Fake Guru Lifestyle Is Evolving…. Meet Kevin & Grant Cardone.

The fake gurus of social media are Evolving they are becoming something far Greater than they were before now for Someone who's been watching who has been Studying these figures as to their Tricks since 2018 2019 I can tell you That exclusively all of them had Something in common back in the day and That was that they all posed in front of A Lamborghini whether that be Kevin David Ricky guterres whatever fake Guru You can think of all of them had the Same exact thing you pose in front of a Lamborghini and that convinces people to Buy your course because that's what all Of them did right they would all sell Courses whether that be Amazon FBA stock Market investing day trading whatever Their stick was they wanted you to Believe they got rich doing that but They actually got rich selling these Courses and they wanted people to sign Up and by posing in front of a Lamborghini that would convince people Like people would be like I want that Lifestyle I want a Lamborghini I'm gonna Listen to this guy I'm going to buy his Courses five thousand is ten thousand Dollar course and I'm gonna be rich just Like him and then I'm gonna have my own Lamborghini now the problem with that is So many individuals so many fake gurus Started copying this formula that worked Very well there were hundreds possibly

Thousands of people doing this exact Same thing for years and we eventually Got to the point where people actually Got desensitized by seeing people Standing in front of Lamborghinis I know That's hard to believe but it's Absolutely true there were so many People trying to sell whatever course They were trying to sell standing in Front of the Lamborghini it meant Nothing it was basically like you were Standing in front of a Honda Civic Nobody wants that nobody wants a Honda Civic so people these fake gurus they Had to step up their game right they had To take it to the next level and that's Exactly what some of them are starting To do by buying their own private jet Right because you're a real baller like Standing in front of a Lamborghini That's cool that's one thing but Standing in front of your own private Jet that you bought you're an awesome Dude man if you get if you can afford a Private jet wow you're just a amazing And this lifestyle what these what these Individuals are trying to show you is Purely to get more money out of your Pockets right they want the courses they Have seminars that they're selling all Of that they just want more money from You you have Grant Cardone Ricky Guterres and meet Kevin now these three Individuals all have private jets and

They're all fake gurus and they're all Trying to get more money from you by Constantly showing you uh their private Jets all over social media now we're Gonna be covering all three of these Guys but they're all pretty much doing The same thing like I said trying to get Money from you now Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is the OG fake Guru when it Comes to the private jet game because He's actually had a private jet he's Actually had multiple private jets which We'll get into in just a minute but he's At a private jet for many many years so Much much sooner before Ricky Gutierrez And meet Kevin who just started doing This in the past year trying to sell you On that private jet lifestyle that you Gotta have uh Grant Cardone has been Doing this for years years now Grant I'm Going to show you a clip from one of his Videos Grant wants you to believe that He bought a private jet specifically so He could spend more time with his family It's not because he you know he wants to Show off to you it's not because he Wants to get more money from your you Show that he's so successful because he Wants to spend more time with his family He's a nice family guy Me they said hey man You buy that jet to show off how about That jet so I could do three and four Cities in one day

So I could spend my free time I could be Home with my kids you guys would think I'm showing up you dumb You're dumb because you think little Showing up is for the ego that's dumb Man the Eagles is really small little Thing see that machine right there Requires you to think bigger how do I Get to more places in front of more People and then get back to be with my Family tonight so like I said Grant Wants you to believe it's all about the Family wants to visit two three cities In a day come home stay with the family He's a great family man and if you think He's buying those Jets to show off it's Because you think small you're dumb you Stupid person you're not doing this to Show off however that doesn't actually You know mesh with what his channel is About because if you actually look at His channel you will find literally Hundreds of videos of Grant showing off Not just his jet but his entire Aviation Fleety as a helicopter he has multiple Jets he has multiple cars that's what His whole channel is about and Grant has Actually bought multiple Jets just in The past few years he bought a Jet I Believe in 2019 and then like a year Later he bought another jet another Multiple I think it was 40 or 50 million Dollars that he spent on a brand new jet When he already had a fully functional

30 million dollar jet sitting there Ready to use now you don't need multiple Jets to visit your family you just need One Grant and you don't need to Constantly upgrade to more expensive Jets when you have one that works just Fine now like I said if you actually Look this up yourself go to YouTube Search type in Grant Cardone jet you Will literally find a page of videos Straight from his channel of him Constantly showing off different jets That he owns the interior uh shows you Buying the jet it shows him buying the Jet shows all this different things About his different Jetties constantly Showing off because this entire thing Has nothing to do with family like he Wants you to believe it has to do about Selling his billionaire lifestyle as Grant claims to be claims that he has Billions of dollars worth of real estate That he owns now all of this is to Convince people to spend more money on On his products all of these guys are All selling courses seminars whatever Grant has different different avenues That he has he has different seminars You can come you can learn all about Real estate that costs multiple Thousands of dollars he has private Events where you can have dinner with Him that costs ten thousand dollars now You may be thinking people wouldn't

Actually do that who would be dumb Enough to spend ten thousand dollars Just to talk to Grant Cardone and you Would be wrong because people all over The world spend that money these events Sell out around the world so that people Can sit at a table and talk to Grant Cardone about his billionaire lifestyle So all of this all of these videos about His jet his extravagant lifestyle it's All to get more money into his pockets It's all marketing now he actually does Speaking like he can he can do speaking Events you can hire Grant Cardone for a Speaking event I don't know why you Would want Grant to come talk at your Event now for Live Events Grant's gonna Charge you about two hundred thousand Dollars to come talk to your event right So like I said all of this just selling The lifestyle it is all marketing now Like I said Grant is the OG he's been Doing this the longest but there's two New guys two new fake gurus have started To realize that we need the private jet Lifestyle Lambo life doesn't work Doesn't get money in the bank anymore we Need that private jet lifestyle you have Ricky Gutierrez and meet Kevin now both Of these individuals have bought private Jets just in the past few months now Ricky guterres if you don't know who he Is uh he is a stock market a stock Market scammer uh coffee Zilla did a

Great video on him number of years ago Showing that he really doesn't know what He's talking about and he gets all of His numbers completely wrong saying that You can make an insane return every Single day that's just not physically Possible a one to one and a half percent Goal I think is much more realistic you Know okay he just said a one to one and A half percent goal is a realistic Benchmark for one of his students to hit When they're starting out with like Let's say a principal of 5000 they Should be able to hit a one percent Daily goal one to one and a half percent Now let's talk about what that actually Means so let's see what we have oh our Returns are really good by the end of 365 days if you can do that you have Taken your money from five thousand Dollars to now you own you have a Hundred eighty eight thousand dollars in One year okay Ricky says that's conservative Um I would say that's insane and Impossible now once again with Ricky Just like uh Grant Cardone if you type Ricky guterres jet into YouTube search Again you will see a full page of videos Specifically from his channel where he's Talking about his jet how much it costs Uh you know what he does in daily life In his jet all of that stuff he's doing The same thing that Grant Cardone is

Doing however he'll say in his videos That he's do he bought a Jet for Convenience guys it's not to show off Even though I have 100 videos on my Channel showing off my jet it's not to Show off it's because I need this for my Lifestyle guys and the thing about that Is I don't think any private citizen Actually needs a jet now maybe if you're A politician I could understand you know People might want to off a politician so I can understand if a politician needs a Jet maybe in that scenario but if you're A private citizen you're not in politics You don't need a private jet no one has A jet as a need every everyone has a Private jet as a want want versus need Are two very different things now what's Really interesting is if you look at Every single video about Ricky Gutierrez Talking about his jet if you look at the Description of it in all of them you Will see a link to his course right he Has a course that he sells uh going over You know trading day trading in the Stock market and Ricky you know has Tried for years to convince people and He's actually been very successful Convincing a lot of people that he has Become a hyper millionaire you know with Day trading in the stock market and That's simply not true the majority of His money he's actually comes from a Rich upbringing so I'm sure some of his

Fun some of his money comes from his Family but the good majority of his Money comes from selling this course That's what all of these guys do I'll Show you again all of these guys know That actually selling the courses is Where you make the money it's not Whatever they're teaching Amazon FBA Stock Market trading whatever none of That's going to make you super super Rich or successful but selling a course Teaching other people to do that and Saying you got rich doing that you can Make a lot of money doing that now if You actually click on the links to any Of his videos you'll see that his course Is currently going for five hundred Dollars right so that's how he's making Money five hundred dollars a pop all of These videos are free for him to make he Already owns the jet so he's just going Filming in front of his jet if someone Signs up for his course he gets 500 now That course is actually considerably Cheaper than what it used to be because 2022 you know there's inflation the Economy is not doing so great people are Not willing to spend the amount of money On these courses that they were just a Couple of years ago in 2020 with all the Funny money the stimulus Bill people Would gladly spend two three thousand Dollars on a course but now he has Lowered the price it's only a measly 500

Guys small price he'll show you how to Day trade even though he doesn't know What he's talking about and then you Eventually can live the private jet Lifestyle just like Ricky Gutierrez now Finally let's talk about meet Kevin now Meet Kevin's a fake Guru I've done a Bunch of videos on him if you don't know Check out my Channel all the stuff Around his is bad stock market trades uh You know his his new course that he's Selling he sells a bunch of course he Has like 10 courses right he got a DUI a Bunch of stuff check out those videos on Him but meet Kevin has been slowly Morphing into Grant Cardone which is Quite funny if you don't know he Actually used to call out Grant Cardone Years ago he was actually he got he got Arrested for stalking Grant Cardone uh Showed up at Grant cardone's business And now meet Kevin is just like Grant Cardone right Mead Kevin got started in The stock in real estate investing just Like Grant Cardone made a bunch of money Doing that then he became a social media Star just like Grant Cardone did then he Started his own real estate company Right and now he has his own private jet Just like Grant Cardone does right so Meet Kevin recently just a few months Ago bought a Jet right and he started Talking about it like crazy on his Channel just like these other guys do

And most of the comments are a good Portion of the comments were fairly Negative because the majority of his Audience probably 99.9 of people Watching any of these videos are never Going to get to the point where they can Ever buy a jet of their own so it's Really just him showing off now he talks About how he bought a Jet specifically For tax reasons uh you know he wanted to Write this off as a tax law so he can Not have to pay your taxes for several Years and that's something that Grant Cardone has specifically talked about His Jets as well so again uh Mead Kevin Is just copying Grant cardo now what's Really interesting about meet Kevin meet Kevin has admitted that the majority of His money actually comes from course Sales uh and the YouTube ad Revenue it's Not from his real estate Empire it's not From anything else course sales YouTube Ad Revenue right now what's really Interesting is that once he bought this Jet he started selling uh basically Tickets for people to come on his jet And Shadow him for a day you could come On you could see the meet Kevin Lifestyle see how he lives his life and I think he was charging like upwards of Like ten thousand dollars for one day of Traveling on his jet with him and if you Want to learn what I'm looking for with Me in person where basically you come

Visit me at Oxnard California at 11 A.M We're gonna go fly somewhere myself the Team and our Pilots we're gonna go look At real estate you can hang out talk to Me all day long we'll go get dinner Together and when we come back and land It'll probably be somewhere around 8 O'clock and you'll have had a chance to Come fly with me in this very new plane So if that is of interest to you check Out the link Down Below in the Description I did this for about a month About two months or so right and then Suddenly he stopped promoting uh this This offer where he you people could pay To Shadow him on his jet you know it Just completely stopped while he said You know people could do this he doesn't Promote that at all anymore now two Things happen his private jet actually Broke down which is quite funny he spent Millions of dollars on this jet uh and Then it breaks down like a month after He buys it and then he found and we Found out that what he was doing is Actually against the law so it turns out That the FAA does not allow individuals Who own a jet to basically sell off Tickets uh on their private jet for Compensation so you can see right here The FEA in May of this year the FAA sent Out a letter to Pilots reminding them That it is illegal to provide Transportation for compensation or hire

To passengers when operating aircraft Under part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations this article goes into more Detail as how they've been finding Individuals who've actually been like You know selling tickets on their Private jets and it seems that meet Kevin has been doing exactly this he's Been breaking the law selling these These you know Shadow events on his Airplane uh where you have to pay a Bunch of money to get a ticket on his Plane is Jet and that's against the law So not only is he breaking the law but He's he's a massive fake Guru and all of This is to just try and get more money Uh into his pocket now like I said this Seems to be the uh the evolution that Fake gurus are going they're now going To the private jet lifestyle but keep in Mind all of this like I said is to make Them money it's all marketing and They're all lying to you as to how they Get rich now meet Kevin actually said in One of his past videos he actually he Said this multiple times Kevin knows Kevin's a smart guy he knows that the People get rich are the people who are Selling the shovels and the pickaxes to The other people who are trying to get Rich mining gold so he's talked about This in many videos before Kevin knows This he knows that selling his courses Uh is the real money maker and he wants

You to believe that the uh the jet Lifestyle that he has is from his real Estate market right he wants you to Believe that he he bought this jet for His new real estate company that he Started so he can travel all over the World see all these different places and That may be true to some extent but the Majority of his marketing on his YouTube Channel to get more people into his Pipeline into you know selling the Tickets for his jet if he can still Legally do that as well as people buying His courses as well so don't be fooled By any of this uh don't don't buy into This you know I want to live that jet Lifestyle I gotta buy these courses so I Can be like these guys no no no the Courses the actual selling of the Courses the actual seminars that Grant Cardone does that is two hundred Thousand dollars to get him in the seat To get him in the building uh that's Where the real money is now I'm curious Because private jets are very expensive And I'm sure some people uh some fake Gurus you can just you know pose in Front of a private jet that's happening Before people have posed in front of Jets that they don't actually own uh but I'm curious how many more fake gurus in The future will now go down this route Now that the game has been upped from Lambos to Jets will more of these fake

Gurus start to claim that they own Private jets uh let me know in the Comments below

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