How Animal Rescue Videos Are Faked (Ft. Nexpo)

YouTube has a serious problem whilst Making my last view about fake Restoration channels I stumbled across The world of viral ugly satisfying Videos based around quote fixing Turtles And with one thing leading to another I Found myself uncovering one of the worst Rabbit holes in YouTube history and one That is still very much active today hi I’m the internet Anarchist I create Weekly YouTube documentaries and in Today’s video I’ll be exploring the Dark World of fake animal rescue and Restoration videos with a special Feature from up and coming YouTuber Nexpo these videos which often claim to Be rescuing animals are incredibly cruel And involve the abuse and exploitation Of animals for views and profit if you Search for sea turtle bionic removal on YouTube you’ll come across videos that Claim to be rescuing turtles by removing Barnacles from their shells however These YouTube videos are actually Exploiting animals for views and profit Sea turtles are incredibly rare and it’s Highly unlikely that you’d find one with Enough Barnacles to make an ASMR video Out of and for most of you this raised a Question of what Bionicles are to begin With as well as the question of why they Need to be removed in the first place This is a barnacle Barnacles are small Aquatic creatures that attach themselves

To Solid Surfaces things like rocks Boats and even sea turtles they are Commonly found in coastal areas and have A hard shell like outer covering but Despite their weird appearance Barnacles Are generally harmless to Turtles as Well as the other surfaces they attach To so logically thinking there are Almost no reasons for the Barnacles to Be scraped off in the first place and Due to the Rarity of sea turtles the Ones who can actually get Barnacles Desperate creators have resorted to glue Barnacles dirt and rocks onto the shells Of freshwater turtles just so they can Scrape them off for the camera unlike Sea turtles freshwater turtles have a Soft and highly sensitive shell Resulting in the gluing and scraping of The materials to be incredibly painful For the defenseless animals based on Thorough research from our friends of New England reptile it’s been discovered That in most cases these craters are Actually using the same Turtles over and Over again in their videos later in the Video they actually found that there was One person behind a lot of these videos And in search of finding out who exactly Makes this content they found out Something very interesting So after downloading and scrubbing Through nearly 200 particle removal Videos I’ve come to the conclusion that

99 of these videos are made by the same Person there’s just one creep doing this I’ve spotted about six different species Of turtles used in these videos for Forgive me if there’s there’s more than That there’s a lot of these videos out There after a while I started to notice Something truly truly disturbing and I Wasn’t at all surprised they’re using The same Turtles over and over again and I know this because I spend entirely too Much time hyper focusing on things most People would just imagine returning home After every trip to the beach just to Have the stuff glued back on your shell So it could be scraped off with anything From a sharp blade to a fork the next Day despite the fact that YouTube has Guidelines against violence and abuse These videos continue to be popular and Profitable on the platform YouTube has Ultimately found to adequately address This issue and in some cases hence even Hidden criticism of it from view when Creators like Dan the turtle man have Tried to call out these channels they Become victims YouTube’s harsh Shadow Banning demonetization and age Restriction of content which as seen by This graph immediately kills video Growth if we go to the Views it goes up And up And up and then it just completely stops They killed the video that’s why I’m

Also trying to get this one out there so Hopefully this can pick back up get the Word out about this because they’re bad It’s almost as if YouTube is harsher on The channels calling out the problem Than the actual channel is creating it And what makes this even more Twisted is The fact that many of these channels Have a past in creating dog rescue Videos because at one point they wore an Easy route to views and Subs they’re Chameleon channels and what I mean by That is they change with the trends Example just look at look at the name of This Channel and look at the banner most Of these channels in the past were dog Related and they’ve since changed to Being sea turtle rescue videos because That’s what’s hot right now these Chameleon channels are generally based Out of Cambodia Indonesia Vietnam and Thailand the reason they do everything In English and speak little in their Native tongues on that channel is to Keep the video in English-speaking Markets these dog rescue videos however Are on a whole new level of Twisted and Have been a problem on YouTube for over Three years the original animal rescue Videos were called outs on the 23rd of August of 2020 with the video titled YouTube’s fake animal rescue channels by Nick Crowley where through his research It was found that all of these soulless

Channels would often put puppies and Kittens In Harm’s Way just to act like Some Valiant hero perform allegedly Saving them have a look they are Intentionally mangling these puppies for Their content and the fact that we’ve Seen some of these dogs get bit by Actual king cobras then we already know That they are likely killing these dogs For Content as well Now when I was investigating this Channel I happened to find a comment on One of their videos from an account Named the rescue Journey TV and what I Found on that channel was virtually a Mere image of the two that we’ve Discussed so far except this one might Be even more Shameless this channel has Very similar red flags to happy dog with One of the biggest being their obvious Attempt to follow views a year ago one Of their videos showed a kitten Trapped In Between the Wheels of a truck with a Video gaining a staggering 11 million Views now just a few months after that a Similar video was posted that showed Another kitten rescued from the tires With a similar thumbnail and this one Got 31 million views and much like the Snakes on the Happy Dog Channel the People at rescue Journey TV likely saw How well these rescues were doing and Started doing them more to gain views as In the following week two more videos

Would be post of the same exact type of Rescue it’s pretty ridiculous to believe That this could happen three times in The span of one week because in a lot of Ways it doesn’t even make sense how These kittens would get stuck there in The first place I also want to add that Each of the thumbnails that they used For these types of rescues were Photoshopped with them adding blood to Make the video more clickable further Exploiting these situations for their Own gain the evidence presented in Nick Corelli’s video was very damning with Him showing proof of them using the same Dogs over and over again going as far as Putting them in dangerous situations or Just to film a quote Rescue video they Use the same animals as props for their Videos to act like they’re saving them And knowing these are staged is Terrifying as this channel features Videos of dogs and kittens drowning and Being crushed by Rubble meaning that They’re likely putting these animals Through all of that but if you thought Things were already bad things get even Worse New England reptile has been Working hard to expose animal channels That abuse animals and promote Disturbing fantasies such as Vore is a Fetish or fantasy involving the desire To be swallowed whole or to swallow Someone else hole and these reptile

Creators have been found to be promoting Their live feeding videos on websites Dedicated to war fantasies and some have Even been found feeding their own pet Guinea pigs for the camera If you trust me While live feeding is a common practice Among reptile Learners it’s very easy to Distinguish the ethical owners from Those with more disturbing motivations By simply looking at the titles of their Videos for example there’s a notoriously Bad Channel named deranged reptile and Amphibian feeding and they tell their Videos like corn snake gets bloody with Rat warning live feeding rats screamed From every bite warning pixie frog live Feeding as well as squealing rats Silenced by giant African bullfrog Warning live feeding all videos Conveniently just above 8 minutes long In order to capitalize off monetization And with just a quick look into the Comment sections of these videos you can Find people romanticizing about the Deaths of rats with comments like WTF 69 Style and the fact that he ate is first But not all comments are in support of The content with another commenter Stating holy man I’m all Into live feeding but that thing was Straight up tortured and I couldn’t Imagine a worse way to die it’s evident That these phrase rather than just

Wanting to feed the animals I wanted to Make some sort of torture film by Filming this slow and painful death of Rats hamsters and even other lizards and Although YouTubers suspended had Terminated some of these channels many Of the others have lasted years posting This content regularly raking in Hundreds of thousands of views they’re Fleeing under try Shadow Banning this Video and it’s highly likely that I Won’t even be able to monetize this so All I ask from you guys is to subscribe And stick around for future content Special thanks to nexbo and Nick Crowley For helping me out with this video I Couldn’t have done it without you guys

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