Gold Companies Are Scamming The Elderly…

Normally I like to stay away from Politics on this channel but Unfortunately that's just not possible With today's subject we're going to be Taking a close look at the corrupt world Of gold brokers who have swindled Potentially hundreds of thousands of Senior citizens out of millions of Dollars with deceptive practices these Companies primarily Target conservatives Over the age of 60 and Market their con Game through conservative news outlets Like Fox News and Newsmax and have also Directly partnered with conservative Stars like Ben chapiro Bill oi and even Former Governor Rudy Giuliani now to be Clear this video isn't an attack on any Of these conservative media Personalities most of them I believe Don't understand just how bad these Companies truly are if anything I hope They see this video and it encourages Them to take a hard look at these Deceptive Gold Brokers and rethink if They really want their names attached to These scummy companies I had no idea how Bad these companies were until a Whistleblower who worked for one of them Reached out to me and told me just how Manipulative they truly are the way that I found out was that Isaac called me one Day and asked me to increase the spread So from 29% to like 50% because there Was a gentleman who wanted to sell 5,000

Silver coins of our exclusive silver Coins back to us so by increasing the Spread we decrease the amount we have to Pay that individual and uh I just Instantly was like hold on no no no no No we don't do this like this isn't okay When we sold him these coins we told him That he would get a 29% spread and then It's open to the market at that point um I'm not going to do it and Isaac um I'll Never forget he he he laughed he thought I was joking he said he goes you're well You're kidding right and I'm like I was Like no man I was like you do what you Want to do but keep me out of it dude Like I don't want any part of this That's Dale Whitaker who used to work Directly with the CEO of Augusta Precious metals that company has Advertised on Fox News in the past and Currently has Mark Levin as their Spokesperson on their website we'll hear From Dale and take a close closer look At that company later but first I want To break down just what makes these Gold Brokers so bad it's a bit complicated Which is why Dale has had trouble Getting people to talk about the issue Despite being interviewed for dat line About the topic ultimately they didn't Feel people would understand what was Going on and decided not to run the Story basically these Gold Brokers try And convince elderly people that the

Stock market is too volatile and good Collapse in any time and the best way to Secure your wealth is to invest in the Precious metals Market as historically Those have always gone up in the long Term diversifying your portfolio is a Fine thing to do but many of these Companies will sell gold at massively Inflated prices sometimes 250% over the current asking price for An ounce of gold by doing this they make It impossible to ever see a profit from Your gold purchase even if the price of Gold goes up significantly to make it Simple if 1 ounce of gold is currently Selling for $2,000 they might sell 1 Ounce of gold to you for anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 this insane markup Means that if gold price went to 3,000 An ounce in a few years and you Attempted to sell your gold to cash in On the increase you would actually lose Money because you would be selling your Gold for 2,000 less per ounce than what You bought it for Dale The Whistleblower Who knows more about the market Explained it to me in more detail as Well so what they do is they just charge You a huge markup on on the price so They say so traditionally on a bullan Product you're going to pay you know Three five you know maybe 10% if there's A huge um Supply issue um you know there Was a few years ago I believe in 2017

2018 timing um there was a huge shortage On Silver American Eagles you were Paying a huge premium just to be clear When you're talking about the premium You're there's the gold melt price and Then you pay on top of whatever the Actual melt price of the gold would be You're paying the premium because they Because these companies obviously have To make some money off of selling you Gold and it should be normally I don't Know what five 3 five 10% and this Company will charge you what like Several hundred% in some cases yes 150 200% this kind of scummy Behavior has Been going on for decades and targets Seniors who have no idea they are being Swindled out of their retirement NES Tics The Washington Post recently Interviewed several seniors who were Scammed including a man named ed Danto Ed bought what he believed was $100,000 Worth of gold from a company named American Heart for gold which has Bill O'Reilly as their spokesperson and Regularly run ads on Ted Cruz podcast Known as verdict with Ted Cruz so how do You protect your money your retirement Your savings well American Hartford gold Can show you how to hedge your Hard-earned savings against inflation by Helping you diversify a portion of your Portfolio into physical gold and silver They'll even help move your existing Ira

Or 401K out of the volatile stock market Into a precious metals IRA and they make It easy Once Ed received his gold and he Attempted to see what it would sell for On the market he quickly found found out It was really only worth about $53,000 Hartford had marked up the gold They sold to Ed by over 90% now to be Fair all gold brokers mark up gold they Sell to customers that's obviously how They make money but as I learned from Talking to Dale a legitimate company Should only have a 10% markup at Max and These companies charge 100% markups Regularly now at this point you may be Thinking if these companies are so Corrupt why doesn't the government shut Them down to be honest that's happened Many times in the past the problem is That all of these are white collar Crimes and since no one ever gets Physically hurt the only thing that ever Happens is multi-million dollar fines That sometimes leads to one of these Companies going bankrupt if that happens All the scummy people that run these Companies just scatter like cockroaches Start a new company doing the same thing And the cycle repeats itself again to Prove that point I want to go through The history of some of these companies Which will eventually lead to a gust of Precious metals the company Dale Approached me about that he believes

Needs to be investigated for scamming Seniors back in 2007 before the Great Recession Fox News Star Glenn Beck would Regularly promote a company known as Goldline to the viewers of his show back Then Goldline was the top player in the Market and would regularly sell gold at Around a 90% markup to Glenn's viewers This eventually drew the attention of Both Congress as well as state Authorities and in 2011 Gold Line was Charged with misdem meter Grand Theft Elder theft and conspiracy in Congress The situation received a lot of Attention and representative Anthony Weiner proposed legislation that would Require these gold companies to be Truthful about the insane markups they Were charging customers unfortunately That legislation went nowhere after Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace from Congress after his sexting Scandal went Public this whole industry could have Been fixed over a decade ago if that Legislation had been passed but now in 2023 the situation is just as bad Gold Line never admitted to any wrongdoing And settled with authorities after Paying a $4.5 million fine to this day They are still in business and Glenn Beck still proudly endorses them on Their website while Gold Line is still Around they nearly collapsed and that Caused many of the people working at

Gold Line to scatter looking for greener Pastures several of these employees Ended up getting jobs at another gold Seller named Merit Financial that also Advertised heavily on Fox News in 2014 Merit Financial was targeted did by the Same prosecutor that took down Gold Line And accused the company of an aggressive Nationwide fraud scheme merid Financial Denied those claims but went out of Business and settled with authorities Before their case went to trial believe It or not the situation only gets worse From there several employees who left Merit Financial after its collapse Formed a new company known as This company had some of the scummiest Tactics yet and would regularly run ads On Facebook that directed seniors to a Fake Fox News website that would endorse and entice seniors to buy Their overpriced gold products before it Was too late the FBI raided Headquarters in 2020 and a judge ordered The company be shut down after 31 Different states filed lawsuits alleging They were running a $185 million Commodities fraud now after that company Was shut down believe it or not many of Its employees decided to try again and Ended up Jo joining another gold company Named Safeguard Medals in February 2022 the Securities And Exchange Commission and 27 States

Sued that company claiming they had Scammed seniors into buying 68 Million Worth of overpriced silver and gold Coins another gold company Lear Capital Bought Merit financials database of Customers after its collapse and started Aggressively selling to them as well Sure enough Lear Capital went bankrupt In 2023 after it was sued by multiple States for deceptive business practices Despite all of these companies Constantly getting taken down there are Always two more that pop up to replace Them the CEO of American Heart for gold Used to work at both Merit gold and Gold Line before both got taken down and now His 100% totally not a scam company is Proudly endorsed by Bill O'Reilly Rudy Giuliani and even Rick Harris from Pawn Stars at this point it should be pretty Clear that there is a trail of stink on All of these gold companies why any of These celebrities would want their name Attached to a brand that has ties to Another company that got busted for Fraud is beyond me hopefully the pay was Good enough to have your image tarnished By being attached to such a Shifty brand With all that history out of the way Let's now focus on the company named Augusta precious medals this company was Founded by a guy named Isaac nurani who Was a former salesman from Merit Financial before they were shut down

Interestingly enough on his LinkedIn Page he makes no mention of his former Employment with that company that got Taken down for fraud Isaac started Augusta precious medals over 10 years Ago and Dale Whitaker a former employee Of the company is now trying to get this Business investigated as he is claiming They are doing the same scammy practices That many of these other gold companies Of the past were accused of Dale alleges That this company like the ones before It sell their gold at insane markups That you will never see a return on if You go to Augusta's website or any of The other companies I mentioned Previously they won't actually show you The price of gold on the webs site and Instead require you to call in before They will even give you a price on their Coins Dale told me in our interview why They actually do this and the reason They do that is because it's all hard Sales um so once they get you on the Phone and they qualif pre-qualify you um It's it's it's you know you're off to The races at that point you know let's Close this deal let's get this person Sold um and so you know a lot of it you Know they'll they'll say it's not a bait And switch and and so on And sometimes that's not true but you They really can't monitor every single Um every single sales um you know there

Are times that salesmen will tell them Yeah I'll sell you yeah I'll sell you That but then the minute you send them The money to buy a silver American eagle Or a gold American Eagle they basically Go hey before we move forward let me Tell you about this product and then You're getting sold the genius of this Scummy tactic is by not showing you the Price of gold on their website you can't Compare it to the current market rates For gold they get you on the phone and Then push you into buying their Overprice gold without realizing you Drastically overpaid and got swindled Into a bad deal many people do Eventually realize they got ConEd and You would think this would lead to bad Reviews but if you look at Google Reviews you'll see that Augusta precious Metals has a near-perfect 4.9 rating With 420 reviews most of the other gold Companies even the ones that got shut Down had near-perfect reviews before They collapsed so the question is how is This possible Dale filled me in on what Was happening with that situation as Well so first let's talk about how they Get their reviews so they don't they Give they give free coins away so what They do is hey thanks for tra and it's Like immediately after you're trade Right so you're pumped you just invested This money y y y and they say and then

You get a call hey um this is you know Soand so from the admin office would you Mind doing a review for us and we'll Send you a free coin outside of your IRA And and it's just your coin to keep sure You know I love coins right but that's Why I'm investing in them so of course I'm going to do that for you um the Negative reviews the way those are Handled so that's how they get their Reviews in the first place now the Negative reviews how those are handled Are you leave a negative review um I Call you and what I try to do is I give You try to give you as much free silver As I can right because I'm telling you The silver value that I could give you 10 grand a free silver Hey if I give you an extra $10,000 worth of silver would that Appease you enough to remove it right so However they sell that um a lot of times It doesn't work out that way because They've realized right so now they're Going hard to get their money back but Let's just say you said yes well that $10,000 worth of sell is actually only Worth five maybe right because of all The the markups and then what austa do Is austa take a hit from that trade Right it gets assigned to the trade they Take a hit and the the salesman takes a Hit out of his Commission as well so the Salesman makes less money Augusta makes

Less money the client's happy remove Your trust pilot review thank you very Much see you in 5 years when you try to Sell it back to us Augusta offering free Gold for gold reviews and making people Sign ndas to get bad reviews removed is A Surefire way to make sure you look Like an amazing company to anyone who Does a quick Recon of your business Online despite this effort to get bad Reviews removed if you do some digging You'll find there weren't able to get Rid of all of them with one review from A guy named Joseph who clearly did his Research realized this company's Connection to the shutdown Merit gold Business over 7 years ago the situation Only gets worse from there as Dale Claims that augustus's team would erase The sales calls so there would be no Trace of the Shady sales tactics they Use to con elderly people into buying Their overpriced gold however the Company would make sure to keep all Records of customers agreeing to the Sale doing this made sure there was Nothing on the record that made the Company look bad but at the same time They had evidence to prevent people from Backing out of the agreed to deals in Order to make sure that the salesman Were not saying things that could get Augusta in trouble he hired his sister To monitor all the calls and then when

There were calls that came up he would Reprimand the salesman and then they Would wipe the calls so he'd say hey and And he even used them in training Sessions like hey this is what you don't Do right so he' get the salesman Together Hey listen to this this is what Ex-s salesman did you don't do this m Like this is like you're just asking for A lawsuit now I got to speak to Dale for Over an hour where he went into details About his time working in austa Precious Metals for nearly four years it's clear That he believes this company needs to Be investigated and feels they are Employing the same Shady tactics that The long list of gold companies that Have been prosecuted in the past have Done I'll be releasing the one-hour Interview I did with Dale on my channel Shortly but from what I've shown of this Company as well as the other gold Companies connected to Augusta This entire industry needs a massive Change and greater government oversight The district attorney who shut down Merit Financial even stated that the Gold industry is unregulated it's like The wild west these businesses don't Need licenses and they aren't bonded Consumers often feel embarrassed and Hopeless with no place to turn for help Even after being scammed out of huge Amounts of money my hope with this video

Is that something is actually done and Legislation is passed to bring the gold Industry into the 21st century and not Have it operate like the wild west Hopefully many of the conservative media Personalities who are endorsing these Companies will take a second look and Reevaluate their ties to them as I Stated before this isn't an attack on Those creators who many I believe have No idea just how corrupt many of these Gold companies are they should reach out To the company and ask them point blank What kind of spread they are charging on The gold they sell if they're charging a 100 or 200% difference over the spot Price of gold then these companies are Fleecing your Audi And you should cut ties with them Immediately Dale Whitaker has been Working since 2018 to get Augusta Precious medals looked into and get new Legislation passed to regulate the gold Market for the first few years nothing Was done but earlier this year the Washington Post released an article on The story that got a lot of attention And Dale was able to get in touch with a Tennessee Congressman David kustoff who Told Dale he would look into introducing Legislation to help regulate the Industry so far nothing has been done by David's team however all include below The public email for Congressman kustoff

If you would like to reach out to him to Encourage him to get legislation passed It's also important that you reach out To your local congressmen from whatever District you're in and ask them to do Their part to help regulate this corrupt Industry as well finally I want to say That not every gold company is a scam And Dale made it clear that there are Two ways you can make sure you're not Getting ripped off if you want to Potentially add gold to your Investment Portfolio the first thing to do is be Wary of any company that is a avertising On a major Network or spending Millions To get celebrity endorsements that cost Those companies massive amounts of money And they end up making their customers Pay huge markups to be able to continue To afford to pay out those payments to The networks the second red flag to Watch out for is if a company does not Show the price of their gold on their Website austa and others like them will Just tell you to call for pricing or Offer a free gold guide they will send You once you give them your information They do this to hide the fact that their Prices are marked up ungodly amounts it Will never give you return on your Investment going to a legitimate gold Company will have the price of the gold They sell right on their website and you Can check their prices to the current

Spot price of gold any company not Trying to rip you off will be selling Their gold within 10% of what the Current spot price of gold is hopefully This video can make some waves and help Change the gold industry for the better But seeing how long these companies have Been around and as soon as one gets shut Down two more scams pop up to replace it I don't know if this industry will ever See any significant change

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