How Penguinz0 Destroyed YouTube’s Worst Troll

The moment Max ailon Miss decided to Manipulate his audience into attacking Charlie's stream for no reason marked The beginning of the end for his very Successful YouTube career from being Exposed as the ring leader for one of YouTube's most toxic communities all the Way to deleting his million sub YouTube Channel and disappearing for over a year The name Maximillion Miss has gone down In Internet history as a Creator who Weaponized his platform for selfish Amusement and paid a very Hefty price But how does a beloved fortnite YouTuber Known for making Li hearted Trolling Videos in in here go get the car there's A car in here spare car go Oh bye no bye bye become one of the most Hated YouTubers on the platform well it All came crumbling down with just one Penguin zero video hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube Documentaries and today we'll be Investigating the role Charlie played in The massive downfall of maximilan M YouTube's most hated troll Max created His main Channel Max ailan Miss on the 24th of August 2011 however his story on YouTube didn't truly start until the 3D Of March 2013 when he uploaded his first Video playing the halflife 2 mod hidden In a video titled people raging over Friendly Fire despite not even having a mic yet

Many of the traits that would go on Definer his career were present in the First few videos his ability to provoke Other players to draw out a reaction and A passion for shooter type Games took Center Stage as he transitioned from Halflife 2 over to Team Fortress 2 while These video formats brought Max some Attention it wasn't enough for him as he Stopped uploading on the 23rd of May 2013 it wouldn't be until the 25th of September 2014 that a certain indie game Named Five Nights at Freddy's Rejuvenated Max's will to create content Max didn't know it yet but that game Would go on to make for up to 90% of his Uploads going forwards taking him from Under 1,000 subscribers to over 10,000 Subscribers by the start of 2015 Throughout the year Max didn't hesitate To make the most of Five Nights at Freddy's motoric rise in popularity with Videos such as Five Nights at Freddy's New Chica model and new Bonnie jump Scare he even purchased a microphone to Further improve the quality of his Videos is this real or fake what the What the hell for a while Max enjoyed a Degree of success that he only could Have dreamed for at the start of his Channel but as Five Nights at Freddy's Popularity came and went so did the Growth of his channel every subsequent Upload brought in fewer and fewer views

Until he had to abandon the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise entirely in late 2015 once again Max was in desperate Need of a popular game franchise that Would bring in consistent viewership and With that being said he spent over a Year searching for one luckily for Max a Newly released team-based multiplayer Firstperson shooter called OverWatch Would provide him with with the Engagement he very much so craved his First upload centered around OverWatch Was titled losing my 10 placement Matches in OverWatch road to Bruns Published on the 8th of December 2016 The video brought back Max's trolling Nature from this tea of two days and This time it was even worse so from the Thumbnail and the title of this video You probably guess that I'm trying to Reach the lowest rank ever and what Better way to do this than to lose all 10 of my first matchmaking matches Throughout the video max would do more Than just trying to lose on purpose but Also trying to actively perver his Teammates Max can you stop trolling Please man just play oh I'm not trolling I'm not trolling I'm playing serious Where are the enemies where are the Enemies I I'm new to the game I don't Know I don't know who's an enemy or Who's my Friend is this guy my enemy is this guy

My enemy or is this guy my Friend I think that guy is's my enemy The video was a massive hit with fans And garnered over half a million views Naturally this encouraged Max to Continue with trolling other players for Views from December 2016 to July 2017 Max made a name for himself in the OverWatch Community for being an Incredibly toxic player who was willing To trash talk and troll everyone he came Across it was also around this time that A community began to form around Max and His strange brand of content with this He created a Discord server for his fans And like-minded trolls that shared his Sense of humor while this form of edgy Humor GED him an average of 300K views Per video coupled with a loyal fan base It also attracted the attention of the Gamees developers Blizzard entertainment At the time OverWatch had a serious Issue with toxicity within its player Base and the developers were willing to Take any method necessary to handle the Problem in Blizzard's eyes Max was one Of the players perpetuating the toxicity Plaguing OverWatch and they began to Take action against his behavior by the 12th of August 2017 blizzard began Monitoring Max's Channel and banned each Of his accounts as soon as he uploaded a Video in his typical comedic style Max Decided to make light of the situation

By making videos with titles like banned For being nice in OverWatch banned in OverWatch for nothing and banned for Being positive in OverWatch however the Cycle of creating new accounts and Immediately getting banned eventually Took its toll on Max which caused him to Quit playing OverWatch entirely I need Somebody to replace me so if you're a Fan if you're a viewer and you've been Enjoying my videos and you want to repay Me somehow just do me one favor and Become an OverWatch YouTube for the Third time in his Online Career Max was Forced to drop a game that defined the Content on his channel only this time it Wasn't due to a decline in viewership And instead was a result of his Reckless Trolling going too far as hopeless as The situation might have seemed Max Would once again jump ship to to a game That would take his channel to New Height in terms of subscriber counts and Viewership however that same success Would bring some unintended consequences That posed a threat not to just him but To other creators around him by the 27th Of February 2018 Max diverted his Attention to start creating Trolling Videos around fortnite with the first Video being titled acting dumb in Fortnite then Carrying hello hello can you hear me bro Yes help me help me oh my God you died

Noob Noob Noob no you don't yes no you do not Don't lie to me [ __ ] I not lie to you You are lying to me you're coming with Dad what compared to other games that Max had showcased on his channel Fortnite was within a league of its own In terms of popularity for context Fortnite had around 20000 million Players within its first years of Release this not only gave Max a Limitless supply of diverse players play To torment with his racist and sexist Remarks but also a massive viewer base Of impressionable children who were Interested in his edgy humor a Demographic that Max knew was gullible Enough to follow his toxic lead in the Months that followed Max's subscribe Count skyrocketed eventually leading to 400,000 subscribers in June of 2018 it Was also around this time that Max Uploaded a video with the title I ran Into PewDie in fortnite and he was kind Of rude which would Mark the start of Two very prominent things in his career One his willingness to clickbait and Manipulate his audience and two his Trolling Antics resulting in a viral Meme with regards to the first point at The end of the video max asked his Audience to lie about seeing PewDiePie In the video As for the second point a Brief clip of Max saying oh yeah yeah

Over and over again would evolve into a Viral meme oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah do You like my song oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh Yeah yeah the oh yeah yeah music video Got over 13 million views within 8 Months and the sheer virality of the Meme boosted Max's subscriber count to 426k to over 534k in only a matter of Weeks this showed Max that he had a Great deal of influence and notoriety Especially when it came to his quote Loyal fans by the 21st of June 2018 Max Published a video titled watch this if You're a true fan in which he decided to Test how much influence he had over his Fans by telling them to use his profile Picture make this your profile picture And you will have eternal luck you will Always be happy you will always be Successful everything you do will be Easy you will be like a God you've been Sleeping your whole life but I just woke You up be wise and make the right choice As you'd expect thousands of his Followers did exactly as he requested And while this seemed like nothing more Than a harmless joke joke it was Becoming obvious that his audience were Willing to do anything Max told them to Do combine this with the fact Max didn't Seem to have any resistance when it came

To regulating his own behavior online it Was only a matter of time before he Decided to use that influence in a less Than honorable manner it started of Small with Max threatening to mobilize His fan base to cour goyer on KSI if he Didn't change his profile picture and Join Them side you mess with the wrong Army This is not Logan Paul or some dumb bu Shat you you do not understand how Powerful we are but since we're nice Guys we're going to give you one last Option before we go crazy mode as s make This your profile picture or we will go Psycho mode on your ass you have 24 Hours to do it if you do not agree to Our demands too late unfortunately this Would be one of the mildest ways Max Weaponize his audience whilst editing This video I got a notification from a Service I haven't used in months saying Something along the lines of your Subscription has renewed a a $20 payment Has been processed now I'm sure I'm not Alone when you get these stupid emails Where your money's being taken out for Something you're not even using anymore This is why I'm excited to talk about Today's sponsor rocket money it's an Incredible app that's helped me with my Subscriptions that I no longer use keep The bills down and better manage my Finances using rocket money I found

Subscriptions that I no longer use and Canceled them right through the app no More hassling with customer service Replying to emails after emails trying To cancel stuff money makes it as simple As that and guess what it's also helped Me negotiate some of my bills down and It's been a complete game changer for my Budgeting you can start for free at Rocket internet Anarchist or Click the link in the description so Don't miss out on saving money check out Rocket money today and sort out your Finances now back to the video by the Start of 2019 Max would reach the 1 Million subscriber Milestone and Immediately begin his campaign of Harassment one of his first victims was A stream by the name of whis who spoke Out about Max's toxic behavior in Retaliation Max and his community Routinely raided his dream and directed Harassment towards whis's girlfriend After her father passed away with Comments on the GoFundMe page stating Ron B to be gone Max is better Ron looks Like the guy from Jurassic Park if he Had Down syndrome and Max is better than Ron times two to add insult to injury Max also mobilized his community to Impersonate Wast and go into various Streamers twitch chats to spam hateful Or racist comments in hopes of smearing The streamer's reputation to help remedy

The situation and spread awareness whis Made a Twitter threat to discuss what Had been going on and to apologize to Everyone that was affected so I wanted To apologize to any streamers on Twitch Who think that I have been harassing Them um so what is actually happening is Uh this YouTuber that I talked about Many months ago Maximillian mus he's a Fortnite YouTuber and he is uh most Notably uh popular for his oh yeah yeah M that's pretty much what people know Him as well I know him as a scumbag who Uses his audience to harass people Online and I've talked about it before And I I personally interviewed this guy And that's why he targets me because he Sees me as a threat um he is using his Discord server to uh harass these people Uh to go to their streams and and say uh Transphobic and homophobic and just General distasteful things now he does This on Twitch specifically because he Knows that these people are going to Report my channel and they're going to You know uh ultimately get me banned From twitch which would make me lose 90% Of my income um to fully get the point Across whis shared some of the recent Messages from Max's Discord server that Show the true source of The NeverEnding Harassment as these three who were Sitting in the Discord server and Getting maximillian's uh very uh I mean

A small Discord server full of very Dedicated 12-year-olds I can assume to Go to these specific streamers and uh Harass them uh right here Rich Campbell Uh a lenity of all people my friend blue Stank also this is not me this is Max or One of his friends using my profile Picture and my name even the yellow that I use in my Discord server you can see It's actually the same close to the same Yellow that I use uh to to go to these Streamers and and tell his viewers to Say terrible things in their chat and Say that they're from me and it's not And I I want to apologize to those Streamers that are affected by this Because this is not me this is a scumbag With over a million subscribers on YouTube who will never ever ever talk About this on his main Channel cuz he's A coward and he hides behind his Anonymity and his uh his audience who he To cover his tracks Max deleted Everything on the server and moved his Community elsewhere to continue the Harassment campaign a few days after the Incident Max was asked about the Situation and he had these kind words to Say you're absolutely okay even though You didn't think you were going to do With ending this guy's career is that Correct yeah yeah yeah let me tell you Something okay um I did this to piss him Off but if this got his twitch taken

Down um I would have been happier than With what happened right now really I Really don't care that much well I got To be honest with you I don't care in The sense that uh he tried to do this to Somebody else but in in the grand scheme Of things it's it's wrong you you don't Think it's wrong to do that to to to Mess with somebody's well-being their Their livelihood I I think it's so over Exaggerated because like um okay let's Say that did happen what's next he'll Just get a job and move on you know it's Not like I'm going to ruin his life Max's quest for sick Amusement was Insatiable as he would later force a Mentally ill individual to eat his own Uh body chocolates on a video call that He was broadcasting to his fans so hold Mr btfo close to your Mouth it's time to eat him Just better eat him just push through You don't give a [ __ ] Max had no remorse When it came to using his massive Platform to harm the lives of others if Max wanted to get a cheap laugh out of Using his Legion of loyal fans to raid Your streams and ruin your career that You spent years building on then so be It it's more than safe to say that Max Felt invincible and that he could do Whatever he wanted whenever he wanted Without consequence but unfortunately For him there always are some type of

Consequences and this time it wasn't Someone else's career at stake it was Actually his own platform on the line on The 18th of February 2021 as Max was Carrying on with his usual campaign of Harassment he decided it would be a good Idea to troll Mo critical AKA Charlie's Live stream Um I just go here and type maximilan mus Just type Maximillion mus all right good That's it and oh yeah yeah maximil yeah Keep [ __ ] t wait a lot of people can Still type though keep typing keep Typing keep typing Type Maximus type we own this chat now we own The chat now this room is in 10minute Follow what wow after Max's fans Finished trolling his stream Charlie Decided to drop a very shocking Allegation about Max and his community One that could spell the end of his edgy Career if found to be true remember when He took over YouTube for a bit Yeah and Then he started sharing child in his Disc oh my God what is did you hear what He just said what the very next day Charlie released a video titled this is The worst YouTuber in which he brought To light many of Max's past wrongdoings Such as his numerous harassment Campaigns his name is maximilan mus he's The oh yeah yeah guy it's the only thing He's ever done it's the 15 minutes of

Fame that he continues to milk the very Dry titties of to this day to command a Troop of 13-year-olds to harass dox Threaten and do all kinds of deplorable [ __ ] to other people online from all Sizes people that have two viewers on Twitch to Big streamers to Big content Creators he does some absolutely Degenerate [ __ ] and I truly think he is One of the most vile foulest people to Ever use the platform and abuse the the Power that he found online attempts to Humiliate people and yeah this is some Horrible [ __ ] but it gets worse he also Would have his followers go to other People's channels and force them to do Things like there was a man that had a That he went to the channel and forced Him to eat his own Chate on stream he Was threatening and having his community Threatened to find and kill him if he Didn't do everything Max said bullying Smaller creators there was also this Content creator that Max targeted a very Small Creator who was just making some Things because he was having fun he took His whole Community to bully the [ __ ] Out of him relentlessly he ended up Crying and profusely apologizing begging For the bullying to stop which of course Max Didn't Just please Stop harassing bab please I beg for

Forgiveness please have mer eat please As well as presenting some new Allegations regarding some activities on Max's Discord server involving cheese Pizza and that brings us to the reason And the biggest problem I have with Max And why I'm making this video today he's Recently popped his head out after Hibernating for over a year stewing in His own bodily fluids and filth and he Wanted to feel power full again so he Set up another Discord to have people go In and harass streamers and I was one of The targets and when they targeted me I Mentioned saying Max gang is like saying You're proud to be a pile and the reason Why I said this is because Max ailon Himself will tell you the reason he Remakes the Discord so many times is Because his community shares so much Child Pizza that he has to take it down Cuz he worries that he himself will get Arrested for it unfortunately Max has Scrubbed his entire Reddit and made it Private it so all the posts that were Talking about the child plague that was Sweeping through maximillian's Community They're no longer there his his own Posts about his stance on it are no Longer there however I did find one Thread that he overlooked where it does Talk about it it's this right here where They're talking about someone that was Sharing child and that was the reason it

Was taken down this is the only one that Survived the purge of Max ailon Subreddit and I don't know how Max Handles these things these days but back Then he used to defend it saying that The sharing of child is just an inside Joke of his community while Charlie was Yet to provide rock hard evidence of Max Fostering cheese pizza there were Countless times in the past where he Either called himself a p word or Endorsed Itations we need to end discriminations Against smokers and files I'm a prile And files discrimination we people po Okay let me add you something if pilia Is wrong then why is to have phras that Goes by the words hello baby why do People say baby if babies aren't how do You explain that one do you have a Problem with my lifestyle so what the With a baby the baby like it if I'm not Supposed to with babies then there was Also the matter of Max claiming to find Someone to court kill Charlie because of The expose Video within days of Charlie's exposed Video going live max lost a staggering 50,000 subscribers and many more were Soon followed in a now deleted response Video max attempted to cter Charlie's Points by stating that there was no Evidence ma ailon himself will tell you The reason he remakes the Discord so

Many times is because his community Shares so much child Pizza that he has To take it down cuz he worries that he Himself will get arrested for it this is Literally just straight up a lie and why It doesn't show any any screenshots or Clips to back up his statement cuz I've Never ever said anything of this sort he Claimed that he didn't even have a Reddit account unfortunately Max has Scrubbed his entire Reddit and made it Private so all the posts that were Talking about the child plague that was Sweeping through Max million's Community They're no longer there here's just more Lies I literally don't have a Reddit Account I don't own my subreddit and Also he's literally implying that if This was to ever happen that people Would only talk about it on my sub redit Therefore making it a very convenient Thing for him to say yeah happen on Reddit but the reddit's gone so I guess All the evidence is gone if this [ __ ] Was actually happen it would be all over It wouldn't just be on one specific sub As well as attempting to defend his Harassment campaigns on Twitch and Having them go to streamer streams and Spam racist and homophobic [ __ ] by his Orders and spam Max gang with it hoping To get the streamers banned for it now This is true we did go to a lot of Streams and spam and do cringy stuff but

I don't know why he assumes that I Wanted them to get banned that was never A goal and from what I remember some of Them did get banned but the ones that Didn't just had a really bad time Literally nobody ready got banned I Don't know why he's saying this but it's Whatever and finally explaining why he Asked I want to eat quir chocolate During a video call also would have his Followers go to other people's channels And force them to do things like there Was a man that had a mental illness that He went to the channel and forced him to Eat his own on stream again this is Straight up a lie there was no live Stream it was a private Discord call he Was threatening and having his community Threaten to find and kill him if he Didn't do everything Max said this is Another lie with no evidence there was No threats there is no oh I'm going to Kill you oh we're going to find you Anything going on before I continue I Want to explain the context of that call This man is JMA he's known for calling Literal police stations and calling in Bomb threats claiming responsibilities For mass shootings uh also sending Pizzas to people's houses it was my Literal second interaction with him I Knew barely anything about him at the Time except for these things and he Turned his camera on he was already

Naked doing weird [ __ ] and then I told Him to eat his own and I was acting Impressed and I was like oh my God You're so awesome and this is what People are saying I forced him and that I said I was going to kill if he wasn't Going to do it and [ __ ] like that like Yes I encouraged him it was definitely Weird but there's a huge difference Between saying oh hey eat your own and Somebody does it versus saying you got To do this or I'm going to K you oh yeah I'm bringing my fans in here we're going To kill you there is literally nothing Of that I didn't force him at all Naturally the internet was set Ablaze With people talking about the situation And several other creators beginning to Look into the events that had transpired Now because of this off-platform Behavior Max's discords are uh they sort Of come and go okay like they they get Removed they get brought back it's a Whole wild case there have been people Who are sharing maximilan Discord like Pro proof of sharing inappropriate Content now Charlie made a video you Know I mentioned earlier where he made a Bold claim that said that there is Things like you know child material Being shared on his discords now I'm not Going to coign with that on Charlie Simply due to the fact that that is a Very very bold claim unless you have an

Actual like proof sitting right in front Of you then you can go and accuse as Much as you want but for me I'm going to Go with Max's explanation as hard as That is to say who where Max shared this Is the reason his discords get taken Down Discord is focused on M maintaining A safe and secure environment for our Community and our account has been Flagged by the community for violations Of to or violations engaging in or Posting C content encouraging the Harassment of individuals or communities Threatening to harm another person or Sharing content which was threatening Another person or doxing Max was now Backed into a corner and losing Subscribers by the hour but not just That he was also receiving strikes to His channel after receiving two strikes Due to people reporting his channel Max Decided that the only way out of this Predicament was to temporarily delete His channel but that wouldn't be before Making this community post I'm going to Delete my channel I'm not a pord and I Never said cheese pizza is okay but I've Done a lot of bad stuff over the years And I've broken YouTube's to like Somewhat in Gamers says it's a miracle My Channel's still up because over the Years I've probably got a total of 15 Strikes some random innocent person is Being docks because people think I'm him

My actual name is not even maximilan so The people trying to play Hero are being Insanely Reckless but even previous to This I thought about quitting a lot and I've been close to deleting my channel Many times before I haven't enjoyed YouTube very much even previous to this And I think this is the bang to end it With feel free to Archive any of my Videos you want I had a great run you'd Think that this would be the end for Max And for a time it was but he only Temporarily deleted his videos and post All of his content by the 23rd of March 2021 he reinstated his channel and Charlie was right there waiting for him Max is a human pinworm just an [ __ ] [ __ ] eating parasite in response to the Video I posted he started losing a lot Of subscribers and his fragile Insecurities couldn't handle his number Going down so he deleted his channel and Then put it back up today hoping that Enough people had forgotten the Controversy so they'd stop unsubscribing To him in Mass Max has clearly tied a Lot of his selfworth to the numbers on The screen and couldn't bear to see the Numbers going down any longer especially Since it's entirely his own fault and it Should take full respons ability for the Actions that caused all of this in the First place but he doesn't have that Level of self-awareness so when Max was

Seeing the numbers go down he threw in The towel for a month took a break and Today just like a gopher he decided to Pop his curious little head out of his Hole and he saw a shadow and decided It's time for two more hours of YouTube Drama for the remainder of the video Charlie covered three main points Regarding his allegations about Max one He count his Maxx's claims of slander by Providing further details regarding what Went on in the Discord server so I want To get a ahead of this and just do a Full goatsy and just go fully in here And give you all of the information About Max that has also been shared with The proper authorities in Max's response He harps on three major things the first Being a screenshot I posted for a few Seconds that he claims is a fake Screenshot now I'm not going to be here And get into the weeds of it and split Hairs it's entirely possible that is a Fake screenshot screenshots are very Easily faked and I don't work for an FBI Crime lab I can't verify the Authenticity I can't go in there in the [ __ ] blockchain and piece together The puzzle pieces and see if it's I can't say with certainty whether or Not it's real so if it is fake then I Should have done more to verify its Authenticity and I do apologize for that But what I can say with certainty is

There was very clearly a problem with How women were treated when his in his Community uh after posting the video I Received no less than 50 to 100 emails From victims of Max and Max's community In the Discord these were women that Came forward all sharing very similar Stories and talking about the horrible Things that they would encounter in that Discord when they would try and speak uh They were often times goed into explicit Conversations and try often baited for Moods they try and get like moods out of Them or something like that they shared A lot of information and a lot of Disturbing screenshots of conversations In the Discord none of which I'll be Sharing here to protect their privacy But again those have all gone to the Proper channels so there's very clearly A problem with the way that Max and his Community would treat women that were Inside of the Discord now if this Screenshot is fake again I do apologize And I should have done more to make sure That I was sharing only the facts the Most accurate information and this one Is now questionable so I shouldn't have Put it in there two he corrected his Point on how Max was threatening a Mentally ill individual and instead Stated how Max manipulated him and three Charlie brought forward some evidence to Support his claims of cheese pizza being

Shared in Max's server so let's go ahead And really dive in first let me show you How it got to this point why was shared On maximillian's Discord why were files Incouraged to join well because Max was Pretty open with these kind of things Like here's a clip from one of his old Fortnite videos what are you a pedophile Of course me too dude Awesome yeah yeah I met a pedophile Friend yeah yeah there's probably like Two other kids on our team I was going To say let's rest them but then my video Would get age restricted and yeah I'm Recording a video I have 200 Subs say Hello to YouTube Bro H YouTube little Boys In what boys let's go taking over people Are going to watch this in the future I'm live streaming for the future man I Guys when I say I have with the children Is a joke wink wink of course wink wink Many Winks where did you guys land Max Used to and still currently does joke About being aile and like I said in the Initial video used to write off the Sharing of child in his servers as a Joke with his community and that it Wasn't a big deal so like I said he used To defend the sharing of his servers as A joke and I'll go ahead and show a few Screenshots of that but first let me Prove to you that it used to be shared Mudahar who's a man I trust dearly in

Situation like this who has worked in Cyber security for [ __ ] years it is His [ __ ] profession if anyone can Verify the authenticity of something This heinous it would be mudahar and Mudahar sent this message to confirm It's real and this has of course been Forwarded to proper authorities as well To close out the video Charlie decided To directly address Max's attempts at Garnering sympathy with a few wise words Of his own genuinely have no idea what You're talking about with this pity Party you're trying to throw about being A better person if you really tried you Failed instantly like it wasn't even Close there seems to have been no Attempt to be a better person again all The [ __ ] that started this happened a Month ago Max that was the whole reason I even went back through your past is Because you were doing this horrible Having your community raid streamers Spamming homophobic and racist [ __ ] a Month ago and this SWAT was a couple Months ago you have not improved you Haven't come close you haven't tried you Are still an absolute [ __ ] scumbag And I don't know why you're trying to Even defend these awful fing things You've done they are indefensive I don't Know how people would even try and Defend you the guy whose video that you Lifted in your own video I feel like he

Is not on your side he called you Multiple times the only thing he didn't Like is that I didn't share to prove Your guiltiness I don't know what Exactly he was going on with there but Hopefully what I've shown here enough is Enough to convince even him because I Feel like there's no way that you can Possibly defend these things that you Have done and this is all your fault by The way Max I'm not doing anything to You I am just bringing what you have Done to people's attention people don't Want to support Someone Like You Max That has done these things people in Your own Community didn't feel safe and They reached out to me to tell me some Of the [ __ ] that you've done your close Friends were reaching out to me to [ __ ] On you Max because of the things you've Put them through made them do and the Things that you told them and did Together like there is a very big Problem with you Max and what you've Done with the community you've built and I don't know how you even Managed IT for This long because this is heinous it's [ __ ] disgusting stuff there was no Coming back from this for Max his years Of harassment and trolling had finally Caught up with him and now everyone on The internet was against him and the Channel he spent the last decade Crafting was in a shambles however

Charlie's representation of the story Wasn't completely true as shown in a Video posted by the user boooo 64 on the 14th of August 2023 titled the truth About moist critical life ruining lies The video outlined many of the flaws and How Charlie handled the situation such As exaggerating on the point about Max Threatening the man to eat his own Chocolate on stream not to all caught up Let's start breaking down some of the Accusations starting with the claim that Max threatened the life of a mental whe Man on stream and forc him to eat his Own the full video of this incident is Still publicly available and although I Can really put it in the description for Obvious reasons if you do decide to Watch it you'll see that this clim was Greatly exaggerated because not only is The video in a private call and not on The stream but also and way more Importantly there are also no threats at Any point in his response video max Pointed out both of these misconceptions And even if critical still insisted it Was on stream for some reason he doesn't Meit that he was wrong about the threats However though what critical says Afterwards is what really worries me I Was wrong to say he threatened him he Only manipulated him which is you know That's a lot better so congratulations Max you're taking steps in the right

Direction you only manipulated a Mentally Illman and eating his own wow That that that's my bad I'm I didn't Mean to misrepresent you and slander you Like that I mean yes it's obvious Tre Mental man to do what he did is awful Even if it's in private but it's not Nearly as bad as making him scared for His life as he's public to humiliated in Front of his own audience and I think This one goes without saying but the Situation that critico described is far More traumatizing than what actually Happened claiming that Max was sharing Cheese pizza when it was actually being Spread by other Rogue users proceeding Since critical first video had little to No real of evidence against Max I will Only be focusing on his second in which He showed three very important Screenshots starting with this one from Mutahar where he is Sally confirms that There was CP in Mexi servers and Considering the video that I'm making it Might sound surprising to you that I Actually 100% believe the content of the Screenshot seriously I have no reason to Believe that mutahar is lying and Considering all the redit screenshots it Seems hard to deny that there were People who at some point share the wigle Material in Max's Discord however Critical didn't just say that there was Child some point or there a few people

Share that type of content in Maxi Servers what critical said is said there Was a huge sh plake and it makes Pur qu Defeated it on many occasions which is Not at all proven by the mutahar Screenshot and in fact the only piece of Evidence that crio presented in this First video seems to indicate that there Wasn't a child plague but instead that Someone joined one of Mexi servers and Posted illegal material which led to the Del of said Discord and if you take a Step further and start looking into Other posts at it back to that event you Find that what seems to have happened Was that a group of people raided Maxi Server and kept creating new accounts to Evade band and post CP which where to Mex eventually deleting it and finally Not providing enough evidence to Supports claims about the cheese pizza Problem on Max's server critical Accusation how he described it implies That evidence for Max defending CP Should be relatively easy to get however While it seems impossible to obtain any Of that it's almost ironically extremely Easy to find proof that contradicts the Claims by this point it would with make More sense to say that Mexi fing CP was An obscure secret that only critical Seem to know about because otherwise and I can't stress this enough the complete Lack of evidence is an absurd phenomenon

That needs to be studied with that being Said max did try to come back to YouTube After disappearing following Charlie's Second upload in 2022 he tried to make Another Channel and Discord server but That didn't pin out well for him as he Failed to regain the influence he had Rightfully lost Max a million Miss will Forever go down in YouTube history as The perfect example of what happens when He give a narcissistic troll too much Power and influence from raiding other Creators streams with hopes of getting Them banned to creating an extremely Toxic community that became the breeding Ground for some of the most deprived Acts the internet has ever known Max Might have started with the noble Intention of having a good laugh on YouTube and making a name for himself But once he achieved that goal ego and Toxicity took over a 1 million Subscriber Army of kids and nothing Better to do gave Max the mindset that He could do whatever he wanted whenever He wanted but sadly for him his Joy Ride Eventually came to a painful end today Max is still trying to recover the power Of notoriety by uploading lackluster Trolling Videos however it's highly Unlikely he'll ever make a proper Comeback and his View account speak for Themsel with him now struggling to get Even 50,000 views on a video similar to

Maximilan M Poké Mane has also left the Trial of victims click the video on Screen to find out about them now

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