How Penguinz0 Destroyed SNEAKO…

Over the past 24 hours moist critical is Single-handedly dismantled sneakers Reputation with a slew of damaging and Controversial accusations hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today I'll be Taking on the Journey of how moist Critical AKA penguin zero AKA Charlie Found himself in a controversy with none Other than snico sneaker was a YouTuber Who found success posting introspective Videos about life who had post videos Such as the One Minute Podcast where he Would interview strangers about several Nuanced and controversial topics but During 2022 the rise of Andrew Tate Sneaker would find himself streaming Daily on YouTube reacting to content and Inviting controversial political guests Such as Nick Fuentes an alleged white Supremacist after a turbulent nine-year Journey on YouTube snico's channels Would be terminated due to alleged Severe repeated violations of YouTube's Terms of service which would lead snico To move to the platform Rumble to host's Content moving forwards going back a few Months to the 12th of May Charlie would Post a video that would lead to the Controversy a video titled the most Embarrassing alpha male ever and this Video wasn't about Snake Hill in Particular it was actually a video that Would call that fresh and food podcast

For how they talk about women and how They seem to be continuously making up Fictional stories to paint themselves as Alphas in front of their audience it's Super hard to think that anything they Say is real when they constantly make Stupid [ __ ] claims like this one not To mention they've both shown themselves To be frauds time and time again you Know we're both triple digit Notch count He's in the quadruples there is no Reality in the entirety of the [ __ ] Multiverse where this man is slept with One woman let alone over a thousand of Them Doctor Strange could peer into an Endless Multiverse and never find one Where this guy slept with a thousand Women they just say a whole bunch of Made up [ __ ] constantly many months Would pass by with sneakers trimming on Rumble and Charlie streaming on Twitch Whilst posting to YouTube all leading up To the 8th of November 2022 when sneaker Would come across Charlie's video Criticizing fresh and fit sneaker would Adamantly defend fresh and fit and as The stream continued sneaker grew to be More and more emotionally charged into Hild ultimately result to trying to drag Charlie's girlfriend into the Controversy with clip this is his girl So there you go I mean I told you like I Could hear it in your voice the fact That someone doesn't have to abide by

Those rules someone could go in a lot of Business that it's so foreign to a lot Of people's ideas because when you get Brainwashed when you get told that Monogamy is the answer and you need to Go and be married and just settle down With some girl when you hear other People talking about stories like this You're like there's no way it's true You're a virgin whilst at first Charlie Didn't respond to sneaker's reaction to His video his audience would keep Talking about the topic leading to the 26th of November when Charlie would Finally post a video covering the Situation a video that would completely And utterly humiliate sneaker throughout The video Charlie would establish that Sneaker began targeting him due to the Jerks he made about fresh and fit but in True most critical fashion Charlie would Not hold back in this video and sneako Saw this and he wasn't too happy so he Got offended on his friend's behalf Which of course is a very alpha male Thing to do I know snico doesn't like That nomenclature he ever calls himself An alpha male and thinks that it Belittles him but his fan base is and Has been red pilled and thinks of him as Like a no-nonsense kind of guy who tells It like it is a man's man and yet snico Cries more than a 12 year old going Through puberty and has very public

Temper tantrums like a child who didn't Get the Spider-Man toy they wanted for Christmas next Charlie would respond to The insults regarding his relationship He's taking it as if I just gave a TED Talk a monogamy because for some reason He somehow gets lost in like this winter Soldier episode like this delusional Fantasy where he starts making a like a Statement on monogamy which of course Had nothing to do with the video I made I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say name Someone texts he's in a monogamous Relationship What the [ __ ] are you even talking about What does this have to do with anything What is bringing up a picture of me and My girlfriend have anything to do with Anything that has happened and where is Monogamy even coming from you're Fighting an invisible enemy right now You're fighting ghosts that aren't real Like none of this had anything to do With the video itself of me joking about A stupid [ __ ] story that this guy Told like it's so weird however this Would be almost nothing compared to what Charlie would bring up next when he Would discuss how sneakers supported the Civilization of children I'm gonna go Ahead and talk a little bit more about This uh I'm pretty familiar with snico Probably more so than a lot of his more Modern fan base is I first became aware

Of his content when he got mad at me a Couple years ago because I was Criticizing a movie called cuties for Those that don't know cuties was a movie That went to Netflix and it was Basically just softcore child porn it Was a movie that focused on twerking and A coming-of-age film that used real Children in real positions of like Sexualization where where during like a Twerking contest they'd have cameras That would go like right into their ass And zoom in it was [ __ ] disgusting Stuff and I made a whole video talking About how [ __ ] up it is that not only Does it exist but Netflix has promoted It and it's on their service regardless Of what the intention was or what the Message aimed to deliver from the Director it completely missed the mark By using real Child Actors and doing the Things that they did in the film it Became a movie that was only enjoyed by Legitimate real self-admitted pedophiles And I made a video talking about how Gross that whole situation was and snico Made a response to it saying that the Outrage around this film is misplaced And it's actually a good movie Americans Are like this is deplorable I saw this Commentator penguin zero who I actually Liked is not a lot of good commentators But he's like this movie is deplorable There's nothing good about it there's

Nothing and it's like he didn't even Watch the movie it's just like he only Saw the clips that were gonna piss him Off or he just got so triggered by the Provocative imagery they just Horrible come on man like don't you see The reasons why she's doing what she's Doing sneako has said multiple times Even in his most recent rant that he Does like my content though I'm pretty Sure he just says that to cushion the Blow and like tiptoe around it like Before insulting me this was my first Real exposure to sneako and it's also The reason I don't care what his opinion Is of me because it's coming from a man Who likes cuties it legitimately Couldn't mean less coming from a guy who Openly defends a softcore child porn Production okay if I ever wanted to get Canceled it uh this is the video I saw Cuties last night and it was it was Pretty good it's a pretty good movie I Went in ready to hate like everybody Else I saw the cover and it was I got Clickbait so did you you got clickbaited Thing about cuties is it's not an Unrealistic film like yes it shows Children in a sexual way but this is not Unusual now and the people who are Really mad about this aren't gen Z now The reason I'm showing this isn't just To debate a multiple year old sneako Video that he can completely ate [ __ ] on

And had the worst possible take of with This whole cutie situation the reason I'm showing this is because I haven't Liked him since I saw this side of him However many of these point to be Overshadowed when Charlie would bring up An extremely embarrassing story of Sneaker getting cucked I couldn't help But take notice of one of his more Recent viral Clips where he openly Defends getting cucked so I wanted to Break this down like because this was Imagine imagine seeing the girl you love Like gift get [ __ ] yeah I do I love it Yeah love her I was about to say I love This [ __ ] I'm like no I mean I'll say That I love my Queenie my queen and you Allowed the love of your life by another Man what happened to the others I'm crazy the first time as soon as I Saw like three pumps in I just got up And walked Feeling traumatic thoughts like seeing Her with another person it's a lot it's A lot but I think it's something Everybody should do just to test I know You know what it is a legitimately super Sad thing to sit there and listen to Because sneaka was very clearly bothered By that whole situation but he's trying To play it off like a deeper message Like no this is actually a good thing And in fact I recommend every guy out There try letting their girl get [ __ ]

By another man then you'll know if it's Real if this is the person you want to Spend the rest of your life with it is [ __ ] tragic to listen to days later On the 29th of November snake would post A tweet with a collage of YouTubers who Is beefed with in the past with Charlie Being front and Cena with Charlie Unanimously being crowned the winner by The masses snake you'll continue to post Tweets dissing him whilst Charlie Ignored him and moved on with his life But this wouldn't last long as on the 13th of March 2023 Charlie would have a Massive Feud with sneaker through Twitter and it all started with this one Tweets pattern recognition collage is Everyone who advocated for my Cancellation and after months of Ignoring sneaker Charlie would finally Respond with this brutal reply stating Holy [ __ ] you pathetic sensitive soy Little worm I made fun of you for Watching your girlfriend get [ __ ] by Numerous other men and also insult you For defending child that's not Cancellation that's spitting on you for Being a pitiful sad [ __ ] the twit would Go completely viral with it gaining over 12 million views and over 201 000 likes within 8 hours but the Controversy wouldn't end here in fact This was only the beginning as it would Set off a back and forth between the two

With sneaker replaying you know in your Soul that you would never say that to my Face where Charlie would snap back quote Tweeting you literally have a collage of People that hurt your feelings on the Internet you haven't stopped whining About me for months now you goofy even If you beat my ass in a fight it doesn't Change the truth you're still a [ __ ] who Defends child where sneaker would reply With you're not special from the other 10 soy boys who say the same thing if You got a problem stop talking on the Internet let's solve it Charlie would Then end the interaction with a final Tweet stating yo your Discord still Working on responses brother I have no Problem you started it and I made fun of You in return you're upset about Publicly admitting to cuckold tree and Getting mad at me for bringing it up you Should be mad at yourself have some Self-reflection as of making this video Charlie has once again won over the Masses leaving sneaker ratioed on every Single tweet the only real Point Snicker Seems to have against Charlie is that he Could possibly beat him in a physical Fight but even that's unlikely Considering Charlie's Greek god physique If you're interested in Charlie's rise To popularity click on the video on Screen

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