How This Famous YouTuber Ruined His Life in 7 Minutes…

To say MC Skillet had it all would be an Understatement a YouTube channel that Boasted 700,000 subscribers a Multi-million dollar business and an Endless stream of sponsorships so how Could a life filled with such success End up becoming one of YouTube's worst Tragedies not just for M Skillets but Innocent people around him popular YouTuber was behind the wheel of a Pricey sports car that sped into Oncoming traffic three people were Killed and eight injured in a 100 mph Car accident slams head on into 4 3-year-old eileene pizaro and her Daughter Ariana killing them he Confessed to his mother that he drove His sports car at 150 M an hour in a 25 Mph Zone he also told his father that he Was invincible saying quote neither the Police nor the bullets could hurt him hi I'm the internet Anarchist I create Weekly YouTube documentaries and today We'll be looking into the tragic story Of one of the most infamous YouTubers on The platform Mick Skillet will examine His start in the csgo community The creation of the business that Brought him Millions at the age of 18 And how a rapid mental decline led him On a murderous Rampage not just taking His own life but a beloved mother and Daughter on the 14th of February 2014 a 15-year-old boy by the name of Trevor

Heightman from San Diego California Logged on to YouTube and created the Channel under the name Mick Skillet it Wouldn't be until the 22nd of April 2015 That Millet would publish his first Video titled csgo top 10 most expensive Skins and rare weapons 2015 what's going On everyone this is M Skillet here and Today I'm going to be showing you guys The top 10 most expensive and most rare Skins for CS go the formula for the Video was simple but highly effective MC Skillet gathered information on the most Desirable skins in his favorite computer Game Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Discussed his findings with relevant Gameplay in the background at the time Getting specific information on the Emerging scin economy would require Digging through countless Forum posts But MC Skillet was presenting it on a Silver platter although he didn't have The best editing or voice over work the Informative value he provided was good Enough to keep viewers engaged so good In fact that the video gained hundreds Of thousands of views on release and Later crossed 1 million views not even a Week later he would follow up the video With another that covered csgo's many Underrated skins although the video Didn't have the same level of virality As its predecessor it still showed Promise it would take several more

Uploads to gain consistent viewership But by his third month on YouTube YouTube Millet was getting hundreds of Thousands of views per video he also Experimented with other video formats Like his trade-up videos and inventory Reviews all of which further bolstered His growth M Skillet had successfully Identified an untapped Niche and was About to reap the rewards of his Discovery to understand why M Skillet Csgo videos were more captivating Compared to other video game guides you First have to understand the CSCO skin Economy how it worked what it offered Players and why it was rapidly becoming A billion doll IND industry the roots of The csgo skin economy can be traced back To the 14th of August 2013 with the arm Update that added skins to the game and Allowed players to freely trade these Skins amongst themselves on the steam Marketplace skins in csgo are purely Cosmetic and had no gameplay advantages To the players who acquire them this Left the main driving forces behind csgo Skins to be their customization Opportunities and social implications of Having a unique weapon design although The game was only averaging less than 20,000 players which is incredibly small For an online shooter the armd update Completely revived interest in CS goo New players steadily flocked to the game

To Trail these skins and trade them with Other players by July of 2014 csgo's Average player numbers quadrupled Players began doing more than just Trading and began buying and selling These Cosmetics for real world currency This was a huge shift in the csgo Community as these digital items now had Real world value skins that were easy to Obtain only fetched a few dollars while The more rare rare ones went for Thousands naturally different online Businesses popped up to take advantage Of this Emerging Market case opening Sites that gave the illusion of winning Rare skins skin gambling or betting Sites that used skins as a currency and Marketplaces that allowed their players To exchange CS go items for dollars were The main businesses that attempted to Make money of the csgo community six Figure sums were being spent on these Platforms daily and the amount was only Going to increase with millions of Dollars on the line several Bad actors Began to surface and many of these Websites were outed as scams that prayed On players that had a few worthwhile Skins but didn't have the knowledge to Make the most of them there was a large Portion of new players that didn't Understand how skin trading worked but Had a deep desire to profit from it the Players that traded skins along with the

Plethora of businesses that attempted to Profit from them quickly formed a Literal billion doll virtual economy and Millet was quickly becoming a notable Figure in that economy by the 17th of August 2015 Millet released his 100K Subscriber special which gave fans an Insight into why it was growing so fast On the platform what's going on guys M Skillet here with another video and Today I'm going to be doing a commentary Basically talking about my road to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube which is Pretty insane because usually when you Hear someone that has over 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube you think they've Been on YouTube for like a couple years But I've only been on YouTube for 3 and 1/2 months and my I've managed to go From Z to 100K Subs in that short of a Time and the crazy thing is I didn't Even like advertise my videos anywhere I Just posted them posted them to YouTube And they pretty much blew up after a bit And I'm pretty much going to be telling The whole story from 0 to 100K Subs um In this video Millet went on to explain The strategy behind this first video his Growth from Gaining Zero Subs a day to Thousands a day and even gave viewers Tips on how they could succeed on YouTube as well so um if you if you're Just making gameplay videos you should Shouldn't be expecting your channel to

Really get anywhere unless they're Really funny videos or if you like post Them on Reddit or something and people Find them really funny but um otherwise If you're just relying on search you Can't really just do gameplay or funny Videos you have to do something that is Interesting and people will search for And um isn't really there isn't like a Lot of other videos on that which is Really hard to find videos like that you Can make because of how many videos There are on YouTube but that's pretty Much the best advice I can give you guys Comments on the video only reinfor lost Miller's points on why he was going Viral it only took a mere 6 months for Millet to Triple his sub count and Celebrate his 300K special this video Had marked the first time Mi Skillet Accepted a sponsor from a csgo website Csgo wild it only made sense for a Channel that size to have a sponsorship But the Shady reputation of most csgo Gambling websites was putting his Reputation on the line as well Fortunately Millet limited his Association with these websites and Didn't make the same mistakes as other Csgo YouTubers who often promoted scams With that being said there were Instances of controversy throughout his Career such as allegations of price Manipulation after an April Fool's video

Drastically shifted the price of a gun We're going to be taking a look at the New update and I haven't tested this out Yet but apparently according to the Change log or the release notes for the Latest patch they've actually made it so You can trade up covert skins and get a Knife so you take 10 covert skins or 10 Red Skins and you actually can get a Random knife so this is pretty crazy I'm Guessing this is going to change the Entire csgo economy oh my God or Chameleon went from $2 to $5 from kids Trying this out and when he was forced To delete a video of him making fun of Case opening websites due to community Backlash but Mill's biggest controversy Actually happened after he returned from This break in late October 2016 Mill Released a video that essentially took a Massive dump on case opening sites and Labeled them as a scam now this video is Also now deleted largely because it Upset a lot of other YouTubers and not Just because some of them were sponsored By the sites that milled attacked it was Also because shortly after M skilled Made that video he started promoting CSG Go roll a gambling site the thing he's Doing it's basically like saying like This okay guys so uh um I really I Really hate milk guys I really don't Yeah Like all the milk you're drinking it's

So bad the milk you're drinking actually Scams you and now 3 weeks later I'll be Like okay but I I make my own milk now Yeah there was a pretty valid charge of Rank hypocrisy here although Millet does Appear to have learned from it and Generally kept himself out of this sort Of stuff afterwards besides that Millet Enjoyed a relatively drama-free career Often taking a less confrontational Approach as seen with his falling out With leafy minimal drama and a solid Reputation gave M Skillet the chance to Branch off into other Ventures he Started his first two csgo gambling Websites skin. trade in January of 2017 And csgo Kingdom in July the same year The two projects were profitable for a While but were eventually taken down However his third attempt in November of The same year was by far his best with The introduction of csgo magic he had Already built an audience of 700k Subscribers that was extremely Interested in making money from csgo Skins and now he had a proper way to Monetize that audience Millet was about To experience a growth in Revenue like He'd never seen before whilst the exact Revenue numbers are unknown it's Estimated that he was bringing in at Least a few hundred th000 per month in Less than 5 years after starting his Channel Millet was already amassing a

Small fortune and buying the car of his Dreams all right what's going on guys Millich here with another video but Today I thought I would switch it up and Just do a real life video cuz been Seeing plenty of new car videos on YouTube for the longest time and people People seem to like those videos they Seem to get a lot of views so I thought I might as well do one yeah this car is Pretty damn insane it's got a twin turbo V8 so once the turbo kick in you just Have so much power it's ridiculous and If you're wondering how I was able to Afford this car well the time I bought It my sources of income were just uh Skin. tray to own that site and then Sponsored CSO gambling videos and some Other sponsorships to like game flip but It was mainly skin. trade cuz that's I Used to make a ton and then I did make a Pretty good amount from gambling Sponsorships one decision in 2015 Changed the trajectory of M Skillet's Life however in 2018 that path would Once again be altered by a single Decision from csgo's developers valve on The 29th of March 2018 valve made an Update to csgo that almost totally Crippled the skin economy starting today CSCO items received in trade will have The same 7-Day trade cool down as items Purchased in game or via the steamed Community Market this drastically slowed

Down the rated people traded skill SK And cost numerous csgo sites millions of Dollars vve attempted to regulate the Csgo skin Market in the past having sent Out ceas and assist letters to several Larger CSO gambling sites the update was Followed by a massive bandwave of butt Accounts that were primarily used as a Tool for trading on gambling sites Millet was also hit hard by V's new Policy as his new csgo magic site was Shut down just a month later and his $100,000 inventory was banned due to Being linked with bots in only a matter Of months M skillet lost his primary Source of income and the inventory he Spent the last 5 years building such Unfortunate circumstances would severely Fracture anyone's emotional state but MC Skillet tried to play it cool and Reinvent his YouTube to fit the new Changes I'm trying bro I was going to Revamp things in April and still will For the most part since I already Recorded stuff except in the future Insane budget case opening videos will Be hard it's real hard to still come up With csgo skin video ideas after making 500 plus videos on them sadly millet Wouldn't be able to make good on this Promise as his last upload was in February of 2018 on his Twitter profile Millet changed his bio to retired and Became inactive on social media in

General many speculated that since Millet had already built up a fortune From his previous business he' lost Interest in CSG go and saw no need to Continue in a striving Market that was Becoming increasingly hostile this Seemed like the most logical conclusion Given the limited information on Millet But this was far from the truth as M Skillet's life was slowly falling apart Behind the scenes on the 18th of August 2018 MC Skillet would inform his parents About his ongoing mental breakdown he Admitted to his mother that he had Driven his McLaren 150 mph in a 25 mph Zone all whilst going in the wrong Direction his father asked him what he Thought would happen if the police Caught him where Millet said neither the Police or their bullets could hurt me Millet and his parents wrongfully Assumed just how dangerous this type of Behavior really was and thought that it Would only in confrontation with police But the stakes were much higher than That on the 23rd of August 2018 the Lives of everyone in M Skillet's family Would change forever the day would start Off with when a family friend who was Also a practicing psychiatrist made a Call to 911 with regards to Millet Situation hi my name is Dr Mary Lester And I'm a psychiat and I'm calling to Report an emery I delete IND who is a

Danger to himself in a danger to other Um he threatened his mother in a early Hour because he thought that he cut the THB that and that he would harm her and She beared for Good Wife and left the House with him scaming at her he never Been violent I do believe that he's Suffing from a illness and that he Should be on a d white his name is Trevor heightman he weigh about 180 L he 18 year old family has been tried to Convince Garten hospital volly and he Not um willing to at the point He I Believe they're actually friends mine And I just happen to be a psychiatrist And as they are describing his behavior Very clear that EIC and the he ptic he Never been dangered completely Doubt never been in trouble very very Much the pain and he has uh it appears For about five days he has been acting Um in a b start just FL way the family Does not believe that he using any sort Of drug he said no drug shortly after Three saner police officers arrived at The residence and met with his parents To discuss the situation it's an Infraction and I it's not going to work He has to be doing something violent he Has to be wanting to harm himself harm Someone else I understand what you're Saying about the 5150 criteria and I'm Sure you know it well but we have we

Have laws that we have to do I'm not Willing to go in I won't go to Prison to get him into a hospital when It's illegal for me to do So I I know I I know that but what I'm Trying to say is I hear what you're Saying and I'm not discrediting that but We have to have something substantial Because we're getting here say he's Driving down fast down the wrong side of The road yeah it's wrong but it's an Infraction it's it's not and we didn't Witness you know it's it's got to be Something it's got to be some a serious Credible threat I was explaining the Gentleman his mother saying that he has Many behavior and his neighbor who was a Psychiatrist suggesting to hold him Under a section 5150 hold sadly the Officers didn't take the request to Detain MC Skillet a decision that would Soon prove fatal by 4:15 p.m. M Skillet Woke up and was fixated on leaving the House house and took his McLaren with Him ramming into his father's car in the Process he was then spotted at Ashley Fall's Elementary School at 423 p.m. as He rammed his McLaren through the fence And drove into the school parking lot Staff at the school would go over and Talk to him where they said M Skillet Mumbled and slowed some words resulting In the school staff stating that Something is wrong with him did he like

Just break through the Fence he just took off right Here You know you're driving in a school zone Right hey what's wrong what you do Here [Music] Hey What did he just say did he say that Talk to you something's wrong with Him he's coming back he's coming back hi Hi what happening you have a crazy ass On your campus right now driving in a Sports car chasing after the Kids what do you mean I mean there is a Crazy ass call 911 right [Music] [Music] Now 7 minutes later at around 4:30 p.m. Millet would enter the southbound I5 Freeway where he caused a hid and- run Incident MC Skillets was on a path of Destruction fued by ertic behavior and It seemed like no one could stop him a Minute later at 4:31 p.m. his father Would call 911 and relay the events that Transpired in the morning stating that His son was in a manic State and just Ran into two cars in the property Leaving at a high speed six short Minutes later his concerns would become A reality when at 4:35 p.m. a wrongway Driver reportedly speeding on the 805 Has just crashed near La Hoya Village

Drive now let's get to 10 news anchor Brian schlonsky he is in the 10 News Live center with the details on this Brian well stepen in uh Lindsay this is Obviously a major injury crash here Along the 805 early reports from CHP uh That this was a wrongway driver involved Here uh the cars you can see just in Pieces here and traffic everywhere a Nightmare there on the 805 a Sig Alert Has been issued already we have reports That possibly one car was going at least 100 mph before the crash two cars were On fire when fire crws first rolled up To this we know that it's a major trauma Injury here all Lanes there blocked Northbound uh it looked like officers Further back before you hit la la Hoya Village Drive were diverting drivers Even turning people around to try to get Them off the freeway as you see now it Looks like a second or third ambulance Has pulled up here as well the images From Sky 10 man the wreckage just the Collision killed Millet instantly and The force of impact was so great that His seat belts completely ripped his Body apart but to make matters even Worse the vehicle M Skillet collided With had two passengers inside two Innocent people who had fell victim to Mill's Reckless actions a 43-year-old Mother named Eileen and a 12-year-old Daughter named Ariana at the time of

Their passing Eileen was training to Become a licensed therapist and was also The mother to two sons and her 12-year-old daughter Ariana was days Away from starting the seventh grade Following the tragedy rumors of M Skillet's involvement in the crash began Circulating online as fans noticed the McLaren in the news reports what up guys Pretty sad video today I just woke up And I received the news that M Skillet Has potentially died in a car crash I Haven't got 100% confirmation of this But um I woke up and a guy on Snapchat Was linking me a lot of evidence I've Also visited the csgo Reddit and it Appears to be the top of that as well so I might end up taking this video down it Might not 100% be true there are a lot Of factors at the moment all pointing to The fact that it is probably true I Believe this right here is meant to be The wreckage of MC Skillets McLaren as I Said none of this has been 100% Confirmed yet um but I checked on Steam When he was last online it was about 7 Hours 40 minutes ago which apparently Was about 45 minutes before the crash so This is incredibly fresh none of it is Confirmed yet the description of the Video was soon changed to confirm mix Skillet's passing you'd expect such an Event to elicit sympathy for all parties Involved but that simply wasn't the case

This time people saw m Skillet's final Actions as him throwing a tangum over The recent decline in his business hate Comments flooded his channel as people Labeled him as a self murder who should Have taken his own life without taking Others down with him with keemstar Tweeting imagine driving down the Highway and some suicidal 18-year-old YouTuber with a super car kills you and A family member I'm actually so angry Right now innocent people died for no Reason at all regardless it had already Happened and there was nothing anyone Could do about it while some loudly Expressed their hatred for millet others Showed a more sympathetic side to him Namely the son of the woman he just Killed in his hard to blame Heyman for The crash even though it was Heyman Driving the wrong way he was not in his Right frame of mind and that was the the Primary reason that he found himself Going the wrong way on a highway and That my my prayers and thoughts are also For his his family as well an autopsy Performed on M Skillet showed that there Were no drugs in his system and further Police investigation showed he didn't Try to Swerve or avoid the crash was all This a product of a mental decline that Was properly tried or was it just a rich Teenager being reckless in his sports Car after an unfavorable game update

I'll let you decide on that one by the 2nd of August 2019 San Diego Union Tribute reported that the family of the Victims had filed a lawsuit against Millet city and county the lawsuit Claims at San Diego Police were Negligent by not taking in heightman 18 For a mental health evaluation Recommended by a psychiatrist which Would have kept him off the road and Prevented the deaths of Eileen 43 and 12-year-old Ariana they seek unspecified Damages for emotional distress funeral And medical costs and loss of support And companionship as of this recording The case is still Ono M Skillet's name Wasn't entirely tarnished as on the 3rd Of December 2020 vve would add some References to him in their broken Fang Update for csgo vve added M Skillet's Logo across the new Counter-Strike map Andage at the end of the day day you Could see M Skillet as a reckless kid That went on a joy ride after losing Everything or as a mentally unwell Adolescent going through a tough part of His life M Skillet started out as a Lucky teenager who was able to build and Profit from the csar skin economy as it Went viral a combination of unforeseen Circumstances put him in the right place At the right time to receive an Unfathomable amount of success but it Was also due to that random chance that

His success was stripped away from him Ultimately triggering the manic episode That ended in tragedy for both his Family and that of his victims without a Doubt M Skillet's story is filled with Unexpected twists of Fate for better and For worse this leaves many wondering how Differently things would have turned out For Trevor if he was given one more Favorable outcome

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