How Penguinz0 Destroyed Nikocado Avocado

Charlie's conflict with the midly obese YouTuber nikocado avocado would go down As one of the most infamous Controversies in YouTube history from Click baiting his content and faking Injuries for views all the way to filing False copyright strikes on smaller Creators resulting in termination it Goes without saying that nikocado Avocado has one of the most Controversial Histories on YouTube hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create Weekly YouTube documentaries and today We'll be looking into the most notorious Mukbang YouTuber on the platform Nikocado avocado a YouTuber who is Willing to do anything for views even if That means destroying his health Relationships and getting into a massive Controversy with one of YouTube's Biggest commentary channels penguin zero Mukbang videos have become an Increasingly popular genre on YouTube The videos involve creators filming Themselves eating copious amounts of Food while making jokes telling stories And developing relationships with their Audience while the niche originally Started in South Korea mukbangs would Quickly spread across the globe with Several millions of viewers tuning in to Watch their favorite creators binge on Junk food one of the most infamous Mukbang creators on the platform is

Nikocado avocado whilst on the surface At Major SE channel is videos of a Morbidly obese man feeding into his Habits it goes a lot deeper his channel Documents the decay of a man willing to Risk it all in the pursuit of viral Success and internet Fame this very Pursuit would be what would land Niko Carter avocado in a massive controversy With penguin zero AKA Charlie but Niko Carter avocado wasn't always like this Niiko Carter started his content Creation Journey back in 2014 where he Would focus on veganism and improving His violin skills he emphasized the Benefits of his plant-based lifestyle And criticized the meat industry Alongside that he was a genuinely Accomplished violinist showcasing Complex Arrangements on his Channel initially veganism seemed to be Positive for nikocado aiding in weight Loss and maintaining a slim figure However this soon turned problematic he Later revealed in a podcast that Veganism brought immediate health issues No and also I don't think skinny always Means healthy I actually honestly Trisha Everyone sees my old videos when I was Skinny and they think I was just this Beacon of Health I rotted a tooth I had Low B12 B12 deficiency my test drive was Terrible really I wondered that okay Terrible wow um I developed hypoglycemia

I don't know if it's directly related to The veganism but I never had that before Niko Carter also found the 2016 online Vegan Community to be extremely toxic Leading him to abandon veganism and the Vegan YouTube Community after a month's Break nikocado introduced non-vegan Mukbang videos onto his channel despite Initially incorporating meat his diet Remained relatively healthy often Featuring vegetables and rice so I'm Going to have is this oh it's not that Hot I'm going to pick pick it up with my Hair Oo yes look at that despite being new to The genre nikocado would find relative Success with his first upload stating One of my friends told me to try it out I thought she was crazy who on Earth is Going to watch me eat food sure enough My very first mukbang got like 50,000 Views in a couple of weeks which was a Lot for me at the time and everybody was Asking when's the next mukbang the Initial success would turn the one-off Video into the main theme of his channel And with the main theme of his channel Being Mass food consumption AKA Mukbanging his weight would also begin To increase in Sunny V 2's video Covering nado's transformation he Mentioned a case study which revealed a Dark psychology behind the seemingly Innocent content in the psychology of

Mukbang watching published in January 2020 the study found that the viewers Vicarious pleasure demanded a large Quantity of unhealthy food to be Consumed the authors also claim that Mukbang videos affect viewer's Perception of food consumption and Thinness because mukbang is who are very Thin and slim consumed very large Portions of food and did not gain weight Which is without a doubt the spell that Nikocado avocado had found himself under With that knowledge in mind it wouldn't Be a surprise that nikocado would begin To introduce not only more food into his Mukbangs but also replace the previously Healthy food with fried and processed Junk with each video progressively Getting more and more unhealthy school Life as a kid it was sad it was lonely It was fun I played violin I didn't have Many friends I hadn't good friends and I Lost them and I got new friends cuz Their Click Change that wasn't cool Enough or I changed my friends Cuz it seems like the more weight Nikocado gained the more emotionally Unstable he would become with his videos Going from light-hearted to Distressing things would take a negative Turn on the 18th of December 2019 when Nic orado would would upload a Collaboration video with popular mukbang YouTubers Zach Choy and Stephanie

Sue I Just I heard like oink it sound like Oink whil there's nothing alarming about The video itself it would be the video That Stephanie posted 4 days later that Would change the public perception for Niiko cadoo in a video titled why I'm Scared of nikocado avocado Stephanie Su Would share a negative experience Working with him and being a niiko cadoo With one of the first points she brought Up being his alleged manipulation the Past couple of days have been filled With just a lot of manipulation in Particular manipulating my own words Against me to make me do things that I Don't want to do and I don't feel Comfortable doing she would also go on To claim that nikado used his platform To bully and threaten her and a lot of Nikocado avocado using his platform to Threaten me and to bully me at this Point my home safety is kind of in Question so normally I wouldn't talk About stuff like this or make a video on It I've been pretty vocal that a lot of Things can just be solved offline but Because of how how extreme things have Gotten recently I just want to share my Side the video was over 47 minutes long And garnered over 15 million views with Comments in support of Stephanie stating He's a full-on Bully what disgust excuse Of a person I'm sorry this happened to

You Stephanie he's the type of friend he Keeps track of every bad thing you did During the friendship with screenshots So he can expose you later as well as Nick is so disgusting the fact that you Had to apologize is even more sad I feel Bad for you you're so strong Nick is Such a bully niik o con was already Disliked by most but it would be this Video that would turn the entire mukbang Community against him with his Channel's Growth taking a complete stop for the Following two months despite all of the Negative attention Niko's views didn't Go down they actually increased which Reinforced the idea that any attention Is good attention for his channel as Within 3 months he was already seeing Significant growth but with the growth Of his channel also came the growth of His belly as he would go from being very Fat to very very fat which would lead to Nikocado going on drama alert to discuss His various weight problems you got to Get on a diet man if you're bending over To pick up a sock and spraining your Ankle you got to lose some weight buddy It it's it the I mean it's there's some Problems definitely I can't see my Anymore when I pee I have to like oh my God see what's going on down there you Know there's some there's a lot of Different issues sleeping can be be a Little rough I have to sleep with this

Big old machine to pump some air into me You know my double chin is literally Choking me to death so I mean there's Some struggles for sure um but I think I I I should be fine it's just going to Keep getting worse buddy his health Would continue to further deteriorate Leading to a video titled returning to The hospital I'm scared where in the Video nikocado would address his recent Health concerns with his viewers first Her now probably broken we have to see What they say I'm hoping it's like well It I I don't know ouch ouch okay keep my Arm still Nick I'm hoping it's just one Of those things it's like it's a minor Crack but it'll heal in a week I don't Know anything about This ouch it hurts to burp Oh my God my career is going to come Tumbling down by this point the entire Internet was growing concerned for niik Ardo despite having a polarizing history On the platform no one wanted to watch This man eat his way into a coffin in Real time this leads us to a penguin Zero who I'll be referring to as Charlie Enters the video on the 30th of September 2021 Charlie would upload a Video titled this YouTuber is slowly K Himself for views where he would talk About niiko cardo's descent into morbid Obesity I'm sure you you've heard of I've talked about him before a lot of

People have he's been a big name on YouTube for a while his name's nikado Avocado if you're on Twitter you've Probably seen an [ __ ] floating around Pretty often for some reason it was a Big Trend in meme to just post nikado Avocado's only fans content all over Twitter so I've seen his hole more times Than I've seen him doing his mukbangs For those that don't know nikato avocado Is a mukbang YouTuber it's primarily What he does mukbangs are when you just Eat on camera and that's about it later In the video Charlie would showcase niik Ard's recent unusual content this is From his most recent video this is kind Of what his content has Become I wouldn't have become disabled If it weren't for you people who Encouraged these videos this is the $6 This is the $10 ouch my Ribs how many months are we going to Have to endure this pain all right let's Go for this ooh this definitely looks Cheesier this One and I'm allergic to this one Too oh but sometimes in life you just Want what you can't Have I'm not allowed to have garlic or Lots of onions or Durian now to anyone that's familiar With this creator you'll probably think That this is nothing special this just

Looks like every other video he's ever Made just with less crying you've Probably even seen nikato avocado around Other parts of the internet if you don't Even know who he is you've probably seen Some of his Clips he usually will eat Something and then just start breaking Down into tears and crying about Something he's notorious for constantly Crying this is where Charlie begins to Make his main points on Nick okado the First of which being how he blames his Audience for his weight gain outside of Making some of the most revolting noises I've heard in quite sometime while Undergoing some kind of exorcism he said It's your fault for encouraging these Videos now he he says [ __ ] like this Pretty often and it shows me that There's still some self-awareness deep Within him somewhere locked locked deep Away but that rational side of him he Keeps buried locked in a cage and still Does this content following this charie Would then explain the origins of Nick Orot and the reason why his Transformation is poshley his audience's Fault nikato avocado didn't start as This kind of Channel even four years ago 2017 so 4 years ago now he was a very Healthy person he seemed to be pretty Mentally you know sound he wasn't Breaking down on camera all the time and Going wild and crazy from what I

Remember he was even extremely good at An instrument I think it was the violin If I remember correctly he was a vegan He was just preaching some really Positive stuff but then he started to Notice that the videos that gained a lot Of traction were videos where he was Just [ __ ] gluttonous and eating a Million calories per sitting so he stuck With it and now he has a couple of Channels where he does this pretty much Every day and it's been like this for The last four or so years this is what He used to look like in 2017 and then When the videos really started to gain Traction he gained over 200 lb in the Last couple of years and it's absolutely True it's the audience's fault for this They created what Nado avocado has Become obviously it's not all their Fault he is making the conscious Decisions to completely throw away his Health and well-being which is now led To his disability which he claims to Have again nikato avocado is not the Most reliable narrator he makes a lot of [ __ ] up sometimes so whether or not he Actually now has a disability it's Anyone's guess later in the video Charlie would discussed the various Injuries nicar Cado claimed to have he Claims to have three broken ribs which Is attributed to his incredible weight Gain incredible being the wrong word

Really just astonishingly upsetting Weight gain that he's been putting on Recently he claims that the weight of His body has now broken a few of his Ribs which now has him bed written I Think he also claimed they now have to Have a full-time nurse in order for him To just engage in day-to-day activities And he also has been diagnosed with Sleep apnea I believe which is why You'll see on his most recent thumbnails He has like that machine hooked up to His nose that makes him look like some Kind of like cyborg from the future or Something but next charie would make the Main point of the video that nikado Avocado is ultimately deleting himself For YouTube views it it it seems to Really be going downhill quickly for him People have been saying for the last Couple years that nikado avocado is Literally killing himself for YouTube Views and it's absolutely true he is Slowly killing himself in documenting The journey the entire time while having An understanding of exactly what he's Doing he's well aware that he is Throwing away his health his well-being His happiness for the sake of some YouTube views because his audience Continues to eat it up towards the end Of the video Charlie would go over nicar Carter's sad attempts at losing weight And his disability due to it for those

Of you who aren't aware Charlie has a Bachelor's degree in human sciences and Physiology which gives him a level of Credibility when discussing health Related topics he's also been saying for A little while now that he's going to be Losing some weight his weight loss Journey has begun but what ends up Happening is for every pound he loses he Gains 10 more I didn't play much of the Video here but he even mentioned that he Even goes on to say after the year fault Speech that he you know he started his Weight loss and he lost a pound but then Gained three more because he wanted to Please his audience with more videos or Something like that so it's just truly a Pretty awful thing to see the final Point of Charlie's video highlights how Both critics and fans review nik's Content inadvertedly Fu his Tendencies To push the boundaries even further Creating a dangerous cycle of turning His unhealthy Behavior into a source of Income the last six days he's posted a Video each day talking about his Disability and his new diet with it and Each one he has tons and tons of food From different places and it's not Clickbait he really eats all of that Food very rarely does he not finish his Plate he usually finishes it or gets Very close to it almost nothing goes to Waste it goes right into nikado

Avocado's gut and one thing you may have Also noticed from that screenshot is his Views are high which is exactly why it Does it yeah most of them have more Dislikes than likes but even on the one I showed you that's still like 4,000 Likes so there are 4,000 people dropping A fat like leaving an encouraging Comment and he's usually pedaling some Merch so the shirts you see him wear he Immediately pins in a comment for you to Buy them and I imagine he sells quite a Few shirts even the people that get get In there just to dislike or just tune in To watch the train wreck that's more Views for him that's more engagement That helps him and that keeps him on This wagon keeps him going the video Would go on to gain over 16 million Views and spoke the words that many of The YouTube Community was silently Thinking but unlike your typical expose Or generic commentary video Charlie's Dissection of nikocado avocado had a Sombering tone one that felt like he was Genuinely concerned for niiko car's Wellbeing and future and the comments Would reflect this I feel so bad for Nick he probably thinks he won't die This is insane I've seen his Clips here And there didn't realize just how Unhealthy he'd become over the last Couple of years since I haven't really Followed it I don't see this stopping

Before it's too late very sad as well as Every single second I see of him makes Me feel terrible hope he gets the help He desperately needs despite the Overwhelming amount of comments wishing The best for nikocado he would Ultimately view the video as a direct Attack leading to a defensive response Video the same day titled my response to Penguin Zero's video about me disabled Mukbang the video would start with niiko Carter claiming that Charlie said he Didn't have the right to exist due to His Weight this person thought it would be Cute to sit down on the computer And talk about my weight and my Appearances and to fixate on how I look As if I don't have the right to exist Because I happen to be cuz I happen to Be a little overweight cuz I happen to Have a little water weight cuz I Happened to be a little Fluffy this is an unfl fluffy person UNF Fluffy following this nikado would share How despite looking healthier and Skinnier in his older photos he was Actually extremely Unhealthy he said something about me Being vegan oh look he was so skinny and He showed photos of me when I had just Rotted a tooth out of my face had to get Surgery what had such low iron levels That I was anemic that I had low that I

Had brain issues Nick or Cotter then Highlighted how Charlie at no point in His video requested his audience to Refrain from harassing him about his Appearance or weight hey by the way We're only in this video for like a Couple of minutes he didn't ask his Millions of followers don't him don't Make fun of his appearance don't make His mental health upset send him some Support for nothing niiko Carter would Then make the claim that Charlie was Trying to sensationalize his unfortunate Situation for views people is the Numbers on the screen bigger number Better person everyone's so desperate to Squeeze as much milk as possible from Those beautiful oh oh let's look at his Thumbnail shall we let's see what he's Trying to achieve with my Face like this and a title like this This YouTuber is Slowly himself forev views so are you Trying to play the high Mighty game all In your pedestal that you're not trying To squeeze something out of something Yes let's sensationalize things about me At my expense I don't even know who you Are ni would reiterate on the fact that His health can't be judged by how skinny He is stating first of all him are you To say that I was healthy because I was Skinny does skinny equal healthy yes or No can you look at a person to say oh

You're thin therefore you must be Healthy you don't know what my blood Work looks like you don't know what my Organ looks like let me tell you Something I might have been skinny but I Lost a tooth I leeched calcium from my Bones I had bad health because I was Deficient in various nutrients on vegan Diets that that nearly sent me to the Hospital and I had problems with my Liver I had iron deficiency I was Supplementing B12 and couldn't retain it And I had to get injections in my butt And I had a l but because I was thin You're you have the authority to let Everyone know that I was perfectly Healthy I was very healthy and now he's Destroyed his body nio would then state That one of the photos Charlie displayed To show him as healthy was actually Shortly before he went to a hospital This video I was on an orange juice fast And I was so Underweight so underweight that I had to Go to the on an IV this photo here you can see every Bone in my body I'm smiling I'm skinny But this shallow individual apparently That's all that matters and that means That since I've gained a little extra Weight I might be a little bit fluffy But that means that he needs to cir go Around and be like well he's so fat he's D he's D did I ever say I was D did

Anyone else say that what who uh my Doctors my dietician I have a dietician Looking after me mister later in the Video Niko cood claim that Charlie was Spreading misinformation by making the Claim his disabilities of from his diet When according to niiko Cado there would Due to pre-existing health conditions Another key argument niiko Carter made Was claiming that Charlie didn't do Enough research before diving into a Dedicated video on the topic if you were An actual viewer which you're not which Is fine but then usually you do a little Research before you make content on your Page it's fine if you don't view me Regularly that's fine that's fine leave A comment leave an opinion but to make It a dedicated video to send people to Me if you watched you would know that I Barely eat I barely eat my food I eat to I'm full I don't deny I know I indulge a Little bit I'm a little bit overweight I'm a little bit on a fluffy side I made Jokes out of it it's just Waterway I Know it's not all mostly it is water but Yeah there's a little non water in there But I have big presentations cuz this is Fun I like it big I like it exciting I Like to taste test different things I Like various options what if I don't Like what I'm eating there's something Else to grab from I like making this a Treat for the viewers I come every

Single day to share stories and and to Entertain people and share my life to Share someone else's life to re to talk About whatever to talk about the food to Help people calm down after work to give Someone a laugh when they're going Through a divorce I'm there for people Every day it's not even about the food It's really not I barely eat that's the Number one criticism I get actually Despite the video actually having some Decent arguments it would be received Extremely negatively Garing 73,000 Dislikes in comparison to just 14,000 Likes and the comment section would Reflect this with viewers stating skinny Doesn't equal healthy vegan doesn't Equal healthy but constantly doing Mukbangs certainly does not equal Healthy either there's no way this is Who you truly are nikocado people just Want to see you exist for a long time Charlie's intentions were to help you Not attack you as well as Charlie is not Making fun of you he is genuinely Concerned for your health the following Day Charlie would upload a video titled My response to nikocado avocado where he Would admit his wrongs and also create Counterarguments to nikocado video there Are some things that he does bring up That I think are definitely worth Talking about but first of all I'd like To say congratulations to Nick it looks

Like his broken ribs are healing pretty Well because he starts this video by Stomping into the room and I also Checked his Tik Tok he's been going kind Of hard so it looks like his broken ribs Seem to be doing better Now fiddle Sticks Who it who is This the first point Charlie made was in Regards to nic's alleged broken ribs in Regards to his broken ribs in his Response video he said I was completely Lying and that his broken ribs had Nothing to do with weight gain which Surprised me because I actually got that Information from one of his recent Videos I'll just go ahead and play you The clip and before you make fun of me Please try to put yourself in my shoes I Cracked my Ribs [ __ ] this [ __ ] air sack from coffe Excessively for over two and a half Months and my Ops e all 350 lbs of Force ah ouch I didn't reach into my Butthole and pull this out of nowhere I Got the information from him so I don't Understand why in his response video he Makes it sound like I'm lying about so Many things like he himself said his Cracked ribs were the result of coughing For the last two months and his obesity 350 lbs of pressure whatever he said There I didn't make that claim I didn't

Make that up it came from him and you Can just click on this video and it's Right in the intro so I don't know why He would say something like that in the Response video one of niiko Carter's Biggest critiques of Charlie was how he Never tried to stop his audience from Setting hate towards him which Charlie Would later respond to but anyway not to Actually talk about the things Nick Brings up that I think are very Important to talk about first of all he Talks about the people that went from my Video to his to just be [ __ ] I Always openly condemn this and I should Have again said don't go harass him Because it looks like people need a Constant [ __ ] reminder to not [ __ ] Harass people you're not some kind of Internet vigilante fighting for justice That angry comment you left on Nick Video isn't going to help him you're Just being a [ __ ] douchebag and That's I completely sincerely apologize For overlooking the fact that I need to Remind people how to behave online I Always hate absolutely [ __ ] hate I've Made two different videos on how much I Hate when people go and harass people But just from like YouTube videos and [ __ ] it sucks it [ __ ] sucks 100% and Nick is absolutely in the right in Calling that out following this Charlie Would hint towards the idea that Nick

Orot may have intentionally Misrepresented his original video in Order to boost engagement and create an Aggressive response it's clear Immediately that Nick misunderstood what I was saying in my video I don't know if That's on purpose just for the sake of Having like an aggressive response video For YouTube drama or if he genuinely Didn't understand what I was trying to Say but he makes it clear that he didn't Get what I was going for right Charlie Would also call out niik aado for Creating arguments that he never made I'm being a for my weight for my Appearance apparently I'm encouraging People to eat unwell excuse me I don't Even understand at all where that last Thing came from I never made any point Like that or even hinted at anything Like that I never said like Nado avocado Is a role model and he's encouraging People to eat like he does on camera you I never said anything like that I never Said that he's setting some kind of Example for people to follow all I was Saying is the success he found with Mukbang has reinforced his decision to Eat this way Charlie would follow it up By clarifying the reason that he shed Old furos of Nikar as far as appearance goes him me Showing his 2017 body compared to his Most recent one was used to show what

The food is doing to him if he was Skinny in eating the way he does on Camera I would have the exact same Criticisms because even when you're Skinny you can be very unhealthy which Is a point he makes I wasn't saying Skinny is the gold standard he also o Brings up some demons from his past that I didn't know about I I didn't get the Full extended lore of Nado avocado I was Under the assumption that he was Healthier back then because contrary to What he says in the video I am very Familiar with him I've watched his Content for a while I've watched the Transformation but apparently I've Missed some some arcs along the way in His anime one of Niko's main arguments Was that the feros Charlie CH were Actually taken during times that nikado Was facing serious health conditions to Which Charlie would respond saying he Mentioned back during those days with The photos I showed he had an eating Recorder even mentioned a tooth rotting Out and that he generally didn't feel Like he was healthy back then and that's I didn't know any of those things what I Saw on camera was him eating healthy Food preaching about healthy food Options and Lifestyles as well as Fitness and stuff like that so I was Under the impression that he was healthy During those days but maybe he wasn't

But he's also not healthy now I'm not Nick's dad I'm not here to slap the [ __ ] cheeseburgers out of his hand or Anything I showed these photos because It shows a complete transformation from One body type to another and it shows That there is still an eating disorder Present and I feel like it's reinforced By his audience on YouTube that Encourage it which is something he Mentions in his videos from from time to Time he says things like you guys are Doing this and I think he's right I Think seeing those numbers grow and Seeing those big numbers has completely Reinforced the idea that in order to be Successful he has to keep eating this Way so he feels trapped to do it that's The point I was making following this Charlie would make a counter argument Nikado stating how mukbang content is Possible to do in a healthy way when Pulled off correctly referencing food YouTuber Matt Stony it doesn't have to Do with his weight or his appearance it Has to do with what he's eating on Camera and how often he's doing it take For example Matt Stony Matt Stony will Do these incredible food challenges He'll eat [ __ ] 20,000 30 40,000 Calorie meals in a single sitting in Under an hour for the for a YouTube Video and they're [ __ ] awesome that's Nuts to butts action mat Stony eating

The [ __ ] 20 burritos at a time double Fisting a th000 tacos per hand it's Incredible stuff and it's so much food And so many calories but Matt Stony does That once every few weeks once a month Maybe nikato avocado is doing something Comparable almost every single day later In the video Charlie would also combat Nado's claims that he was calling him Revolting or disgusting thinking some of The most revolting noises I've heard in Quite some time while undergoing some Kind of Exorcism and sh me who are you I haven't Said anything that you're revolting and You're disgusting yeah I didn't say that About you either Nick I was talking About that stick you do in your videos Where you make a yucky Noise that's what I was talking about And I think you know that but you tried To use that as a way to spin it like I Was calling you revolting and disgusting For your weight or something like that Which I absolutely wasn't I was talking About that on going joke you have where You make noises and faces like that I Was just saying I find that to be Offputting he calls them a hairball Which is obviously him kidding around And I just called it gross cuz I don't Really like those noises and I'm sure he Knows what I was talking about here but Just found it to be easy ammunition to

Make me look really shitty so he was Able to spin it like look he's calling Me revolting and gross he's being a big [ __ ] which I wasn't I was just Talking about that hair ball thing that He does Charlie would also address his Own mistakes in his video such as when He had the wrong information regarding Niiko Carter's full-time Cara he says That I am incorrect about like the nurse Like the full-time nurse to take care of Him and that's entirely possible I've Tried to keep up with his videos Recently to make sure I get the full Story but for me it is very hard to sit Through a full mukbang from him because It's just sad to see I I'll just be Straight up honest I it's hard for me to Watch all of them so sometimes I'll go To Twitter to read threads about Nado Avocado to be kept up to date and I Recalled reading about a nurse that had To be on standby in order to make sure That he was able to go about his Activities this he has said is incorrect So I do apologize for that that Information that I got there was wrong 100% and I'll take full responsibility For being incorrect on that point Charlie's ability to recognize when he Is in the wrong is one of the reasons he Became so popular to begin with however He wouldn't be happy after niiko Cado Tried to twist his own words one thing

He is blatantly wrong about and I don't Know if this is on purpose to make me Look bad or something he keeps saying That I call his viewers fat or I am Constantly talking about him being fat And gross two things I've never said Anywhere in that video I never said his Viewers are fat or insulting his viewers I was saying his viewers are enabling Him to keep doing some of this content And that I stand by 100% you can even See it on this response video there were So many comments saying don't listen to Him and when are you doing your next big Mukbang I love to watch you eat this and That and that like that that's enabling That's the very definition of enabling It's it's enabling a bad habit and it Keeps you doing these same things which Have had a negative effect on your Health that's not me all of a sudden Saying all your viewers are fat pigs That are gross and yucky o cooties yucky Gross pigs in your comments I never said Anything like that and I don't know why He tries to hint like that and I think It's I don't know if it's on purpose or By accident I think it's supposed to Like make his viewers mad at me like can You believe what this guy is saying About us which I never did to conclude The response Charlie would make one Final point about the breathing machine That was present in all of Niko's recent

Uploads a machine which nikata made it Seem like was necessary to use during The day next thing he talks about is This machine that he's had in every Thumbnail for like the last two weeks he Says he's actually had this since he was A kid and it's nothing new unrelated to Mukbangs and all that okay fair enough Let's say that's true maybe it is it Probably is I don't see why i''d lie About it but then why all of a sudden Now are you putting it so prominently in Every thumbnail and every title talking About being disabled and doing a Disabled mukbang why are you just now Showing this off then it leads your Viewers to believe that the Situation's A lot more dire than it is and you're Doing it on purpose you're trying to Garner more sympathy out of the Situation by having this machine here it Makes it seem like your health is on a Really rapid Decline and I think the Reason you're doing that is to get more Views on it because when people see that You're in distress they want to see What's going on and want to make sure Everything's okay so if you truly have Had this machine for that long why are You all of a sudden now showing it off Like this in the context of being Disabled it's so it's pretty [ __ ] up Charlie's response would Garner an Overwhelmingly positive reception from

The YouTube community amassing over 14 Million views coupled with over 825,000 Likes with comments stating I like how Mature and calm Charlie handles these Kind of situations he just genuinely Concerns for Nick niiko Carter's Persona Makes me so uncomfortable watching a Grown man act like an upset toddler is So wrong as well as a wise man once said Never argue with an idiot that will drag You down to their level and beat you With experience from this point onwards The drama would take a turn for the Worst with niiko Cado attempting to Completely milk the situation uploading A second response video the following Day where he would react to Charlie's Response and repeat the points from his Original video he would even promoted Cameo when charie critiqued him for not Taking the situation seriously never out Of character anymore it seems so this Response is not him being genuine or Taking it seriously click the link below And get yourself a cameo where I'll make A special video just for you treat Yourself or surprise someone else that Clip would go on to set the turn for the Video as niiko Carter deflected and Danced his way around Charlie's Arguments with the video making very Little points to prove him wrong or to Even take him seriously following the Response niiko would attempt to

Clickbait Charlie's channel name penguin Zero in the titles of several videos Such as aiding like penguin zero Critical for 24 hours penguin zero and Mr Beast ruined me and penguin Zero's Brainwashed fans won't stop oh no H oh wait oh [ __ ] the content itself wasn't anything Out of the usual for niiko Cado and once He became bored of Click baiting penguin Zero he would go back to posting his Regular content as usual entering 2023 Something about niiko car began to Change he was slowly losing his Toddler-like behavior and was actually Looking a little skinnier than usual With viewers taking note of this with Comments such as I'm happy for him he's Lost tons of weight and he isn't Sounding toxic as usual it's really nice Seeing you happy and getting healthy I Love seeing you make Positive Choices in The right direction keep it up as well As I love this video no Antics just Being yourself your mood seems great Today on the 25th of April 2023 Nick Orado would publish a video titled how Much I weigh now Pizza mukbang where he Would share some fantastic news with his Audience hi I know I'm skinny you don't Have to tell me I lost 89 lb and I lost I'm look at my arms my God you don't Even recognize me I know and this is not Pre-recorded it would be this positive

News that would bring Charlie to once Again create a video covering niiko Cado But this time in a very positive and Heartwarming light on the 8th of May 2023 Charlie would published a video Titled this is good news the video would Start out with Charlie discussing how Niiko Cado was supposedly beginning to Lose weight and not just two or three Like he previously joked about but a Respectable £89 lb and now I've recently Learned learn that nikocado avocado has Been actively losing weight he posted a New video kind of briefly going over how Much weight he's lost which he claims is Roughly around 89 lb and I think that is Incredible the weight announcement does Come during a pizza mukbang but 89 lbs Down and there's a noticeable difference He's [ __ ] earned the right to splurge Like that I think that is fantastic the Whole Genesis of our controversy stemms From me finding it sad that he was was Literally eating himself to death and Even making jokes about like very morbid Stuff revolving around the way he was Eating for content and I've always Maintained that it would be amazing to See him start losing the weight and now To see him actually start taking steps Down that path I think that's fantastic And I have nothing but amazing things to Say about that and a huge round of Applause because there's a lot of hard

Work that goes into this as much as I Wanted to end this video on a positive Note things would take a sad Twist on The 28th of octo October 2023 nickado Would upload a video to his third Channel titled I quit my weight loss Journey time to get fat again and whilst Click baiting videos isn't uncommon for Him the pinn's comment would confirm That he had indeed regained all the Weight he worked hard losing it's Devastating to see him gained back Almost all of his weight with a reply From niiko car himself stating pinning For the peasants who think this is an Old vid £330 this morning I don't give a F anymore daily videos will return if You enjoyed this video subscribe and Watch the video on screen bye

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