Exposing The YouTube Automation Scam

YouTube automation is a scam and Unfortunately it's become the hottest New thing for fake gurus to sell courses For over the past 2 years there have Been hundreds of YouTube automation Gurus that have popped up all selling Multi thousand courses and that should Be a red flag to everyone years ago many Of these same guys so Shopify Drop Shipping courses and since that market Is too saturated have moved on to the Next big Gold Rush YouTube automation to Explain the basics of what YouTube Automation is these gurus claim that They have a secret formula to help you Build a fully automated YouTube channel Where you never need to appear on camera Do any voiceover or editing and can hire People in India or some other poor Country to do all this work for you for $5 an hour they claim these garbage tier Videos they produce have made their Students millions in ad revenue and can Do the same for you once you pay for Their multi th000 course unfortunately This is all a lie yes it is possible to Hire editors in foreign countries for Chief and you can use an AI to have a Voice actor as well but if you ask any Creator who has a faceless Channel like How money works or barely sociable how Much time and effort goes into their Videos they will tell you there is Nothing automated about making a

Successful faceless Channel anyone who Is doing this full-time is spending Countless hours managing their teams to Make the best videos possible and it's Nothing like the supposed 30 minutes a Day of work these automation gurus claim It is a much better name for this would Be YouTube management but that wouldn't Sell anywhere near the same amount of Courses a slick title like YouTube Automation actually does on top of all Of that some of the scummiest people on YouTube are automation gurus an Individual I made a video on over a year Ago named Ryan hriff is a YouTube Automation course Guru who back in 2017 Was one of the biggest promoters of a Cryptocurrency scam known as bconnect Once that scam collapsed it ruined his Image for years but he eventually Rebranded himself self as a YouTube Automation expert and people seem to Have forgotten his past promotion of one Of crypto's biggest scams sadly in the Past year it seems these automation Gurus have gone mainstream and have Recently been getting a lot of promotion On trusted channels like think media and Vid IQ both these channels have over a Million subscribers and provide helpful Information for people who want to start Or grow their YouTube channels to be Clear I actually really like both think Media and IQ and I've been watching

These channels for YouTube advice since Before I ever made my first video so It's really unfortunate to see them now Promoting these fake gurus on their Channels if you check out the view Totals it becomes clear why they have Decided to do these videos as they tend To get way more views than their normal Content does despite that there really Isn't any reason why these guys should Be promoted many people have started to Call out these fake gurus and hopefully The tide is turning away from these Obvious conmen on Twitter a YouTube guru Known as dvb recently made a post Claiming he had an unsaturated YouTube Niche he was going to give to anyone who Dm'd him the YouTube channel internet Anarchist quickly pointed out that the Guy had just taken a picture of his YouTube channel page and blurred it out To be clear the niche that internet Anarchist is in is actually very Saturated and unless you make top tier Content like Anarchist or sunny V2 you Won't be able to break into that niche The dvb guru either didn't know that or Simply doesn't care and just wants to Use this fake post to funnel more people To his website which sells a YouTube Thumbnail subscription service that can Cost $3,000 a month most of these gurus teach Outdated ways to grow on YouTube or in

Many cases we'll teach you to create YouTube channels that break the terms of Service and will get demonetized once They get flagged for these bad practices One of the Prime examples of this is Creating fake news headlines to Clickbait people into watching your Videos and then simply playing old news Clips from the news stations years ago a Great example is the YouTube channel new Newspaper today which posted a fake Image and title claiming New York and Ohio are in chaos with houses buried Under several feet of snow this fake Video got almost 4 million views and Caused 20 other automated fake channels To copy the title and video to make Their own fake stories about devast Stating snowstorms interestingly enough If you check out the YouTube channel You'll see that their entire channel is Filled with fake stories of natural Disasters apparently happening daily Around the world this entire Channel and Many like them were designed to funnel Viewers into these click baited news Stories to try and game as much ad Revenue from the platform until YouTube Eventually realizes it's a scam and Turns off their monetization that's Exactly what happened and this channel Now has a pinned comment saying they Have decided to stop making content and Linking to a new channel that has since

Been deleted as well this is the kind of Low effort clickbait crap that YouTube Automation gurus try and sell in their Thousand courses it works for a brief Moment but then gets taken down and You're forced to start all over knowing That the clock is ticking on your new Channel until it eventually gets taken Down as well since your videos provide No value and are designed to scam Viewers into watching garbage content With all that being said I wanted to Take a closer look at one YouTube Automation Guru they're all the same but This guy named Devin canup has been Blowing up on Twitter recently posting Images of his supposed YouTube channels That are making him millions of dollars A year I started to get annoyed by this Obvious con to funnel people into his 3K YouTube automation course and started Replying to his post asking for him to Show proof he actually has these Channels Devon never responded to my Comments and then decided to block me It's never a good sign when you ask a Guru to provide evidence of their Outlandish claims and their only Response is to block you as I was doing Research on Devon's past for this video I was shocked to see that vid IQ decided To interview him for a video with the Outlandish claim that Devon made 1.5 Million from faceless YouTube channels

Keep in mind that Devon or any of these Other gurus will never actually tell you What their channels are and provide no Evidence of their claims of making Millions from YouTube They simply ask That you trust them and give a robotic Answer as to why they keep their Channels private off like why why are You hesitant to to show like these Faceless YouTube channels that are Making a ton of money people saw the Channels that I had and I had a video That went viral that got a few hundred Thousand views of me talking about it And then overnight I think we went from Having like 20 competitors in the niche That I knew very personally like I Talked with all of them and stuff to Where we had I think we were getting Like a 100 a day and so I share with People what channels I do I'm just not Like hey here's my YouTube channel this Is the exact Channel that I made $600,000 too $600,000 on out to like 100,000 people just anonymously just Because I don't know like some people Could send like you know I have a good Personality I believe in like Karma do Good to others so you can receive good To yourself but uh you never know so What someone's intentions are they could Have like 10,000 people go like report The video and then crush and kill the Channel too you know people like people

Could Malicious intents and stuff now that Answer is complete if you have A successful YouTube channel even if you Don't tell people what it is people will Organically find it on YouTube once it Starts to go viral and will attempt to Copy your success if Devon was an actual YouTube expert he would know this his Response is also admitting to the fact That his concept is incredibly easy to Replicate and that his videos are low Effort if you make highquality videos And already have a large audience it Would be be impossible for a new Creator To come in and steal your audience away With an inferior product Devon and all The gurus answer this way because their Low effort channels constantly get Demonetized and they have to create new Ones if they told you what channels they Run you would see 3 months from now all Of those channels abandoned after they Got flagged by YouTube Devon and these Other gurus understand the real money is Made by selling overpriced courses they Show their flashy lifestyle which they Get from selling courses and make you Believe it's from YouTube automation the Information they sell you will end up Getting your videos demonetized and You'll be screwed after spending Thousands trying to get these channels Set up all the while the gurus don't

Have a care in the world as long as they Keep getting monthly checks from their Course sales I wanted to get to the Bottom of Devon's story and see if he Actually operated any channels making Millions as he claims and the deeper I Looked into this guy's story The fishier He became Devon's only public channel That shows people is the channel That Bearss his name Devin canop this channel Has only 12,000 subscribers and Regularly gets less than a thousand Views a video he seems to be a copycat Of both Tai Lopez and Alex Becker with His herein my garage Style videos yet he Can't seem to replicate their success Despite claiming to be a YouTube Automation expert now normally I Wouldn't put down someone's YouTube Channel as I understand how hard it is To grow a channel and people could say My videos get low views compared to a Much larger Channel like coffeezilla the Point I'm trying to make is that Devon Claims to be a YouTube automation expert Yet the only public Channel he shows People has trouble getting a thousand Views a video and doesn't have many Subscribers an expert should be able to Successfully grow a channel in this Niche look at channels like Nick nimon Think media and Tube budy all of them Are in the same niche of helping people Grow on YouTube and all of them have

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Subscribers if these guys sold a course On growing on YouTube I wouldn't have Any problem with that since they clearly Know what they're doing look at Devon's Only public Channel he clearly doesn't Understand how to make a channel grow so Why should anyone buy his overpriced Course digging deeper I was able to find Two more channels run by Devon the first Channel seems to be one he created to Promote his YouTube automation business Which is called canop of become viral he Posts the same content as on his other Channel with the same results and this Channel has less than 2,000 subscribers Another example of his YouTube expert Skills the most interesting Channel I Found appears to be his first channel That he created as a teenager this Channel has nothing to do with YouTube Automation and is called real estate University Devon has posted hundreds of Videos on this channel and claims that He is a real estate wholesale flipper he Eventually began selling a course Teaching others how to flip flip real Estate and he even showed that he was Making way more money selling his course Than he did making YouTube videos on my CPM and as he saw on social blade it was Between 25 cents and $4 and here I get Paid about it's saying $27 23 good stuff so as you can see here

This is stripe uh what I made was just Under $1,000 in Gross and from the Actual sales and everything Revenue just About $111,000 from the clips that I've Watched from that channel it doesn't Seem to me that Devon really knew Anything about flipping real estate and Was just presenting himself as a real Estate Guru to sell courses to people Devon eventually stopped making videos For that channel after he realized there Was a much larger audience to sell YouTube automation courses to instead in His last video where he announced he's Suddenly leaving the wholesale real Estate business his own audience called Him out with the top comment saying this Man does not wholesale LOL he's Obviously ly a marketer nobody with an Established wholesaling business is Going to just quit like that I respect The hustle though for real at this point After spending hours trying to find Devon's supposed million-dollar channels I finally stumbled upon a channel that Had one video titled how Devin canop Turned $0 into 60,000 per month Cody White success story this video was The Smoking Gun that allowed me to finally See just what kind of content this guy Claimed was making him Millions what's Interesting to start with this video is That it appears to show that Devon was a Student of another YouTube automation

Guru known as Cody white Cody sold Courses teaching how to flood the YouTube algorithm with garbage tier Content and Devon seems to have realized That the real money isn't in making These channels that get demonetized it's In selling courses he eventually started Copying what Cody did and started Selling his own course as well now in This video Devon attempts to hide his Various Channel names and just show the Money he was making but he made several Mistakes which allow us to see exactly What his channel names are the first Channel name we can see is from a Community post he forgot to blur out Which shows his channel name as Reddit Watchers this was a Reddit text to Speech channel that either no longer Exist or had its name changed to hide Its identity the second Channel he Accidentally leaks is from another Community post he failed to blur and it Shows his other channel name was Sir Reddit this made the same type of Content as the first channel and while There is no sir rdit Channel active Today there is a sir readit channel that It looks like Devon's channel was a copy Of the final Channel Devon accidentally Leaked showed that the channel name was Bamboozled and by the thumbnail image I Was able to verify and confirm that the Channel is still up this video they

Posted was the last one the channel ever Posted and again it made low effort Askreddit Style videos r/ askreddit What's the worst date you've ever been On took her out to a quiet Bar and Grill Ordered a beer and listened to her Lecture me about how I am using beer to Hide deal with my insecurities I ordered A second and a third so now we know Exactly what kind of content Devon the YouTube automation expert makes it's low Effort askreddit videos now to be fair To Devon it does seem that he made a Decent amount of money from these Channels for a brief period of time but All of them were eventually demonetized And he abanded them if you're unfamiliar With the ask Reddit style of videos they Became super popular in 2018 and were Very easy to make as he would just post Screenshots of funny Reddit post and Then use a text speech voice to read Them out loud the editing to make a Video like this can be done by almost Anyone which is why there were so many Copycat channels that popped up Including Devon's channels YouTube Eventually realized these types of Channels were parasites that Regurgitated the same content over and Over and eventually changed the terms of Service in 2019 to demonetized all text To speech channels this change Effectively ended the as rdit channels

And only a handful of them still post to This day Devin Cody white or any of the Other YouTube automation experts Understand this method of making videos Is not sustainable and realize the safe And more lucrative way to get rich is to Sell you an overprice course teaching You the outdated methods that don't work They get all the money from the course Without any of the hassle of having to Constantly start new channels after each One gets taken down making a successful YouTube channel that isn't low effort Rule breaking garbage takes time and any Person trying to sell you a course Saying it's easy and you can make Millions only working a few hours a day Is lying and should be avoided at all Cost now I'd like to end this video on a Positive note so I want to bring up a Video I mentioned earlier Devon was Featured in a vid IQ video where they Promoted him as some sort of YouTube Expert I left a comment comment on that Video and even tweeted vid IQ saying They shouldn't be promoting this guy and Fortunately it seems their own audience Was smart enough to sniff this guy out As the comments were filled with people Calling Devon a scammer less than a day After vid IQ posted that video they Quietly deleted it as well as any Reference of it on Twitter as well so at Least in that small scenario I see that

As a big win Devon has been sending Emails out to people who showed interest In buying his course telling them all he Was featured in a vid IQ video but now That they took that video down I guess He's going to have to stop sending those Emails since it's no longer true sorry About that Devon

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