How a 7 Second Meme Ruined His Life… (Deez Nuts)

This is the day's nut sky in 2015 Sharing a stage alongside Kendrick Lamar 19. teen hi I'm the internet Anarchist I Create weekly YouTube documentaries and Today we'll be looking at The Man Behind The iconic Deez Nuts meme his meteoric Rise to fame and the one decision that Ruined his life in 2011 welven Harris Would create his first Instagram account Welven degrades and would begin his Online journey by uploading photos and Videos of himself at work or just Hanging out with friends the content he Put out wasn't anything special but it Just seemed like wolven enjoyed sharing Parts of his life with the internet over The following four years he continued Uploading consistently but he didn't see Any notable growth on the platform and To everybody watching at the time it Seemed like things would simply remain That way but fortunately for woven they Didn't as by early March 2015 a famous Instagram model by the name of Dre Michelle discovered his page and Reposted his who ain't got no [ __ ] Video to her accounts He said He said I don't Within minutes the video would gain over 20 000 likes and hundreds of comments Leading to many of Draya's 3 million Followers to support woven and his page And within less than 24 hours his

Account had surpassed over 40 000 Followers other celebrities like Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence had followed Dre's lead sharing welven's videos to Their extremely large audiences the Internet was a different place back then With short videos like this would take Over the internet and welven's internet Fame was only just beginning as on the 20th of March 2015 welven uploaded his Iconic Deez Nuts prank call video a Video that would dramatically boost his Online notoriety and to find his career These nuts Gotti Gotti Oh Wow The video would go on to be reposted Edited and clipped hundreds of thousands Of times across the internet and in less Than a week welven had effectively Become a living meme two short months Later welven would hit 1 million Followers and his life was never the Same after this in the eyes of welven And Lefty his manager at the time this Was their lucky break and the two Intended to make the most of it in the Weeks following welven's Newfound Fame Numerous celebrities and influences Would associate themselves with his Newfounded brand exclusive parties One-on-one interactions with pop stars And guest appearances on high profile

Podcasts became common occurrences for Woven a previously unknown Creator was Now rubbing shoulders with famous Musicians like Kendrick Lamar DJ Khaled And DJ Vlad and welven relished every Second of it his brand got even bigger When Kendrick Lamar paid tribute to him On Taylor Swift's music video bad blood And even brought him out on stage on HOT97 Summer Jam as woven's Fame and Popularity grew his relationship with His manager Lefty would grow more and More until they were ultimately in Separable Lefty would accompany him to Various shows interviews and events and To most of welven's audience it seemed Like left you is more interested in the Limelight in making money rather than Helping his friend grow his brand and This became even more apparent in one of Their many interviews a video game Coming out what Yeah what is it called it's called these Nuts no really it's called these nuts It's called these nuts that's Really the name of the game these nuts All right come on man We have to name it Deez Nuts you got to Do it okay so what's the concept of the Game it's uh it's similar to uh Subway Surfer you understand but in the game You collect the nuts you get out you hit The wall you hear the the guy team you Got the sleep it's all his sound bites

And it has a 3D image of him he pull up You know what I'm saying because he Chasing the chick you want me so that's This whole thing right now we've been Discussing we've been filming for the TV Show so we got a few a few looks there For the TV show and then we got a big Thing coming up in a couple months that I'm working on right now I won't name it Because somebody might try to beat me to It so you like officially a manager yeah It's real it's real now I got other People that's contacting me to manage Them at the time it didn't seem to Bother welven or anyone watching so it Was swept under the rug welven monetized His popularity by charging between four Thousand five hundred and forty thousand Dollars to attend various high profile Events and clubs at his Peak anyone and Everyone wanted a piece of welven and he Was more than willing to oblige however What comes up must come down and in the Coming months welven's life would take Another drastic turn in late 2015 Numerous assault allegations were Leveled against welven and rumors began Making rounds online some news sites Even claimed to do was taken into police Custody however welven managed to clear His name in an interview with DJ Flair And I remember there was a rumor I think Like after that night at the open mic That you got arrested or something like

That well clear that up And I didn't get arrested he'd never Been arrested never it was from some Site we've never even heard of and the Crazy thing is he was posting pictures At the time the story coming out and his Last name is Harris so that was like and Then I I highly doubted detective would Ever describe him as a no-bitch student Chump Too believable but I mean up to 900 000 Followers in exactly two months I I'll Probably I have haters too so so that Was just some hater [ __ ] because you Know because it started to circulate It's spreading because I was because I Was like because I looked at I said oh [ __ ] I was just there I was just with Him and now he got arrested like what Did this happen I haven't been arrested No so all that is [ __ ] yeah even Though these allegations were false they Still had an impact on his career many People didn't see that interview so they Just continued to assume that welven was Guilty and in the coming months welven Would experience a sharp decline in Popularity despite having his own Reality show brand deals and making Several appearances on skits and shows This was typical of most memes which Come and go with changes in online Trends well we didn't know it yet but It's 15 minutes of fame were running out

The last major spike in Deez Nuts online Popularity was during the 2016 Presidential election when an Independent candidate registered as Deeks nuts gained nine percent in North Carolina and single-digit percentiles in Other states however this would be the Last time that woven would truly enjoy The limelights as later that year Warren's Instagram account would fall Prey to an online phishing attempt and Be hacked and in less than a day welven Had lost everything he had built up over The previous six years a couple months Later on the 26th of August welvin Created a new Instagram account and Would attempt to recover the fame that He had recently lost but unfortunately For woven this wouldn't go as planned as His new account would barely be able to Reach 100 000 followers and whilst this May sound like a lot to the average Person this was nowhere near the level Of success that he once had due to Welven's fame being a result of other Celebrities promoting him he wouldn't be Able to harvest an audience on his own And although welven continued posting to Instagram it would eventually Fade Into Obscurity fast forward three years to 2019 when welven would once again become The subject of online discussion but This time not for the reasons you would Expect rumors began circulating of his

Passing after a video was shared of him Unconscious on the sidewalk Foreign On the 21st of August 2021 woven and his Cousin uploaded a YouTube video to Dispel the rumors surrounding his Passing I'm alive and I'm okay And I wish that these blocks would stop With all these rumors about whether Being dead he is very much alive and Well loving has a family that loves and Care about him Um he hasn't had any dealings with Lefty In the in a lot of in a long time so You know I wish all these rumors would Stop and I wish you guys would just Leave moving along stop bullying him on These streets just you know let him live The life that he want to live well then Is he has a family that loves and wants To take care of him but welven chooses To go off for days at a time he has a Home to come so he comes home he rests For a couple of days he go back out in The street there's nothing nobody can do About it there's nothing we can do about It we don't want that for him but this Is something that he wants to do so all These rumors about him being dead my Cousin is right here he's alive and well It's rather strange when you look back At the amount of money and famous during His prime that level of success should Have been enough to set him up for life

And at least keep him up the streets This leads many to assume that dwelven's Manager Lefty had stolen from him and Left him penniless and the fact that Lefty no longer associated with welven Offery lost everything only makes us More plausible however more videos of Welven roaming the streets of California Would surface and a few people that saw Him decided that it'd be funny to bully And assault the former celebrity at his Lowest point Girl Bro leave me no [ __ ] home dude Whoever bring your little ugly ass here Bro Apparently welven is mostly active on Tick Tock where he posts videos of Himself out partying or doing challenges And would be on this same page where he Would address the videos of him sleeping Out on the streets claiming that he was Simply too drunk He did not pass out On himself It's hard to imagine that a creator that Was once acknowledged by celebrities and Was paid to attend exclusive events is Now struggling to stay afloat and Clinging On to whatever little relevancy He has left if you enjoyed this video You might enjoy the video on screen Thanks for watching

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