How Airrack Has Been Faking Videos…

Eric was once considered as one of the Greatest upand cominging YouTubers on The platform but after being exposed for Faking his content his credibility and Reputation is now on the line but how Does an over-the-top Challenge Series With near impossible conditions I'm Going to be traveling around the entire Globe uploading 30 videos in 30 days to Make the most of every second that we Have left unravel a web of misleading Statements misdirection and outright Lies that could forever alter the Reputation of a beloved Creator I just Wanted to update you guys I just Finished a 13-hour flight we almost Missed our upload window and I have a Few videos in this series saved for Moments like this obviously some of the Videos in the series are not filmed Completely live these videos take so Much time and effort to pre-produce hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create Weekly YouTube documentaries and today We'll be discussing the many ways one of YouTube's fastest growing creators arak Has been faking his recent content how Minor Details in his videos revealed a Massive disconnect between what Eric was Saying and what was actually happening As well as what those Revelations might Mean for his career moving forwards Eric's unique approach to handling Extremely difficult video challenges

Combined with his skill and presenting Them through engaging narratives and his Consistent upload schedule has always Given him an edge on YouTube with Several viral videos such as making the World's largest pizza party buying Logan Paul's couch and getting stuck on an Island Eric has grown from 50 Subscribers to 10 million subscribers in Just 3 years and he shows no signs of Slowing down in 2023 alone AR's Channel Gained an extra 2 million subscribers Achieving a total of 14 million Subs to Keep this momentum going and end the Year on the high note Eric decided it Was time to embark on yet another Monumental Challenge Series on the first Of December 2023 Eric published a video Titled I have to delete my channel where Described the rules and conditions for His new 30day countdown series starting December 1st I'm going to be traveling Around the entire Globe uploading 30 Videos in 30 30 days to make the most of Every second that we have left now I've Taken on tons of huge challenges in my Time on YouTube but this is something Bigger that I don't even know if the Mafia is ready for it I'm going to be Circling the globe over the next 30 days Ending in New York City on New Year's Eve you guys are invited but if I miss a Day in my channel and all of my videos Get deleted forever you think I'm lying

I gave my personal laptop and my Password to Mr Beast who is dying to Delete my channel I literally have his YouTube channel and I promise I will Delete it if he's skips Wonder as you Would expect fans were more than excited To see how arck was going to pull off Traveling around while uploading content Every day for 30 days with comments such As we just have to not only watch aric's Video but also motivate him to shoot Edit and post daily all the best AR we Hope you're going to make it happen Until the new year as well as good luck To arak and the crew to this commitment Excited to see where this goes aric was Setting extremely high expectations Traveling around the world while Uploading one video every day for a Month is a daunting task especially with The high production value of ax normal Uploads combine this with the fact that Mr Beast could delete his channel and You have a recipe for one of the most Anticipated challenges of AR's career a Few hours after the trailer went live Eric uploaded the first episode of the Series titled I crossed Ireland in a Perfectly straight line day one this was A first and a six episode Arc of arak And his team moving across Europe in a Straight line starting from Ireland and Ending in Italy starting off the series Like this was a good way to keep fans

Invested for the first week of the Series and potentially get them to Follow the rest of the series closely But perhaps a bit too closely while some Viewers were enjoying the beautiful Sites across Europe others began Noticing subtle issues lurking in the Background issues that would later Undermine the entire premise of the Series on the 6th of December 2023 a user by the name of visim Uploaded a 2 minut video dubbed AR is Lying to you fake 30-day challenge and As the title suggests was intended to Explore the potentially misleading Claims in Eric's 30-day challenge the First half of the video was spent Reminding viewers of the main claims Ideas and conditions Eric based the Challenge Series on while the second Half revealed why these claims were Deceptive at worst and unclear at best Say goodbye to your bad habits the Delightful way with today's sponsor fume The award nominated device that's all Natural at the start I wasn't sure what To think about it but after trying the Maple pepper core for the first time I Was completely sold instead of using Electronics fume is completely natural Instead of using Vapor fume uses Flavored air and instead of using Harmful chemicals fume uses all natural Delicious flavors you get the deal

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The aspect of it starting on the 1st of December was a lie upload started on That date but that didn't mean they were Produced around December vimi pointed Out that a clip on the third day of the Challenge showed the date on Eric Smartwatch reading the 12th of September When in reality it was supposed to be The 3rd of December almost 3 months Later and Italy and we've all been Spamming dualingo In the fourth episode of the series vimi Took note of the expiration label on a Pack of meat that read 18th of September 2023 if these dates are accurate then That would mean AR started the 30-day Challenge around 2 months ahead of Schedule which invalidates the timeline The series is based on a few days after Vim's video went live AR left a comment That he hoped would clarify the Situation reading great detective work Honestly like I mentioned some of the Videos especially in the beginning are Pre-recorded so that I could give myself A head start I'm currently on the road Filming the series main goal with the Series is to upload a new vid every day There were two main issues with arak's Reply firstly up until now arak never Mentioned that any of these videos were Pre-recorded and secondly he was trying To shift attention away from the obvious Deception by claiming the main goal was

Daily uploads below AR's comment vimi Stated my main criticism was that you Claimed to be circling the globe Starting on December 1st and nothing About the videos being pre-recorded 2 Months ago was mentioned while some Viewers were able to look past AR Allegedly buffering a few videos before The challenge others decided to take a Look a bit deeper into what Eric was Doing with a comment of stating where Did you mention that some of the videos Are pre-recorded I've watched the entire Series because I love you guys but you Made no mention of the pre-recording Your fans would still love you if you Threw the phony hype away and kept your Timeline real there's nothing Entertaining about dishonesty and you're No exception You' think with the head Start on uploads that Eric wouldn't be Falling behind by the seventh episode of The series what's up guys I cannot tell You where I am right now I just wanted To update you guys I just finished a 13-hour flight we almost missed our Upload window and I have a few videos in This series saved for moments like this Obviously some of the videos in the Series are not filmed completely live These videos take so much time and Effort to pre-produce so luckily I shot This video right before we shot the Series in case of a moment like this we

Are shooting the series live right now Uploads on the channel have been light In 2023 so my only goal with this series Is to give you guys an entertaining Video every single day and I'm not going To stop until it's done or my channel Gets deleted in vim's comments section Eric was justifying the pre-recorded Videos by saying though would to give Him a head start which is somewhat Reasonable but now he saying they'll Meant to save his streak in an emergency Scenario if he already had a Six-Day Head Start and was filming some of his Videos after the 1st of December then Why was it close to missing an upload he Even said it was filmed just before the Start of the challenge but that isn't True since Ryan Tran uploaded his side Of the collaboration on the 29th of October 2023 I finally made it to Scotland my good friend arak partnered Up with Airbnb to go to Shrek swamp and He invited me yay did this mean that From episode 8 onwards Eric would go Back to the original plan of uploads About his travels during December well The answer is no as the number of Episodes increased so did the number of Clues that pointed to a majority of the Series being made entirely before December on the 17th of December 2023 a YouTuber named soggy serial

Posted a video titled arak king of Faking content in which he brought Forward even more evidence of the 30-day Challenge being mostly pre-recorded and Argued that arach was exploiting his Viewers by doing so I presume he started Filming this challenge at start of September giving Eric an entire 3 months Head Start before even starting his 30-day series challenge on YouTube Starting December 1st I'm going to be Traveling around the entire Globe see That's what I thought at first but now That we're at episode 14 I realized that This isn't even a challenge he's Actually doing instead it's one big lie To what I think boost his views and Manipulate his audience to increase Limited merch sales soggy serial then Went on to cover the aspects of the First seven episodes that proved they Were filmed in or around September as Well as examining the discrepancies from The 8th episode to the 16th episode at The start of episode 8 AR strongly Implies that they traveled from Italy to Dubai but during so's video he points Out that that isn't possible since a Flight plan reachs from Houston to Dubai In addition soggy shows a November news Report spotted in episode 10 which Further r forces that Eric didn't film His stay to buy during the challenges Timeline well in episode 10 where he

Spends a night at a very expensive hotel You can see a news report from CNN on The TV about an event that happened on November 21st a third of the Challenge Series appeared to be pre-recorded and Unfortunately that Trend was only going To continue for episodes 11 12 and 14 SOI brought up a collection of Instagram Posts made in November that feature AR In identical clothes Loc And props found some Instagram posts Featuring Eric in kuber py the Underground Inn featured in episode 11 This was posted on November 27 more than 15 days ago while someone posted the Picture about episode 12 on November 26th let's jump into episode 14 where he Flew in 50 competitive eaters into Lael This morning to see if they can eat up An entire Buffet um and I knew that at Least one of these 50 competitive eaters Would slip up and post at least Something about the AEG video on the day Of filming as see one of them posted an Instagram reel and a YouTube video about It on November 18th from the very first Episode all the way to the 14th episode Eric was effectively lying to his Audience about the true nature of the Challenge and only barely addressed it When he was called out for it speaking Of which he left this response in the Comment section of so's video yo Appreciate the feedback we shooting the

Series as we speak but as I mentioned in The videos some of them were shot before The series so we could give ourselves a Head start to edit and make the vids as Good as possible biggest lesson is to More clearly communicate quote uploading Every day while I travel around the World unquote I think could have been More clear in the exact constraints for Sure when it comes to communicating Things clearly Eric had 16 episodes to Do so at the start of every episode he Reminded the audience about the high Stakes of the challenge and phrased Things in such a way that it seemed de He was doing everything in chronological Order considering how many episodes were Known to be pre-recorded it's not even Possible for him to have been close to Failing the challenge at episode 7 as he Claimed the traveling around the world Aspect of the challenge wasn't even Followed since episodes 13 15 and 16 Were filmed in Los Angeles ARA state of Residence by the 18th of December 2023 Eric posted episode 17 of the 30-day Challenge and was once again claiming he Needed to make an emcy upload if you are Seeing this video something bad happened Let me clarify I'm doing a series where I'm going around the world in 30 days Making a brand new video on this channel Every single day and if I don't my Channel gets deleted permanently I even

Gave the password to my friend Mr Beast To hold me accountable now to stack the ODS in my favor before we started the Series I pre-recorded some videos like Last week I uploaded this video that was Never going to be seen by the world of Me going to Shrek swamp and today I'm Going to show you one of my favorite Videos that I did not post which is the Fake Uber prank on my fellow YouTubers Now take note that this was uploaded a Day after soy serial released his video On the challenge being fake and there Was another openly pre-recorded video Added to the series this Bears a Striking resemblance to how arak stated The Shrek video was pre-recorded Immediately after vimi called out the Challenge in both cases Eric refused to Acknowledge the obvious lies he fed his Audience and uploaded a quote emergency Video right after the videos in the Series were published was it a Coincidence or was Eric trying to cover His tracks either way the later portions Of the the series seemed to have been Filmed in the US during December judging By the promotional material and Christmas decorations in the background Earlier in his career Eric relied on Consistency authenticity and highquality Productions to Fu his growth on YouTube Does Eric fake videos this question Triggers me because of the lengths that

We go to to make sure that videos are Not faked unscripted completely real We'll like re-shoot entire videos we Have people living in separate houses so That information isn't shared between Myself and my friends like we go so far To make sure that videos are not fake so No you can count on me to not fake Videos unlike almost every other Creator On the platform however it seems Eric Has leaned more towards consistent high Production uploads and away from the Authentic part of the equation a tactic That ended up being extremely rewarding However the change will always leave an Atmosphere of Doubt around the Creator's Brand as now we can say is clearly Willing to lie to his audience in order To boost his numbers

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