Hated Crypto YouTuber Accused Of Money Laundering…

Oh yeah it is a money laundering Operation Wow you're going to officially call it a Moneya laundering operation that's your It meets it meets the requirements it's Uh it's not in a bank and he's using it To uh cover up his funding um I bet you He's going to use bcoin to try and get Out of paying alimony and child support To his wife in the divorce proceedings I Know him he's a bully and he's a Psychopath and his family deserves Better so if he could be exposed to Being the scammer that he is everyone Already knows that he's a piece of [ __ ] As as a human being but if I can expose Him for the scammer that he is and make Bethany set up to take care of her Family um then I'm I'm doing my job as a Good person because evil men Prosper When good men do Nothing so one of the most interesting Stories that has happened on YouTube Over the past few months has been the Downfall of bit boy crypto AKA Ben Armstrong if you don't know uh he had One of the largest cryptocurrency Channels on all of YouTube the guy by The name of Ben Ben Armstrong and he was Eventually ousted from his own company a Few months ago uh and went on this crazy Rant he said everyone at his former Company hit Network that was you know They took over his channel bit booy

Crypto they renamed it as discover Crypto and he said they're all criminals Guys they're all going to go to jail I'm Going to get my company back right he Acted like that for a few days and then He had ology video where he was crying Guys I'm so sorry I was on I was on diet Pills and testosterone I didn't know What I was doing and it looked like Everything was going to get better but It didn't cuz then he made a reversal Again he claimed all these people were Scamming him he started his own Cryptocurrency channel a new one called Ben Armstrong and then he did one of the Most unhinged things I have ever seen on All of YouTube he did a live stream uh Where he went to a former colleague's House by the name of Carlos and claimed Carlos had stolen his Lamborghini this Was a huge story even penguin zero Covered this story uh it was massive and He actually got arrested in that live Stream and unfortunately Ben has not Changed since then he's only continually Gotten worse on Twitter he constantly Says every day that the former Network He worked for hit Network screwed him Over all those people he says they're Going to go to jail uh they're all Criminals right now I wanted to get to The bottom of the story so I reached out To both hit Network and Ben Armstrong I Wanted to interview all of them to see

Exactly what everyone thinks what's Going on in this situation and with hit At work I was put to in contact with the Head of content uh named Nick so I was Able to talk to him and he told me some Really interesting things about Ben the Whole situation of why he got fired and What I really wanted to talk to Nick About was this actual tweet that he said That Ben's new cryptocurrency Ben Started his own coin called bcoin and Nick claims he he actually says in the Interview which I'll show you uh Nick Claims that this is moneya laundering This is absolutely criminal it's moneya Laundering and Ben could face serious uh Jail time for what he is doing with Bcoin those are pretty explosive details That Nick talks about and I'll show you That now I also have to mention that I Did reach out to Ben Armstrong I dm'd Him several times I've dm'd him in the Past for other videos as well and he has Never responded now keep in mind he's Well aware this interview was going to Take place Ben apparently still has People at hit Network who are loyal to Him because when I contacted Nick the Other night uh to set up this interview Within hours of agreeing to do an Interview with me Ben Armstrong followed Me on Twitter right so Ben is well aware Of who I am he's well aware that this Interview was going to take place and

He's well aware that I offered multiple Times to talk to Ben to get his side of The story uh and he turned all of those Down he has never responded with that Being said let's go ahead and take a Look at this interview again this is hit Network the former company that Ben used To run uh this is Nick who works for the Company this is his entire story of all Of his dealings with Ben and actually Why he thinks Ben is an actual criminal So take a look okay so here I am today With uh Nick how do you pronounce your Name Nick your last name dandi dandi all Right and what's your your role with hit Network my role with hit network is I am The head of content so I kind of manage All the different brands and the content They put out okay and to be clear to Anyone who watches this hit Network um You run the Discover crypto YouTube Channel which used to be called bitboy Crypto is that correct that's cor and Ben Armstrong used to be bitboy crypto He used to run that channel and he was Kicked out of the company hit Network And and bit boy is that correct uh Ben Took the name uh bit boy uh it was a Name that Justin Williams actually came Up with and um he was a uh major he gave Minority ownership to TJ shed and uh From there there he had majority Ownership but after violating the terms Of the business agreement TJ shed

Exercised his rights as a minority Shareholder and ejected Ben Armstrong From the company okay so I just I wanted To go over all this because I've been Seeing uh Ben he's been talking about This a lot on Twitter I think he was Kicked out of the company a couple Months ago and he's continuously talked Daily about how you guys screwed him Over I think he's tweeted many times That you guys are going to be Investigated and go to jail he's going To kick you out of the business Get you out of the building uh so and to Be clear I reached out to Ben as well And I asked him if he wanted to talk to Me after I talked to you and he has not Responded so he just wants to tweet About it all day apparently sure yeah so I I gotta ask um did Ben start the bit Booy crypto Channel and then he brought You guys hit Network on later is that What Happened so I came on to hit Network When it was already established as a Company did Ben Start hit Network or Just bit booy crypto he started bitboy Crypto so he didn't start hit Network he Started hit network with TJ okay yeah And then he was he was kicked out later He was he was removed yeah later can you Go over like officially what were the Reasons why he was kicked Out that I can't really get into because

All of that is in fullon legal mode Right now so um I could tell you that The corporate attorneys it's a extremely Open and shut Case with all of the corporate attorneys That we have which is why Ben is Pursuing this bizarre criminal thing With the Lamborghini because he has no Standing he tried to bring it up earlier In the be at the end of October and got His case was dismissed so um yeah There's there's no standing as far as His allegations for like conspiracy or Whatever is it makes no sense and he's Lost in the court on that battle already Okay and but yeah I I've seen online That he's uh he's apparently tried to Get an injunction against you guys a Couple times and I guess nothing's Really worked out so far for him no I Mean here's um I actually have the Latest this is uh this is the new this Is the new one uh this is about the Lamborghini so uh but that's all he can Do is he just kind of like focused in on This Lamborghini thing uh because he Knows that the whole thing about the Company has he has no merit he followed Every letter of the law so okay so I Actually did want to ask you about the Lambo that that story uh went pretty Viral he was um that crazy rant where he Went to I believe Carlos's house went All over the Internet some of the

Biggest channels even moist critical Covered that uh so I had a question About the lambo apparently he claims That you guys stole his Lambo and that Carlos has it which is why he end up Going to that guy's house and screaming Like a maniac and I believe I said I Believe I've seen on line that you guys Uh have said that the the issue with him With with the lambo is between him and Carlos and you guys don't have anything To do with that is that correct yeah I I Literally have nothing to do with it in Any way I was writing videos for him uh I saw the lambo I rode in the lambo one Time with Ben but other than that I Literally have like even the lawyers Were flabbergasted when they saw me and Allison on this Lambo lawsuit thing they Were like why the heck are they attached To this because he just he's grasping at Straws so yeah I literally have no Connection to that Whatsoever okay and so when you were Working with Ben back when he was with The company yeah what what were you Doing on a day-to-day basis with with Him what was your your role with him um My role was to uh manage the content That he wanted done on his Channel um I also manage other channels Like around the blockchain and Blockchain basement so uh but I would Say you know 60% of my job

Was doing executing the content the Vision that he had for his Channel okay yeah so I wanted to bring Up um a tweet I don't know if I can I Don't think I can share it on the screen But it's Ben's tweet it says I want Everyone to understand what you have Witnessed today I was accused of Embezzling money to Duchess of defi uh From my former and future company so I He says his future company he thinks He's gonna get back in there yeah so is There any way you can uh You Can Shed Any comment on that have you guys Claimed that he has embezzled any funds From the Company I have a very Small um my exposure to the greater hit Network legal situation with Ben Armstrong is thankfully pretty Small um that's the end of my legal Exposure I know that everything that we Have in the original injunction which is Publicly available all of the corporate Lawyers say that this is a open and shut Case that's that's as much as I can Comment on it so for this next portion Of the interview which I'm going to show You in a second I actually had to cut a Portion of it out because I actually Talked in detail with Nick about a Couple of tweets uh which named some Individuals that actually want their Names kept out of the interview so I had

To cut that portion out but I want to Leave his response in where he talks About how uh Ben Armstrong has Apparently been re-uploading people's Private information to his Twitter Account and Ben's response Ben as to why He's doing that is because even though These these messages were apparently Gotten illegally uh Ben didn't do Anything wrong he got them from someone Else who did something illegally Apparently and so Ben thinks that he's In the clear Ben does not understand the Law he he doesn't understand that just Because you didn't do anything wrong if You're uploading information that was Gotten against someone's will like you This these are private information that Was leaked you should not be Re-uploading that to Twitter so I want To show you Nick's response uh to Ben Not understanding that and just simply Not understanding the law at all Screenshots to him but either way it it Doesn't seem appropriate that he should Be uh posting someone's private Conversation yeah so can you talk about That yeah I mean if you come into Information that is illegally obtained And use it then that's a crime so um Ben Armstrong like fundamentally does not Understand criminal law in any way shape Or form um and continuously posts L's on Twitter violating the law and like good

God violating any uh any sense or um um He's he's basically screwed himself so Royally when it comes to his divorce Proceedings because he doesn't know what The hell he's doing um yeah he has no Sense of uh criminal law whatsoever if If someone sends you something that's Illegal like if you get sent an elicit Image that you know is illegal and then You post it online you have committed a Crime like if someone sends you a bank Account number for someone's bank Account and says hey look someone sent Me a bank account number and you post it Online that's illegal and like Ben Fundamentally doesn't understand that in His own Twisted mind so even if what he Says is true which it's not he still Does something illegal because he's Passing on information that was Illegally obtained and he's acting on it One of the main reasons I wanted to talk To you was I saw the other day uh you Posted a tweet claiming that Ben coin is Basically you claimed it was scam and That people need to probably stay away From it if they feel that they've been Scammed they need to uh contact the Authorities so can you go into a little Detail why you think the Ben coin is a Scam yeah so I don't think that I know That because I was using some basic what We call contract scanning tools one of Them was token sniffer the other one was

Solidity scanner and I just ran the the Token address uh for bcoin v2 through Those scanners and basically what they Do is they look at the contract and they Identify any discrepancies or red flags That could basically be used by a bad Actor to take people's money Um I ran it through there knowing full Well already like Ben's plans for bcoin Because he was talking about it and ask Me to be involved with it when I was Here when he was still here at hit Network and I flatly Refused um but yeah so I ran it through Those Scanners and uh what what came back was Very very bad I knew it was going to Come back Poor but I didn't want to just like go Out and say it and give my opinion I Used the scanners they backed up what I Already knew and I outlined it in detail Of why it is a scam it's very Predatory okay uh can so do you think Like that could potentially land him in Jail or do you think what do you think Yeah absolutely I mean let me go ahead And pull up the Tweet Again do you know if it's um I I think You alluded to him being investigated or Something let pull up your Tweet yeah uh The the SEC is having a field day with This and anyone associated with it has Zero credibility in the space so do you

Know that they're actually looking at Bcoin right now yeah I know there's a Couple um federal and state authorities That are looking into bcoin just like They looked into Richard Hart with hex Um and uh you know I mean they came After CZ and uh who else are coming They're coming after Justin Sun um and So guys like Ben Armstrong and like Richard Who have these crypto projects that are Clearly just meant for that their own Personal gain um are coming under a lot Of U Federal scrutiny uh and state level Scrutiny um I've been told by uh others That are close to the project that there Are feds like in his telegram group and What have you um the FBI actually did Make a visit to hit Network and was Questioning Ben uh last year um so this Has all the Hallmarks of being a a Classic pump and dump um let's see yeah I mean he can he can blast he can Blacklist different wallets so like what That means is is he can if you buy some Ben Coin and he finds out what your wallet Is or you have a whole bunch and he Doesn't want you to sell it and drop the Price he can just Blacklist your wallet Add your crypto wallet address and make You unable to move any funds from that That's just one thing that he can do as Part of the contract for this crypto

Token he can also change the taxation on So if you try to move it he can change It by the wallet address so if your Wallet address a and you w to and you're Moving some of your Ben coin around to Different places okay and Ben doesn't Like what you're doing he can cause your Wallet to incur a 50% or more tax you Can do 100% tax on just the coins that Are leaving your wallet so it is it is a Scam and that's just like Point number Two on the ways that it's a scam but When you have these kind of obviously Predatory practices in a cryptocurrency From a guy that's working out of the United States yes you're getting Regulatory pressure and the more that People like that's what we do on Discover crypto we're all about like Removing the scams from the space we Want people to understand money better We want people to take control of their Finances better and like having Bad Actors like this just moving about Freely is bad for the space so it's it's My responsibility to call the stuff out Okay well that sounds uh pretty fishy I Don't know I I really haven't been in Crypto since about 2017 so I don't know All the ins and outs but it definitely Sounds like something at least Coffeezilla should look into yeah uh I I Saw in your Tweet you also said that Coins can be minted at will so can he

Just make unlimited bcoin yeah he he can Inflate the supply however much he wants Just like the federal government does With your money yeah I I know with some Some coins like Bitcoin for example I Know it has a limit lied supply has Ben Ever said there's going to be a limited Supply or anything or he can just Whatever he wants just add as many coins It doesn't matter what he says I mean What he says is worth about as much as You know a McDonald's hamburger rapper Um Because what's in the contract what is There in code is he can change the token Supply at will and he already did it Once he had bcoin version one which was The meme token right it was kind of like People understood like I'm buying a Thing that's called Ben token it's a Meme coin I get it that had that had a Capital like 420 trillion or something like that he's Like no no no no that's too much I'm Rebranding this as a community coin We're going to Foster crypto adoption That's how the scam starts right like You change the narrative into making it Seem like something that it isn't and so What he did is he didn't like the token Supply he didn't like the tokenomics of The original bcoin so he did a version Two and cut the supply down to just the Uh circulating Supply I believe um but

Basically cut the circul cut the supply Slide down significantly which helps the Coin price significantly so he's already Done it once he can do it 50 more times If he wants to because it's baked into The contract you can't change the code On that yeah and to be clear bcoin I Believe uh didn't someone else create it And then he took over bcoin at one point Can you explain that a little bit yeah It was created by this guy he makes a Bunch of meme coins people know what's Going on like the guy I don't want to Name him but you know he is what he is He's pretty blatant with like hey this Is a meme coin Co like this is a gamble Like no one's going to take it seriously It's called Ben and I mean the coin logo Was like a dog for a while um because it Was just a joke it was just a meme coin It it's fun uh but then Ben the only Reason he bought it is because it's Called Ben that's it okay it's to serve his ego Um and so he went through this whole Thing with the original token Creator uh Did a little bit of an extortion um Which he publicly admitted to I can send You those tweets he publicly admitted to Extorting the owner of Ben the original Owner of bcoin yeah i' definitely like To see this yeah it's like a 12 tweet Thread uh where he publicly admits his Extortion including like bodily harm

Against the original coin uh token Creator um he just he took it because he Wanted a bcoin and he made he's he tried To change the narrative into this like It's a community coin it's going to Foster crypto adoption um and yeah so That's that's basically the the Ownership of it he he owns bcoin Outright 100% Okay and do you know do you want to Speculate has he profited off of it like Actually made any he's made a bunch of Money off of it oh yeah it is a moneya Laundering operation Wow you're gonna officially call it a Moneya laundering operation that's your It meets it meets the requirements it's Uh it's not in a bank and he's using it To uh cover up his funding um I bet you He's going to use bcoin to try and get Out of paying alimony and child support To his wife in the divorce proceedings Um they're actually they're getting Divorced because I know the last okay Well weeks ago I I am too and that's Like it's It's like I know Bethany and the kids um They were here quite often um his son Had a had a channel that he um Ben would Come on every once in a while uh so to To see him continue to like tout his Girlfriend um knowing that his kids are Online and his kidss friends at their Schools are online and they're like you

Know your dad's just like talking about How hot his girlfriend is like that hits Me in the gut just because I know how Sweet and awesome his kids are um and Like I'm he he could take shots at me All he wants I don't care he can call me Names whatever I don't care but I know Him he's a bully and he's a psychopath And his family deserves better so if he Could be exposed to being the scammer That he is everyone already knows that He's a piece of [ __ ] as as a human being But if I can to expose him for the Scammer that he is and make Bethany set up to take care of her Family um then I'm I'm doing my job as a Good person because evil men Prosper When good men do nothing and I'm not Saying like I'm a great person but like I'm here I'm at Discover crypto I had a Hand in Ben becoming as famous as he is And I I feel a sense of responsibility To call the stuff out just because I Know the guy so Well okay yeah well Um all right I mean I think that's most Of the questions I had for you do you Wanna do you want to say anything else About Ben or anything hit Network Anything you want to say I mean the Community at hit network is fantastic And what we're doing with discover Crypto I think is we're we're resetting We're rebranding and we need everyone's

Support here because crypto has a bad Name they're bad actors in crypto not Just Ben Armstrong he will come and go Okay he's going to expire like a jug of Milk in the Atlanta Sun okay not long But we just need responsibility in this Space and that's what I'm trying to do I'm taking arrows I'm taking a lot of Twitter hate um he's he's kind of back Channeling with his followers and They're they're trying to like find Where my family members work and live uh They're intimidating me through DMs or Doing death threats on me I just got a Death threat today um and he's Facilitating that he won't publicly Condemn it and that's the kind of person That he is but what I'm trying to do at Hit Network and discover crypto is 100% The opposite positivity Education we're trying to teach people To be responsible with their money Because like God knows you've already Got like Joe Biden and Janny Ellen and Drone pal already trying to scam you out Of your money then you got this [ __ ] Named Ben Armstrong trying to do the Same thing like we're trying to be we're Trying to be the the the adult in the Room here so that's all I got to say all Right one thing I I want to ask lastly Because it just happened uh earlier Today is the CEO of binance uh resigning And and agreeing to money laundering

Charges paying four billion dollar I Think yeah in fines what do you think About That I think CZ committed many sins in The early days of crypto in the early Days of binance uh because he was kind Of swept up in the hype and uh since Then um he has tried to reform uh but His his sins from the past caught up With them his sins from the past are Nowhere near what Sam bankman freed did Um if anything what binance has been Able to do it's been able to shadow Bank The Chinese people because they're able To put their money in dollars not in the Chinese bank system which is top down a Scam um so it's done tremendous good for The world and and helped Elevate Millions and millions of Chinese people Out of poverty actually give them safety With their money so I think Finance yeah I think the good he's done in this world Far far far outweighs the bad that he Did I mean yeah he probably pumped a Dump a couple tokens on some you know Some people back in the Ico days in 2018 But okay he ripped off a bunch of other Scammers okay he's he he there's no Honor among Thieves but what he's done Overall for this space is generally Positive he outed he took down Sam Bankman freed okay we cannot forget that So I I think the issue a lot of people Um who potentially want to get into

Crypto or thinking about it they see That FTX which was the second or third Largest crypto platform at the time do You remember I believe it was the fifth Fifth okay so FTX one of the largest and Now binance the CEO is stepping down and Agreeing that to four billion in money Laundering charges why why should people Why should normal people trust crypto When it seems like everyone in crypto is Incredibly dirty you got CZ Sam bankman Freed bit boy crypto everyone is doing Some really crummy stuff why should Anyone be involved in crypto at this Point yeah I think it's a really fair I Think it's a really fair comment and I'm Thinking like I don't know when this Video is going to come out but we're Recording this around the holiday season And so like there's going to be Conversations that I'm going to have When I go home see my family hey man How's that Bitcoin doing or hey how's Your ethereum doing because all they've Seen is negative negative stuff come up Um alternatively I'm going to say hey How's the how's your interest rates Doing because there's top down Corruption wherever money is okay except And it's no different in crypto the Ideals of crypto the foundations of it I Think are morally good um but there's a Lot of corruption in crypto just and I Would say there's there's even more in

Traditional Finance the difference Between crypto and traditional Finance Is ours we're not having a government With guns run interference for us when Our bad people go down they take back They take people down with them but we Fail and we don't get bailed out whereas In trafi you get Bad actors Like Bernie Ma off like Enron like whatever they act Poorly people lose their savings and the Big Banks get bailed out but the little Guy doesn't get bailed out at all so Pick your poison okay are you going to Go with the people who have an open way Of doing business and yes there's scams But it can be it'll be outed in the open Pretty soon or you going to go with the People who have top down uh support from The government who if you don't obey um You know they have the guns to back it Up so uh having your foot in both worlds Is important but understanding how money Works is even more important um that's That's my thing like if you're looking For a corruption free system of money it Doesn't exist I'm sorry it just doesn't Exist so I've chosen to put most of my Efforts into understanding crypto which By extension means I'm understanding how Money works and I understand how trafi Works and I for one I'm a better person For it all right well that's that's a a Great argument I guess u i I don't know How many opinions it's going to change

But I appreciate you uh taking the time To talk to me about all this stuff today Yeah for sure I appreciate it Scott Thanks a lot

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