people come inside because they Lost everything I'm sure FTX as well of Course you know the bigger the bigger The scam there's just statistically it Almost becomes impossible that you don't At least If not financially sort of Metaphorically murdering a family you Literally kill somebody and people walk Away with Not like either only the guy at the top Goes down or nobody goes down and that Is crazy to me it's like what message Are we sending Via our our Regulators basically it's Like hey you're gonna get a slap on the

Wrist If you're caught and this what you just Did is why you're so successful that's Real this is how you really feel this is Your re and this is why your show works And this is this is it right there like What you just did is why I'm interested In your show because it's this is your Real thought something has to change I Mean something has to change where you Can't you can't just go go on like this Where if if we're really going to allow If if we're going to you know take our Financial future in our own hands we're Going to allow these influencers to talk About Finance somebody has to be there When things go wrong yes and there has To be consequences if you lie and if you Cheat and you steal there has to be a Guy at the end of the day who's gonna Put you in trouble and I think a YouTube Video is not nearly enough that's why I'm constantly saying like hey Okay it's up from someone from the Government get involved like go [ __ ] This guy up go lock somebody you know I know it's like a lot of this is new Like the crypto stuff is new but it They're doing old crimes in a new way Yeah it's always been illegal to steal People's money and that is what's Happening and that's why I put these People on my show so you don't think It's some like rug pool where it's all

Fake money no there was real money in These companies And they just stole it a new way but It's they're still stealing money and The fact that we haven't found a way to Put some of these people in jail is Mind-blowing to me and we're sending a Bad message that hey just keep doing it Just go start a new there are people now Uh they were trying to start GTX after FTX some new some new guys will try to Start like the new thing and it's like TX is next It's just like you know you have to That's half the purpose of the law is to It's partly you know for you know you Did something wrong you get punished but Also part of it is you do something Wrong you send a message to socially you Socially signal that we do not tolerate This and right now the social signal Were were sending and accepting is if You scam there's a very high likelihood You will get away with it and if you Don't get away with it you'll get a Little slap on the wrist you'll get a Little fine And that's not that's not working no It's not well that's it in all Seriousness it was a surreal moment a Very cool one uh and I just appreciate You all getting me this far thank you For watching and even more than that Thank you for caring about these scams

Ultimately I think we're shining a light On a really important issue and um I'm Just grateful that anyone pays attention So yeah thank you and I'll see you in The next one

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