How This Streamer Destroyed Her Career In One Stream…

This is just the Minx a twitch streamer With over 2 million followers who has Recently gone down a very disturbing Tragic and painful path leading to her Losing thousands of followers and Subscribers every single day hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create a weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Looking to the sad and devastating story Of Justin Minx who throughout this video I'll be simply referring to as Minx in The ever-evolving landscape of live Streaming platforms twitch has emerged As a dominant Force attracting a Plethora of talented creators among These creators Minx and Irish streamer Has carved out a niche for herself with A unique personality and diverse content Ming started out on YouTube at a very Young age creating Club Penguin horror Videos as time passed one of her short Stories about a sad dog went viral Getting over 800 000 views it would be At this very moment that Ming's got a Taste for internet virality and she Couldn't get enough of it I did go viral Like I don't want to flex too much but I Made a sad dog video and where I wrote a Sad story about a dog it got 800 000 Views 800 000 views that's a lot for a 12 year old so I knew from then that I Was going to be an internet sensation Like many aspiring streamers her initial Audience was small but she persisted in

Her efforts and worked hard to develop An enthralling online Persona she would Receive a huge career Boost after going On the level Host Game Show Tommy just Taught me ready for bed Tommy needs to Get ready for bed he's got class in the Morning he's got what he's got to clean His shoes as well I don't know who you Are Come on tell me let's let's get you Tucked in come on no what's your Twitter [Music] The audience took a liking to her and Many of them would go on to join her Streams minx's dedication to her craft Would eventually pay off as she began to Gain Traction in the twitch Community by February of 2019. one of the key factors In just a minx's rise to prominence is Her unique and entertaining personality Known for her outspoken nature crude Humor and bold approach to content Minx Appeals to a wide range of viewers who Appreciate her authentic and unfiltered Style however that aspect of her Personality would become a double-edged Sword certain poor choices no life Coupled with an unstable mental state Would slowly eat away at her in 2021 Would be the start of a dark chapter in Her life in early 2021 Minx began having Frequent emotional breakdowns on stream I do no matter how much I work out look Look I killed earlier what the moment I

Bend it comes out there's nothing I can Do Yeah Some would perceive the situation as Means playing things up for the camera But coupled with an increased use of Alcohol things would only get worse Ming Started getting drunker and drunker on Stream sometimes even passing out while She was still alive [Music] In September 2022 Minx would find Herself involved in a series of Controversies within a twitch Community One of which was for laughing at a Victim of sexual harassment and Completely dismissing her account at the Incident And just the Reddit comments I was Getting were absolutely Sure This like you're allowed to say these Things to a woman about a woman Um elaborate but yeah Yeah slick is slick I was here for this And the other girls that was there too I Hear them out this is [ __ ] they went Out and Slick literally was just himself And they took it the wrong way Slick is good Slick is weird yeah he is weird but he Does it online like he does it's always How slick is minx's close friends and Families would intervene by getting her

Professional help and a mental Institution while making posts on Twitter explain the situation to the Fans but this didn't seem to work it's Just a few days later minks would issue An apology on stream but the damage was Already done because there is an apology [ __ ] old do I feel bad yeah I have Been advised to do a YouTube apology Video talking about it or writing a Script which I probably should have done Because knowing me I will fill up Something here I have done several key Things during my manic episode where It's not okay to ignore them I'm not Using my in mental illness as an excuse Because any mental illness comes with Something deep within you so anything I Said was me I'm personally disclosed to That myself jumped like two in stone Ahead but this is why women don't come Out with this type of [ __ ] shortly after Ming's found herself in the spotlight Once again this time after being accused Of blackmail by fellow streamer toxic Support toxic went to twit longer to Recount her harrowing experience at a Party hosted by Minx and her friends During the 2018 twitchcon convention According to toxic she and a friend Participated in a drinking game where Every mistake led to either doubting a Cup of vodka or removing an article of Clothing things took a turn for the

Worse when a friend became quickly Intoxicated and toxic ended up in her Underwear surrounded by 13 men actively Pressuring her to undress further Distressed she got dressed helped her Friend and they promptly left the party Without any acknowledgment from the Other attendees toxic would reach out to Minx the following day who had mostly Been absent from the party Minx Initially seemed supportive even Accompanying toxic to a twitch partner Lounge to discuss the incident with Friends however later that day Minx Allegedly sent a text to toxic Banning Her from teacher parties and threatening To divulge private information if toxic Went public with a story despite these Allegations Minx has remained Tight-lipped neither addressing nor Commenting on the accusations on Twitch Or other social media channels it is Worth noting that she was going through A home invasion incident at the time so She may not have been able to actually Address the situation if she wanted to All the drama surrounding Mings would Sell her relationship with her audience But what came next would change your Relationship with the entire streaming Community on the 25th of February 2023 Mince went live and as usual she had a Bottle of alcohol in her hand as the Stream went on minx's drunken state

Would become all too apparent after Dropping a bottle of liquor on the floor [Music] Thank you [Music] Okay yes oh I'm [ __ ] okay Minks had been intoxicated on stream Before but this time twitch had enough And Ben minx's account for seven days This incident only foreshadowed minx's Actions in the coming days on the 11th Of March 2023 the second edition of the Annual streamer Awards was being held Naturally Minx wanted to be in Attendance to cheer on her friends and Fellow streamers but she wasn't invited She'd already bought tickets but Approached her close friend to QT who Was an organizer of the event and asked If she would be allowed to share the Ground floor with other streamers cutie Cinderella had known Minx for a long Time and was aware of how badly alcohol Affected her as there are several Incidences of Minx behaving recklessly At parties after she got drunk pants Are you okay bro [Music] Oh my gosh okay She also had difficulty staying sober When alcohol was present at parties She's taking medicine that she really Can't drink she didn't take it in three Days

She's anti-medge Isn't this a turn-off this is please Stop Now so this let me just talk about this What just happened this is weird for Many reasons Elena Force feeding that's Sipping super hard it's not simply Beauty would Grant minx's request but Under the condition that she wouldn't Have any alcohol throughout the event Minx would agree to queue to his terms But that promise was quickly broken the After party women's would almost Immediately get drunk and start causing A scene she would try to push people and Lodge propane heaters into the pool Which left a security team with no other Options but to remove her from the Building unbeknownst to anyone else at The party once his friend had caught an Ambulance since moons had gone to limp While she was escorted outside within Minutes police cars a fire truck and an Ambulance arrived at the venue and the After party was shut down almost Immediately despite being given another Chance Minx had let down not just cutie Cinderella every other stream present a Few days later Judy Cinderella dressed a Situation on a podcast with other Streamers that attended the after party But then something that's very personal That I'm not trying to create any Unnecessary drama here but uh

Binks attended the after party and got Kicked out and inevitably got the party Shut down because it was a residential Neighborhood and I want to unpack some Things here Um I personally and I don't want this to Become a rag on mink segment it's not Going to be that I have personally done Everything in my ability to help this Woman I have tried everything she has Been my friends for years up until a Point last year when it she had pushed Me past my boundaries where I had to say Hey like this is too much for me oh this Stream is like xqc and Sea Dog who were Also present at the party would give Their own accounts of what happened Running in Um because I was like don't do this this Is a bad idea [Music] I was like yeah my lifeguard training's Kicked in I was talking to sakuna like This the mix comes up and I was like oh Hi hi because she was drunk I was like Whatever dude I feel like with drunk People is like easy that's fine Um you said that she was trying to Thursday no she wasn't she wasn't trying To throw stick you know him she was she Was she was trying to run in but means Like you know we're talking and then she Was like you should go in saguna and Then it's like I was like no obviously

And then she tries to run in People will like it Um you know be like oh like Stop drinking but they're not like Actually helping at all well let me both Stoppage that what is it okay it's just This is just my view on it okay and then And then Um I was across and then she and then she Kept drinking it and then Um after that what happened is that You know she just drank too much she Just drank too much That's it And then some stuff was getting broken Or something like that and the party was Kind of like getting crazy I guess so That they had to like put it out front And then uh they got people to help it And the houses were like yo bro Um now we're done with this this Wouldn't stop Minx from sharing her side Of the story on Twitter with a tweet Reading that was 100 the worst seizure I've had since I was 15. I still am Struggling regaining memory from even Yesterday my cutie would respond with oh Go [ __ ] yourself you were drunk before The after party I almost had you thrown Out of the show because you're yelling And making everyone uncomfortable Completely I've tried everything with You rehab everything I hope this is your

Rock bottom get hell and on the 13th of March Minx would go live on Kick to Apologize and acknowledge that she does Have an alcohol problem I yeah I should Have drunk I shouldn't have drunk I'm Not couldn't lie I was playing with People someone that I found was very Attractive got nervous and started Drinking at the awards uh when I was Yelling I was just yelling to Hype up I Wasn't actually yelling at anyone out of Trouble until his father was at the Table Nadia was at the table uh the two Men that won the award were at the table Uh it was the after party that I did uh [ __ ] up but I also do one I just say That for people saying I didn't have a Seizure I definitely did have a seizure I went to the hospital I was at the Hospital for a while are you still going To box I'm definitely still gonna box if They let me it is just a shame on my Behalf three days later minks would Return to Ireland to seek professional Help and be closer to her family Mingus Continued to stream on Twitch and share Wholesome moments with her family on Social media things were looking up for Her she was home with her family started Streaming again and was finally getting Help with that alcohol problem but Unfortunately it wasn't all smooth Sailing as on the 22nd of March minks Would be involved in a hated argument

With her sister live on stream To my viewer [Music] Because she was mad at me That crosses the [ __ ] lines You took our mom I'm her cute You [ __ ] said information [Music] Allegations wouldn't go unnoticed as Keemstar and several other commentary Channels would pick up on the story Since she didn't want to escalate things Any further she just brush it off with This tweet Americans are soft though a Statement that ruffled some feathers but After a few replies mink stayed quiet And didn't feed into the drama it didn't Take long for the heat to die down and The internet moved on to something else Today mink still keeps up with their Regular upload schedule now that she's In Ireland and recently has made strides Recovering from her alcoholism What I Miss when I go to a party I need to know when to stop drinking When I started I know I know I know That's borderline alcoholic however it Is Uncle how long she'll be receiving The treatment in Ireland or if she'd Even move back to America at all but What we do know is that Minx is aware of The damage she's inflicted on her

Relationship health and career the road To recovery can be long but let's hope Minx is able to stay on track till the End

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