Guava Juice: A Guide To Losing Your Entire Audience

Guava juices form a 200 million view Months have declined by over 90 percent With many of these recent views coming From shorts as his long-form content Gains roughly a hundred thousand views a Video what on Earth happened Let's Travel back to his absolute Peak January 2017 249 million views why was he so Successful at this point in time by then Guava juice had already been on YouTube For over 11 years during which it became Apparent that he was incredibly talented At latching onto Trends and had built an Intuition for what was popular on YouTube at any one time for example his 2007 music video parodies were similar To what Smosh had become successful with And by 2016 he was still competing with Other top-tier gaming YouTubers like Vanos unfortunately this also meant that Guava hadn't really carved out a Specific Lane for his channel which is a Necessity for long-term YouTube growth Well arguably you can get reasonable Views by joining a genre and making a Contribution however explosive growth Usually comes from pioneering a brand New or underperforming genre as guava Juice would come to discover in mid-2016 After uploading a video Simply titled Orbeez bath challenge now there was no Denying that this video was targeted Toward children however it still had

Many different elements of relatability Leading the video towards success for Example anybody could access Orbeez most People have a bathtub in their house so It therefore posed this question of well What would be the outcome of this Experiment if you did it for yourself This made the video extremely enticing To click on and once watching guava Juice then validated the Audience by Providing the exact outcome that Everybody had clicked on the video for a Bathtub filled to the brim with Orbeez Which when combined with the Cameo from Spider-Man made for the perfect viral Video each of guava's bathtub uploads Followed this similar premise of what Would happen if you did this in your own House there was always an element of Curiosity his Oobleck bath challenge Even provided a guide for how to make The liquid and opposed the question of Well is he going to get stuck when it Finally dries at the end of the video His Lego bath challenge posed the Question of will he get hurt while his Diet Coke and Mentos bath challenge Implied that the coke might Fizz Everywhere each episode was only three Or four minutes long so why not click And see the potential outcome the short Nature of the videos also meant that They didn't waste the audience's time And were optimized for watch time

Percentage and while this goes against The classic Trope of longer videos Equals more watch time equals better Performance this has been disproven by People like David dobrik who have shown That 10 four minute videos can be better For retention in comparison to one 40 Minute video in its full entirety Regardless guava Juice's videos were Doing so well that even his water bath Challenge cracked 5 million views out of All the bad challenges I've done I'm Surprised I'd ever tried water leading Him to experiment with other types of Content in which he'd reveal another Simple yet key success component he was Actually excited to make each video Despite being in his mid-20s you could Tell that guava juice loved every piece Of content from making gummy pizzas to Building a house out of Red Cups this Gave the videos a unique enjoyable Flavor as it was obvious that he was Happy to be there which accompanied his Cliche yet ideal philosophy of wanting To improve the content every single day As long as you consistently make an Effort to do better every single day Things will definitely get better every Single day however guava's explosion was Also assisted by timing as viral videos Required significantly less time and Effort back in 2017. take for example This video titled do not jump on the

Trampoline ball pit at 3am in which the Time is shown at the start of the video 306 as well as at the end of the video 329 meaning this entire episode took Only 23 minutes to film there were Basically no props no script and the Whole thing was shot in one take meaning The video took only a couple of hours to Complete after editing and it's now Received over 20 million views to Achieve that same kind of performance on Any long-form video today requires at Least one week's work as well as as Maybe a team maybe a budget and even Then pulling anything close to that Number requires a perfect storm back Then however guava juice was doing Millions of views on every single video Almost all of which needed minimal Planning and could have been completed In under a day in the process guava Juice kept up with every trend from Fortnite to Tick-Tock reactions until He'd dip his fate into a brand new video Type that would take his channel to a Whole new level here's 10 things you Shouldn't do Series in the beginning it Wasn't even supposed to be a series However after 10 things you shouldn't do In an airplane gained a view count in The millions guava juice doubled down With 10 things you shouldn't do in the Movie theater 10 things you shouldn't do At school and 10 things you shouldn't do

On a train Each of which performing Incredibly well and it's really no Wonder why the videos were comedic Relatable and had a bunch of effort put Into them they usually had multiple People per skit as well as a full set For every video which made them extra Unique especially when combined with Guava juices absolutely insane style of Comedy don't be a food and Hello my friend how may I help you today Hello I'm a food inspector uh could I Have one of each food please Sure thing follow me I love inspecting Food right this way Mr food inspector You see all the food should be right Over there Teddy is that you it's me your son these Videos went absolutely wild throughout 2020 often gaining well over 10 million Views however in April 2021 seemingly Overnight something began to change on The guava juice Channel he went from Gaining over a hundred thousand Subscribers every single month to almost Complete stagnation while these videos Were suddenly struggling to achieve more Than a million views why the sudden drop The decline seemed to begin with a video By Danny Gonzalez posted only two weeks Prior titled guava juice is out of Control in which Danny would critique The absolutely insane nature of every Guava juice video were in a fun and

Entertaining way it's just so hard to Follow it's like is this even a story is There a plot to this they're just like Doing random things and crazy things are Happening he can't really subvert our Expectations anymore because our Expectation is just that something Random is going to happen at all times The video received over 2 million views In less than a week and while it acted As somewhat of a compliment since guava Juice was trying to make insane content Daddy's video would also act as a Catalyst for the short-term retirement Of the series after uploading an episode On the 3rd of April guava juice didn't Post a 10 things he shouldn't do episode Until almost three months later on the 27th of June after which it became Obvious that the quality of the series Had dropped off significantly for Example guava juice has 10 things you Shouldn't do at Disneyland it felt like It had been thrown together with no Prior planning there was no set there Were no characters and the jokes felt Random but in a way that was more like What the hell even is this anymore Don't Fear The Birds [Music] During the retirement of the series what Would you said instead been uploading Increasingly lazy content such as guava Juice rank guava juice videos as well as

Old repackaged compilations such as best Of guava juice 24-hour live stream both Of which subtly implying that the Glory Days of the channel were coming to an End as was also indicated by the Thumbnails during his Peak the Thumbnails felt clean straightforward And were on par with YouTube's meta at The time and while some of his 2021 Thumbnails were definitely on The Cutting Edge there were others that felt Crowded dated or just straight up Confusing the channel seemed to have Been struggling from a lack of effort And Innovation however there was Actually a good reason for this in December 2021 guava juice announced that He'd instead been spending his time on a Kids TV series called the guava juice Show which was about to release its very First episode on YouTube Originals while It displayed his confidence in the show By purchasing a billboard at LAX and it Was looking like this series could Reignite the channel although only in The beginning the first five episodes Performed reasonably well averaging Around 3 million views each however for Whatever reason the sixth episode gained Only 150 000 views with almost every Episode afterwards following a similar Trend while the and his team would Produce a total of 13 episodes for the Show after which he'd uploaded a new

Video titled the end in which guava Juice was unusually upset possibly as a Partial result of the show's poor Performance I've been doing guava juice For so long it's uh I've missed my Daughter's birthdays and Friends Weddings And um I feel like there was just no Balance to who I am as a person Um Guava juice didn't specify why he was Feeling so down however he wasn't ready To give up just yet as he then relays a Second season of the show which once Again performed to a mediocre standard At a couple hundred thousand views per Episode while they might as well have Just continued making standard videos And this wasn't even the worst part Whilst producing the show's 26 episodes Guava juice lost touch with the one Skill that had always guaranteed success An ability to keep up with Trends and The current YouTube meta prior to making The guava juice show it was averaging Maybe 700 000 views on his normal YouTube uploads however after the second Season came to an end only seven months Later it was rare to see any of his Videos achieve more than 200 000 views It seemed that guava juice had fallen Into the misconception that if he split His time between YouTube and a TV show It achieved double the amount of success

Yet the opposite happened and his Performance was in instead cut in half On top of splitting his time between two Different forms of media guava juice Also had to worry about YouTube shorts His in-store products as well as a Bloody nft project which has to be one Of the dumbest things you can launch as A Creator because it's so obvious that You just try to siphon some quick cash From the audience while producer's new Low was established in a recent video Titled my future in which he speaks as Though his career is pretty much over I Just want to say From the bottom of my heart I am very Honored to be a part of your childhood His former excitement has transformed Into boredom and complete apathy as was Highlighted during one of the video's Announcements with growing in mind Um I just want to let you know for this Channel moving forward I'm going back to My old roots Which is gaming 2016 I made the channel Because I wanted to create a gaming Channel while guava juice gives off the Vibe that he wants the videos to return To their former glory it also seems like He's lacking the motivation and Clear Vision to get them there and as a result He's trying almost anything including Sympathy from the audience to achieve an Increase in viewership however this has

Only had the opposite effect as most of His gaming videos struggle to achieve a Hundred thousand views while producers Made it way too obvious that he doesn't Have an interest in producing the Content and this lack of commitment Shows in each and every upload the Videos just feel a bit generic and Aimless a great YouTube video should be Fresh and energizing something that Makes you want to click just like the Bathtub videos did during the Channel's Heyday and while it's clear that guava Juice is slowly rebuilding his intuition For what makes a great video where he's Yet to return his skills back to a Competitive level

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