How This YouTuber Ruined Her Career in 10 Seconds…

This is Jalen a commentary YouTuber with Over 300 000 subscribers Jalen has built A reputation for themselves as being one Of the most hated commentary YouTubers On the platform but why would that be hi I'm liter Anarchist I create weekly YouTube documentaries and today we'll be Covering this series of events that led A relatively successful YouTuber down The depths of depravity ultimately Becoming the most hated Creator in this Space Jalen's Journey on YouTube would Start on the 25th of January 2017 with Humble beginnings in the Minecraft Gameplay Niche channel would spend two Years casually posting content up until The 22nd of June 2019 when Jalen would Reach the Milestone of 1 000 subscribers Fast forward to 2021 and jelly would no Longer be posting Minecraft videos but Instead commentary videos covering the Dream SMP Jalen was the textbook Commentary Channel Growing her Channel By covering drama-involving dream that Vegan teacher and other big names in the Commentary sphere and on the 8th of February Jan would reach the Milestone Of 100 000 subscribers and whilst 2021 Would be the year of growth and Expansion for Jalen who would also be The year that should now have the Spotlight shined on her own actions as Just by August she would already make a Huge hypocritical mistake on the 27th of

August YouTuber technoblade would post a Video announcing the unfortunate news of His cancer prognosis immediately as the News is made public scummy clip channels Would start trying to clickbait it for Views leading Jalen to post this tweet Reading these channels are already Milking the technoblade situation but Jalen must have tweeted this while she Was rendering a video as literally right After she called out the channels for Milking technoblade Jalen themselves Would publish a video titled I feel Awful for technoblade the description of The video would be full of tag stuffing Which is essentially the attempt to Repeat or use keywords several times to Rank higher in Search and in turn get Even more views with the description Mentioning technoblade's name at least 10 times and the word cancer almost just As much the video would Mark the Beginning of the end for Jalen as the Entire internet saw a video is trying to Milk technoblade's cancer for attention And soon enough should begin to get Called out by other YouTube channels in The niche such as Optimus and sensitive Society after feuding with them both on Twitter Jalen would get her account Banned for telling sensitive Society to End his life leading Jalen to posting an Apology video the next day the following Month Jalen would create a video titled

The worst commentary Channel calling out Brazer for the exact same thing she did Just months prior enforcing higher Stands and sheer bites to herself would Become a reoccurring pattern in Jalen's Career and Jalen wouldn't do herself any Favors when she'd create dozens of Tweets describing her hate and wishes of Violence towards religious people with Tweets quoting I want religion gone I Hope World War II happens to all Religious people the endless Wars of Hatred and oppression caused due to Religion need to end believe what you Want I don't really care but yes Religion is a weakness and it is for the Weak I have accepted that life is Pointless that I could die right now When it doesn't matter that strength and Most shockingly of all when Jalen Compared having religion to being a Nazi Slave owner their beliefs have no place In modern society do you think slave Owners have a place in society Nazis What about Roman soldiers people who Believe in Greek mythology all these Beliefs are outdated getting called out By other channels would become a Frequent occurrence for Jalen but things Would escalate to a complete another Level when she would finally snap a Small commentary Channel by the name of Lyrics would publish a video titled why I don't like Jaden a critical video

Going through many of the smaller and Larger controversies Jalen was involved In and it wouldn't be long before the Video would catch the attention of Jalen Herself it would leave a threatening Comment quoting this video violates YouTube's TOS good luck keeping your Channel and sure enough the video would Be hit by a community guidelines Violation for quote-unquote harassment Jalen once again would be subject to Several more commentary videos called Out for false reporting a video Criticizing her but this was only the Start as on the 27th of December Turkey Tom would post a video to his second Channel Tom dark breaking down Jalen's Controversies and revealing her many Hypocrisies and past examples of false Flagging dozens of videos criticizing Her Jalen was quickly building a Reputation in the commentary Community For being a Creator who would call out Other people for small things while Simultaneously doing even worse herself And using everything in her power to Abuse a system and silence those who Critique her two days later on the 29th Of December YouTuber Optimus would post A video titled Jaden just can't stop Getting into drama where he would Explain the quote Jalen cycle and to his Point where like the Jalen Jaden cycle Has kind of been exposed you know do

Some stupid [ __ ] right that's the first Step you gotta create the controversy by Acting out of pocket and doing something Right Next Step everybody starts calling You out for it starts pointing out the Hypocrisy and what you're doing and what You're saying how your actions don't Line up step 3 Jalen will take to social Media in some way shape or form to Basically play victim all these people Are coming after me I can't handle this I can't mentally take this I make videos For the algorithm you know I don't mean To do this I can't handle Optimus making A video on me God [ __ ] forbid he Respond to the [ __ ] that I say and do Basically play victim uh talk about you Know no one cares no one likes me all This [ __ ] and then the next step get the Platform to do so get the platform to Redeem yourself actually explain your [ __ ] reasoning your logic whatever And then the last step completely [ __ ] squander the opportunity move on Like nothing happened uh spend the next Few weeks pretending that you're done With Twitter or whatever and then just [ __ ] repeating the cycle basically Entering 2022 things would only get Worse for Jalen I should continue to be Called out for hypocrisy such as when Jalen called out political cartoonist Stern toss for making jerks involving Jewish people where people would begin

To reply with examples of Jalen's own Tweets joking about gassing people and Making jokes based around Jewish people Specifically Jalen's Behavior would Inspire a small YouTuber at the time Zero needs coffee to publish a video Criticizing her behavior and soon after The video being public would actually Get into contact with Jalen she would Act racly towards him going as far as Sending a photo of George Floyd followed Up with a caption quoting me kneeling on Your dead Channel a very irresponsible Thing to send someone especially Considering that zero is African-American himself but at least This part has a semi-happy ending as Ironically zero who had under 5 000 Subscribers at the time would soon blow Up to have over 800 000 subscribers more Than double of Jalen good luck kneeling On his channel now months later on the 28th of December 2022 commentary YouTuber cheetah would publish a video Titled look who's getting exposed where Throughout the video a cheetah would Criticize Jalen for her comments and Religion which I am about to share I Want religion gone I never said ban all Religious people ever I said the world Would be better without religion dude That's like saying I don't want to ban All trans people just think the world Without them would be better right now

The only thing keeping me sane in these Hard times that me and my country are Going through is my faith and the way People are looking at it is saddening You are weak then simple as that false Belief is ignorance why go your entire Life believing something that is so Blatantly false Jaden you understand This can easily be flipped back to you And say well Jaden you're obviously a Man like why do you believe you're a Woman why would you go your whole life Believing something that is blatantly False if you want to be a transgender Woman in society and you want people to Believe that you're a woman right and Treat you like a woman the literal least Thing that you could do is allow for Christians Muslims Buddhists and Catholics and Jews and all others right You have to allow them or at least Respect their desire to be people of Faith the cherry on top is that Jaden Thinks that religious people are Weak-minded they're not strong people They're not good at getting through the Hard times when ironically enough he has Tweeted does the self-hatred ever go Away Oh my God no later in the video a Cheetah would also bring up Jalen's Habit of constantly whining on Twitter Whenever a YouTube channel was slightly Underperforming but oh my God stop

Complaining on Twitter about how bad Your channel is doing damn I really fell Off my channel one year ago versus now This is why I don't make Cod videos guys I'm going homeless all of the dream Money dried up okay this one's sarcastic But still please stop a week later on The 6th of January 2023 Jalen would post A response video titled I'm done we Should play victim and apologize for her Jokes about religion however the Following day a cheetah would post a Video breaking down her response and Criticizing you for failing to address Many of the critiques that she was given With Jalen's video having 1.2 K likes And 2.2 K dislikes compared to a Cheetos 6.6k likes and 200 dislikes it was clear That a cheetah had come out the Victor In the dispute and things would only get Worse for Jalen just Days Later Jalen Would join a Discord call where she Should have a mental breakdown during The lash out she'd call an African-American man in the call the Hard R they say on Twitter that all Transphobic people are pedophiles and Just being openly transphobic towards Ringo That's not being transphobic I can make 41 jokes also Ringo's literally Ringo's Also literally making the same jokes Like what the [ __ ] you talking about Like what the [ __ ] are you a darn it

Line up oh no but you're not black Jaylen you're not alone Were either racist I am black oh Hypocrite Calm down you don't know that you I've Learned like that actually Myself is that what your goal is you People are literally What the hell is wrong sorry Jalen Jalen Genuine lives Are you going crazy why are you molding Where you're gonna break them that is Literally your intention that is what You're trying to you would be my Intention on a printer was to racist you Enjoy it because it went for both but Just because you're oh [ __ ] sociopaths Feed off of it later in the cool Jalen Would try to read out their full address To get themselves spotted it's worse Though as more people join the call During this meltdown and in doing so Jalen would straight up docks herself Trying to read out her full address so Someone could swatter no one cares no One cares about the truth you all just Lie you wasted Chicks Hold on hold on myself I want you to Swap me hold on hold on who wants my Address And following this Jalen would delete That Twitter account and apologize what

They previously said however this break From Twitter would only be another Example of Jalen's lack of self-control As it wouldn't be long before she would Bring it back only to find herself once Again knee deep in controversy as she Would say this in a call [ __ ] dirty Go back to your country Later on while streaming a cheddo would Bring up the situation and ask why she Said it where Jalen would respond Claiming that it was quote based why'd You say the n-word because the n-word is Based and red pilled that's why I said It all these events would lead up to the 23rd of March 2023 when Jalen would join A cheetah for a debate where a cheater Would ask this dying question okay Moving on the next topic I have here What are your thoughts on black people I Uh that's okay I supported black people I support black Lives matter I'm all for it Do you understand how that may come into Contradiction with you saying the n-word With the hard R to a black person I mean So uh the thing with uh with that Scenario obviously I apologize for ever Ever using that word that's a word that Never should have uh should have come How long ago was this and uh I mean it's Been a it's been a I think a like a Couple of months or a month ago or so a Month ago I didn't actually know it was

That recent yes I'm like that it may Have been a couple months ago I don't Know okay Um so a lot of people have made Assumptions on on that whole thing and Assumed that it came from a place of of Hatred which uh is simply not true I gotta do a full stop right there so Telling someone to find God comes from a Place of hatred but calling someone the Hard R doesn't wait that doesn't make Any sense see I have to explain the the Context to this scenario first of all I Didn't know he was he was black so I'll Admit I have I have an issue when I am In emotional state I will say things out Of anger I would just say the the worst Thing I can think of out at the top of My head and with the the religion thing Right I said the whole I hope World War II happens to religious people that was Not like a serious belief I had it was Just something I said out of like anger And impulsivity and I was uh I was in This Discord server and I was like Harassed in in the server for like Multiple days everyone in the server was All dropping the hard R they were Calling me the n-word they're telling me To die to to kill myself they're saying All kinds of like transphobic [ __ ] and So I got a call with this guy I hadn't I Had no idea that that he was black it Doesn't really matter I should have

Never said it in the first place and so Out of anger not due to his race I just Said the most offensive horrible thing I Can think of and I think most people can Agree like the most defensive thing that You can call someone or or say is the N-word with Jalen's Channel rapidly Losing subscribers it seems like mostly Internet is more concerned for their Well-being than anything else with a Tweet quoting Jalen doesn't just need a Break from the internet she needs an Intervention this is not a person that Is in touch with reality I don't even See the funny side anymore it's just sad And pathetic and I think that tweet sums Up the situation quite well comment Below what you think about the situation

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