Georges St-Pierre vs Lex Fridman in Jiu Jitsu and MMA

I'm here training with George and Pierre Probably the greatest fighter of all Time and also one of the nicest guys of All time Not today next we came on the wrong Thing my friend All right Yeah Dies and dies Hey Advice well It's actually pretty good standing Position I think Sometimes You reach a little bit too much so if You reach out to me It's easy for me to take a good position Or reach out to me I can probably like Trying back on you so what I would Suggest is don't worry I get closer with Your feet before you you Seek contact with me so don't go here Go closer to establish it yeah Yes [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] In MMA There's different Stars I like to be using Proactive and reactive Very often I use one of my longest

Weapon as a decoy to get in your leg use My Jab To create a distraction Then I can get in Um Other guys for example Like Habib or more like Chain wrestler they shoot sometimes but They're very good at using for example The defense has Like Pushing you to defense and then from There They're using their Their resting from there so I'm more of A More of a dynamic up yeah I like to Explode so that's one of my strengths Which khabib is very good for example at Uh Very good technically and it's very Strong in isometric strength I I heard So he's very good with this style of Wrestling Do you think you can take uh the bead Down I think I think I could yeah I Think he could take me down as well but So how do I defend against this So so there's there's many ways Um first you need to be aware of the Distance control that's one of the Things that was the best at To master the distance control you need

To master the footboard to be always in Balance and ready to explode A lot of guys I don't know how to manage Distance control also because they know That good footwork they cross their leg They go all over the place so when you Move it's important when if I go left I Push off with my right How much left if I go right we should Put my left I go back I push with my Lead I go forward I push with my back this is The basic thereafter You can use different illusion so if I'm Here I look and like I'm more of a Threat to you that if I'm here but I Mean I'm at the same distance So one of my favorite which setup I take Down a single or double I use my jab Which is one of my longest weapon of Course my legs are longer but I like the Jab to create the distraction so if I'm Here you see me coming so I use a Distraction I'm here and like a cobra Like a snake will launch itself on its Brain I'm using my body to Boom so You're you have a false spelling of Security now because you think I can Touch you but because of my leg And my job start outside of your field Of vision so I'm not doing this I'm doing purposely I'm putting it down And I'm here and I'm attracting your Attention here because I'm moving my

Hand Boom once I tag you once or twice Now I have a perfect setup because You've not been fighting you have a Short-term memory You you always remember what hurts you The less and it's my job then I can very I plant a seed in your mind and I can go Hop and get in easier you finish how you Drop there's many ways the best Highest per second move is the elbow Deep double leg so when I get him I try to look across when I step across So again then I go elbow deep the reason Why I don't only go with my legs is Because if I if you're stronger and Bigger than me and you sprawl from there I can have a hard time but if I go elbow Deep Because of the leverage you can't Sprout Once I mean I look across and I drive Across To put you down sometimes you'll fight a Guy Like for example best pain was very Strong and I couldn't drive across and So when that happened If you can't drive across you turn the Corner Guys it that's they open up on the other Side would you like to try sure yeah Here Yes what your Elbow deep here and now you're gonna dry

My Frost Yes step across with you yes If you do it again Set it up John now go ahead go for it Hot Yes yes Exactly and if I give you resistance Once you get in I'm strong and I'm I'm Strong I'm spraying my leg you can throw In the corner so yeah I've set it up a Few times yeah I'm sprawling yes Very nice you feel you feel the Difference yeah so if if he's too strong You go on the other side don't force Order don't waste your energy for Another Try to be as economic as you can as Possible you could be whatever on the Ground what's the difference in Suggestion for you and uh well there's a Lot of difference yeah I believe in Jiu Jitsu especially in the guard you Can't stay in mid-range yeah I don't Want to cover it I guess like if I'm in The standing position I want to cover like this my head is off The ground my muscle in my abdomen all Are contracted so it's possible for you To damage here but because I'm Contracted It's less likely so I want to focus all The protection on my head you're okay

With this yeah it's okay it's okay but I Want to be here so there's a gap where I Can see you here if I'm here it's not as Efficient because you can go on the side And it's easy for you to grab grab my Wrist put it down and hit yeah if I'm Here it's harder for you to control my Arm if you want to grab it it's hard for You to grab so that's the first thing Another thing if your handers are here I want to take away your hand on me I Want to fool you fool you To me I want to control your head and Your arm and from there there's many Options I like to take that clamp Because it controls your elevation and You can't hit me it's either I'm very Close to you or I'm very far are you trying to get up I'm very far yeah if I can't get up no Problem I'm using my leg to push you Away or I can use the tip of my feet to Create distance so you need to be aware That I can kick you in the head too so It's either very close or very far over On top on top yeah so if I'm On Top the Best position for me to be Ultimately is Not even Mount is to have it your back Left you to the floor From this position because now you Cannot hit me I can't hit you and I can Either knock you out or submit you this Is the worst Mount is

The second best because I'm having a lot Of control Mount and also with my knees Under your armpit The worst would be in your guard so it's Not as bad as if you would be in a jiu Jitsu competition because I have the Gravity on my side but if I'm here I Need to respect three rules I never want To You to put my hands on the floor your Submission all kinds of things you can Very easily wrap my arm and wrap my head Closer distance and now it's a thing So nowhere another floor I don't want you to have your head Higher than my head because if your head Is iron in my head you have a guillotine It's very hard for me to control and do Anything for you if my head is is lower Than your head and another thing The third thing is I don't want to let You take an angle of me so if you take An angle to do a GG Academy you see you Need to take an angle so if I take away That angle I kill your reference so my hands always On you never on the floor are you Kidding are you trying to hit a little Yeah I gotta hit them at the same time If you try to raise your head up I don't accept that you might have the High if you try to take an angle I put them back in line So if I respect these three rules as I'm

As I'm respecting this rule I can cause Damage even if I'm in the guard but my Goal is always eventually To pass the guard get to a more dominant Position I love it it's a in a in a Nutshell that's that's what it is about Well thank you To watch It uh take steps on his martial arts Journey we usually I think he's very Strong much stronger than the average Man He's got a lot of a lot of heart he's Very tough so I've always found that Uh by by Far and Away the most important Thing two people get into a question the Skill level trumps everything else in Terms of what's going to turn the Outcome the skill Deeds sorry skill Beats That's not to say other things aren't Relevant but skill is more relevant from What I understand is proposed opponent Is almost two years of training Experience that's a big Advantage so it Will be an uphill battle I will say Hello about it that he deeply impressed Of George myself with his overall Ability to ask for something very Quickly is extremely intelligent and Sees what is the Crux of the problem Identifies what would need to be done Um but I also believe that he's Probably one of the busiest human beings

On the planet that said these guys doing Martial arts training martial arts Because it's pretty Heavens yeah I think Ultimately the deepest distance I think There's two people who Have put themselves in a position where They can create Greater benefits official management Than almost anyone else And so there's a sense in which I wish They would focus more on that than Fighting each other all right so one More round this is for everything it's a Submission yes sir For the greatest fighter of all time Hey Guys They do next

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