Failed Weight-Loss YouTuber Becomes Morbidly Obese

Amblin raid created a channel to Document what was supposed to be an epic Weight loss Journey my name is emberlynn And I wanted to start a YouTube channel For weight loss instead the audience saw Nothing but drama and catastrophe as Amblin almost doubled her body weight With a brutal transformation beginning When she'd weigh in during her very First video I did my way in I was 368.0 Ambulance courageous ability to share This vulnerable information led to an Instant fan base of approximately 200 Subscribers along with positive comment After positive comment on every single Video but while everybody was rooting For amblein only seven days after Uploading her first video there were Already signs that her weight loss Journey was going to end in disaster as She'd post her first weekly weigh-in Explaining that she hadn't lost any Weight my weigh-in was 368.0 last week my win today was 368.0 So I stayed the exact same the other Thing that became obvious in this video Was that amblin had no desire to say Sacrifice for her goal when it comes to Thanksgiving no I will not be counting Calories if any of you are wondering no I will not even be I'm just not Just not think about my way s and she Had a defeatist attitude toward her

Weight loss journey I don't have Willpower like I used to I remember the Days where I was down three pounds To say that this unconfident mindset was Doing her no favors as one week later She'd upload another weigh-in video Revealing that she'd actually gained Weight this week has been my most Important 371.0 before she'd talk about her Solution to fix this which was not to Eat healthier but rather to change the Day on which she weighed herself I will Be weighing on Thursdays now and by this Thursday I hope to be down three pounds It should be simple well ambulin Concluded by stating that losing another Three pound should be simple she'd once Again gain weight in the week that Followed I've been having a lot of Issues with saying no to certain food so I did my weigh-in I was up too pointy Every time I weigh in I'm like not Losing I don't know what to do with the Trend continuing into the wake after That but I stepped on the scale and saw 377 my first reaction was what that Can't be right I stepped on it a few Other times which I normally do and it All said the same thing I definitely Know how to gain some weight it was Obvious that amblin's weight loss Journey wasn't going to plan and while Almost every comment remained positive

Her failure to lose weight resulted in Her very first hater who she'd foolishly Dedicate an entire video to this person Is beating me up so bad with their words Saying that since I started this channel I'm actually up with however amblin had A plan to prove this hater wrong as one Week later she'd upload a video Providing an outline for the way she Wanted to get down to by the end of the Year my resolution is to reach 299 pounds I think I was 11 when I Weighed 200 190 pounds and ever since Then I have never seen that number two At the beginning of my weight after Posting this video emblem began to make Progress instantly so my weigh-in Yesterday was 377.0 my way in today was 376.4 so that's down point six I would Announce five months later that she'd Lost an impressive 28 pounds it feels Really freaking good to be so on track I'm in the 340s no more 350s although Throughout the rest of the year Ambulance discipline began to slip I Spent the last three weeks eating Whatever I wanted yes I have gained 13.8 Pounds in the last couple of months and By the end of the year rather than being Down to a goal of 299 she was instead Back to 377 pounds that was my weigh-in 37.0 the exact same weight that she was At the beginning of the year yet in Retrospect this loss of zero pound seems

Quite favorable as only four months Later she'd make an announcement that Ultimately caused her weight gain to Spiral out of control amblin uploaded a Video titled going through a breakup Explaining that her four-year Relationship had slowly Fallen apart Which was followed by a different video Only two days later explaining that the Scale couldn't even weigh her anymore as She'd become heavier than 420 pounds the Fact that the scale wasn't reading me Because I reached 420 again or around There it absolutely hurts amblin's Emotional state was healed to some Extent Dent when she begin to date a new Girl called Destiny however this only Seemed to make things worse as she'd Begin to go months without weighing Herself last time I weighed myself was Over two months ago and after only six Months of being in this new relationship Emblem explained that her weight had hit A new high I weighed in and I'm 455.0 Pounds I know every single time I come On here I weigh more and more and more The audience also began to observe that Amblin had adopted a significantly more Obnoxious unlikable attitude which when Combined with her weight gain led to a Surge in people hating on her content People are judging every move I made Even in the good things that I do people Find negative and it's it's frustrating

To me at around the same point in time With the assistance of various mukbang Videos amblin experienced a significant Increase in her subscriber count Although obviously this only gave her More incentive to eat helping her to Reach 482 pounds only six months after Hitting 450 things became even worse for Amblin when she'd announced that her new Relationship had also come to an end Stimulating yet another increase January 1st I weighed 489.2 that is the highest weight I have Ever weighed I've A hundred pounds I can't even like say That out loud that that is like possible For me to be that big it is scary and as A result of this gain amblin decided to Put her foot down and make a change once And for all only this change wouldn't Come in the form of a new diet or even a New exercise routine but it would rather Appear in the form of a video announcing That she would no longer be stepping on The scale or tracking her weight loss Journey whatsoever I am done with my Weight loss Journey sharing my journey Does not help me at all it seemed as Though amblin couldn't bear to see Herself hit 500 pounds with this willful Ignorance being spotted by the audience Immediately her former title is a weight Loss YouTuber had transformed into the New title of a weight gain YouTuber and

With a steadily increasing audience Ambulance inability to lose weight began To receive exposure outside of YouTube She's a woman who started her Channel at 350 pounds to motivate herself and Others to lose weight she has since Gained over 200 pounds through excessive Binging and delusions about what is Healthier starts a new diet every few Weeks and breaks them within hours there Are rumors that she can't fit into her Own bathroom at this point and is mostly Immobile she's a train wreck my fear of Becoming like her has been a great Motivation to continue this lifestyle And it's not like this was the only Person who was using ambulance as fuel For their own weight loss journey I Watch ambulin Reid's videos on YouTube To motivate me to cut my portions down And work out more good Lord that poor Girl not even 30 and she can barely walk Due to morbid obesity but while these People were able to find inspiration to Continue on their weight loss Journeys Amble and Reed was doing the opposite She'll begin her fourth year on YouTube Weighing in at 497 pounds which Accompanied yet another optimistic Resolution my goal is not to go out to Eat a single time in January I'm gonna Be pretty much doing like a very clean Eating and I'm just pumped about it However the audience already knew

Exactly what was going to happen Amber Is never going to lose weight she's been Doing this for years now she'll be Eating at Texas Roadhouse in two weeks And with the assistance of her jumbo Coke and chocolate movie theater diet These comments turned out to be correct So that means in one week I've gained 12.8 pounds however it will be what Amblin did next that took her journey to A whole new level of degeneracy she'd Begin to use her weight as clickbait for New videos proudly displaying her Unhealthy diet in exchange for extra Views leading to the confirmation that Amblin was now over 500 pounds I just Keep gaming I have never weighed this Much ever I don't even want to say it Out loud it's weird Um it seems too real when I say it out Loud My weight today was 500.6 well who's Actually surprised and no girl you're Not retaining water you know exactly What you did way to make excuses Retaining water did not make you 500 Pounds eating 6 000 plus calories a day Did well we all saw this happening don't Have to be that so raven to know you Were gonna hit 500 pounds the cycle Continued with a brand new goal my goal Is to be 465 pounds by June 29th Followed by a brand new failure Yesterday I waited for you guys at my

Heaviest it was 525 point something her Weight had unsurprisingly gotten even Worse by the following year And as ambulance creeped past a hundred Thousand subscribers she began to Receive criticism from some of YouTube's Biggest Fitness influences for meal one She has a recharge bar from Jenny Craig It should be called a fat bar in fact There's more grams of fat in a recharge Bar than a Kit Kat bar yet her response Was simply that these Fitness Experts Didn't understand who she was every Video made Horrible and rude and people just don't Understand where I'm coming from and I Feel like I'm very misunderstood and it Will be through this ignorant attitude That amblin reached a whopping 572 pounds however in case things Weren't already bad enough only five Months later amblin uploaded a new video Announcing that she'd been diagnosed With cancer so I got my result my Results back and I do have cancer I have Womb cancer which was extra frightening Given her health the reason I'm really Scared is because of my weight which is Also my fault so First amblin had hit absolute rock Bottom and while during the early days Of her Channel she stated that she'd Never get weight loss surgery desperate Times began to call for desperate

Measures so I have been putting off Calling a weight loss doctor for months Now but I don't know what came over me I Just didn't I um called a weight loss Place that I know about ambulance stated That one of the worst Parts about Getting the surgery was that her views On YouTube would likely decline do I Think I'm gonna lose viewers by getting Weight loss surgery and honestly by me Losing weight I will lose viewership and That she'd need to lose a bunch of Weight prior to the surgery at the size That I am they won't be able to do Weight loss surgery prompting ambulance To lose a whopping 89 pounds in only a Couple of months I weighed in today I Reached a new lowest at 483.0 so that Means I'm officially down 89.4 pounds And I'm ecstatic although for whatever Reason and never got the surgery and Instead as you might expect put the Weight back on that would be until just A few months ago when amblin announced That she had finally picked out a weight Loss surgeon how I'm feeling now is I'm Ready to take that step I already know What surgeon I want to see yet it was Going to be incredibly expensive it Comes out to 23 000 and as a result She's currently saving for the procedure While waiting for her doctor's approval Ambulin currently weighs in at 508 Pounds

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