How 1 Joke Collapsed A Popular YouTube Podcast

On episode 351 of the impulsive podcast Bobby Lee made one single joke which Completely wrecked the relationship Between the three hosts Logan Mike and Most notably George she's not coming Back is he really mad is he really mad Oh wow For context Logan and Mike created the Podcast back in late 2018 and it's safe To say that these two have always had Excellent chemistry their personalities Work well together they seem to be Pretty good friends and generally Speaking they exhibit a similar level of Status keeping a permanent third host on The other hand has proven much more Difficult the first 150 episodes Featured a third host named Spencer who Eventually left the podcast to move to Hawaii after which the role went to Logan's childhood friend Mark who'd then Also leave after getting into a fight With Mike over their difference in Interests on episode 219 in September 2020 the next and most recent third host Was announced as George Janko Introducing the third co-host of Impulsive my best friend George Jenkins Who was certainly different into the Previous two were George was introduced As a more emotional counterpart to Logan And Mike as he had a reputation for Wearing his heart on his sleeve while Logan and Mike were almost the exact

Opposite in addition to this George was A devout Christian with discussion about His own spirituality adding another Layer of contrast to what had previously Been a non-religious show outside of Impulsive George practiced the art of Stand-up comedy year although it'd be Through comedy that he'd eventually meet His ruin one thing was glaringly obvious From George's very first appearance he Simply wasn't on the same level as Logan And Mike Logan has succeeded with Everything from Vlogs to Prime while Micah's overcome his own set of Challenges and has proven himself as a Fantastic interviewer who meshes well With almost every guest on the show George on the other hand has always felt A little too much like well just another Guy who Logan met at the gym Logan I I Met him at a gym George never had the Chance to refine his interviewing skills To the same degree as Logan and Mike Which is only accentuated by his seating Position into the right of the guest Making it much harder for George to Engage in the conversation the obvious Imbalance between George Logan Mike and Usually the guest as well leaves George With a needy personality and an Overpowering desire for approval leading To over-the-top questions and comments Often producing a clunky viewing Experience I need to know more about you

Like how did you figure out that like This entertainment world was your Calling that's it that's what I was Going to say well I said it so but I was Gonna say it but I said it no it's good No it's good I was already funnier than The kids around me so I was like I could Tell the joke that they're going to make Fun of me but even better and I made it By myself so I was like making fun of Myself like really really Self-deprecated myself generally Speaking George's attitude wasn't severe Enough to upset any of the guests However on episode 346 with Shaquille O'Neal George was slapped in the face With a bit of a reality check for the First 11 minutes of the podcast George Didn't say a single word leading Shaq to Confront him about his lack of input Hold on you ain't gonna ask me a Question Listen man I read the Bible a lot when They talk about David and Goliath I've Never seen a giant and so like I'm Literally just I'm a little tape I've Been sitting over here for 30 minutes And that's all you can freaking say After making the excuse that he couldn't Hear due to his headphones George sat Quietly for another 11 minutes after Which he was scolded again what the [ __ ] Are you doing here ask a question jeez He's your partner he's the newest you

Might want to give him his two-week Notice That's the question you're just sitting Here like a bobblehead now yeah I'm so Sorry I didn't want to interrupt you Because I couldn't hear but and it's Safe to say that this put a permanent Dent in George's confidence he'd already Joked about how difficult it was to be The third host in the past it's hard to Be the third person on a podcast we Wouldn't feel very vocal main hosts and After the Shaquille O'Neal episode it Was obvious that George's confidence had Fallen off a cliff and then recently I've been just getting really nervous And I'm not doing well enough for the Podcast anymore only five episodes after Shaq Rose to George Bobby Lee would join The show for impulsive 351 during which One single joke would send the show into Turmoil the episode began with Bobby Taking a little Jabet George by Suggesting that Mike was cooler you have Everything cool friends yeah cool Friends like this guy what Yeah Things became a little more contentious When George took it from fun to Borderline aggressive some people just Don't like sucking dick now turn around And know the wisdom I gave you oh before Displaying more arrogance just a few Minutes later how about you first of all

What's my name sensing George's clear Insecurity Bobby began to roast George Whenever he got the opportunity you have A girlfriend yeah unbelievable is that Your girlfriend without Fame you Wouldn't get that although the ultimate Roast would come after George went on a Two and a half minute monologue about The struggles he faced in his life and I Don't mean this in a cocky way but like Dude this put me on a very strong map And it made a lot of my Avenues blow up So um but I didn't know I was going to Be here so it's like that's Are you done It was just a long monologue he was just Waiting here it was a little bit to say Something I love what you were saying it Was very long yeah that's usually yeah That's usually but you know I got what You're saying and you really inspired me George Hey can I say something first of all Don't touch me yeah do not touch me yeah We just need writers to edit that down If we had a staff of riders they'd be Like yeah we'll cut that cut that but Essentially it was a really good usually When I do my comedy I don't have writers In the room I actually write my own Stuff okay I can tell but um Maybe you should get a writer but my Point is For the rest of the podcast George went

Into his own little world except for When Bobby got his attention just so he Could roast him again all right so sad What I'm saying is that we were talking We were for that 30 minutes [Laughter] Eventually leading George to walk off The podcast getting an Uber and leave Without saying goodbye the episode Received comments such as it's Impossible to call yourself a comedian If you can't handle being slaughtered by Other comedians especially the captain Bob himself George tells everyone he's Going to be the Best comedian alive but He can't take a joke from the legendary Bobby Lee it's like a badge of honor how Does he think most comedians communicate With each other I've always thought George thinks he's funnier than he Really is and when people roast him he Gets super butt hurt like this Generation things became worse for George after this video by Jamari gained Well over a million views leading George To address the criticism in The Following episode of impulsive by Arrogantly stating that he enjoyed all The hatred I love that people were just Commenting and getting show steamed it Made me realize like oh I really don't Care I want it I want to be in their Heads more like I like it love how George is trying to act like he's not

Heard about this when he had to leave The Pod cause Bobby Lee out of all People almost made him cry dude is a Clown a week after George responded Logan appeared on Bobby Lee's podcast Tigerbelly where Bobby took a moment to Talk about George's Behavior what he did Was unprofessional I was a guest he Walked out on a guest if this guy right Here walked out on a guest he would be Reprimanded before roasting him yet Again if you had walked out right it Would have been like oh it's over but Him walking out was just kind of like Let's keep going Bobby and Logan then decided that they Should get George on a call can you give Me anything you want to settle this Right now yeah I'm going to call him Right now leading Bobby and George to Fix their relationship I want to Apologize for my behavior on your Podcast Bobby Lee you shut your mouth I'm apologizing to you I left you you Were our guest I want to pull back my Apology then Sorry Ow I pulled out of the apology I don't Feel sorry but I will accept yours right Um and hopefully you know when I come Back to your podcast we can make it Right however it was obvious that the Whole thing had caused a serious Fracture between George and Logan

Becoming most obvious when they get into An almost hour-long argument only five Episodes after the Bobby Lee podcast I Know people that hate me that treat me Better about my faith in you and you're My best friend one that really hurt me Is you told me I need a therapist Because I believe in Jesus that won't Hurt me no I didn't I said you need a Therapist because Jesus isn't quite Doing it for you which is which is true I don't want to stand down no you didn't What do I need a therapist for them Jesus isn't doing it for you you're a Therapist for I don't believe you're as Emotionally mature as you could be I'm Not emotionally intelligent could you Could you pick a time and frame any day Of our life here's one three weeks ago When you're sitting in that chair you Stormed off this exact podcast because You're upset about something a comedian Said Logan did Apologize in their very Next episode together my attitude Towards you on that episode and my Belittlement of your beliefs was not Appropriate at all however George seemed To realize that his days on impulsive Were numbered as he'd create his own Podcast before clickbaiting the first Episode with the title why George Janko Is not on impulsive implying that he'd Left the group George used the video to Explain that this hadn't really happened

Obviously I'm still on impulsive guys uh For any of you guys that are like oh Their beef situation and now he's Starting his own like Lane even going so Far as to say their relationship was as Good as ever me Logan and Mike are in The perfect place yet it was obvious That this clickbait video had annoyed Logan I'm just doing this for a couple Weeks so then I could leave and click Bait that why I left impulsive you know That's good it's a good shot it's been Done it's been done many years and it Works by who oh well you can make a real Living for yourself you know we've seen The model resulting in more and more Uncomfortable moments on the podcast you Don't give a [ __ ] about this show Anymore let's be honest it's like bands That hate each other that have to get on Stage everybody and play for the Audience like yo let's do our hit so we Don't like it we have to say Only three episodes after comparing Themselves to a band Force to play Together George disappeared from the Show without warning leading fans to Speculate on whether or not he'd been Booted Mike refused to elaborate on the Situation when asked by Aiden Ross why Is Georgie not impulsive anymore is that Like you don't answer that no no I don't Want to talk about that although only One month later on an episode of Jeff FM

With Mike and tana Mojo where Tana Accidentally said this we are the new Impulsive I'm sorry we are it's fine we Are having like a Rebrand like George's Leaving like this is it at around the Same point in time George unfollowed Both Logan and Mike on Instagram which Was followed by impulsive changing their Profile picture from this to this as Well as their Banner from this to this All of this had happened silently with No input from the hosts however on the 26th of April 2023 George will post to Twitter I wasn't going to talk but now I Am implying that some pretty heavy stuff Had gone down behind the scenes replies On the post encouraged George to keep The drama private yet on the 31st of May Approximately one month later another Tweet was made stating to the impulsive Fans I'm so sorry I can't speak about Things not my choice I do love you guys And for those of you sending me the clip Of them talking [ __ ] it's all love I've Already moved on from that toxic Environment confirming that he was no Longer on the podcast the post receiver Replies slamming George such as mate you Sat there not speaking for 90 of the Time what are we missing your silence to Which he'd respond by stating you think I wanted to be quiet hahaha yeah this Kind of statement is representative of Why he's unsuitable for the podcast he

Cares way too much about how other People view him if you're the type of Person who gets defensive and feels like You always have to be in the right You're probably better suited to a Facebook comment section and not a Career on YouTube despite this George Has seen some Success With The George Janko show where yet Logan hasn't been Able to resist roasting George's low View count I love this outlet and it Exists because people watch and without People watching I just have a show like Um Since then Georgia stated that he simply Wants to distance himself from Mike and Logan I'm at a point right now where I Want distance from both of them I don't Want anything to do with it and I just Move on which seems to be the best Possible outcome for everybody involved

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