How This Streamer Faked His Way to Success…

What do you think would drive someone to Routinely humiliate themselves more than The use me for money I'm richer Than you Verbally attacked everyone around them I Don't know who they Was you first I put that on my mother's life you As not only deliberately lied to Their Audience but go as far as staging their Own death well the simple answer in Neon's case is attention hi I'm the Internet Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Uncovering the decisions that Transformed neon from a wholesome kid Making Let's Play videos to a toxic Clout Chaser we'll explore how his Tendency to fabricate drama to gain Views turned the entire incident against Him and how he has no plans to change Anytime soon on the 7th of May 2016 neon Whose real name is renkesh murtama Created his first YouTube channel neon 2K he began making content centered Around the NBA 2K series although it was Only 12 years old at the time neon Showed a genuine passion for creating Videos and tried to upload them as Consistently as possible what's up guys Neon 2K here and today I'll be giving You guys my top three jump shots that I Use I haven't tried every single shot Because obviously like I don't want to

Waste my VC hunt every single jump shot But these are out of the jump shots I've Used and I feel like are most effective In the park neon's video presentation Improved and his personality as a goofy Kid who enjoyed gaming became ever more Apparent however simply enjoying video Games wasn't enough to separate him from The thousands of other gaming channels He was competing with and many of his Videos struggled to even surpass 1 000 Views to remedy the situation neon began Streaming frequently and relying on Flashy titles and thumbnails to get Views and keep people engaged though Challenging the strategy appeared to Yield favorable results for neon by the 30th of July 2017 neon had posted more Than 50 videos and successfully hit the Milestone of 1 000 subscribers Unfortunately neon success was Short-lived in the months that followed His channel began to stagnate and doubts About whether he should continue doing YouTube or not became ever more apparent Yeah so I just wanted to quit in general But you've seen this gameplay we did Come back but yeah her but y'all my Final decision is no way I'm not Quitting I've done I've gone through so much and Done so much on YouTube for me to quit I'm gonna keep going with YouTube okay Let me tell you something for the past

Three months I've uploaded six to seven Videos Every single week For the past two to three months but one Day I can guarantee hopefully one day Someone big or something Um will recognize my grind or maybe I'll Blow up I hope one day by 2018 the game Franchise That Neon had focused his Entire Channel around no longer Generated the same level of viewership As it once did it was now obvious that Something needed to change and and Needed to change fast around this time Fortnite was still growing in popularity And neon quickly realized that this was His best bet at Reviving his dying YouTube channel on the 16th of February 2018 neon uploaded his first Fortnight Video titled getting my first win on Fortnite I had 10 kills he's going to Revive his teammate what do you think In retrospect the video only had around 8 000 viewers but when compared to the Past viewership on his old content it Was undeniably a massive Improvement but With that being said this was also one Of the earlier instances of neon using Clickbait in his videos as he would Completely fake the number of kills that He got in the thumbnail in order to bait Viewers into watching the video but with This being a common trait among fortnite YouTubers coupled with the majority of

His viewers being children even younger Than himself he would get away with it With minimal damage done to his Reputation clickbaiting his content Would serve as a direct foreshadowing For was to unfold in the future but for Now neon had been able to breathe new Life into the channel and his new Audience was absolutely loving it I'm Turning on notifications bro just Started watching your pure playmaker Videos straight wavy keep up the grind Young Buck you can only grow from here Good vid bro keep it up also post more Fortnite and fire it's important to Remember That Neon was still in school And had other responsibilities outside Of YouTube which would ultimately mean He didn't have time to produce content At the same rate as he did before that Paired with the fact that his parents Wouldn't allow him to play video games On the weekend was also a contributing Factor nevertheless neon persevered and In November of 2018 his streams were Getting over 600 viewers which by Today's standards doesn't seem like much But at the time it meant the world to Neon but you're losing any Focus we got 400 viewers we got I'm so sorry I'm selling your record or Not Oh my God Oh my God

I'll be back I'm telling my mom 600 viewers oh my God The chat is going fast [Music] Oh my God the success wouldn't come Without issue as neon got his first Taste of conflict when he was labeled as A clout Chaser on stream feed in my Video so if I cared about clout I'll Just be hanging out with people while Cloud just so I could feed off of them Okay I'm not like you bro but listen I Do not care about Cloud okay this one's Allow my name and say that I I want to Pull up on him so I can get views on my Channel but yo listen listen I will Delete this video I will do anything you Want if you could show me the clip of me Saying that show me the clip of me Saying that I want views and imma get Views from pulling up on you I'm waiting I'm away I'm away I'm gonna stay here Wait neon also picked up the habit of Raging whenever things didn't go his way During a match Naturally his child-centric audience Found this type of behavior as hilarious And once again neon took notice and Doubled down on his toxic reactions all I gotta say toxic neon on the way that's All I gotta say don't talk about on my Video on Tuesday get ready ah toxic neon On the way that's all I gotta say get Ready yeah he eventually turned things

Down but the this had established an Idea of neon's mind if he was just a bit More obnoxious or controversial then He'd be rewarded with an increased Engagement and viewership it would have Been fine if neon kepted the trash Talking but that wasn't the case the Allure of easy views was too strong for Him and once 2019 arrived Neon made the Decision that would forever alter the Trajectory of his Online Career The Better or For Worse on the 22nd of March 2019 a popular NBA 2K player Ronnie 2K Posted a tweet asking his followers to Identify a kid on YouTube pretending to Be his son quoting okay serious question Where did this guy come from as posing As my son on YouTube I don't have any Children this isn't a situation where I Am hiding the wood from my kid LOL a Number of people in the replays were Tanking neon and within a few hours neon Published a video titled running 2K Exposed me on Twitter OMG in which he Addressed the recent rumors of being the Son of Ronnie qk so Irani was like Saying like who is it who is my son I Have one as far as I know I'm a freaking A version but um yeah but like I told Him like it's all fun and games I mean My streams play out like you know like You know what we usually do what started Off as a joke during his dream Eventually snowballed into neon getting

Recognized by someone he looked up to Even though it was for the wrong reasons The levels of exposure this channel Received because of both the rumors and Ronnie's tweet was unlike nothing he'd Ever seen before this incentivized neon To keep up the charade and in the Following weeks he published several Videos that had the words running 2K sun In the title or thumbnail neon was Pushing the envelope and for now there Didn't seem to be any consequence his Sub count was steadily growing reaching 200 000 subscribers by September and his Audience was becoming more active by the Day the only problem was neon wasn't Satisfied he wanted to see how far he Could take his channel and just how many Views he could possibly get this would Lead neon to do something that soured His online reputation for years to come All all in the name of racking up more Views on YouTube in the final weeks of December 2019 neon released a series of Videos that told a very Grim Story the First is titled neon is dying in which Neon's younger brother claims neon is in A hospital and Dime in the video it was Claimed that neon was suffering from a Deadly brain tumor that couldn't be Removed nevertheless a video would be Published the following day showing neon Giving his final words for everyone who Thinks this is a joke bro this stuff

That's happening is not something to Joke around about you know what's Happening with me Is not something I should be joking Around about you guys should not be Playing around about this bro this is Actually serious stuff that people go Through bro and there's no reason to Make a joke out of it if you guys are Making fun of me or laughing or saying It's fake then you guys are just Terrible people my channel and good Heads with someone else okay I don't Want to be out I don't want to make Y'all stop losing my content and lastly Bro I'm gonna be recording a few videos With other YouTubers so you guys can Still see me for a little bit until like Like you know if the surgery doesn't go Well because if the surgery does not go Well I'll bleed out to death and if that Happens you know That's what's gonna happen at a glance This would be extremely shocking news But that would be until you take a Moment to think about the previous Claims of him being in critical Condition only then you'd start to see The flaws in his story the next video Was appropriately titled his gone R.I.P Which alluded to neon's passing away From his illness a bulk of the upload Was a compilation of neon's greatest Moments as dramatic sad music played in

The background the final and most Puzzling video in this collection was of Neon stating he miraculously survived Thanks to a last minute operation I got Surgery on it and the options when I Took by the surgery was either I was Going to bleed out to death I was going To survive it was like a 50 50. so it Was just a really emotional time and I I Wasn't posting any videos or anything so The surgery was two days ago I've been Resting relaxing the past two days as You would expect the video would be met With an extremely negative response from His viewers people didn't take issue With his previous videos it were Blatantly clicked baby but joking and Lying about serious topics like terminal Illness for views was on a different Type of low and to make the matters a Whole lot worse whilst all this was Happening neon had created a second Channel to further milk the controversy And promote his online brand Everyone drop a sub on this channel bro We're going to be having some bangers on This channel drop a sub drop a like to Turn on the post notifications but we're Gonna be doing giveaways we're going to Be playing so many different games Everyone drop us up if you haven't Already man let's get it neon eventually Deleted the videos and changed his Twitter accounts but that didn't stop

Him from attempting similar things in The future after the hate died down neon Resumed with his usual tactics of Straight up lying for views with videos Like I got exposed 500 000 views he gets Arrested live on stream 1.5 million Views and fortnite added my own custom Emerge 1.5 million views the idea of Bending the truth or being toxic for Views was firmly rooted in neon's mind And since he was being rewarded for it With relatively low backlash that didn't Seem like there was a reason to stop by 2023 neon had mostly stepped away from YouTube and utilized his special trend Of Click bait and trash talking to boost Popularity in the streaming space as he Collect liberated with logic creators Like Aiden Ross and Nadia I'm just gonna ask a question why did You fake your dad yeah It didn't but okay okay well I didn't Either He did it you did and your dad can Scripture For five years Old Some would argue that other streamers Were using neon for Content but even if That were to be true it wouldn't matter To Neon he was far too busy enjoying the Spotlight and the many a dates he was Getting on stream based off first Impressed I'm fine bro what do you rate

Probably like eight eight nine okay oh Wow [Applause] However when things don't go his way a Neon acts like a spoiled child and Reverts back to his more toxic demeanor Um I mean you could ask me go ahead and Ask me how many bodies do you have four Yeah I lost my shirt when I was 16 and a Half okay that'd be the driest I've ever talked to in my life holy I can't bro Yes yes Black Rock like what do you say Ing All right Because you know each other a little bro Oh you look crazy I don't Want to talk to you I look crazy Do you have you seen yourself What the As Neil's nerve riety increased so did The number of people who wanted to see Him fail and their chosen method of Fulfilling that desire was swatting part Of the cops telling them that Okay let me show you let me turn the Camera off what camera uh let me turn it Off sure All right so look out here I'm live with 2 000 viewers right now yeah so they're Just random people apparently that game Just called in the same yeah I know yeah I don't know I don't know who did it how

Many cops are here a lot oh my God yeah All right pretty much half for Performance here that was after the Incident Nyan would make a post on Twitter stating just got swatted 15 plus Cops at my house I'm done with this Internet y'all got it the general Sentiment towards neon's situation was Of course negative deserved you're a Joke you faked your own death I hope it Happens again the criticism and hate Directed at neon was only just picking Up steam as on the 17th of May 2023 it Would let his rage get the better of him In one of the worst ways Possible Oh my God all right you know I'm trying to be Nice Um I hope you have a great you know Future how old are you I'm 23. okay Um hope you have a very great life you Know you're going to be a very very Successful uh man woman and I wish you The best of luck Um I'm not gonna be up all right That's it it's safe to say neon new Streaming on kick game from the freedom To say or do whatever he wanted that's Exactly what he did in all of his Subsequent streams Neon made sure to put His most toxic traits front and center It was what he was known for and he Wasn't going to change for anyone well

That would be until he met Andrew Tate During a stream on the 19th of July 2023 Aiden decided to introduce neon to Andrew and the interaction appeared to Be going well at first and his name is Mikhail his name is so my name is neon Nice to meet you so this is nice to meet You since you got locked up and went to Prison this is my best friend we were Kindled and we went on a 100 game win Streak in 2K we were playing for 13 Hours we were grinding video games all Day it was the funnest time of my life Yeah as the conversation progressed an Offhanded joke from Andrew would trigger Neon's more aggressive side will you do Something for me or not Aiden okay my Kyle can you come with me bro you're my Best friend we have to go to jail I got You Are there bad there I don't know I I don't know if there are I don't know if you'll be able to find Them or if they'll talk to you the point Is No I don't I'm sorry you're telling me a Girl's your poet ass over me SpongeBob on your T-shirt Oh my God You guys okay you take your you take Your inhaler G that'll turn the girls on Okay she's killed there wait is It's bad out there yes they kidnap and Like cut your body parts off and

There bro it's setting you up wait they Won't quite oh they won't cut yours off They can't mess with you you got a SpongeBob t-shirt on and an inhaler They're scared of you don't worry about That we just killed up You tell him yes Learn how to rest you you Loser you and your dirty ass mother Him too dumb the clip of neon's Visceral reaction would go viral and Consequently bring his narcissistic Behavior to the attention of The Wider Internet some found it funny whilst Others looked at neon with disgust Regardless of how people felt about him Neon understood it as long as there were Eyes on his brand he would continue to Grow the fact that his two YouTube Channels gained a combined total of 20 000 subscribers in the month of July and Racked up 75 000 followers on Kick after Just a few months only supported this Mindset neon's quest for clout was far From over and on the 1st of August 2023 He uploaded a video to Twitter that Drew The attention of both his haters and Supporters hey look whose shoes we got Got his ass lacking come on bro I got His ass lacking hey what size y'all want Have you seen what we did with his shirt Look at this shirt all type of stuff boy You know not to come around here talking Like that yeah

Hey I'll be on his ass come on bro take His glasses off Come on bro YouTube Hey and we're keeping your phone what Are we taking the video right on your Phone people immediately questioned the Legitimacy of the post since neon had a Long history of Faking his content so Let me get this straight they jumped and Robbed him yet he has no blemishes on Him then they recorded him on the floor After getting robbed then they sent him The video then he posted on his counts Yeber this ain't set up at all others Were just glad to see neon in a bad Situation whether or not the video was Staged people were talking about it Especially Andrew Tate and what I saw What happened to Neons does not surprise Me at all does he deserve a problem but It still may be a bit sad because I Don't like Bully I don't like bullying Up at all and I know that someone like Him is going to be genuinely Traumatically affected by it and he's Gonna be bullied for it not just because Of what happened but they're not never Going to let him forget it ever and I Feel bad so I'm actually extending an Olive branch to Neon if you want to talk About it if you want to fly here if you Want to learn to train you want me to Tell you how to deal with this we want Me to tell you the best way you can

Bounce back from this and become the Best version of yourself the man who you Called names the man who called a And told me you me up and all This garbage I will actually help you Feel better about the situation because I know that you're probably very afraid Right now and I know that also Everyone's mocking you on the internet And you probably don't feel very good About yourself and the last thing we Need you doing is something stupid Without missing a bait Neon on the Opportunity and made a response video Taking Andrew up on the offer if you're Watching this video bro I really Appreciate you bro I really really do You were a great human being bro You're an amazing human because I'm Gonna be honest I don't think anyone Else is doing that after someone Literally sat there on the internet for 10 to 15 minutes and tried on You and you come back and you want to Help me and I'm gonna be honest I need Help I do I do I I've been so lost and Clueless this past few days I've had no Idea what to do in my life and it's been It's been it's been like it's like I'm Living in a jail cell in hell I'm burning a death it feels like I Don't know And to be honest I accept your offer Um I would love to come and for you to

Help me and change me and change my life Around because right now I'm on the Wrong path and this shit's not going to End well I accept your offer and I Appreciate it man for real the promise Of neon changing his ways and becoming a Better man was enough to shift the Public perception in his favor dozens of People flooded the comments section with Their support for neon using words such As praying for this kid he took the First step in admitting that he was Wrong and he needed help this actually Damn near brought a tear to my eye Humility is the first step to a better And stronger character well done mad not Long after neon decided to kick things Up a notch and completely shave his head To signify the beginning of a new phase In his online Journey all right I'm Doing I'm doing I'm doing I'm doing it I'm doing it I'm doing it listen before We do it one question just one more Question before we do it chat if I do This right now will you guys look at me As if I'm trying to change like would You guys tell that I'm trying to change If I do it yes or no Will you guys tell that I'm trying to Change as a person if I do this Yes Okay that's all I did here along with His new haircut neon received a new set Of standards that he had to uphold how

Do I look be honest bro don't lie I'm honestly proud of you bro you don't Look that bad but seriously what I will Say is the best you know when I went Bald Beyond I had a lot of pressure on Myself and You're gonna have a lot of pressure So are you gonna live up to the hype and The pressure are you going to really Change your life and hit the gym and eat Healthy and Inspire the Youth of course Of course I will right chat right chat Oh about to be chat vouch for me I will Appreciate it man because you are 18 19. Yep Then you know I'm proud of you bro this Is good this is great I think your next Thing to do is uh you're you're in your K era you got to start doing push-ups on Stream and and you know basically just Spreading a bunch of great knowledge and Truth for the for the Youth And you know as as the Muslim you are You should stop all degeneracy on stream No more gambling no more um stuff with Porn stars yeah I agree that way wait no More gambling As a whole I I no more Religion to the Muslim you know the Community of the Muslim the Muslim Community you're right shout out to the Muslims by the way all right continue Again stop all the energy no more

Gambling no more porn stars on stream no No more that bro and spread love And the truth love you man good luck Thank you oh God I love you too bro I I I'm more than two weeks goodbye He just said it won't last more than two Weeks Aiden was correct about one thing The change in neon probably wasn't going To last and within 48 Hours of the call Neon was already reverting to his former Self what the is this bro I thought You changed I missed it you changed but You're still why are you wearing a full Red outfit because I like to color red Is there a problem the Chinese guy's Wearing red too No I didn't do it on purpose He said you're a Charlie wooly neon You're a Charlie well you talk like a Five-year-old bro what is wrong with you Bro talk like a normal guy bro God damn Even though Leon's encounter with Andrew Didn't completely transform his life it Did open new doors for him he now had Frequent collaborations with other Prominent kick streamers like sneaker Fuji tube and your rage however neon Seemingly took on a more awkward and Dorsal Persona to compensate for the Toxicity that was lost he frequently Gets harassed or becomes a bottle of Joke on strike left That's how I talk I didn't do it to you You know my biggest

From Mexico I love Mexicans what are you Just calling him what he is and what are You trying to say by that why call him From White oh here we go this come Upstairs I call you an Indian there's You could I don't give a but I Won't because if I said that it's Disrespecting you you are Indian but I'm Not gonna call you out of your name and Say would you get mad it's like this Beyond you say behind your computer your Keyboard where you feel safe Dave you're Gonna get your real one comes up to you No wait for the day Still waiting for the day streams Featuring Fusion neon together were Always a recipe for disaster as neon's Facade would begin to fade away and Their massive Egos and delicate skin Would Collide whether it frequently Leading to physical assault in Schoolyard insults the streams with Aiden fousey and neon would go viral Every time and it wouldn't take long for Each of them to recognize the Opportunity as rumors would begin to Surface about a Content house being Established featuring Aiden fousey neon Rice gum and sneaker All Things Considered neon is still in a very Fortunate place in his career he's been Able to shake off some of the negative Publicity surrounding his name and has

Made connections with other creators Willing to work with him on a consistent Basis maybe if he's able to keep himself Out of online drama and actually sticks To his new resolution then maybe one day He'll actually become a positive figure In streaming the only question is he Gonna be able to do it if you enjoyed This video consider subscribing

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