Hollywood Won’t Cast These 7 Actors Anymore. Why?

We're going to talk about seven actors Who are no longer cast by Hollywood Beginning with Sean William Scott whose Performance is Stifler in American Pie Was so iconic that it actually hindered Him from Landing future roles Sean Stated in a 2010 interview I had so much Fun and loved the character but I don't Want to be known as that character Forever now I'm realizing that I Probably will be known as that character Forever also adding in a Conan O'Brien Interview that Stifler is basically all He's seen as when fans meet him in real Life do people like think you're Stifler Do you have situations where people you Know people think they might go like They think that I'm Stiffler this made It difficult for Sean to land any role Where he wasn't playing a douchey frat Boy although this wasn't so much of an Issue at the start it's iron films such As Dude Where's My Car the Dukes of Hazard as well as Role Models finding Success in each film with the American Pie Persona however these types of Raunchy teen comedies aren't all that Common anymore and with Sean William Scott approaching his 50th birthday it's Not difficult to say why he know longer Has the same utility as he used to Between 2019 and 2022 Sean didn't appear In a single production yet he would Return in a TV series called Welcome to

Fletch in which Sean still looks exactly Like Stifler over 23 years later Although Sean William Scott isn't the Only actor with this problem as Christopher mints plus has been unable To escape the legendary name McLovin Ever since starring in Superbad the Movie was literally Chris's very first Acting role being cast for his unique Nerdy appearance which when plastered on A certain iconic fake ID made him Recognizable to everybody it stayed in a Vanity Fair interview the day after it Came out I was a nobody 18 years old I'd Never done anything in my life and then The next day I go to a habit restaurant And then someone across the way goes McLovin in front of like 40 people then I was like oh something is changing in The atmosphere here leading to concerns From fellow Superbad co-star Emma Stone Who stated is Chris mints plus going to Be called McLovin for the rest of his Life Chris had found himself with the Same curse as Sean William Scott which Is interesting as the two would star Alongside each other only one year after Superbad where Chris played a character Very similar to McLovin more than half Of his five most recent films have been Voice acting roles possibly done so he Could disassociate from McLovin yet on The trailer for his most recent film Called on a roll one of the top comments

Is still you know you're getting old When McLovin from Superbad now plays Guidance counselor roles in teen movies Despite being unable to escape the curse Of McLovin Christopher Mintz plus has Managed to find success in the music Industry with his band called main man When asked during an interview do you Ever feel pulled toward acting or music More than the other Chris responded by Stating I would love to keep balancing The two I think I'm very lucky and Grateful for where I am right now that I Can do both acting you can work for Three months and not work for six months So in that time I love the momentum of Music and everything that's going on the Momentum right now is very physical I Kind of just go with the flow and it Seems as though Jim Carrey has taken on A similar attitude in the early days Jim Carrey had a never-ending list of cult Classic films the Grinch the masked The Truman Show Dumb and Dumber Ace Ventura Even Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Was amazing however when was the last Time you heard any hype around a Jim Carrey movie after maybe the second Dumb And Dumber almost 10 years ago there's a Good reason for this between 2016 and 2020 Jim Carrey took a four-year Hiatus From acting which seemed to have been Catalyzed by the death of his Ex-girlfriend in late 2015. the tragedy

Not only resulted in grief but Jim Carrey also had to spend the entirety of 2017 embroiled in various lawsuits Related to her passing he was dismissed Of any legal wrongdoing in early 2018 Yet only six months later in a Hollywood Reporter interview it was explained that Jim Carrey was an actor who had Effectively renounced his own celebrity Year after stating I just didn't want to Be in the business anymore I did didn't Like what was happening the corporations Taking over and all that and maybe it's Because I felt pulled toward a different Type of creative Outlet Jim Carrey Instead began to focus on painting and While he would return to acting for a Brief period in 2020 he'd go on to State This in April 2022 well I'm retiring but I I really liked my quiet life and I Really love putting paint on canvas and This is something you might never hear Another celebrity say as long as time Exists I have enough I've done enough I Am enough he added the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 would be his final movie and Apart from a small appearance in the Weekends Out of Time music video Jim Carrey has stayed true to his retirement But whatever happened to Toby Maguire I Summarized well by this comment I don't Care what other movies this guy plays in He will always be Spider-Man to me and While this is true for most Toby Maguire

Fans he isn't really Typecast in the Same way as McLovin or Stifler he found Success playing fairly unique roles in Other films such as the Great Gatsby yet Since 2014 almost 10 10 years ago he Appeared in no more than three films and One episode of a TV show why he's not a Romantic lead he's not an action star He's not a comedic actor he's not a Shakespearean his boyish good looks were Appealing in his 20s and 30s but not When he's in his early 40s basically Tobey Maguire has a limited range as an Actor and there aren't many roles for Him within that range besides being Fairly Limited in terms of what roles he Can play Toby Maguire has also found Himself in numerous media scandals in 2015 it was reported that Maguire won as Much as 30 to 40 million from illegal Poker games over the course of three Years with most of this money having Come from a hedge fund manager who's now Serving 10 years in prison himself for Running an illegal Ponzi scheme the Poker games were organized by a woman Named Molly Bloom who wrote in her Memoir that Maguire asked her to bark Like a seal who wants a fish in order to Earn a thousand dollar poker chip the Poker game organizer added that she Tried to laugh it off however the actor Persisted and said I'm not kidding What's wrong you're too rich now you

Won't bark for a thousand dollars on top Of this Scandal there are YouTube Compilation dedicated solely to Toby Maguire getting angry at Paparazzi Although the main reason behind why he's Disappeared from Hollywood is because He's busy making movies as opposed to Acting in them despite having acted in Only four production since 2014 he's Been the producer for eight movies During the same time period which is Significantly more prolific than Taylor Lautner who was blacklisted by Hollywood For a much more brutal reason Taylor Lautner became an overnight sensation at The age of 16 after starring in the Incredibly famous series Twilight with His attractive physical appearance Helping him to land the role and Maintain an audience of dedicated Teenage fangirls almost every Taylor Lautner interview focused on his body so Everybody's talking about the scene Where you um jab your pants How is that with the whole Team Jacob vs Team Edward Fiasco were helping Taylor Lautner to earn an estimated 40 million Dollars from the franchise he was so Famous that for 10 whole years he didn't Go to a grocery store movie theater or a Mall although over time this insane Level of Fame began to fade the four Movies he starred in after Twilight each Failed to crack six stars on IMDb the

Worst of which being described as a Fourth-rate Hollywood Thriller that Bundles a lot of thievery from better Movies is entirely bereft of suspense or Excitement and features a leading man Who absolutely positively cannot act in My 2016 Taylor Lautner had stopped Exercising altogether leading him to Lose the body that had made him so Famous in the first place and you know What happens when you don't want to see A gym is you start losing the the eight Pack seeing it online was very tough and Being like wow he's let it all go I was Like oh Really let it all go it'll be unfair to Call Taylor Lautner's Twilight success Lucky as he definitely had to put in a Lot of work prior to Landing the role But it did seem like he'd caught the Right wave at the right time the movie Demanded a fit guy in his late teens Which Taylor Lautner suited perfectly at The time however this on its own was Insufficient to ensure any long-term Success but while every person we've Discussed so far has continued to land Small roles here and there it's time to Talk about Cameron Diaz who hasn't been Cast in a single movie since 2014. she found massive success with Movies such as Shrek Charlie's Angels And There's Something About Mary holding The title of the highest paid actress

Over the age of 40 years while appearing In multiple films every year up until Her disappearance so what happened well Unlike most of the others we've covered In this video where Cameron Diaz is Vanishing from Hollywood instead came From her end she'd explained in an Interview with Kevin Hart that is Someone who performed at the top level Of her field she needed spend every Waking hour focusing on the craft and She was tired of living such a singular Focused life Cameron Diaz has instead Had a baby written two self-help books And launched a wine brand called avaleen Which seems to be much more than what Sasha Baron Cohen has been up to after Boric grossed over 250 million back in 2006 Sasha Baron Cohen saw a steady Decline in the performance of every film Afterwards the dictator did 180 million Bruno did 140 million yet by 2016 Grimsby did only 28 million on a budget Of 35 million meaning the film Lost 7 Million dollars whilst prompting reviews Such as Baron Cohen is a one-trick pony And his schnick has won thin in 2016 he Stated that Hollywood would be too Scared to make Borat today explaining That the incredibly crude humor which Made the movie so successful was better Suited to when the film was first Released the kind of stuff he put off in Borat is much harder to do in this

YouTube slash iPhone age as Cohen Himself admitted while doing press for This one the same kind of problem can Also be applied to Bruno in the dictator But it's the risky comedy in these films That makes them so entertaining to watch On top of being more limited in terms of What jokes he can make Sasha Baron Cohen Has also been limited by lawsuits he Stated in a 2012 interview that he could No longer make movies like Borat and Bruno as the movies I did up till now They involve real people at the moment I Think I have the Guinness world record For the most sued actor in history with Borat accounting for at least seven of These lawsuits despite their Sasha Baron Cohen did release Borat 2 in October 2020 which was purchased by Amazon for 80 million dollars so while it's clear That he is still finding success with These roles it'll be interesting to Observe the performance of his next Original film

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