How Penguinz0 Destroyed A Terrible Finance TikToker

After picking a fight with penguin zero This terrible Finance Tik tocker ruined His Online Career so much that he'd Shamefully delete his Tik Tok and Announced that he'd retired from making Viral videos he went by the name of Jason wjo and if you look up fake social Media Guru in the dictionary his face Will probably be there Jason's Instagram Has over 900,000 followers although Given he rarely cracks 2,000 likes and 10 comments on a post it's no surprise That roughly 75% of his followers a fake Account that Jason's likely paid for the Content itself is equally bad and Predictable being a mix of his luxury Cars motivational speeches and advice From his seminars which might have also Been staged to give him false Credibility bro created 30 reels from One webinar looks like everyone was a Paid actor stupid can't even fake it Right on top of this Jason might be the First Guru to brag about his cars in an Instagram description although there's Plenty of evidence to suggest he has no Money at all your checking account Should be close to $0 and if it's not That's a problem on his Twitter Jason Claims to have generated 100 million Online although that number was Significantly lower in this video I'm 25 I made like probably over $8 million so Far in my life and it's just really not

That hard to make money well on his LinkedIn it's even lower again stating His net worth at exactly 3 million if He's telling the truth about this his $500,000 car collection is either rented Loaned or downright stupid as is his $440,000 watch which he bragged about Only one day after stating this people Who are actually making money don't have To act like it it's called stealth Wealth however the most damning comment Against Jason is one from his former Editor who wrote have been working for Wjo from past 3 4 months as video editor First two months were very good but After that he didn't pay us all and now He's not replying to anybody of us and Has blocked us so please be aware of This fraud wjo who call himself a Multi-millionaire which he's not if Anybody knows him please tell him to pay Us an excellent YouTuber called Mary Then reached out to one of these unpaid Editors Who provided a screenshot where Jason claimed he couldn't pay as my wise Never worked PayPal is down International purchases my aex won't Accept upwork won't work even cash app Venmo and Etc is down the unpaid Employee then suggested an easier way For Jason to pay him although Jason Ignored the message altogether showing That he either didn't have the money or Was simply refusing to pay and both are

Equally terrible 32 editors have come to The conclusion that you are a scammer You won't get away with this if you keep Up with this one day you're going to end Up in jail or in a ditch and a Metaphorical ditch is where Jason wjo Would soon find himself he began to post Videos like this I'm going to tell you Why going to the gym is a waste of money If you truly think that you getting Bigger arms getting bigger casts is Going to make you more money you are Very very mistaken people will say going To the gym helps my mental out no it's Cuz you have low self-esteem so you have To look a certain way to feel confident About yourself essentially stating that Exercising was a complete waste of time How long do you go to the gym for every Single morning an hour to 2 hours plus Showering 2 * 365 is 730 hours if you Have 730 hours in a year you could build A s figure business it's no surprise That these videos racked up 80% dislike Ratios along with comments such as bro On that Waluigi diet is this Andrew tape From wish I'd be amazed if you could Even open the door on a superar let Alone drive it my dude everyone can Smell your insecurity tone it down a bit And put on some damn muscle although Jason simply stated that the hatred Boosted engagement I love the comments Cuz the comments boost my engagement

Whenever I make these videos people get So pissed off they're like what do you Know about the gym however it' be when Penguin zero posted this video that Jason began to think about some of his Past choices today I want to take a look At what happens when all you do is fake It without ever making it you end up Like this loser we're about to take a Look at today Charlie began by watching This Tik Tok let's take you for example And me and we both pull up and we go to Your girl odds are I'm going to take That [ __ ] if you compared me to you You're not going to win that battle After which he'd State bro out here Rocking that man dark body type and Acting like he for some reason be able To take your girl just because he rolled Up in a rented McLaren this guy's entire Personality is money he's like a real Life Mr Krabs but with even skinnier Arms which is followed by the prediction That Jason wasn't all that wealthy why I Don't believe him about the success of His business is because the only thing He shows that's worth money is his car So that leads me to believe that is 100% Rented or he really dumped all of his Money into that one vehicle in order to Portray himself as a successful Businessman in a different Tik Tok Jason Made the claim that you can only protect A woman if you make more than 100K per

Year resulting in another roast and Making more than 10K a month doesn't Enable you to magically protect her Better if someone's making a Ruckus and You're trying to stop whatever's going On you can't just be like throwing money At it like get away from her you Scallywag she's with me and I make more Than 10K a month here's money before Charlie showed the worst Tik Tok Jason Ever made here's why the gym does not Matter I'm tired of guys that are like Oh you know I'm going to the gym I'm Trying to get fit I feel like I have Pretty decent tone I don't need to go to The gym because you pull up to the gym Making less than 10K a on and I pull up On McLaren it's not even a contest most Of the guys that go to the gym I'm sorry To tell you this but you're stupid all That pre-workout that you're taking is Making you more stupider describing him Like this buddies out here built like Two french fries duct taped to a Uncooked spaghetti noodle while roasting Him even further he actually sounds like He's about to cry you're stupid with Your dumb muscles dumb muscle man what In the crazy insecurity are you going Through right now to think that this was A good idea the video received comments Such as he's the type of guy who thinks Just earning a lot of money will make a Girl like him and while Jason wjo could

Have taken his scolding silently this Isn't what he'd do within only 13 Minutes of the video going live Jason Had left a comment reading keep giving Me views making my reaction video now to This clown which was uploaded approxim L 2 hours later with the title this guy's Pathetic penguin zero said this about me Jason began his response by bragging About his cars don't only own a McLaren I used to have a 570s that was white was A convertible drop top got a yellow Maserati then got bored and I was like I Got to get another McLaren so I have a McLaren a Maserati gibli that's a one Of5 by the way the keys are right here Before making the claim that Charlie was Of low status because he couldn't Pronounce McLaren he says the name wrong Like eight times in a row it's not McLaren it's McLaren okay so that's how We know this guy doesn't really have a Lot of status he doesn't understand These things Jason then tried to claim That Charlie wasn't very successful that Just shows you how unexperienced he is Of trying to attain success and whatnot Although if you take Jason's earlier Mentioned net worth of 3 million and Compare it to penguin Zero's net worth According to Google it seems Jason Accidentally roasted himself don't be Mad that Charlie has a higher net worth Than you despite this Jason went on to

Imply that he was better at making Videos I honestly feel bad like dude 12 Million Subs I would put together a Better video than this before Challenging Charlie to a fight we should Do a boxing match with him I'll box this Guy I'll I'll I'll do something with him However judging from the video's dislike Ratio and comment section Jason had Already begun to take a beating when Your response is 2 and 1 half times Longer than the original video Yeah Super confident bro he definitely didn't Get to you nothing screams alpha male Like getting hurt by a joke bro you make Sneo look like a genius the insecurity Levels are off the charts penguin stated That he wasn't a fan of milking drama Excessively I don't usually like to go Back and respond to their response However at same Jason needed another Spanking as Charlie then returned to Roast him again it was by this guy Penguins whatever his name is brother You have the video up on the screen what Do you mean Penguins whatever his name Is you could have just opened your eyes Are you too wealthy to just read Penguins went through everything from Jason's fight offer if you challenge Someone to a fight because they hurt Your feelings that's an embarrassing Look for you to the outrageous claims About how much money is needed to live

He proudly proclaims that life doesn't Start till you're making 30k a month and That there's absolutely no excuse for Somehow making less than 10K a month This is a guy who lost touch with Reality long long ago with Charlie's Second takedown receiving over 7 million Views however Jason still wasn't Finished only one day after getting Roasted again he'd upload a second 41-minute response this time speaking in A much angrier tone I'm the most Trending person on the internet right Now I was on like two Yachts yesterday Doing interviews in Miami I'm still here Right now this time around Jason's Attacks were significantly more personal He's recording this video again wearing The same shirt does this man change his Clothes however it seemed he'd forgotten About the time he made this video I wear The same shirt every day like literally Not kidding you have three of these Shirts and I just swap them every day I Have four shirts I don't change at all Wear the same sweatpants I just swap Them out despite this Jason spent the Entire video bitterly providing Petty Responses Penguins or whatever his name Is I don't know if that zero means Anything also if you get that trigger by The fact that I said that that's a Massive insecurity you want people to Pronounce your name correctly when it's

An animal that's in the Arctic with a Zero on the end and you spelled it wrong In the process accidentally admitting That he pays $4,900 a month for the McLaren if I was to rent the McLaren Every single day you're actually giving Me a compliment means that I have the Funds to pay for that which I could but I'm not going to cuz it's a dumb Financial Choice $6,000 a month instead Of the $4,900 a month that I pay for the Car throughout the video Jason Insinuated the Charlie's fan base was Stupid 12 million Subs must not be hard To get when you have z z zero attention Manan or zero intellect you will not Talk about the topics that I'm talking About because they're high level topics Which almost guaranteed that Jason still Had further to fall he'd rack up a Further million views worth of hatred After Pancho posted this video which Jason once again responded to this guy Has a John Cena poster in the back like Why would you have another man in your Bedroom after which you'd go on a tie Raade responding to every video about Him however it seemed Jason began to Realize that his responses weren't Exactly giving him the growth he might Have wanted his YouTube viewership Disappeared in the month after the drama While his Twitter didn't explode either His Instagram lost almost 3,000

Followers over the same period after Which people stopped talking about Jason For roughly 3 months that would be until Mary the YouTuber we mentioned earlier Uploaded this video titled Tik tocker Threatens me with ceasing assist my DMs Don't work email me Jason wardrob as I have a ceased assist to Send you from my legal team to take the Video down as mentioned Jason was Attempting to silence Marque for talking About how Jason hadn't paid his editors As a result Mary gave him this offer how About this instead if you're willing to Solve the issue and pay the editors the Money they are ow which is a very small Amount in comparison to the amount you Say you earn then my video becomes void In which case I will delete it after Which Jason actually started to pay some Of the unpaid workers three of them have Been fully PID what they believe they Are OD quite a few of them have been Partially ped now and there's a few that Also haven't been paid however the most Notable part of the video was when Jason Stated this I stepped away from these Click ba videos to clean the image Because it wasn't worth the virality I Don't want to do the viral videos I was Doing and I deserve to do what I want to Do there's been no viral videos going Out and I don't want to do that posting Anymore although the messages which

Followed after showed that Jason is Still yet to Humble himself using my Name to make money is funny shows you Actually how much my image is worth I'll Be back to make better videos but I'm Cleaning up my agency due to the Increased business that we have gotten From the attention although in the case Of Jason wjo it's impossible to separate Fact from fiction

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