How Adin Ross is Destroying His Career…

Over the past few days Aiden Ross has Earned himself the title of the evil Mr Beast he did this by hosting a series of Controversial streams where he would pay His viewers to fulfill extreme Challenges Aiden Ross is a streamer who Has gained a large following through his Entertaining streams whether he had Lil Uzi vert on stream freestyling or was Just playing NBA 2K with friends Millions of people would consistently Tune in to Aiden's streams after meeting Andrew Tate Aiden Ross promised to try And become a good role model for his Young and impressionable audience Although he'd begin with what was seen As a strong start by working out more Promoting self-care and calling out Adult content on Twitch the facade would Soon crumble with more recent streams Showing a much darker side of Aiden Ross Aside that contradicts the previous Efforts he was trying to make and morals He was trying to uphold hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Looking into the extremely controversial Streams hosted by Aiden Ross on the 24th Of February 2023 Aiden Russell posted a Video to YouTube announcing that he'd Begin streaming on a new site called Kick Kick was a site that was created by Co-founder of gamblingside steak after Twitch announced the Banning of live

Gambling streams in the final days of February Aiden would sign a Multi-million dollar deal to stream on Kik and promote their platform twitch's Notorious for having strict terms of Servers and often not siding with Creators when it comes to issues with Content so the move to kick would make Aiden feel incredibly free and right off The bat it seems this so-called Freedom Got to his head as one of the first Things that Aiden Ross did on Kik was Streamed to his young audience after a Lengthy display of Pawn to his audience He asked them all in chat to type how Old they were and with the floods of 11s 13s and 15s coming through Aiden Immediately realized he had made a fatal Mistake chat do you all still beat your Meat yes or no wait how old you guys did A chat bro Jesus okay I didn't know that Um yeah All right what episode following this Incident whether related or not Aiden Ross would be permanently banned from Twitch for Aiden this just meant that he Lost his primary audience of over 7 Million followers in a single day and It's at this point of the story that Aiden really began to spiral on the 2nd Of March Aiden would host a stream that Would cause outrage the stream would Involve Aiden Ross and his friends

Bringing viewers onto the stream who'd Be asked to enact challenges for money Prizes and what initially seemed to be Relatively harmless would soon grow into A moral nightmare the first viewer to Join the stream was attending during his Work at the NBA and was challenged to Run onto the court the viewer would do So would be promptly chased down by Security and fire drum his job Bro [Music] Oh [ __ ] it I can't nah bro I'm getting out of debt though you don't Get it Huh Yeah Is he chasing you With the first challenge being Relatively harmless and only the Participant being involved no one was Prepared for what would happen next the Next participating viewer who joined the Stream was home alone with his sleeping Sister who Aiden decided he should peel Over and smash her TV when preparing for The sick challenge Aiden would receive Several messages from higher up to kick Telling him that he should stop so Instead of making his view appeal over His sleeping sister in Smasher TV they Came up with a great idea of pouring a Mixture of spit expired beer coffee Creamer mustard and tomato sauce all

Over her as well as smashing her TV the Viewer would ask his neighbor to come Over and film The cruel prank live to Aiden's 70 000 viewer audience listen [Music] Smack [Music] Foreign [Music] Bro No dude she's chasing you the [ __ ] Bad the unsuspecting sister who had no Idea what was going on would then go Into her brother's room to smash his TV Before calling her family to talk about What just happened to her but if you Thought this was bad things were only Going to get worse as the next viewer to Participate in the Stream was a younger Looking man who was home with his Grandmother and brother at first if he Was going to pour flour all over his Sleeping grandmother but after some Thought Aiden realized it could Literally kill her so instead of pouring Flour all over his grandmother it was Instead challenged to pee on his Brother's face but after Aiden found out The viewer's brother was a fan of Hassan Pika he would say this Okay okay all right Bro useless bro I think I'll give you 20K I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm

Kidding I'm kidding okay I gotta get Everything ready the participant would Paint a cup on stream and write as a Challenge was about to go down the Viewer's connection would drop leaving Aiden feeling quote blue bald but this Would lead into the next challenge which Was once again more Twisted than the Last the next viewer to participate in The Stream was asked to eat fresh dog Feces but after Aiden found out the Participant's girlfriend was home Sleeping it was his girlfriend who Quickly became the target for the prank As Aiden would ask the viewer to cover Her in dog excrement it was also at this Point that Aiden would ask a participant To call him back after he'd found a Quote nice wet fresh piece of dog Following this Aiden would resort to Streaming slots and this would be the Point where I would make a tweet sharing A clip from Aiden's stream the clip I Posted would gain over 5 million views As well as the attention of Aiden Ross Himself as he had reached out in a DM to Me saying quote imma keep doing it every Day it's gonna keep getting more extreme When I start giving out hundreds of Thousands I expect you to post that too Although the conversation continued for Privacy reasons I won't be sharing it But Aiden wasn't joking about doing it Every day and making it more Extreme as

It would host yet another challenge Stream and during this stream one of the Participants would be given the Challenge of pepper spraying themselves Shaving their head and drinking hot Sauce for twenty thousand dollars Yo [Music] Dad Damn [Music] Good job [Music] It is a [ __ ] [Music] [ __ ] you shaving that [ __ ] keep Shaving [Music] There seems to be two sides to the Controversy on one hand he's giving Life-changing amounts of money to his Viewers but on the other he's also a Multi-millionaire who was demonstrated In the past that he has no concept of Money for the average person as seen in This clip when he thinks the average Salary in the US is 100k okay so the Average salary is well like a hundred Thousand dollars [Music] What what did you just hear this [ __ ] what's the average salary Bro shut the [ __ ] up are you [ __ ] Crazy what's the average salary of a

Human being bro 30 40K bro are this Thing what crazy wait it's really 40K Bro bro that's gonna say ate it bro see That's what I said you come from two When I ain't gonna say what you came From with Aiden planning on doing this Every day and getting more and more and More stream it seems like it's only a Matter of time before someone gets Critically injured or Worse subscribe if You enjoyed the video and for future Updates on the situation

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