Grant Cardone SLAMS Coffeezilla’s Video! Class Action Lawsuit Reopened…

So Grant Cardone legendary fake Guru Billionaire real estate investor and a Member of Scientology he is an occult as Well if you weren't aware of that he Actually attacked coffeezilla on an Instagram story just one day ago and I'll give him credit the actual attack That he did was actually kind of funny There's you know a lot of stuff that Isn't true there but it's kind of funny We'll actually play that in just a Minute but a lot of people are Speculating as to why he would do this And as to why he would do this right now Now if you actually go to coffeezilla's Subreddit on Reddit uh a lot of people On that subreddit think that he's doing This to try and get attention from Coffeezilla so that coffee Zilla would Potentially make another video about him And I actually disagree with that I'm Going to provide some evidence I Actually think that Grant actually has Too much attention on him right now and I think this is actually a diversion Tactic I think that he wants people to Talk about a few that Grant is having With coffee Zilla he's hoping that Coffee Zill will make another video About him like he did with Logan and Then they can start talking about that Feud but what is really going on is I Think Grant Cardone is trying to deflect Some attention uh from actual

Investigations that are going on by the Government into him into his business as Well he actually had an investigation That was closed uh and another another Judge actually just reopened it less Than a month ago uh a big fraud Investigation into his business and I Think he wants you know the attention to Be on him and coffee Zilla uh so we're Going to look at all that we're going to Look at his video and we're also going To look at what's really going on behind The scenes but first let's take a look At this video that he posted he posted This on his Instagram just one day ago Attacking coffee Zilla and actually said You know coffee Zilla uh gave him a Bunch of attention gave him a bunch of You know new viewers and and all of that And I don't I don't think that's really The case but we'll cover that so let's Take a brief look at this Stephen man Look big shout out my friend I want to Give you a big shout out for sending me So much traffic so many new clients so Many new customers bro you're bruh You're amazing you're amazing you okay What's interesting about this is I Actually looked on coffees on his page Coffee Zilla hasn't done a video Dedicated to Grant Cardone since June or July of 2021. so like a year and a half He hasn't made a video about this guy he Briefly featured Grant Cardone in a fake

Guru video Um about six seven months ago but coffee Still only focuses on crypto currency Scams right now which is fine I'm not Bashing that I you know his channel is Blown up since he started doing that but He doesn't really cover fake gurus Anymore and I think you know Grant Cardone is trying to get a bunch of Attention for this to deflect from What's really going on I do want to Apologize to all your viewers and Yourself directly I want to walk you back not everybody Could be a billionaire let me tell you Who cannot be a billionaire number one People that think like you Stephen People to spend most of their time Pimping out for Google Taking your little ad dollars You're criticizing other people that are Successful because you gave up on it Quitters will never make it low for all Right so I disagree with that he's Puppies obviously what I'm trying to do As well uh is expose scammers who are You know potentially defrauding people He's not just you know bitching on People who are very successful uh like Grant Cardone says in the video that's You know a bastardization of what he's Actually doing on his channel you guys Just stay home comfortable in your house You're never going to make it you ain't

Gonna kill a brick you probably Won't even get a million dollars okay Because you gave up you guys it won't Will you're not willing to leave your Mama's house you still live in the Basement probably like Stephen uh so Stephen is actually married uh I'm Pretty sure he owns his own house as Well he's not living in the basement of His his mother's home you just want to Make YouTube videos about other people That have done whatever it takes and you Guys that stay in college you stay in College too long you spend hundreds of Thousands of dollars to go to college to Waste five years of your life but then You talk about twelve thousand dollars To get a seat at the table to come hang Out with people that are winning that's Absolutely ridiculous that anyone would Pay twelve thousand dollars to be in the Room with Grant Cardone but it's true he Here's the events all over the world Where he has these you know massive Amounts of money that you have to pay to Be in a room to learn information from Him and for some reason people pay that Insane amount of money to get Information from this this cult member Uh Grant Cardone too much money you guys That save money your you're Never going to make it I'm just keeping It real okay Stephen again thank you so Much coffee Zilla you guys are the best

Thank you for growing my platform God Bless be great kill a break okay so Grant Cardone is trying to say that Coffee Zilla is growing his platform I Disagree with that I actually think Potentially Grant's a little drunk in This video just my opinion uh but I Think there's two main things that are Going on with as to why he did this like I said coffee hasn't made a video about This guy in over a year and a half Doesn't really talk about fake gurus Much Anymore Um but there's two things so you can see In the background of this Instagram post Grant cardone's crazy billionaire advice And if you actually Google if you Actually put Grant Cardone into YouTube Search and I would love for people to do This as well so you confirm it but on my Computer if I put Grant Cardone into Search I'll see two videos that come up Directly from Grant's Channel and then The very first video that's not from Grant is that video Grant cardone's Crazy billionaire advice from coffee Zilla posted over a year ago has 1.1 Million views so what that means is that Everyone who searches for Grant Cardone In YouTube search they're gonna see the Coffee Zilla video that's the first Video not from Grant Cardone that's Going to pop up on their screen they're Going to see he's a fake Guru it's a

Pretty funny video If you haven't Watched it already and you can see That's in the background of Grant Cardone's video in his Instagram story So honestly I think he's pretty pissed About that that anyone who searches for Him you know a video calling him out as A scammer first video that pops up now Another thing that's going on like I Said uh there's been a bunch of Investigations that have been going on As to Grant cardone's business and What's really happening and this has Actually been going on for years in fact I know this is going to be hard to Believe there's another YouTuber by the Name of meet Kevin I'm not a fan of need Cabin I've made plenty of videos about Him on my channel but before meet Kevin Himself became a fake Guru he was Actually very hard on Grant Cardone back In 2018 and 2019 he made a bunch of Videos calling Grant Cardone out and Actually accused Grant Cardone of Possibly doing some very shading really Very shady real estate deals this is a Deal that Cardone Capital just bought Here's the deed showing the purchase Price just under 134 million dollars yet On this pamphlet it says that their Equity is 39.4 million dollars which is supposed To represent 25 Equity which means they're saying the

Building is worth 157 million dollars the form says at Acquisition this was their Equity are They trying to deceive new investors or What's up with this okay so basically What's going on in that clip meet Kevin Is showing that Grant cardone's business Bought a property and then saying it's Worth more value to the people who Actually invested in his business so They're saying they have inflated assets Uh that aren't true now uh like I said Me Kevin did a bunch of videos on Grant Cardone in 2018 2019 and then eventually What happened I did a video on this uh Meet Kevin actually went to Grant Cardone's business and he was actually Put in handcuffs because he dressed up As Santa Claus and kind of like burst Into the building Uninvited uh so there Was this big investigation Grant Cardone Actually alleged that he that me Kevin Was stalking him so me Kevin does not Talk about Grant Cardone at all anymore On his channel but that's an old video From 2019 where me Kevin alleged uh that Grant Cardone was doing some very shady Businesses now it actually gets worse From there because another Channel Growing Up in Scientology uh this is a Guy who used to be a part of Scientology He got in when he was a child he escaped That now he he actually exposes a lot of What's going on in Scientology I

Actually did an interview with him I'll Have a link to that this guy actually Dug even deeper uh at into what is going On with Grant Cardone and alleges that Even more of the properties that Grant Cardone has purchased for his business Uh are a misrepresentation or they're Misrepresenting to him to the actual People who are investing in his business As to how much these properties are Actually worth while it looks like Deceiving new investors is exactly what Grant Cardone was trying to do and not Only that it was part of a scheme to Convert his investors Capital directly Into personal profits put into Grant's Own pocket the deal that Kevin mentioned There was a project called Columbia Town Center this was a project that Grant Bought in December of 2019 and Kevin was Reporting on it in March of 2020. and as They say if you see one cockroach There's probably a hundred more that you Can't see it occurred to me that if Kevin was finding this deal uh in December 2019 just months after the deal Occurred then why don't we go back to The very first d that Grant Cardone did When he expanded beyond the scope of Just investing for friends and family And started raising money from Accredited and unaccredited investors Why don't we go back to that point and Examine every single deal between

September 2016 and December 2019. Grant Cardone purchased 13 deals that he then Sold to his Cardone Capital investors And depending on which purchase price You want to use for each property Whether we're talking about the actual Purchase price that Grant Cardone Actually paid or the false inflated Purchase price that Grant Cardone told His investors that he paid the total Purchase price of the 13 properties was Between 1 and 1.1 billion dollars Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital does not Disclose the actual purchase price of These properties to Cardone Capital Investors all right so that's a video From Aaron I'll have a link to the full Video if you want to check that out but Basically he's alleging that even more Improper numbers as to what the the cost Of his properties are Grant Cardone There's a lot of misinformation going on As to the actual business now from there What's really interesting is that Grant Cardone in his business they were Actually involved in a class action Lawsuit uh in Los Angeles California it Was filed initially basically claiming That uh he had misled investors Everything that was going on in the Story he had misled investors on social Media about potential profits they could Make from his multi-family deals because He's misrepresenting how much these

Properties are worth and this was Actually this case was thrown out Initially so Grant Cardone initially Dodged a bullet it was thrown out but Just last month another federal judge Actually reopened the case and is now Allowing the class action lawsuit to go Forward against Grant Cardone and his Business so this is massive this is a 5 Billion in apartment rental complexes in South Florida that they're alleging you Know basically they're saying you can Make more money money than you actually Can and if he were actually to be you Know it this if you were to lose this Case uh it could be absolutely Devastating to his business now a lot of People are not talking about this this Just happened just over one month ago That this case was reopened uh and Grant Cardone like I said could be in massive Hot water and I think this whole Instagram this post that he did Attacking coffee Zilla I think all of This is to potentially try and get Coffee Zola to make a video about him And to get people talking about you know A new feud between coffeezilla and Grant Cardone because you know whether you Like it or not I guarantee you Logan Paul got a bunch of new viewers a bunch Of new subscribers to his channel Because of all that attention even Though you know it was mostly bad

Attention uh that's just how it works I'm sure he got a bunch of attention and I'm sure Grant Cardone wants the actual Attention to be him on the feud between Him and coffee Zillow When what's really going on uh is he's Trying to cover up that he's currently Being investigated a class action Lawsuit is now reopened uh alleging you Know this 5 billion apartment fraud That's potentially going on with his Business and I I actually think he could Be in really serious trouble so I think That's what's really going on uh I'd Love to hear your comments below as to What you think is Grant Cardone just you Know was he did it get too drunk one Night uh and he saw that the number one Video when you searched Grant Cardone is From coffee Zilla so he's pissed about That or do you think he's trying to Cover up this whole investigation uh let Me know in the comments below and again I'll have a link to that Scientology uh Aaron video where he exposes Grant Cardone as well that's down below

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